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It had been two weeks since the accident, and though the
doctor had given Matt a clean bill of health, Travis and Fiona were still
treating him with kid gloves. It was fun the first few nights, being the
observer, lending a hand when necessary, or even if it wasn’t. Travis may never
let him top him, but he didn’t mind a finger or two stroking his prostate as he
fucked their girl. Matt grinned at the memory.

“Stop it. I know what you’re thinking.” Travis smiled, as he
pushed past him, making Matt move his feet from the coffee table.

“What?” Matt asked, looking at the two beers in his friend’s

“That it’s been one hundred and twenty-two days since I
moved back and I’ve yet to fuck your ass?” He passed Matt a beer.

“Is that what you think I was grinning about?”

“Yep.” Fiona came out of the kitchen with a Diet Pepsi and sat
on the edge of the sofa. “We talked about it. We had a tête à tête, of sorts.”

“That’s her new code to say she was sucking my cock.”

Fiona threw a pillow at him and Matt laughed. They
continually baited each other, but all that sniping usually led to amazing sex,
so he wasn’t going to complain.

“She was asking about all the different ways and positions
three people can fuck each other.” Travis feigned a frown. “See what happens
when you stick your fingers in my butt while I’m fucking her? You give her ideas.”

“The ideas were already there,” she promised them with a

“There’s rum in that Pepsi, isn’t there?” Matt accused, but
he wasn’t complaining. He liked it when Travis topped him. He had no problem
being trapped between the two people he loved.

“Get the sweatpants off, baby,” Travis ordered, his eyes
fixed on Fiona, who quickly obeyed, then sat back up on the arm of the sofa,
spreading her legs. She still wore a T-shirt, but her nipples were pebbled hard
beneath. Her tiny lace thong was for decoration only.

“Lick her ’til she comes,” he told Matt.

The gleam in Fi’s eyes said she liked that idea and she
spread her legs wide for him. Matt kissed his way up the inside of her thighs,
pausing when he reached the junction of her sex long enough to slide the lace
out of his way with his tongue. He then applied himself to licking up the cream
dripping from her. The thought of Travis fucking him turned her on. Theirs was
a very naughty girl.

He sucked on her clit, rolling it with his tongue until she
clutched at his head. He slid three fingers hard and fast into her pussy just
as she started to come. He loved to feel her body contract for him, knowing how
tight she’d be when he finally filled her with his cock. He continued to lick
her until she fluttered down from her orgasmic high.

Matt forgot that Travis was with them, until he felt the
sofa next to him dip with his weight and Trav reached out for his hand, licking
her cream off his fingers. Then he pushed Matt back and yanked his track pants
down in one practiced move.

With a lascivious grin, Travis brought Matt’s cock to his mouth,
sliding him deep to the back of his throat as he cupped his balls.

“Oh fuck.” Matt sighed, as Travis worked his cock with his
lips. He had forgotten how good Travis’ mouth was, so rare was the occasion
that he would go down on him.

Travis lifted his head but continued to play with Matt’s
sac. He turned to Fiona who was still sitting on the edge of the sofa in her
T-shirt. “Spread your legs and give me a bit of your juice babe. Our boy needs
the feel of us both inside him.”

Fiona licked her lips and spread her legs wide for Travis
who swirled two fingers deep inside her pussy. Matt felt his eyes glaze over.
If that wasn’t the hottest thing he’d ever seen, he didn’t know what was,
especially knowing where those cream-covered fingers were going. He slid his
ass a little farther toward the front of the sofa, giving Travis full access
between his thighs.

Travis chuckled. “Eager, aren’t we?”

“You have no idea.” Except he knew Travis did. Travis knew
exactly what he was feeling, how bad he needed this. He raised his hips as
Travis’ fingers slid between the cheeks of his ass, slowly circling his aching

“Stroke your cock while I suck you.”

Matt wrapped his hand around the base of his cock, slowly
stroking it. He gasped as he felt Travis pressing into him. Just one finger,
but it felt so good. It had been so long.

“How long?” he asked, reading Matt’s mind, even as he added
another finger.

“Two years, one-hundred-twenty-two days.” The night before Travis
had left.

“I think that wait is over.” Travis ran the tip of his
tongue over the swollen tip of Matt’s erection, and it throbbed with need.
“Look how bad our girl needs this.” He directed Matt’s gaze to Fi, who was
stroking her pussy as she watched them.

“We could change the plan,” she said to Travis. “I don’t
mind if it’s just the two of you, so long as I get to watch.”

Matt guffawed. “Oh no, babe. You are not getting away with

“Back to the plan, babe,” Travis directed, and his tone said
he wouldn’t take no for an answer.

She grinned and spread the faux-fur throw on the floor then
lay down on her back. Matt and Travis followed her, Matt grabbing a throw
cushion along the way and sliding it beneath her bottom.

His cock was aching and he couldn’t wait to be balls-deep
inside her. Travis fished a condom and lube from his jeans’ pocket and presented
his cock to Matt, asking him to put the condom on for him. They had discussed
this just after Matt got out of the hospital. Fiona trusted Travis, loved him,
and was ready for there to be nothing between them when they were in her pussy.
“Butts are the exception,” Fiona had declared and they had readily agreed. They
appreciated the rubber, because it dulled the tight sensation and helped them
last longer.

Matt slid the condom down Travis’ cock before he settled
back between Fiona’s thighs. She spread herself wide for him, and he sank into
her sweet heaven. He groaned, burying himself deep inside her as Travis’ hands
ran down his back, and his cock pressed hard against his ass.

Fiona took his face in his hands. “You were right. Let us
show you how right you were.” She kissed him, pouring her passion and
acceptance and love into that kiss, while behind him cold lube splashed against
his ass. Travis was wasting no time opening him with two, then three fingers,
making sure Matt was ready for him.

Fiona broke off the kiss and slid her arms around his back,
her nails running down his side as Travis teased his ass with his cock. Travis
pushed into him a little and then withdrew. He did this again and again, a
little deeper each time until Matt begged, “Fuck me already, Travis.”

Fiona pinched him. “Be nice. He’ll fuck you when he’s good
and ready.” She winked, and then gasped. Travis had decided in that moment that
he was ready and he forced Matt open for him. Matt groaned. It was exactly what
he needed. The heat and the pain. He felt his body break out into a sweat. It
was worth it to be crushed between the two people he loved.

Travis was guiding Matt’s thrusts now, changing the angle
and timing at which Matt pumped into Fiona. It was more forceful than Matt
would otherwise be.

“Fucking incredible,” Fiona sighed, as she lay back, her
hands holding onto his shoulders, and allowed them to take her.

“She’s not kidding,” Travis said behind him. One hand on
Matt’s hip, one on his shoulder. Matt let him guide them. He liked the thought
of Travis using his cock to fuck Fi, almost as much as he liked Travis fucking
him. He grinned as he thought of the unlimited number of positions the three of
them could get into, and perfect over the next fifty years.

In his heart, they were married. Like Fi had said, he was
their husband and no one had dared to question it.

His balls tightened. He was getting close. The bite of his
lover’s nails said they were too, but it was Fi who set off the chain reaction,
her body clamping down on his, sucking his release from him. He cursed as his
orgasm race through him. Travis’ litany of expletives was the loudest of them
all when he finally let go, shuddering against Matt’s back.

They fell together on top of Fi, the three of them laughing
as they rolled away, onto their sides or backs. Travis reached over him to kiss
Fi, and then kissed him on the way back. Fi curled into his side, her hand
holding on to Travis’.

Matt smiled. He had done this. He had brought the three of
them together, and they had shown him that love was worth any risk.

About Zoë Mullins


The only reason Zoë learned to type in high school was so
she could write even faster. A prolific write, even in elementary school, she
was jotting down poems and stories whenever she had the chance. After years of
working in corporate communications, Zoë decided to refocus on the kind of
writing she loved – hot romance with strong, independent heroines.

Zoë and her husband of 20 years (yes they did marry in
elementary school, thank you for thinking so) live in Atlantic Canada with
their fur-family (two dogs at this time.) When not at her desk or with her laptop
in the gazebo, you can find her at her favorite yoga studio, camping by the
lake or renovating their money-pit of a house.

Zoë loves to hear from her readers. You can contact Zoë by
email, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to get more insights into the
characters you’ve read about, or get a sneak peak at what’s ahead, check out
her Pinterest page.





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BOOK: A Risk Worth Taking
13.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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