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“Get on there so I can finally claim you as mine. We’ve waited long enough,” John said.

Gregg started to climb on the bed, but he only made it to his hands and knees before John was on him. Parting the halves of Gregg’s ass, John sought out his hole and began to lap at it.

Gregg threw back his head and let out a moan as intense pleasure raced through his body, making his toes curl. John didn’t stop with one lick, either, he continued to lave and nip at Gregg for so long that Gregg thought he was going to go crazy if he didn’t find any relief soon.

When Gregg heard the click of the cap of the lube being open, he thought his torture was close to an end. He soon found out how wrong he was. John just used it to slick up his fingers, so he could add them to the mix.

John began to thrust them in and out of Gregg’s body, getting him stretched out to be fucked. At the same time, John continued with the tongue action. A sweat broke out over Gregg’s body, and he was so hard at that point his cock was leaking pre-cum. He knew that if they didn’t get to the fucking part soon, he was going to come before any claiming got started.

Just when he was about to say such, John pulled his fingers free and replaced them with the blunt head of his cock. Gregg fisted his hands in the covers, arched his back and let out a deep breath as John slowly breeched him.

There was a little sting, but it soon gave way to pleasure as John slid inside him. Once John was all the way in, he paused a moment to give Gregg time to adjust. Then John grabbed Gregg by the hips and began giving him the fucking of his life.

Mindful that they weren’t the only ones in the apartment, Gregg bit down on a pillow to muffle his wail of pleasure as John pegged his sweet spot again and again. It felt so good, so decadent, so right that Gregg couldn’t believe that they waited this long to get to this point. Just thinking about all the lost time, when they could have been doing this, made him want to yell in frustration.

But then he thought about the future—one where, if everything could be worked out, they could be doing this a lot. The vision mollified Gregg, put a smile on his face. He soon began thrusting back against John to meet him halfway.

The air filled with the sounds of Gregg’s muffled cries, the noise of flesh slapping against flesh and John’s moans. Gregg so desperately wanted to reach for his cock to stroke it off, but he knew if he moved even one of his hands, he’d fall flat on his face.

Thank goodness John was a thoughtful lover because he reached down and grabbed Gregg’s cock for him. He began to stroke Gregg off in time with his thrusts. Gregg bit his bottom lip hard to hold back his yell of pleasure. Damn, but did that ever feel so good.

Soon Gregg could feel his balls drawing up tight to his body, telling him that he would be coming soon. Gregg fought it, not wanting this special first time to end. But he knew it was hopeless. A couple of more thrusts later, Gregg came, his cock shooting off long streams of cum. His orgasm seemed to go on forever, his entire body shaking from the force of it.

John tightened his hold on Gregg’s hip and gave a couple more powerful thrusts before he, too, came, his cock filling Gregg’s ass with hot spunk. At the same time, Gregg began to rub his cheek along Gregg’s back, marking Gregg with his scent. It was a feline thing. He was covering Gregg with his scent to tell all other felines that came within a sniffing range that Gregg was taken and to back off. Gregg doubted that John was even aware that he was doing it. John was working on pure instinct.

Finally, Gregg’s arms gave way, and he collapsed, taking John with him. John was a bit heavy, but it wasn’t anything that Gregg couldn’t handle. Plus it felt good to have the Lion draped over him.

All too soon, though, John rolled off him, which was probably just as well since Gregg had been laying smack dab in the wet spot. Gregg scooted over just a bit so he was no longer in it, then went up on one elbow so he could look at John.

“What’s your real name?” Gregg asked.

“Huh?” John’s brows creased together.

“Well, if they figured out what family you came from, they must know what your real name is. But you stuck with John, why is that?”

John let out a small chuckle. “I was wondering how long it was going to take you to figure out that one.”

“Oh, I’ve been wondering since you’ve told me that your shifter family was all dead. This is just the first time when I’ve felt comfortable enough to ask. So tell me. I’m dying to know. It must be pretty bad if you won’t share it.”

John gave Gregg a beseeching look. “You have to promise you won’t tell anybody.”

“I swear it to you.” Gregg held up his pinkie in a mocking manner.

“It’s Peter.”

Gregg thought it over, but for the life of him, he couldn’t think of what could be wrong with that name. “Why do you have an issue with that name?”

“Well, even when I heard my real name, I was pretty sure you were the one for me. I didn’t want to go the rest of our lives with us being Peter and Gregg, minus a Bobby. It would disappoint way too many
Brady Bunch

Gregg tried to hold it back, but he couldn’t. He started to laugh so hard that his gut ached. Here he thought he was the only one from the current generation that was a

“I can see your point there. I’m glad you stuck with John. We would have had to change Tiffy’s name to Marsha, just on principle alone,” Gregg said between fits of laughter.

“Then we would have to hire a maid and insist that she only answer to the name Alice,” John added. “You see all the problems it would have caused.”

“Yes, I do. It would have made things way too difficult. It’s much better that we stay Gregg and John.”

They were still laughing when Gregg’s cell went off. He instantly sobered when he saw that it was Daniel. Oh, shit! This could not be good. Somehow he didn’t think that the leader was calling just to chew the fat.

With shaking hands, Gregg answered the phone, “Sir?”

“I need to talk to you. Can you come to my office right away?”

While Daniel didn’t sound angry, it didn’t make Gregg feel any better. If anything, it only added to his nerves because now he didn’t know what to expect when he got there.

A ball formed in Gregg’s throat. Gulping it down, Gregg said, “I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“Good. See you then.” Daniel hung up.

Setting the phone down, Gregg took in several deep breaths to calm his nerves. This was it. The conversation he’d been avoiding and dreading for so long. It had finally come and now he had to face it, like it or not. He suddenly felt as if the weight of the world was on his shoulders and it was crushing him.

John began to rub Gregg’s back. “I take it that was Daniel.”

“Yes, he wants to see me in ten minutes.”

“Well, then we better get dressed, so we can go.”

Gregg jerked his head up in shock. “

“Yes, I’m your mate now, and you don’t have to face this kind of thing alone anymore. We’re going to make a case for you to keep Tiffy. By the time we’re done presenting our side, Daniel is going to have no choice but to grant us custody of her. Cast law or not.”

Gregg hoped John was right because Tiffy’s very life might depend on it.

Chapter Ten



Gregg was trembling from head to toe as he made his way to Daniel’s office. They had left Tiffy behind at John’s place. Gregg knew that after the show their dad had put on, it would be the talk of school. So he and John agreed it would be best if she stayed home for the day to avoid any taunts that might be coming her way. Lord knows Tiffy had suffered enough as it was.

All the way there, Gregg was painfully aware of the stares that were thrown his way. While some were full of disgust, most of them were full of pity or sympathy. Funny thing was, all three hurt the same. Gregg just wanted to have a normal family. One that had a mother who didn’t run away at the first sign of trouble. Or a father who was loving and supportive and didn’t drink his troubles away. Was that too much to ask for?

John reached over and grabbed Gregg’s hand, lending him his silent support. For that, Gregg would eternally be grateful. If it hadn’t been for John, Gregg wouldn’t have had the strength to be standing strong. In short, he would have been an emotional mess. Hell, he probably would have been in the corner, in a fetal position, or looking for the nearest table to crawl under.

The walk to Daniel’s office seemed to take forever, and damned if it didn’t seem every coalition and cast member was out and about. Going by the expressions on their faces, they had heard about the incident with Gregg’s father, too. Great! Now, everybody knew Gregg had been a verbal punching bag. He wanted to duck his head in shame.

In fact, he even started to do just that, but John whispered to him, “Don’t you dare. It’s not your shame. So don’t you carry it.”

“So why does it feel like it is?”

“Because we always feel like we should carry our parents’ shame. I know that even though I’m an orphan.”

Gregg looked up at John. “I love you. You know that, right?”

John gave him a crooked smile. “I was hoping you did, but I wasn’t for sure until now. I love you, too.”

“I’m glad somebody besides Tiffy does,” Gregg said, knowing he was coming off as a bit whiny, but hey, he was due some pouting time after all he’d been through.

“I think if you look around, you’ll find you have a bunch of people who care for you. You have your cousin Isaac, your sister Tiffy, your friends, you’ve never been alone. You’ve only thought you were. They all would be lost without you.”

For the first time, Gregg realized that John was right. Gregg had thought since Isaac had found his own mate, he didn’t care about Gregg anymore. That wasn’t true. They were still cousins, and in the end, that’s all that mattered. Gregg should have turned to Isaac for help a long time ago, instead of thinking Isaac would be too caught up in his own life to care.

“You’re right. In fact, when Isaac finds out I haven’t told him about this, he’s going to be pissed,” Gregg admitted.

“And he’ll have every right to be. You’re going to owe him an apology.”

“Hey!” Gregg protested. “You’re supposed to be on my side. After all, you’re my mate.”

“True, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to tell you when you fuck up.”

Gregg playfully elbowed John in the ribs. “Do you always have to be right?”

“Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll mess up sometime in the future, and you can pay me back then.”

Gregg silently vowed to himself that he would make sure that John paid big time that day. Mate or not, the guy wasn’t going to get a free ride.

They finally reached Daniel’s office. Gregg could only stare at the door, too afraid to knock on it. His heart beat a million miles an hour, and a cold sweat broke out over his body, making him shiver. He took in a breath and held it as he continued to look at the piece of wood. Finally, John reached around him and rapped on the door.

“Come in,” Daniel’s voice called.

It was John who had to open the door. As it swung open and Gregg saw that Isaac and his mate Ackley were already there, Gregg knew it wasn’t a good sign. If Daniel had called in all the surviving family members, it could only mean one thing—he was thinking of exiling Gregg’s father.

“Don’t panic just yet. Go in and hear what he has to say,” John whispered into Gregg’s ear.

Gregg nodded, and with a little prodding from John, moved into the room and took a seat next to Isaac. Gregg glanced over at Isaac. His cousin’s body was tense, and he held his mouth in a tight, angry line. Gregg didn’t know if all that anger was directed at him, but he was willing to bet some of it was. Before then, they had shared everything with each other. Before they had come to this cast, they had lived with another one—one that had been cruel to both of them—and they had shared everything with each other. So for Gregg to have hidden something this big from Isaac must have hurt.

Gregg wished he could have five minutes alone with Isaac. That way he could explain why he did what he did. But it was too late for that. Guilt slammed into Gregg as he realized how badly he’d handled the situation. How he should have reached out to his friends and family. That he should have trusted them. What a fool he’d been. But as they say, hindsight is twenty-twenty, and now it was too late for that. Gregg had fucked up badly, and he was going to have to face the consequences. At the time, he’d thought he was doing it to protect Tiffy, but now it looked like he was going to lose her anyway.

“What are you doing here?” Daniel asked John.

John grabbed Gregg’s hand. “He’s my mate. From now on, anything that affects him, affects me.”

Daniel gave a slight nod. “That adds a slight wrinkle to today’s events but not much.”

Daniel then turned and pinned Gregg with a hard stare. “From here on out, I want the truth and the whole truth. No hiding anything from me. Do you got it?”

Gregg squirmed a bit under his leader’s stare. “Yes, sir.”

“I heard the way your father talked to you. How long has he been treating you that way?”

“Every day.”

“Then why haven’t you moved out on your own?” Daniel pressed.

Greg swallowed hard. The next few words very well could be the most important he’d ever said in his life. “Like I said before, it’s because of Tiffy.”

Daniel cocked a brow, and Gregg could have sworn he saw a flash of fury pass through the leader’s gaze. “Does he talk to her that way, too?”

“No, that’s just it. He doesn’t talk to her at all. Ever since our mother left, he has acted like Tiffy doesn’t exist. I think it’s because Tiffy reminds him too much of our mother or something. Whatever the reason, he’s stopped taking care of my little sister. If it weren’t for me, Tiffy wouldn’t get fed, clothed, or even the basic care. As it is, with him around, being drunk and yelling at me all the time, she’s withdrawn within herself. She’s stopped eating, and she’s doing poorly in school, plus she barely talks anymore,” Gregg said, hoping Daniel would see how bad an influence their father was on Tiffy.

Maybe then Daniel would be willing to break cast law this one time and allow Tiffy to stay with Gregg. After all, Daniel had been a lenient and unconventional leader thus far. So Gregg could cling onto that hope.

BOOK: The Trials of Gregg
3.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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