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“Please look at Teeny's painting, Violet, and tell us if you recognize it,” said Tugg.

He winked at Violet. He winked again.

Violet saw Tugg winking. She saw the hopeful look in Teeny's eyes.

She took a long look at the painting that was on Teeny's easel.

Then Violet said tearfully, “Monkeyface, how can I ever thank you for this gorgeous portrait of, of…

Teeny's Poem

Teeny and Tugg were enjoying the afternoon on their front porch.

“I finally finished my poem,” said Teeny, very pleased with herself.

Tugg put on his reading glasses.

He read the poem. It did not take long.

“Short and sweet, Monkeyface.”

“Yes,” said the monkey. “Good poets get right to the point.”

“Let's ask Violet what she thinks,” said Tugg. “Warthogs are poetry experts.”

“She will love my poem,” said Teeny.

“Violet,” asked Tugg, “what do you think of this poem?”

The warthog burped, and then read the poem.

“Where is the next page?” she asked.

Teeny wanted to cry.

Violet said, “Be thankful that it is not
poem, Teeny.”

“But it IS my poem, Violet!”

“Oops,” said Violet.

“Hmm,” said Tugg. “Here is an idea.

Why not spend some time thinking about your poem, Monkeyface?”

So for three whole days, Teeny thought about her poem.

She climbed up a tree to gaze at the moon.

She sat at her desk with her notebook scribbling
crossing off
crossing off

This was hard work that seemed to take forever.

On the fourth day, she shouted, “Tuggboat! Now I really

Throughout the jungle, the gorilla's voice boomed.

“Attention, everyone! Come and hear Teeny read her new poem!”

Teeny was very nervous.

She read her new poem slowly.

Bees buzz,

birds sing

The jungle fell silent.

Teeny whispered to Tugg, “I took out the two
's. Isn't it magical?”

Tugg was about to congratulate his little friend when suddenly…

The tiger roared, “

The giraffe cried, “

“Can we hear
” begged the baboon.

Teeny blushed. “I was saving the best part for last.”

Bees buzz,

birds sing

warthogs burp…

and gorillas glow.

Every animal started hooting and clapping wildly!


“Monkeyface,” said Tugg, “you are on your way to becoming a good writer.”

“Thanks to you, Tuggboat,” Teeny said.

“What should I write about tomorrow?” asked Teeny.

“Write about what you know best,” Tugg replied.

The monkey thought and thought.

Then she wrote down the title for her new poem, “What It Means To Have a Best Friend.”

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