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Wild Hunts

BOOK: Wild Hunts
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Blood Moon Legacy 3

Wild Hunts

As a revered white wolf, Kasa Jones is well aware of the dangers stalking her. She and her brother, Jordan, track down holding cells and free innocent werewolves before they’re reprogrammed to kill her.


The night Kasa botches a hunt, exposing herself to the enemy, she flees for her life and lands in the claws of two mysterious wolves.


Micah and Slade Castrove have been hot on Kasa’s trail for months. With her finally in their care, the brothers vow to protect her from the dangerous rebels hungry for white wolf blood. They never imagined the challenges that would come with keeping Kasa safe.


Kasa is enraptured by her mates. Their body-heating good looks, powerful personas, and promises of protection easily sway her priorities. But when her brother is kidnapped and the only way to save him is to sacrifice herself, can her mates protect her from the ultimate hunt?


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal, Vampires/Werewolves
70,351 words


Blood Moon Legacy 3

Rhea Regale


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Blood Moon Legacy 3


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The white wolf is revered in the were community, a sign from the spirits of prosperity and good times to come. She is an alpha female who gives hope to her fellow wolves and reigns over all. As with any admired creature comes those who wish to watch her fall from grace.

Twenty-five years ago, a group of rebel wolves slipped into the quaint town of Hood River and slaughtered all residing white wolves, leaving the local packs in panic and dishevelment.

The last words spoken on a mother’s dying breath brought forth the vow of an adolescent. Beneath the cover of darkness and tragedy, a young man escaped the hunters with a baby tucked safely in his arms.

When danger passed and carnage remained, the young man began a journey with a package more precious than the air he breathed. He would raise her, teach her to fight and defend herself, and always sacrifice his life for hers.

His sister, a sacred white wolf, would never be safe from the hunters.

And so began the legend of the Blood Moon Legacy.

Chapter One

The howling chorus pierced the ominous night. Kasa gasped, coming up short of the ravine.
Girl, you went and botched this one big time.
Now wasn’t the time to dissect her strategy to find the flaws. She had to escape before they tracked her scent.

The free-bleeding wound on her arm became a lethal beacon in this wintry night. She cut left, dodging low-lying branches and vaulting over trees and rocks. Not even the crisp scent of pine and wilderness could mask the sour smell of sweat and blood. Enraged demands echoed through the forest. Damn, if she didn’t stop the bleeding and somehow divert the pack, they’d be on her soon enough. Years of painstaking planning and diligence would be thrown to the scavengers. All for nothing.

Of all wolves, I have to be a white.

After tonight, she was as good as dog chow.

A scraggly branch whipped against her face, tearing into her forehead. She snorted, sharp pain momentarily stunning her.
More blood. Great.

With a careless swipe of her arm, she mopped up the mess of her latest infliction and pressed on. A moment lost was a moment too long.

Kasa skidded between two thick trees. Solid muscle slammed into her back, sending her to the ground with a chest-twisting
The uneven terrain failed to greet her sudden arrival hospitably. Rocks jabbed deep into her ribs. The massive weight that had fallen on top of her ground her smaller frame into the forest floor, squeezing every molecule of air from her lungs. She clawed desperately at the soft dirt, collecting debris beneath her nails, but remained wedged between beast and earth.

Her chest constricted. She fought to suck in air. Each breath became faster, shallower. Her heart hammered against her ears.

Don’t start panicking now.

The bristling wolf paced alongside her mind, protesting her demands. She wanted out. She wanted the chance to fight. Kasa swallowed a growl. She couldn’t afford to give away her true identity now, even if her blood confirmed what a white coat surely would.

The unbearable weight lifted from her back. She flipped herself over and whimpered.

Pain speared through her, blinding her. Air flooded her lungs and she clenched her teeth when bones grinded in her side. Her ribs were shattered from the assault, rendering her near helpless. Silver splotches of color exploded in her line of vision. She tried to blink the annoying flares away and focus on the dark figure looming over her.

The burly man reached down and grabbed the front of her sweater. He held no regard for her condition or the article of clothing, jostling her excruciating body. He lifted her with that one beefy hand, roughly yanking her off her back, off the ground entirely. His fist dug into her chin. Her sweater bunched against her throat. The cold air chilled the exposed flesh of her belly, lending little comfort to the open cuts marking her skin. She held fast to his thick wrist, her nails lengthening as she dug them deep into his skin. The toes of her boots barely grazed the ground, dangling beneath her.

Damn, not good.

Swallowing the bile that rose with the throbbing pain emanating from her chest, she lashed out her foot, catching the bastard dog in the groin.

His howl slashed through the night, piercing her eardrums. His fingers loosened, dropping her in a heap. She shook her head, his cry of pain still vibrating through her skull, and scrambled to her feet. The man had crumpled into a fetal position, clasping his wounded cock, eyes aglow in anger and agony. His teeth glistened in the half-moon light, fangs sharp and prominent, revealing his feral nature.

BOOK: Wild Hunts
3.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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