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Authors: Tony Newton

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The Zombie Rule Book: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

BOOK: The Zombie Rule Book: A Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide

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Rules and tips for surviving the zombie apocalypse

The following information may save your life.

This book is designed to fit perfectly in your bug-out bag.

The rules in this book should be used only in the event of a zombie outbreak.

This rule book will help you to survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

Will you be prepared when the zombie apocalypse strikes.

These rules will turn you into a survivor.

Throughout this book you will learn how to survive in the event of a zombie apocalypse and learn how to be a survivor.

Use the following information to your advantage. Think like a survivor. When the zombie apocalypse descends upon us you will be a few steps ahead of the rest. Read re-read, practice and apply, train hard and always think smart. You are a born survivor.

This book of zombie survival rules will be a great asset to anyone preparing themselves for the zombie apocalypse.

If you are prepared for the zombie apocalypse you are prepared for anything!

The book the living dead don’t want you to have!

About the author

Tony Newton is a writer from Essex in the UK. Tony has been writing from a young age. He is a prepper and avid survival enthusiast who enjoys writing a broad range from self-help to fiction.


All tips, hints and information from within this book are intended for use in the event of the zombie apocalypse. Until then they are for entertainment purposes only. The author will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury which has occurred from information within this publication.


Zombies……….. The un-dead, the walking dead, the living dead, the plague, creepers, walkers, shufflers, flesh eaters, the rising dead, biters, brain eaters, the decayed dead, gravers or even demons. Call them what you will but zombies aren’t to be taken lightly, they are your most dangerous enemy. They may be the cause of the end of the world as we know it. We’ve seen them on the screen in horror movies like,
Night of the Living Dead
Dawn of the Dead
. Even in romantic comedies like,
Shaun of the Dead
. We now even have TV shows such as
The Walking Dead
. Watching them for entertainment in the audience of a theatre with a big gulp and a bag of hot butter melted popcorn, or relaxed on the sofa at home, eating another chunk of that huge bar of dairy chocolate is one thing. But it’s a whole different ball game to come face to face with these evil beings; these death-walking creepers who have only one thing on their mind and that is to eat your flesh. Unless you want to end up as zombie feed then learn these rules now. Just look at the news, it is time to prepare yourself!

Imagine turning on the TV or radio or looking out the window to see flesh-eating zombies everywhere. A virus is spreading hour by hour, minute by minute, at a rate that no other virus in history has ever done before. If you where not prepared you would have no chance of survival. Maybe if you had luck on your side you might survive a few days, only to end up with no shelter, food or water, walking into a horde of zombies and wishing you had died with the ones you left behind. Now imagine if you were prepared, you knew exactly what to do in the event of the zombie apocalypse; where to go, what to take with you, how to react when face to face with zombies and rogue survivors. You knew what plants are safe to eat when you are hungry and miles from anywhere. You knew how to make a
shelter and survive. If you want to learn how to survive, keep reading.

The word zombie originated from Haitian folk-lore and is normally associated with voodoo zombies. Irish zombies, or most commonly, Haiti zombies have been mentioned in folk-lore for hundreds of years. The zombies we are talking about dealing with here are the dead, who have come back to life in what looks like a living state (albeit very different from a normal living state) caused by a virus, contamination or even radiation. These zombies contrary to books and films do not have the ability to use weapons and are not highly intelligent but will do all they can to devour your flesh. Zombies can bite, scratch and even transmit infection from their nails. They can grab hold of skin, bone or even clothing whilst trying to feed. Like a dog with a bone between its paws. You won’t see a dog holding the TV remote control in its clutches but when it comes to holding a bloody, meaty bone the dog will be firmly grasping it for ease of feasting. A zombie would react in the same way.

A single zombie is bad enough but when they are together in hordes they are nothing short of a nightmare to escape from. Be sure never to enter into a situation in which you will be stuck in the middle of a horde of zombies, the chances are you will not escape unless you have a large group with you, with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, a machine gun and a large degree of luck on your side.

A zombie is dead, but has risen from the grave or has bitten a living human being, not instantly killing the victim, but instead infecting them. The victim will normally pass out or just grow weaker and weaker from the virus until the human body doesn’t have the strength to tolerate it. The time will vary with each individual. After this the victim’s body will jolt back to what appears to the human eye as a living state but there will be noticeable differences. The eyes will be bloodshot and veins throughout their bodies will be prominent. Even if the victim has
lost a limb or has bullet wounds it will still be able to walk. If the zombie has lost its legs it will be able to crawl and drag itself to feed. Zombies feed on human flesh, they will attack any part of the human body, and they seem to have a favourite part of the body which is the brain for reasons unknown. They will devour flesh down to the bone. Zombies can only be killed by totally destroying the brain and in certain cases even a decapitated head is still a major threat; it can still bite. The zombie virus is very infectious and when it strikes will spread faster than any other strain of flu or any other virus in history.

As frightening as an asteroid strike, global financial collapse, solar flare, a pandemic that is natural or manmade or even a volcanic eruption are, there is nothing more frightening than being eaten alive by a horde of zombies. These rules have been created to ensure that you will not end up a pile of blood and bone on the floor.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse nobody actually knows how the government will react, but I’m betting they’ll have bunkers, helicopters, weapons and escape plans in place before the news hits the headlines, by which time it will be too late for the rest of us to act.

Mass elimination of towns and cities or containment of towns would take place from borders to quarantine.

Always be one step ahead, keeping your guard up and your wits about you. Spend less time playing video games on your smartphone and more time keeping an eye on events and news for any sign of the impending zombie apocalypse. Keep a log book of events and the news.

If you are lucky enough to be reading the book before the zombie apocalypse then always look out for the signs. Always watch the news and scan the internet, if you see a pattern or a mysterious pandemic which is striking across the globe then it is time to take action, though you should be prepared at all times. Always have your bug-out bag at the ready with your cupboards
stocked with food, water and other essential supplies. Always live in an ABC state:

A- Is for action

B- Is for be prepared for the zombie apocalypse

C- Is for caution

C- is the state you should be living in at all times, be cautious no matter what. Learning these rules and changing the way you live will ensure you are prepared. Start adding items for your defense, food supplies first aid and clothing.

Before the zombie apocalypse hits always be prepared. If you are going to visit family or maybe stay over at a friend’s house for the weekend, always take your bug-out bag with you. The more survivors, the more hope there is of getting things back to a so-called normal state. Of course after the zombie apocalypse it will be a new world with new rules, laws and new beginnings.

Zombies can’t communicate either with other zombies or humans. It may in some cases look as if they are doing so but it will be a lot of zombies all going towards a sound or a smell that is attracting them.

Zombies don’t have memories of their former lives.

Zombies may seem to show signs or false attempts to reconnect that may seem as if they are drawn to a person. This would only be a coincidence and seem to the person as if they had some former memory.

Zombies in their normal state cannot be trained and cannot learn as a rule, who knows what will happen in the future with breakthroughs in drugs and testing.

Rule # 1
Always be prepared to bug out day or night

Remember this rule.
Get your bug-out routine down to a fine art, practice bugging out both during the day and at night, even half way through a shower or dinner. You’ll be faster each time. Try to beat your own record.

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