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Waiting on Forever

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Waiting on Forever

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“Matthew Jacobs?”

“Matt, and here,” I say raising my hand at the cute tour guide, giving her a half smile. I swear they do this on purpose. Back when I was visiting colleges before I decided on Cortland, every single tour guide at every single school was hot. It’s funny, too, because I’ve yet to see a dude doing tours. Must be because most girls go to college to actually learn and most guys well, they’re going for other reasons. So, not a dumb idea to reel you in with a hot girl to show you around.

Fortunately for me, it wasn’t much of a toss-up. I didn’t pick the college by how hot the girls that go there are; Cortland offered me a full ride for football, and since I don’t have much in the money department, Cortland was the obvious winner. Not that I’m complaining, though. Cortland is a division three school with a pretty awesome football team. On top of that, I’m guaranteed a starting position which is kind of unheard of as a freshman. Yeah, I had a couple of better schools with more prestigious football programs offer me scholarships, but the playing time would have sucked. I don’t want to warm benches, I want to tear up the field.

“Leah Bennett. Is there a Leah Bennett here?”

“Yes, sorry. Here,” the girl behind the camera answers.

“Wait, you’re part of orientation?” I ask the nerdy girl that has been taking picture after picture while we get the roll call and paperwork done.

She looks at me, confused. “Yeah, why?”

“I thought you were part of the welcoming committee,” I respond, shrugging my shoulders.

“Why? I’m not wearing one of their shirts,” she says, her tone a little snippy.

Whoa. Calm down, killer!

“I don’t know. You’ve been taking a bunch of pictures, so I thought maybe you were doing it for the school or something.”

“I’m a photography major. We take pictures.”

“Gotcha,” I answer before turning my attention back to the hot tour guide.

Even though this girl is screaming nerd, she’s actually pretty cute. Not to mention that I’m always drawn to the girls who don’t give you the time of day at first. They give you more of a challenge, instead of the fake airheads who will bend over for you if you just smile their way.

This girl, Leah...she’s an eye catcher. I noticed her right away. Short brown hair to her chin and huge brown eyes with the longest eyelashes I’ve ever seen, even though they’re hidden behind her glasses. Until I strategically placed myself next to her, I didn’t even notice them.

Another thing I didn’t notice until now is that she’s wicked tiny. With me being six foot three, and her barely coming up to my chest, I don’t know if she even reaches five feet. She could probably fit in my pocket. Here’s the thing I like most about girls like her–even when wearing only a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt with some band across the front, her body
looks amazing.

Cali, our tour guide, interrupts my discreet stare down of Leah. “First we’re going to walk through campus so you guys can get a look at where all the buildings are, and then we’ll make our way down to the dining halls and dorms. How many Phys Ed majors do we have here? We can stop by the sports complex, too. It’s just a little bit of a hike from up here.” Raising my hand since I’m a Phys Ed major, I hear Leah do a sarcastic chuckle under her breath.

“Is there a problem with my major?” I ask Leah.

“Nope, not at all,” she responds, clearly lying.

“I’ve always wanted to be a gym teacher,” I state defensively.

“I’m sure you have,” she says with even more sarcasm.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“All you jocks major in the same thing,” she says matter-of-factly.

“Well, I like sports and I think it’d be cool to teach it,” I explain.

“Okay,” Leah says with a smirk. “I didn’t say there’s anything wrong with it, it’s just predictable.”

Ahh, this girl is something else.

“Okay, we can go down to the complex at the end then,” Cali smiles her pearly whites at me.

“Nah, it’s alright. I toured it last year during my visit. No need to see it again.” I smile back, making Cali blush and Leah roll her eyes. I laugh, seeing the rise I get out of Leah. This girl is definitely intriguing.

I can tell we’re going to have some fun today.

Chapter 1

Shit! Do not disturb.

After a long shift serving the student body at Racket Pizza tonight, all I wanted to do was de-scum myself of the layers of grease coating my body, finish my homework from earlier, and get to bed at a reasonable time. But seeing the “do not disturb” sign hanging from my door kicks that plan to the curb as I do not want to walk in on another late night romp session with my slutty roommate and her latest flavor of the week.

To say that I’m roomed up with my sheer opposite is an understatement. Kayla is a blonde haired, blue eyed, heart-throbbing sorority girl who makes guys come in their pants with just a look their way. Although she hasn’t been technically sworn into the sorority yet, she’s in the middle of pledging right now and fits the description to the T.

Completely annoyed, I take a seat on the floor in front of my door, pull out my iPhone, plug in my headphones, and close my eyes to escape inside the land of music.

Not long after the third song starts, my door opens with a muscled juice-head coming out from inside. A disheveled Kayla leans against the doorframe in nothing but a short silk pink bathrobe. Rolling my eyes with a less than enthused smile on my face, I pull out my earbuds as I stand up and walk past her.

“Sorry, I didn’t think you’d be home until later,” she giggles, obviously amused by the situation before closing the door, and follows me inside.

“On to a new one already?” I ask with distaste, not recognizing this one.

“Why stick with one when there’s plenty more waiting?”

Oh, I don’t know…maybe because sticking with one is the moral thing to do? Or maybe to avoid catching every disease possible? Or maybe it wouldn’t hurt to actually get to know the person you’re spreading your legs for? I guess none of those things are important to Kayla, though.

be silly now, wouldn’t it?” I reply, dripping with sarcasm.

“One of these days, Leah, I’m going to crack your shell and introduce you to what you’ve been missing out on.”

“I wouldn’t hold your breath,” I say as I pick up my shower caddy and pajamas.

“You might actually enjoy it. Or even have fun for once,” Kayla points out.

“Yeah, no thanks,” I smile, before walking across the hallway to the showers.

Of course when I was sitting outside my room waiting for Kayla to be done there wasn’t a soul in the bathroom, but now that I can actually take a shower it is full of girls getting ready to go out.


Dropping my caddy next to the sink and hanging my clothes on the hook, I decide to at least kill some time by washing my face and brushing my teeth.

“Hey, Leah. Going out tonight?” Corinne asks. She is standing next to me, doing some kind of facial mask.

“Nope, staying in,” I respond like it’s nothing out of the norm.

“Bummer. The football house is having a big party tonight,” she says with a raised eyebrow and smirk.

Unlike Kayla, Corinne is actually a sweet girl and goes out to have fun with her friends, not to hook up with every guy that looks her way.

“Maybe next time,” I smile back, even though the chances of that happening are slim to none.

“Okay,” she shrugs, then smiles before rinsing the green crap off of her face.

Just as I finish brushing my teeth, a shower opens up. Picking up my things, and smiling at Corinne as I pass her, I’m finally able to strip off my work uniform and wash off the grease fest known as Racket Pizza; the only place on campus where you can get just about any deep fried snack or pizza after normal dining hall hours.

By the time I get back to my room, Kayla is already dressed in the tightest dress imaginable and has enough makeup on to keep the Clinique counter in business.

“Well, if you get bored and decide that you actually wanna have fun on a Friday night, I’ll be at the football house,” she says before picking up her hand purse and walking out the door.

Biting my tongue to avoid saying something snarky and rude, I just smile as I sit down in front of my computer to check my email. Seeing my Facebook tab flashing with a notification, I open it up to see a missed message from Matt.

Matt is the football player I met at orientation. Normally I don’t converse with the athletes, but after getting to know him a little better I noticed he wasn’t as arrogant and pig-headed as most football players are and we actually had fun yanking each other’s chains all day. Although we haven’t hung out since then, and we’ve only see each other in passing on campus, we still keep in touch online.

From Matt:

Hey! Thought you’d be home from work already, but guess not. Hope you had a good day–I’ll try to catch up with you later :)

Smiling to myself, I type back.

From Leah:

I would’ve been home earlier, but I was greeted by yet another “do not disturb” sign on my door. How was practice?

Remembering both Kayla and Corinne mentioning that there is a party at the football house tonight, I’m surprised when I see an immediate response from Matt.

From Matt:

Same shit–coach working us to the bone. He’s on us even more with Cortaca Jug next weekend. Any plans tonight?

Cortaca Jug is the biggest football game of the season. It’s almost like the Superbowl for Cortland. T-shirts are sold, the pledgees are made to do asinine things to embarrass the shit out of themselves, and it gives the bars reason to open up early so students can be drunk off their asses all day. More importantly, we play our rival team, Ithaca State College, on our turf. It’s a big deal around here.

From Leah:

Just laying low with some friends in my room.

Yeah, I know that’s a complete lie, and to anyone other than Matt I wouldn’t care, but admitting my boring uneventful Friday to him is different. For some reason I try to make myself out to be less of a social outcast then I really am.

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