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Bearly Hanging On
from Wednesday Raven


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Love at first sight!


Frail and fragile, Emily Heart has been plagued with medical problems longer than she can remember. Some days it seems her entire life revolves around one test or another. She sits in a room all day, living vicariously through the online chronicles of her friends. When she gets
the news
, she decides that enough is enough. If it no longer matters what she does, then why is she not doing anything? The best time to get crazy was 10 years ago, but for Emily, the next best time is here and now. Setting out on an adventure without an ending, she yearns to navigate all the events of life that has passed her by. First up on her list; meeting a smoking hot man, just for the night!


Tired of unlasting 'love' and one night stands, Holden Ryder has sworn off women. Not just rolling his eyes, but a self-made vow of celibacy for the near future. For the bear shifter turned tattoo artist, all he wanted was a woman to hold close and call his own. For now though, his focus is on his work, and taking care of himself. But, as luck would have it, life doesn't seem inclined to allow him to hold himself to that vow. When the beautiful and innocent woman who walks through his shop door looks at him, his heart stops.


The explosive force of their first meeting will leave both of them
bearly hanging on
as they go on the wildest adventure of their lives.


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a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing
by Terra Wolf and Wednesday Raven


This isn't about the twins; this is about the girl they both hurt.


              Ryder is the younger Steele twin and believes he has come in second in everything. While he and his brother run one of the top computer security firms in the country, clients still ask for Draven before him. After thirty years in his brother's shadow, he just wants to be first in something.

              Draven is the eldest of the Steele brothers and graduated top of his class. There isn't anything he can't do it seems. While they look identical in most respects, Draven carries a unique birthmark on his inner thigh. It is one of the only ways to tell them apart.

              Both Steele twins are wolf shifters, but roam solitary or with each other and not in a pack. Always looking out for each other, there is nothing that should come between them. But something does; Brooke.

              Brooke Stone has dealt with jerks her whole life. Men have been sweet to her until they get what they want, and then they leave her with hardly a word. She knows she's curvy and that's too much for some, but she's got faith she'll find someone who's different.

              When Brooke meets Draven and Ryder will she be able to see them for who they are or be blinded by their shifter ways?


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a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

About the Author


Wednesday Raven is the quiet one in the group. A southern born child of the dark night, she is more at home in graveyards than a night club. Growing up on the myth and lore of New Orleans and Savannah, she is passionate about creating a thriving community of ravens that hunt by day and seek out their mates by night.

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BOOK: The Wolf Hunter
11.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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