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Dedicated to
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My loyal fans who have

given me plenty of reasons

to continue writing.






Preface . . .


It is a proven fact and confirmed by history that people fear what they don’t understand.  A prime example is the
Salem witch trials during which countless victims were put to death.  Their sentence was cast upon them as the results of mass hysteria, later confirmed to be hoax.

Yet, we can’t ignore the fact that evil spirits are all around us.  Just look into the eyes of a serial killer, and you will surely recognize the demon within.  Often we characterize such conditions as mental illness while we never fully understand what drives a person to commit such atrocious acts.

There are many unknowns in the spiritual realm, and one of the most profound examples in today’s society is the concept that there will be a zombie uprising.  We are amazed by the number of people that are preparing for that day—the day when the undead will rise from the graves and plague humans.  If you are caught in the grips of the mindless flesh eating creatures, you will be doomed to join them.

There is without a doubt a battle between good and evil:  one that can be seen in many ways, yet hidden from the human eye in others.  Join us if you dare as we delve into the unknowns and witness first hand The Battle of Immortal Spirits.


Chapter 1


The New England states have been known for their studies in the spiritual realm, and one particular university in Massachusetts contains the experts on the subject.  Many students have received their education from the prestigious Amherst campus under the helm of Dr. Steven Blanchard, a noted professor.  A distinguished educator in his late thirties, he was held in high regard by all who knew him.  Not only was he esteemed by his colleagues, he had a good rapport with his students.  The fact that he was good-looking, in addition to being smart, explained why the females flocked to his classes.  Presiding over an auditorium filled with students, he leaned on the podium dressed in a navy pinstripe suit which allowed the lighting to reflect off of his dark hair and clean shaven face.  Standing six feet with a fit build, his presence could not be easily overlooked.

“Come on
, Dr. Blanchard, we all know the stories of witches and such were made up.  There are no such things as witches, werewolves, or zombies; and you know it.  Why can’t you just admit it?” asked one of his students.  Laughter rang out among the filled arena. 

fter much effort, Dr. Blanchard finally brought the group of students under control.  “Then why are you taking this class?  Isn’t that what we are here to prove or disprove as in the case with some of you?”  The quietness was deafening as the attention of the group turned from the skeptic to focus on the reality of other possibilities.  In fact, it was so quiet that when an ink pen rolled off a desk and hit the floor it was explosive.  Everybody jumped and the screams of a few ladies sent the classroom in disarray once again.

“Don’t do that
, Rich, you scared the crap out of us,” scolded Cynthia, tapping him on the shoulder.

“Sorry, I didn’t know you guys were so superstitious,” replied Rich
, laughingly.

“Okay, now that Rich has proven
a point for me. Shall we continue?” asked Dr. Blanchard.

“Did I miss something?  What did Rich prove
?  That he’s a klutz?” asked one of the students.  Once again laughter filled the auditorium.

“No, actually it goes much deeper than that.  Rich just proved many of you have doubts, yet you are still open to the idea
that there just may be another world unseen by the naked eye, an unknown spiritual realm to be more precise.  You see, it is your subconscious that caused that reaction a moment ago.  That’s actually a good thing.  It shows your mind is open to studying the bazaar, more precisely things that are unexplained by science,” said Dr. Blanchard.  Quietness followed.  After a brief pause, the professor continued.  “We are all familiar with the witch trials mostly centered around the time frame of the 1550’s until somewhere around the 1620’s or there about.  However, before we get into those studies, let’s consider the possibilities that the Greek mythologies are actually a true account of the world during that timeframe.  Now before you close your minds again, hear me out.”  Many of the students rolled their eyes after hearing what he had just implied.  “You guys will never learn anything new if you close you minds like that.  What if the world has changed, and that includes the natural as well as the spiritual realm?  Some of this could be explained in a way we can accept it.” 

Many of the students felt badly
, having expressed their doubts in a cynical manner earlier.  Contemplating that scenario, one of them asked, “Then how are we going to prove whether or not those situations ever existed?  None of those people are around to answer our questions.”

“How can you be so sure about that?
” asked Dr. Blanchard, walking from behind his podium to face the class with a kind, but serious demeanor.  “Look beside you and tell me what you see.”  The students did as he suggested, and soon many of them became sidetracked.  Noticing the smile on one of his student’s face, the professor decided to inquire of his findings.  “Okay, Mr. Cleburne, what do you find so amusing?”

, actually all I see is a mini-skirt and some great looking legs,” he replied.  The contagious humor erupted as the young lady in question attempted to pull the short skirt over her thighs.

, I see Mr. Cleburne chooses to allow the natural realm to control his thoughts, but what have some of you discovered?  Could the person next to you be more than they appear?”  As the students began to shift back and forth in their seats, it quickly became obvious that some of them were uncomfortable with those thoughts. 

There was one young lady in particular that the professor noticed.  He only knew her as the newest member of the class.  For some strange reason she had transferred to his course of study upon approval by administration.  After checking the roster, he discovered her name to be Angelica.  The professor wanted to
call on her; however, mentioning her by that name would certainly cause a riot at this stage of the study.  Noticing her stares, he decided to go for it and suffer the consequences.  “Angelica, what are your thoughts on the matter?”

Are you sure you want my opinion?” she asked. 

The professor noticed the students mouthing her name without actually speaking
it.  “Sure, we are all in this together.  Hold nothing back,” said Dr. Blanchard.

“Okay, you asked for it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you,” said Angelica.  Everyone laughed with the exception of the professor.  Then suddenly
as the stranger began to speak, the others wiped the smile off their faces and listened intently.  “I believe we all have a purpose in life, some good and some not so good.  In fact, some are down right evil.  But who am I to judge?  So this is what I perceive.  You can take it or leave it,” said Angelica.  By now she had the attention of everyone, including the professor.  “I have stared into the eyes of evil and seen the cruel intentions of the demon within.  It’s sad because only the good will be hurt by such a creature.  And then again, I have looked directly into the windows of the soul of innocence and recognized they could do no evil.  So take it for what it’s worth.  There is both good and evil in the present world and the world long past.  So we can only ask the question, which are we?”  The stares that followed were interrupted by the buzzer signaling the end of classes.  For a moment, no one moved as they pondered those thoughts.

“Don’t forget your assignment
s, and make sure you are on time tomorrow.  We have a lot of material to cover,” Dr. Blanchard reminded.  Whether or not they had listened to his warning was yet to be seen; but as they left the room, the professor noticed his new student rising to leave.  “Angelica, do you have a moment?”

“Sure, for you Dr. Blanchard I will make the time,” replied Angelica, gazing into his eyes.  The smile on her face along with the look in her eyes would have normally caused the professor some concern, but not so on this occasion.  A feeling of calm
ness overcame him as he returned the stare.  “Well, has the cat got your tongue?”

“Oh, please excuse my manners, it’s just
. . .”  The professor didn’t finish saying what was on his mind.  How could he?  The earlier discussion must have caused those ideas to swirl though his thoughts.  Now he must push them aside and come up with another reason for detaining his beautiful new student.  The only thing he could think of was to inquire of the reason she had entered his classroom mid-term.  Before he could speak of it, Angelica did it for him.

“You are wondering how I was able to pull this off
, aren’t you?”

“Well the thought did cross my mind.  How is it you think you can pass this class after coming in so late?” asked Dr. Blanchard.

“You misunderstand my reason for being here.  Actually I am writing my dissertation, and my chair felt this would be a great place to pick up a few ideas.”

. . . oh then that makes sense.  So technically you are not my student,” said Dr Blanchard with a smile slowly covering his face.

“Would it make any difference?” asked Angelica, returning the smile.

“Sure, because if you were my student, I wouldn’t be able to ask you to have a cup of coffee with me,” said Dr. Blanchard.  They stared into the eyes of the other until the awkward moment caused the professor to drop his head.

was that an invitation?” asked Angelica with twinkling eyes.

“I suppose
, but only to discuss your thoughts on the subject of today’s discussion.”

“I would love that.  You name the time,” replied Angelica.  The lights went out in the room
; and if it had not been for a small window at the end of the auditorium, they would have been standing in total darkness.

“I perceive someone is sending us a message.  How about now?” asked Dr. Blanchard.  He noticed the young lady becoming a little anxious
.  She stared around the room as if to be searching for something.  “Is there anything wrong?”

“No, everything is cool
.  So how about that cup of coffee?”  The professor discretely took her hand to lead the way from the poorly lighted room.  However, the touch of her skin caused an unexplained feeling to clamor throughout his entire body.  If it had not been for him appearing to be impolite, the professor would have turned loose of her hand.  But, he managed to overcome the feeling and actually found it to be rather pleasant after all.

“It is kind of you to do this,” said Angelica.

“What hold your hand?” asked the professor, making light of the situation.

“Well, yes that to, but I was referring to you spending your precious time with me.  I realize how busy you are,” replied Angelica.

“I perceive this experience will be just as enlightening for me.”  He noticed her grip tightening, and he felt that strange charge reverberating throughout his body again.  Maybe this was the way it was suppose to be when you really like someone.  From the first moment he laid eyes on her, the gentleman felt a connection.  Yet, he wasn’t sure how to proceed, being several years older than her.  It seemed he was always too busy for such personal matters; and now that it had arrived, what was he to do?  Those thoughts were interrupted when they reached the exit to the large room.  It was now only fitting that he hold the door open for his lady friend.  In order to do that, he must let go of her hand, something he preferred not to do.  Yet, when it happened, he noticed the pleasant feeling produced by the touch of her fingers as they slowly slipped through his hands.

“You are a good person, Dr. Blanchard,” she blurted out.

“What makes you say that?  You don’t really know me.”

“I know more than you think.” 

Being somewhat surprised by her suggestion, the professor stared at his companion while holding the door open for her.  He took note of her appearance and realized that was the first time he had paid any attention to the physical traits of the beautiful young lady.  Modestly dressed, she was alluring.  Her golden hair, almost white in color, framed her oval face.  Her skin was porcelain and absent a single blemish as far as he could tell.  Being caught up in her unusual appearance had caused him to stare longer than would have been considered appropriate.  This time he got caught.  With twinkling eyes staring back at him, the professor felt compelled to explain his actions.  “I have never seen anyone quite like you before.”  That wasn’t exactly what he had intended to say, and now he felt somewhat embarrassed.

“Yes you have
.  You just didn’t notice.  You are always too busy for such matters,” said Angelica.  With that being spoken, the lights came back on. 

The professor
stared at the well lighted room and then at his friend who quickly turned away to approach the first flight of many stairs.  “With the power back on, we can take the elevators if you like,” said Dr. Blanchard.

“I prefer the stairs if you don’t mind.”

“Are you sure?  That is quite an exercise.  I figured you would take advantage of my position here at the university by using the luxury afforded us professors.”

“Actually I love stairs and use them all the time,” said Angelica
, flashing a brilliant smile.

“Okay, then knock yourself out
, and I will meet you at the bottom,” said Dr. Blanchard, pressing the button to the elevators.  He noticed the smile didn’t go away and finally gave in to her stare.  “I can’t fool you, can I?”

“Nope, and that is what I like about you.  Most guys would have gotten on that elevator and followed through with th
at foolish deception.  But, you are different and I love that.”  Upon hearing the word love and with his heart pounding, the professor opened the door to the stairwell.  When his friend entered, he followed close behind.  He would love to hold her hand again, but there was no reasonable excuse for doing so.  However, he could stare at the beautiful girl as she led the way.  Then, without a hint of it coming, his friend turned to take his hand.  “I hope you don’t mind me doing this.  I prefer to walk beside you so we can talk.”

“Suppose I fib
a little and act cool by being seemingly nonchalant about it?” asked Dr. Blanchard.

“You don’t really want to do that now do you?”

“No, not really.  So how is it you know so much about me?” asked Dr. Blanchard. 

Before she could answer
, they were overtaken by another student from Dr. Blanchard’s classroom.  “Hey, Professor, fancy meeting you here.  Why didn’t you take the elevator?  I thought this primitive mode of travel was only for us peasants.”

BOOK: Zombies
11.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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