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Chapter Five:
Struggle in the Forest


Abraham knew it was wrong, but he had to know she was safe. He had been parked outside her house, in a blind spot, for over two hours now. He thought that if he watched the house, some small part of him could at least near her and know she was okay.


It was around 10PM when he saw her leave the house, bow in hand.
Ah shit, she's off to hunt
, he thought, exhaling deeply. He was torn on what to do. While it goes against everything his inner wolf would want, he knows he'll follow her. Just in case. He'd never be able to forgive himself if something happened to her. He got out of the car, staying far enough back that he could sense where she was headed but not be seen, and trailed her into the remote woods.


There was a clearing not too far up ahead, and he had a feeling that is where she'd go. It was a frequent location for wolves to gather. She leaned back against a large oak, while a gentle breeze blew. The temperature was rising and the wind was picking up, there'd be a storm soon.


She closed her eyes for a bit, still thinking of Abraham.
I've got to get my mind off of him and keep sight of the task at hand
, she thought.


Abraham saw her against the tree and could think of nothing else but how lovely she was. How she belonged in these woods, another pure natural beauty like the moss. He'd loved to have taken her to these woods, this very spot perhaps, and kissed her. Perhaps even making love against the grain of the tree bark.


Lilith didn't know if she had drifted off in the night air but she was startled back into reality when she heard a loud noise off to the right of her. Grabbing her bow, she stayed steady, on alert. There was a haze now over the woods and light was growing ever dimmer from the cloud cover.


She could just make out a set of bright eyes peering at her in the distance. A low howl was heard in the stark silence. She steadied herself, ready. She moved a bit more out into the opening, making her bait for the wolf. It had always worked for her before and she had no qualms about doing it tonight, especially after finding out what she did about Abraham.


What is she doing?
Abraham watched in disbelief.
Is she making herself bait? Does she realize how dangerous that would be if she was alone?


The wolf walked out into the opening, ears back and teeth bared. She took aim, finger wrapped around the trigger. The sights were dead on and her finger started to squeeze the trigger. Nothing. She tried not to panic as she removed her hands, readjusted the bow, and tried again. Still, nothing. It was then that the wolf sprang causing her to jump backwards and hit her head on the large rock beside her.


Midair as the wolf was nearly on her she saw another wolf grab him, sinking his teeth into him and flinging him to the ground. It was a battle she tried to keep in focus as her world got blurry. She was bleeding, head gashed, and wasn't going to be conscious for long.


The wolves continue to battle. Abraham had never been in a true wolf fight before, but there was no way he was going to let this wolf take Lilith down. His focus wavered and there were times he started to half-shift, causing the wolf he battled to tear into human flesh from time to time. The wolf in him would howl in pain at this, causing him to fully go back into his animal form. He stopped just long enough to sniff the air, making sure that Lilith was still safe.


He could sense her slipping out of this reality and into unconsciousness. It was then he knew that this battle needed to be done, and that the wolf he fought would fight to the death. Abraham, though inexperienced, was not about to die in his first fight. He thrust his entire body against the wolf, spinning him around. It was then Abraham saw it, the wolf's throat was bared and unguarded. He took his shot, sinking his long incisors directly into the tender wolf flesh, ripping it. It was done. The wolf lay there, dying, at the ground by Lilith's feet.


Abraham quickly shifted back into human form, trying to think of how to get him and Lilith back to his place without being noticed while he was completely naked. He grabbed her cape and used it to wrap himself, then picked her and her bow up gently and started back onto the path to his home where he could treat her and care for her.


Chapter Six:
The Common Ground


Abraham carried Lilith inside the foyer of his condo, being careful not to jostle her too much. She was exhausted, shaken, and probably more than a little confused. She had taken in so much these past few weeks, from coming to terms with who and what he was, to the incident in the forest. Now, he waited. Patiently he sat by her side, waiting for her to wake up. He could sense that she was in no real danger, her mind just needed to rest and process.


Lilith woke an hour later, still nestled in Abraham's bed, wrapped with goose-down comforters and fine linens. Momentarily unaware of where she was, all she needed to do was lean over to see that Abraham was still at her side, napping. She thought back to the forest, when a moment's hesitation almost meant the loss of her life.
If Abraham hadn't been there, hadn't taken down that wolf, I'd not be here.


"Abraham?" She whispered weakly.


His eyes flew open, scrambling to hear what she was saying.


"Yes?" he answered, clasping her hand and holding it to his chest.


"Thank you for saving me." She didn't bring up that she had thought about bringing her crossbow back up to take aim at taking them both down, Abraham and the other wolf. In retrospect, she was glad that she didn't succeed in that.


"No need to thank me. Reginald has always been a dick." He said before realizing he admitted to knowing the other wolf.




"Pompous ass. He was in the pack that I used to belong to before I went solitary. He helped me understand who and what I was, but only to get what he wanted -- promoted to Beta of the group."


"I'm sorry you had to do that. I'm usually better, I don't know what happened. Could have been equipment error. I need to recheck the bow." She said, as she straightened up and was already doing a mental checklist of things she needed to do now.
There had to have been a part or something that I left out, somehow. I need to stop being so distracted.


"What you need to do now is rest. Everything else can come later. I would like to know what set you out on this path of wolf hunter, though."


She started the story at the very beginning with the death of her parents. She told him everything about growing up in the system, the abuse, the solitary path of looking out for yourself. She told him that the only way she could sleep sound is on the nights of a kill, and shared how rare those nights were. She talked until she fell asleep curled around pillows, and he stayed there with her so she wouldn't have to wake alone.


He watched her sleep and made sure that her breathing was strong and even. Every so often he half-shifted just to see further into her spirit and make sure things were still healing well. He didn't want anything to happen to her.


She woke again around six in the morning. Abraham had already called work and told them he was taking a sick day, which caused quite the stir around the office. Abraham never took sick days.


"Can I get you anything?" he asked, quietly so as not to startle her.


"Some water, please. What time is it?" she wondered.


"About six in the morning. I'll get you some water and be right back, but please, stay resting."


He poured her drink and came back to see her up and browsing through the room.


"Anything interesting?" he laughed as she turned, embarrassed.


"I was just seeing your pictures. I take it these are of your family?" she asked.


"Yes, in New Haven. I came down here wanting a warmer climate. The South seems better suited for me."


"I can understand that."


He handed her the water and she took a seat in the chair next to the bed where she had been sleeping.


"Thank you again for taking care of me. I would think that it was difficult for you to do so, being that I'm a wolf hunter and you're... well a wolf."


"Probably as difficult as it was for a wolf hunter to be helped by a wolf."


, she thought.


"We aren't that different really," she said quietly, "we're both something we didn't set out to be and are dealing with it as best we can." A small tear slid down her cheek as she said it.


Abraham went up to her, pulling her close and holding her as tight as he feared without causing her additional pain.


"I'd like to be there for you, Lilith, if you'd let me. If you could see past the wolf and into the human part of me."


"I'd like that, Abraham."


She broke from him just enough to look up into his face and put her hand to his cheek. She smiled, and went to her tiptoes to kiss him. A quick kiss at first, but then more lingering. With each passing kiss, passions started to rise, and she took the lead. She started to unbutton his shirt, sliding it off his strong, rugged shoulders. Running her fingernails down his chest, his soft moan sounded more like a low howl, and she smiled at that thought.


She stood and slowly removed her clothes, piece by piece, letting each fall to the floor. She ran her hands down her body before she crawled back onto the bed, beckoning him to join her.


Abraham stripped down, with only a moment's hesitation.


"Are you sure you want to do this, Lilith?" he asked, wanting her with every fiber of his being.


"Lie back and shut up, honey." She purred, as she crawled atop him. She arched to let just the tips of her hair drag from his thighs up to his chest. And then reversed so that her hard, erect nipples would drag him on the way back down. She teased the head of his cock with her fingertips before taking it into her mouth. Long, soft licks traced his shaft up and down, causing a small moan to escape him.


She took him fully into her mouth, letting him slide deep in her. Sucking and swirling her tongue around him, she would keep him right on the edge before stopping.


"You're killing me here, baby," he groaned. She could see his eyes start to fade in and out from his normal human brown eyes to the clear blue eyes of his wolf.


"Well, I don't want to kill you anymore, so I guess I better help you out," Lilith purred with a devilish overtone.


She stopped her licking and sucking and positioned herself right on top of his erect shaft. She slid herself just an inch or two down onto it, and then rise completely off, slowly and seductively teasing him. After a short while, he was starting to breathe erratically; his pulse high. She took that as her sign and plunged herself full onto his cock. She pistoned back and forth, grinding her clit on his pelvis, creating exquisite sensations inside her. Her moans mixed with his until they were both breathless with passion.


Back and forth they rocked into each other. Building up into a fury.






"Do you love me, Lilith?" he asked, holding her still on him before getting his answer.


"Yes, yes I do." She said, "I don't know how it will work, but I know it has to, somehow."


"That's all I needed to hear", he said, and with a howl turned her over. His hot breath was in her ear, teasing her senses with such delicious talk. His tongue played with her earlobe as his teeth started to graze her neck. His cock was right at the entrance to her waiting slit, and with a plunging bite to her neck he entered her. She was filled with a mixture of the slight pain of the bite mixed with the feeling of pleasurable fullness as he filled her completely. Taking her hard and deep, over and over again, she was so close to orgasm.


"Take me, take me hard, Abraham" she whispered, barely able to speak.


"You're mine, Lilith" he replied, as he came deep inside her, locking on to her as his mate.


BOOK: The Wolf Hunter
7.09Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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