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Sam Crescent


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Chapter One


The feel of bones breaking filled Jasper Sutton with
happiness. A lot of cash was riding on this fight, but he didn’t care about the
money. No, he was only here to feed the savage within him and earn a little
cash along the side. The cheering of the crowd did nothing to appease the
violence within him. He needed to hurt something or someone. Fighting with men
willing to take punches was simply a bonus. The fighting might be illegal,
dangerous, and stupid, but there were plenty of stupid men for him to pound on.
This allowed him the opportunity to blow off some steam in between fucking the
latest bitch who wanted him. He picked the bloodthirsty women who hung around
the fights. They expected their fucking rough, and he was never in the mood to
be gentle. Jasper didn’t do gentle or love. He did cold hard fucking and the
women better not expect a second go. Never had he fucked a woman more than one
night. If they got to fuck him multiple times that night then they should
consider themselves lucky.

The bastard in front of him took another lunge for
him. Jasper dodged the flailing fists aimed at him. There were few rules in
these kinds of fights, and Jasper was bored. With three quick punches, one to
the abdomen and two to the head, his opponent was down. Cheering erupted as Steve,
the guy running the fight, slapped his hand down on the mat announcing the end
of the fight. He took a step back and spat onto the floor. His saliva was mixed
with blood.

Someone touched his arm, and he jerked around ready to
hurt whoever touched him. He found a fake blonde with even bigger fake tits
smiling up at him.

“Hey, handsome, are you looking for some company

He stared at her, seeing easy pussy. “You got some

“Yeah, two of my girlfriends are here.”

“How old are you?”


Jasper saw the lie for what it was. He didn’t believe
her age, so he wasn’t going to be going anywhere with her. “Go back to school,
girl.” He pushed her aside and made his way out of the room. Steve would pay
him once he took all of the cash flowing about. The basement in an abandoned
warehouse was the best setting for the fight. No one would be looking for them
or interrupting. The last thing he wanted was to end up in a cell.

He entered the broom cupboard that was his to prepare
for the fight. Steve had installed a couple of lockers for the fighters to put
their stuff in. The crap helped to ease the illegal tension. He stared in the
cracked mirror seeing the black eye and bloody lip he’d gained from this fight.
Pulling his bag out of the locker, he removed his soiled shirt, wiping the
blood up as he did. Ignoring the sting of pain, he quickly pulled on a clean
shirt and tugged his bag onto his shoulder.

“Damn, man, you got over two big ones this time. You
sure you don’t want to consider becoming a fighter full time?” Steve asked
handing over the two thousand dollars he’d earned that
night alone.

“No.” Jasper took the money, pocketing the stash and
glaring at the man who was always trying to get him to fight more.

“You could be earning triple this every night, if not
more. You’re a fucking rock in the ring. I can put a call to my brother. He’d
love to have you.”

“Those fights you want, they got rules?” Jasper asked.

“Jasper, man,
when has anything with rules ever been fun?”
Steve opened his arms, and his face went bright red.

“I like to keep breathing after a fight. What you’re
offering is the chance for me to die. I don’t think so. Don’t bother calling
your brother.” He pushed past Steve and headed out of the warehouse. Several
women tried to stop him even as another fight started up. Tonight he wasn’t in
the mood to take any of these women home. He’d gotten the release he needed in
pummeling the bastard in the ring, not that there was much of a ring. The night
was dark, and seeing a clock on the side of a gym he saw it was after twelve. He
hiked his bag up on his shoulder and started the walk back to his apartment
building. It was hot, and he didn’t need to wear a shirt to make it home. When
he got back to the confines of his apartment he’d clean up his fresh cuts
before collapsing into bed.

Several women on the walk home tried to get him to
take them in for the night. He wasn’t interested in some paid company. As far
as he was concerned, women who had pimps were not to be trusted. They stole
from you more than gave you pleasure. Also, he couldn’t guarantee how clean
they were.

He hadn’t picked up a woman for the night, so it was
going to be a pretty boring few hours until the sun came up.

Getting to the entrance of his apartment building he
saw a woman climbing out of her car wearing a pair of shorts and a really tight
top. She lived in the apartment opposite him, and he’d seen her many times. He
didn’t know her name or what she did. All Jasper had noticed was the curvy
shape of her body encased in the tight clothes she wore when she got home.
There were never any friends handing around trying to get to know her, nor was
there a boyfriend. She never came to him to ask for sugar, coffee, or tea
unlike some of the women on their floor.

He stared at her ass as she dropped her key and
groaned. She leaned down exposing more of her thighs as she grabbed the key. There
were men out there who’d be offended by the amount of flesh on display. He
didn’t know what men saw in slender women. He always liked something he could
hold onto. Jasper kept his distance while she unlocked the door and headed

After seconds had passed he followed her inside,
grabbing the mail that had been stuck into his mailbox, aware of her standing beside
him, flicking through the junk mail. He couldn’t stop looking at her even as he
wanted to turn his gaze away. What was it about this woman? There was nothing
special about her. She had long silky brown hair that fell to her waist. It was
long enough to get a good grasp on when he fucked her, ramming hard into her
sweet cunt.

Licking his lips, Jasper wanted her, and he had wanted
her for a long time, perhaps from the first moment he met her.

She slammed her mailbox closed and turned. Her gaze
landed on his, and he saw her hazel eyes taking in his bruises.

“Ouch!” She
the word
as she looked at his face.

He frowned. Her voice was fucking hot, smoky yet sweet
at the same time.

Shaking his head, he made his way up to their floor
following behind her, admiring the fullness of her ass as they went further up.
She didn’t shout at him or demand anything of him. Whoever she was, she simply
walked to her door, unlocked it, and disappeared inside.

Jasper did the same, ignoring the thickness of his cock
as he went through to his bathroom. He saw the damage the moment he looked in
the mirror. The bruising was coming out, and over the next couple of hours it
was only going to get worse.


Amber looked over her small apartment and blew out a
sigh of relief. Working at the
bar as a
waitress was downright depressing. She hated the work, the men, the women—everything
about the job she hated, yet she loved the tips, and the owners. The money was
worth the job. Some of the men loved to cop a feel of her ass or watch her bend
over to pick something up. Whatever, she was more than willing to do what
needed to be done to earn a few extra tips. Unlike some of the other women, she
didn’t need to reveal everything to get the money. Yes, she didn’t get as much
as the girls that revealed everything, but she got a small chunk for herself.

Running fingers through her hair she groaned at the
greasy feel of the length. One of the wives of the men had walked in as she was
handing out drinks. The wife had grabbed the drink and aimed it at the husband
only to get most of it on her. Amber hated cheating men. They were awful to
watch pawing at the naked women while wearing a wedding band. She’d never get
married or be tied down to one man. No man she’d come across knew how to keep
it in their pants.

The worst, for her, were the men in the suits. They
walked into the
bar as if they were better than
anyone else, yet they still grunted and shouted their insults to the women

Grabbing a beer from the fridge, she walked past her
bedroom into her bathroom. She turned the shower on and stripped out of the
clothes she called a uniform. They needed some serious washing before she even
thought of wearing them again. She was sure one of the men had wiped his cum on
her ass. His hand had been going underneath the table, repulsing her with the
speed at which he went. When she’d placed a beer in front of him, his hand had
glided across her ass as if he was wiping mess off.

BOOK: A Fighter's Choice
6.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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