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Chapter Two


Matt watched as Fiona put her team through its drills. It was
Saturday afternoon and he was early to pick her up. He always came early
because he enjoyed watching her work. She was passionate about coaching. Her
players were some of the best fifteen-year-olds in the region.

He sighed. He hadn’t talked to Travis, except by text, for
the last three days, and Fiona hadn’t asked anything about what he knew she had

He grimaced. When had life gotten complicated? When Travis
had been transferred to Alberta, Matt had figured it was for the best. Travis
had been his best friend for more than twenty years, since grade school. He wasn’t
sure when he had fallen in love with him, but his leaving made Matt realize it.
Matt’s heart had been broken.

So he had done what everyone getting over a breakup does. He
had eaten too much ice cream and then thrown himself into his work. His friends
still tried setting him up. They didn’t realize he had just been through the
worst breakup in a decade of dating. He hadn’t been interested in anyone until
he stumbled over her. He didn’t know what he’d have done if one or both of them
had said no.

“Hey,” she said, bouncing over to him. “You were like
totally zoned out.”

He covered quickly. “I was trying to think what we should do

“Stay in and fuck like bunnies.”

“You have such a dirty mouth.” He teased her. “I might need
to see what I can do about that later.”

“Promises, promises.” She grinned at him and he kissed her.

Some of the girls on the court made “oooh-whoo” sounds, and
she pulled away.

“I’m just going to make them run laps, and we can be out of
here in about thirty minutes,” she promised, turning back to the girls.

The girls groaned when she ordered them to fifteen minutes
of laps. She turned back to him with a happy shrug that said,
It’s nice to
be in charge.

The suggestion of fucking like bunnies replayed in Matt’s
head late into the evening, even though they had been cajoled into going out
for dinner with some friends and then out to see her old roommate Ryhann and
her band play at the Fox and Hound Pub.

Matt kept the thought top of mind, and made sure Fiona
couldn’t forget it either. She wore a short summer dress and he kept his hand
running along her thigh throughout dinner. She finally threatened him with a
lonely night with only his hand for company if he didn’t stop. He laughed, but dialed
it back a bit. Now in the darkened pub, he dialed it back up.

When she returned from the bathroom he had moved their
things so they sat on the far side of the table along the long bench seat. He
straddled it with his back to the wall so he could watch the band, and motioned
for her to sit in front of him. She crossed one leg beneath her and leaned back
against his chest.

The rhythm of the music made the floor pound. The place was
crowded, the band and food were amazing and by this time in the evening, most
patrons had a good buzz going. He tossed his jacket over her lap. She looked up
at him questioningly, because the bar was too loud for private conversation. He
winked at her and brought a finger to his lips as if to say, “Ssh, it’s a
secret.” She narrowed her eyes but leaned back against him.

He had no doubt she knew exactly what he was planning as he
slid his left hand around her waist. She melted into him as he inched up her
skirt, the jacket hiding what he was doing.

He hated that he couldn’t see her face, couldn’t see her try
to hide her excitement when he trailed his fingers over her thin cotton thong.
Instead, his eyes darted around the room to make sure no one was paying them
any attention, protecting her as he played with her.

He brought the pint of beer up to his lips and took a deep
swallow, before touching his cool lips to her neck, reminding her that to
everyone else they were just another couple, enjoying the band.

But with his left hand, he continued to play. Stroking up
and down the thin slip of cotton. He could feel it grow wet beneath his
ministrations. She shifted restlessly against him, arching slightly to give him
better access.

He grinned against the top of her head. He grabbed her right
hand in his and held it in place against the scarred wood table.

He slid the fingers of his left hand past the elastic of her
panties, sliding deftly between her slick folds. She was so wet. Her hand
tensed under his and he realized how excited she was by this very public play.
He caught her clit between his index and middle fingers and began a deep, slow
massage. Just enough pressure to keep her on verge of orgasm.

As she grew accustomed to his touch, she relaxed against
him. It no doubt felt good, if the scent of arousal hitting his nose was
anything to judge from, but she wasn’t at risk of coming right there and then.

He relaxed too. He liked to know he could keep her on brink,
and that she would have no doubt how much he wanted her. His cock was pressing
uncomfortably against his fly but he too could manage. He liked riding that edge.

Soon the band was getting close to the end of their set and
he was determined that they would take that moment to escape, but first he
wanted to feel her come. He quickened the pace of his fingers, twisting to
pinch her clit as he pressed down. She fisted his jacket in her hand.

As the band came to the bridge of the last song in the set,
Matt continued to circle her hard nub. He felt the muscles of her thighs
twitch, and felt the gush of heat as the orgasm rolled through her. She turned
to him, her eyes glittering but unclear. Her lips were dark red from where she
had bitten them to keep from crying out. He needed to fuck her.

Barely taking the time to make their goodbyes, he cursed how
long it took to get them home. Throwing a twenty-dollar bill to the cab driver,
he pushed her ahead of him into the building. In the elevator, he had her up
against the back wall, his hands roaming under the short skirt, palming her
ass, as he pressed his hips hard against her. Massaging his aching cock against
her pubic bone. “I need you so fucking bad,” he whispered as he pulled her
lower lip between his.

“I need your cock in me,” she confessed. “You only make me
want you more when you play with me like that.”

With a growl, they finally got into their condo. He kicked
the door shut with his foot, as he fumbled with his belt and zipper, then he was
pressing Fi back against the door of the closet, lifting her as she wrapped her
thighs around his waist. His hands beneath her ass, he pulled the thong out of
the way. “This isn’t going to be gentle.”

“Just fuck me,” she begged as she tried to shift her hips
down to take him. He held her above his erection, the head rubbing against her
smooth, wet slit.

She gasped, and he groaned as he impaled her on his cock.
She was always so tight but her arousal allowed for swift, violent penetration.
He pressed her hard against the door, forcing his cock deeper inside her. She was
holding onto him, her fingers digging into his shoulders. His girl always took
everything he could give her.

“Please,” she panted, as he ground against her, his pelvis
grinding against her clit as he thrust.

“I want to feel you come, baby,” he told her as he lifted
her and slammed into her again. Her muscles clamped down on him like a vise as
the orgasm ripped a cry from her throat. Heat and pleasure suffused his veins.
This was where he needed to be. Inside her. His arms tightened around her as his
cock swelled. He couldn’t stop the orgasm as it raced up his cock. He continued
to pound into her as her pussy milked him.

Once he could think again, he pressed a kiss to her ear, and
sighed. His cock was getting soft, and he could feel their juices sliding
between them. It was a sweet, sweaty mess, and he loved it. Loved how wild she
got, how wet. He unclasped his hands from her ass and carefully let her legs

They were both wobbly. And they held each other for another
minute, before the sound of clapping pulled them from their lusty haze.


“That’ll teach me for falling asleep on the couch,” Travis
groaned as he tossed his blanket aside. He’d woken up when the door banged
shut, and was going to say something until he’d been caught up in the sight of
them together. The hunger palpable between them.

“For fuck’s sake, Trav,” Matt complained, as he shielded Fi,
and zipped up his trousers. “What the hell are you doing here?”

“You said you wanted to talk,” Trav reminded him as he
turned on the light next to the sofa.

“And you said you were working.” Matt responded. Fiona
wrapped her hands around Matt’s waist.

“I got off early,” Trav said with a slight twist to his
smile. “It’s okay, Fi, I didn’t see much, and what I did see you have nothing
to be embarrassed about.”

Fiona’s fierce gaze met Travis’. “I’m not embarrassed,” she
told him. “I like getting fucked.” She lifted a finely arched brow in

Travis would give her that, she was a haughty little thing.
She stood there with her spine straight, her shoulders squared, and her chin up
just a bit. As if tempting him to shame her. Something he would never do.

“And I liked hearing you both together, since I could hear
more than I could see.”

“Travis,” Matt warned.

“What?” Travis asked. “She should know that, shouldn’t she?
After all, she knows I want her, and that you want me to be with her.”

Matt shook his head, clearly exasperated, and stalked off
toward the kitchen. Fiona went to follow, but Travis caught her arm, stopping

“You know what he wants, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she said, not looking at him. “At least in part. I think
there is more that neither of you are telling me.”

Travis smiled at that. He crowded her, because she was so
much smaller, and because he could. “Do you know he and I used to share women?”

“He’s mentioned it.”

“Mentioned it? Maybe when he’s in bed with you?” Travis bent
his head to hers. “Did he feed you fantasies about what it would be like to be
with us, to be with me?”

Even in the dim light, he could see her flush, and see the
rapid pulse in her neck. “Or maybe you already had that fantasy. Two men,
sharing you, giving you pleasure. Or did you dream of servicing two men, is
that it?”

He stepped back and she lifted her gaze to his. He read
something there, in the tight clench of her jaw, the flare of her nostrils.
Another reason Matt had chosen her. She had naughty fantasies of her own.

He scrubbed a hand over his face. “Go get cleaned up, Fi.”
He sighed. “I’m not going to ask you to get down on your knees and suck me right

“Bastard,” she ground out as she pushed past him. She was
probably right.

Travis could hear Matt in the kitchen and followed the noise
of beer bottles being opened. When he rounded the corner, he saw Matt had opened
one for himself and left one for Travis on the counter. Thoughtful.

“It’s not like I snuck in to your room to watch you fuck
her.” Travis shrugged before snatching the bottle off the island. “If you had
bothered to look at your texts tonight you’d have known I was here.”

Matt said nothing.

“What?” Travis asked angrily and took a long swig of the
beer. He swallowed hard.

“So you thought it was okay to just come out with it like

“You weren’t planning to tell her I wanted to screw her? How
was that going to work? Was I supposed to slip into bed next to the two of you
and take her by surprise?”

“That definitely wouldn’t have worked,” Fiona told them.

Craptastic! Travis sighed. He didn’t think
honey, I can
was going to get Matt or him out of this situation.

“And I should go,” Travis said.

“No,” she told him and turned to stop him from leaving. “You
shouldn’t. You are as much a part of this as we are and probably for longer
than I have been.”

He said nothing, just stared at her.

“Stay. Please.” She looked at them both and gestured to the
dining room table. “Sit.”


When it came to awkward conversations, this was right up
there. Both men sat down on opposite sides of the table, but she didn’t miss
how Travis’ hand had brushed over Matt’s shoulder reassuringly as he went
around to the far side.

They were looking at her expectantly. This had played out in
her head so many times over the last week as she put the pieces together, but
now her mind was blank. She had no idea how to start this.

“So what,” she started, surprised to feel a little angry
with Travis, for Matt’s sake. “You get transferred out west but left Matt here,
why? ‘Cause it would have looked a little gay to have your straight roommate
move across the country for you?”

Way to go for the jugular,
she thought. The guys looked
a little shocked that she started with that.

“Whoa,” Matt said, holding up a hand.

“No,” Travis interrupted. “She’s right. You would have come
out there if I’d asked. You would have dropped everything here. Even your
clinic, which you were only just starting. It would have been perfect timing
for you to leave. If I’d asked.”

“But you didn’t,” Fiona said quietly. “You didn’t ask.”

Travis looked at her. “No. I didn’t. That doesn’t mean I was
right. It just means I was stupid.”

“You know, when I first started dating Matt, all of your
friends couldn’t help but tell me how happy they were that he was dating again
and how sad and holed up in his practice he’d been since you left. It was good
to see him get out of his own head for a while.”

Matt reached out and pulled her hand to his lips. “I’m so

“Why? Because they told me how hard the breakup was on you.
Or because you pretended it didn’t happen.”

“It wasn’t like that,” Matt insisted.

BOOK: A Risk Worth Taking
9.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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