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The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio

BOOK: The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio
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Ultimate Guides from Cleis Press

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CHAPTER 1 - More Than a Mouthful

So Nice to Get, So Nice to Give
Talk About It
When Your Lover Is Reluctant
Trying New Things


CHAPTER 2 - The Anatomy of a Man’s Pleasure

Appearance and Pleasure Physiology
His Sexual Response Cycle
High Tea


CHAPTER 3 - For Him

A Prelude to a Kiss
How Do I Look?
Do Vegetarians Taste Better?
Erection Questions
Coming Too Soon
Masturbation and Fantasy
Head Etiquette
Staying Safe and Getting Off


CHAPTER 4 - Know the Hard Facts: Health Considerations

Is Fellatio Risky?
STDs and Fellatio
Safer Sex
Safer Sex Made Easy: Gear
The Eroticism of Safer Sex


CHAPTER 5 - Hair and Hygiene

His Pubic Hair
How to Shave or Trim
Razor Burn
Waxing—For Men?
Aromas and Flavors
A Taste of Honey
Close Shave


CHAPTER 6 - Before You Go Down

Practice, Practice, Practice
Relaxation and Arousal
Using Your Hands
Male Genital Massage
Gauging His Response
Foreplay Games for Lovers
Don’t Stop


CHAPTER 7 - Giving Head

Your First Tastes
The Pierced Penis
Using Your Mouth and Hands
On Gagging
Rhythm: The Essence of a Blow Job
Bump and Grind: Pre-Orgasmic Body Language
Boys Will Be Boys


CHAPTER 8 - Any Way You Want It

Jaw Cramp
Fellatio for Injured or Disabled People
Keep Your Lipstick Perfect
How to Go Down on a Strap-On
Back Alley Baby


CHAPTER 9 - Deep Throat

The Anatomy of the Mouth and Throat
Tips for Avoiding Gagging
Practice First
An Aphrodisiac for the Orally Fixated
Taking Deep Throat Further
Oral Authority


CHAPTER 10 - More Techniques

Sex Toys
Anal Penetration
His Erotic Pressure Points
Cough Drops and Ice Cubes
The Flavored Penis


CHAPTER 11 - To the Limit

Using Fantasy in Reality
Power Exchange
Gender Play
When a Little Pain Is Nice
Pain, Pain, Don’t Go Away
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down: Bondage
Men at Work


CHAPTER 12 - Independent Study Erotic Videos and Books

How to Watch Erotic Videos
How-To Videos
Recommended Reading


CHAPTER 13 - Resources

Online and Mail Order
Retail Stores
Canadian Resources
European Resources
Safer-Sex Resources
Sex Education Classes and Workshops: Organizations
Sex-Related Web Sites


CHAPTER 14 - References



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“Ultimate” Sex Guides

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Ultimate Guides from Cleis Press

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by Violet Blue


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for B.L.M.


On the second evening of a short Tokyo book tour, people from my publishing house took me to dinner at a popular new Chinese restaurant. Of the seven or eight dishes ordered that night, I remember one. The bottom of the serving dish was dark, oily red heat, some sort of Szechuan sauce, but the item itself was almost cool on the tongue. The silky, white, glistening almost-pieces were a chopstick challenge, but worth the trouble. The food slid down the back of the throat in the most sensuous way. You almost didn’t need to swallow. I heard my editor, across the table, telling her boss Ayaka it was
ma po
tofu. It was richer and tastier than the
ma po
tofu dishes I’d had in Chinese restaurants in the States, but otherwise similar.

“How do you like it?” asked the woman seated beside me, who had translated my book into Japanese. “We ordered it in honor of your book.”

I tried to recall a
ma po
tofu scene in
. It seemed like the sort of thing a writer would remember. I smiled at her blankly.

“Cod semen!” she blurted. Everyone looked to see my reaction.

“No way,” I said. I shouted across the table to my editor: “I heard you telling Ayaka-san that it’s
ma po

“No,” said my editor. “I told her, ‘
ma po

I shared this story while drinking gin with Violet Blue not long ago—an undertaking which, should you be able to swing it, I highly recommend. She was just finishing up the manuscript for this book, and in need of distraction. My editor’s words—
pretend it’s ma po tofu
—struck us both as delightful advice, not only for the culinary adventurer but for the squeamish fellator. Delightful, though not especially helpful or hip or wise or savvy. For that sort of guidance, you need only turn the page.


Mary Roach

Introduction: A New View of an Everyday Sex Act

It’s difficult for me to hide my enthusiasm for fellatio. At first glance it seems like such a straightforward sex act, but when you look closely, it’s actually quite versatile. There are innumerable ways for me to enjoy how I give it, how my partner receives it, and how I choose to receive it myself (think the business end of a strap-on). There’s the pure pleasure of taking my lover into my mouth for the sole concentrated purpose of giving him direct, focused gratification. My intentions when giving head are concrete: oral contact, mouth to cock, an immediate sensation that clearly sends him the message that I want to give him pleasure, now. The feelings of not only having my lover’s delicate genitals in my mouth but also being able to directly control his stimulation are intoxicating. The primal sensory information of taking in the essence, taste, smell, and outrageously sexy up-close visuals of my lover is a powerful aphrodisiac that influences me physically, mentally, emotionally, and on levels I believe I simply cannot detect. And it’s an undeniable fact that my mouth is a sex organ. The moment I’ve got my lover in my mouth, the heat of desire, passion, and lust in focus, right in front of me, ties my arousal directly to him.

The ways I can elicit my own arousal from fellatio are endless: Giving head works itself easily into any context or scenario I can dream up. My fantasies make anything possible, and these fantasies can be accelerated by the mere fact that fellatio can be performed almost anywhere. I can be a dominant woman, doling out pleasure as I see fit—or I can even be a naughty young man with a pretty mouth. I can play with roles, becoming an overly dedicated nurse for a helpless patient, an earnest applicant for an important job, or a submissive slave. The exchange can be an act of love, tenderness, and devotion, and gazing into my partner’s eyes I can revel in the emotion and sensuality of it all. Or together we can make it a filthy, wicked blow job; quick, dirty, and hot. Any way I choose to approach or experience fellatio, it’s delightful. And I know I’m giving my lover powerful, focused pleasure.

BOOK: The Ultimate Guide to Fellatio
12.41Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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