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The Ten Year Affair

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The Ten Year Affair

By Hope Raye Collins

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“What an arrogant, SOB. What an arrogant, gorgeous, sexy
Alex couldn’t stop those unwanted thoughts from going
through her head no matter how hard she tried. She glared at her victorious
opponent without any hint of admiration yet those thoughts kept going through
her head. Alexandra Morgan often despised Creighton County’s star deputy prosecutor,
Ian Foster, once she looked beyond the package. In addition to being one of the
most beautiful human beings she knew he was also a top-notch prosecutor, one
she had as of yet been unable to defeat.

Ian glanced over at Alex and she felt the heat rise in her face causing
her to blush, as if he could read her thoughts. By the smirk on his face she
didn’t doubt at all that it was possible for him to be reading her mind. How
Alex wished she could have wiped that irritating smirk off his handsome, bronze
face today but it wasn’t to be. He’d beaten her again.

approached the prosecutor’s table determined to graciously accept defeat once
more but she was afraid her graciousness was wearing thin.  She swallowed and
offered her hand to Ian.

“Well, prosecutor, I hate to admit it again, but another fine job.” My
how she hated this part. Ian clasped both his hands around her outstretched

“Damn him,”
Alex thought.
“He knows...he knows what he does to
me by touching me like that.”
Her heart began to race. She wanted to forget
how she despised him right now and where they were and throw herself in his

“Thank you once again Alexandra. But your choice in clients makes it rather
easy for me.”

Any racy thoughts that had been running through Alex’s head stopped
abruptly. Furious, Alex jerked her hand free from his.

“Ian, why do you always have to be such a jerk?!”

Ian knew why he felt the need to keep his distance from Alexandra Morgan
by acting so offensive and making her angry. It was his only way to fight the
attraction he felt for the sexy defense attorney. The same attraction he had
felt since kindergarten. Well, not quite the same but he knew what he felt for
Alexandra Morgan was dangerous; dangerous to his aspirations. Ian was well on
his way to becoming the next County Prosecutor of Creighton County due to his
huge success as its star deputy prosecutor. Ian was recognized by the American
Bar Association as one of the top prosecutors in the country based on his
conviction rate. His record and the respect he had garnered nationally were
sure to win him the position as County Prosecutor which was his next
stepping-stone to an eventual judgeship and who knew what could happen after
that? He didn’t want any relationships getting in the way of what was important
to him. But he kept finding it harder and harder to fight his attraction for
Alex. Part of the attraction was the fact that she fought so hard to deny her
attraction to him as well. It was fun whenever he was able to get Alex to let
down her shield and give into her feelings. They’d both been fighting their
attraction to each other for over ten years; ever since the night of their
senior prom ten years ago; the night when Ian had taken and Alex had oh, so willingly,
given him her virginity.

Alex turned with a huff and stalked off. In the middle of the courthouse
rotunda she bumped into her colleague and good friend, Peter Grainger, in her
haste to get away from Ian.

“Hi, beautiful! What’s your hurry?”

Peter always seemed to be there when she needed him with his gorgeous,
self-assured smile. Peter stood about six foot with beautiful, soft brown hair
with golden highlights and alluring green eyes that many women longed to have
focused on them. Yet, no matter how much Alex tried to discourage Peter he
still seemed to only have eyes for her. She dearly loved Peter and even considered
him her best friend. Even though she knew most women considered her to be
crazy, she couldn’t return the feelings he had for her. Alex’s grandmother,
Julia Fairchild, was one person in particular who thought Alex was crazy.
Grandmother never balked at any opportunity to encourage a relationship between
Alex and Peter.

“Peter you always seem to show up at the right time when I need a
shoulder to cry on. He’s done it again. That darn Ian Foster beat me again.”

Peter tried to suppress his grin but to no avail and Alex scowled at him.

“I’m sorry honey. I’m not smiling because you lost. I’m just smiling
because, to quote an old cliché, you’re so beautiful when you’re angry. We knew
when we decided to take on this case it was going to be a tough one to win. Let
me make things better by taking you out to dinner. You can tell me all about
the great Ian Foster’s latest victory.” Alex relaxed her scowl and grabbed
Peter by the hand.

“Peter, I love you. Thanks for being willing to listen to me whine about
my loss. If you’re sure you can take it, I’d enjoy having dinner with you
tonight. It’s been awhile since we’ve had the time to talk about something
other than work so I promise I won’t go on about my defeat for too long.”

“Well, I’ve won half the battle. I got you to tell me you love me. Now
all I have to do is get you to
me how much you love me.” He winked
and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. “I gotta go. I have a hearing in five
minutes. I’ll pick you up at 6:30. The Landing sound okay?”

“Sounds good. See you then Peter,” Alex shouted after him as he hurried
off to his courtroom. Peter responded with a smile and salute that lifted her
spirits. He really did have a way of making her feel better. Why couldn’t she
love him the way he wanted her to?

Alex turned to leave the courthouse but as she walked by one of the
attorney conference rooms a hand reached out to grab her by the wrist and jerk
her into the room. The door slammed shut and Alex’s back was shoved roughly up
against the door. It all happened so quickly and she was terrified until she
was finally able to focus on her abductor and then she was furious.

“Forgive me?” Ian whispered against her lips. Then he crushed his
demanding mouth on hers. He could hold back none of his hunger for her. A
hunger that had been spurred on by the exchange he’d witnessed between her and
Peter. Jealousy had raged inside him as he watched the touching display between
the two colleagues.

Alex did her best to fight her own hunger that was rising inside her. But
Ian’s hands and mouth were everywhere demanding a response and her
long-deprived body couldn’t resist. She grew warm and wet as he stroked her
body and found herself responding with the same desperate desire as Ian.  Oh,
how she had ached for this for so long. His tongue greedily claimed hers as his
thumbs softly grazed her nipples bringing them to hard, erect points. He
grabbed her bottom and lifted her so that she could feel his magnificent erection
against her own sex. Alex wrapped her legs around Ian’s waist and Ian groaned
as her stockings and garters were revealed to him. He gently thrust his hips
against her in a slow yet forceful rhythm. She couldn’t take his fierce, yet tender
caresses any longer. It had been too long. She needed to feel his hard length
inside her. Just as she was about to urge him to meet those desires she
remembered where they were and found the strength to push him away.

“Ian we have to stop. Stop! Now! Not here.”

Ian gazed into her eyes his desire so very apparent.

“I know you both despise me and lust for me Alex. I believe you happen to
lust for me more.”

His lips found hers again and feasted. He continued to press his throbbing
manhood against her and she could no longer hold back the desire he had invoked.

She responded with the same uncontrolled hunger and urgency as Ian. It
had been months since she had felt his hands on her. When his hand reached down
between them and found the tiny nub beneath the soft triangle of silk and
stroked her moist folds it was not long before she shattered. Alex gasped and gazed
into Ian’s heavy lidded eyes, both angry and amazed at how her body had so shamelessly
betrayed to him her desperate need to be touched. She tried to hold back the
moan that arose in her throat but Ian quickly muffled it by clasping his hand
on her mouth.

“Shhhhh, baby, shhhhhh,” he whispered in her ear yet he continued to
massage her most sensitive nub extending the convulsions. When she finally
collapsed against him he removed his hand from her mouth and from between her
legs. He gently stroked her back and she became even more listless. He kissed
her tenderly on the top of her head and she fit her head under his chin and
melded into his body. And what a body it was. All six foot five inches of hard,
bronze muscle capped off by jet black, slightly too long, hair and startling
clear blue eyes.

Alex couldn’t believe how her body responded to Ian, and only Ian. Ever
since their first night together over ten years ago Alex only found such
passion with Ian, a man she didn’t even like most of the time.  She felt
ashamed of how she had just behaved but she also had never felt such glorious excitement.
It was sinful to want someone as much as she wanted Ian. Especially when she
didn’t even
the man. Again, the realization of where she was
finally came to her and she felt a rush of embarrassment.

She went to unwrap her legs from Ian’s waist and pull away from him and
regain some decorum but he eased her back in his arms.

“Don’t Alex. Please? Stay where you are. I just want to hold you.” In the
state she was in she found it impossible to protest.

Ian reveled in the warmth of her body. She was his no matter how hard she
fought to deny it. But how long would she be satisfied with what they shared?
How soon before she would demand more from him than he was willing to give? He
clung to her and squeezed her tight. The thought of being without her
frightened him. Frightened him so much he felt the need to force himself on her
like he had just done; to prove to her that she wanted and needed him and no
one else, as much as he did her; to make her see that she needed him and that marriage
and children didn’t matter. Guilt suddenly flushed through him.

You are such an idiot Foster! How can you keep asking her to forego a
normal life for you? How selfish can you be? For ten years now the couple had continued
their on again off again lusty affair and Ian hoped it would continue another
ten, maybe twenty….hell, he wanted it forever but with no strings attached. He
had too many goals yet left to accomplish. Yet he knew that Alex would some day
move on. A never-ending affair was not what Alex wanted or deserved.

He didn’t want to let her go but they had been lucky up to this point
that no one had needed the conference room. He eased her away and her body slid
down his own arousing him even further. He looked deeply into her eyes
searching for forgiveness.

“Forgive me?” he asked again while helping to smooth out her clothing.
She couldn’t help but smile at him despite her embarrassment.

“I always do, don’t I? I forgive you for both embarrassing me in the
court room, once again, and for manhandling me and continuing to embarrass me
further just now.”

Ian lovingly brushed a strand of Alex’s curly blonde hair behind her ear.
She wore it down today. Just the way he liked it. He imagined it spread beneath
her across the deep blue silk sheets of his bed and wound around his body.
Imagined her long, slim, sun-kissed, athletic legs wrapped around his waist
while he rode her to that little glimpse of heaven.

“You’re a very fiery, passionate woman Alex. That shouldn’t embarrass
you. You’ll never understand how much that passion unmans me. You never have.”

Just in time to stop him from confessing any more to her the door opened
against her back and someone’s head peeked around the edge.

BOOK: The Ten Year Affair
5.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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