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To Rose Marie,
For teaching me to never give up

Amidst brokenness,
The Creative brings healing

Hope is a waking dream
~ Aristotle ~

Lapses were
getting worse, muscles had grown stiff, but he managed to open the top on his
roadster Healey Mark III. Aven, then took a deep breath, and the sweat from a
near death experience, combined with the cool evening wind, was reviving his
senses. Stepping out of the car to gather his bearings, he came to a sliding
halt on a canyon road just outside Toppenish. He recognized the area which was
just a few miles from his vineyard. The experience was surreal. Everything
seemed so common, but couldn't figure out what made him come here. Dropping
onto the driver's seat, he switched on the radio... Matchbox Twenty's Unwell
came on... "Fitting" he thought audibly, "I'm going crazy".

He shot through the desert curves, top-down, music on a high, trying to recall
the evening's events prior to the spin out. Just minutes away from his
'residence at the winery', that's how he thought of it anyway, (Rhodes would
always be home) the music from the chateau began to drain out the radio from
the vintage speakers.

"Awe the after party, for the new label release" Aven thought again
audibly. A spin out, down the canyon road made a little more sense now, but
Aven Antipater was the consummate host and a stickler for not drinking and
driving. The more he remembered, more contemplative his thoughts became. 

He entered the gated drive of the vineyard and proceeded up the hill leading to
the winery, the drive was lit with luminaries cut with a Catalonian
"C" the trade mark of his new red blend - Cavani. The chateau was
truly a castle in every sense of the term, but the courtyard that served as
host to the party, proved to create an intimate affair. It was a perfect blend
of enthusiasm and style with homage to old world chivalry... A true reflection
of Aven himself.

The limelight was always a way of highlighting Aven. His velvet tux and
characteristic black and white loafers, were red carpet worthy, but could never
compete with the blue in his eyes, accentuated by a textured linen bow tie and
matching lapel blossom. Charming... And upon entering the courtyard he was met
with applause and crystal clinks. Every eye was on Aven, but his eyes were
column focused on the 'belle of the ball'. She was a striking brunette with all
the right curves and radiant amber eyes. Her perfect curls lay on an open back
vintage Dior red on red, off the shoulder dress, caressing her body in all the
right places, paired with a Harry Winston V shaped diamond choker and matching
drop earrings. Looking over her shoulder, their eyes met and her smile made
time stop momentarily.

Cutting a path through the crowd towards the beauty in red, Aven reached his
arm around her waist and pulled her close. "The release is a success,
naming the label after you, is just another of my brilliant ideas." Aven
whispered with a smirk into Kavani's ear.

"Yes, my name blended with your favorite soccer club, was a brilliant idea
I had, for your latest red blend". Her playful banter, made her even more

"I'm sorry I was late. It's all a bit hazy... Was I away from the soiree
for minutes or hours?"

"Baby," with weight in her tone, "You have been gone for
days." Her serious look was broken by her laughter, "You are so
funny, you walked in just moments behind me... Come dance".

"I'm not sure, may be time does stand still when I am with you”.

Love is composed of a single
soul inhabiting two bodies
~ Aristotle ~

No panties, left Aven awestruck, unzipping Kavani's gown. The vintage
masterpiece was no comparison, dropping to the floor revealing perfect tan
skin. Her back shoulder tattooed with a dove and inscription of an Aristotle
quote. The winery still had guests mingling about, but Aven needed her now. It
seemed too long since they had been close. From every angle Kavani's curves
made Aven growl in anticipation and his hands grabbing her with just the right
force unleashing goose bumps, making her somehow even more sensual. Now he had
her, intimately close, and they were lost in each other's passion.

The next morning came sooner than either wanted, yet the early sun was welcome.
Aven was traveling to DC again to help decipher another code that had Pentagon
analysts stumped. Kavani would be headed back into her Seattle Law Office,
meeting with one of her many pro-bono clients to grant legal expertise. Most
people see attorneys in a negative light, but not Kavani. It was innate to her
being to fight the system for the underdog, making sure justice prevailed once
all sides were heard with equal footing, presenting the facts unbiased. The not
for profit, Water is Life, was the client on her calendar this afternoon. She
reveled in the thought of being a part of saving so many lives around the
world. She had experienced so much death, it’s not that she actually remembered
it, but deep inside she feared death for sure.

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