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I already know that, damn you.
But I couldn’t stay that to him. I admit it out loud.

I did remain on that bed, applying a level of strength I wasn’t aware that I had until then. The vibrations literally throbbing off him were leaking into me, calling forth the same desperation that was riding him.


took off his shirt, his eyes locked on my quaking form. The smirk that curled his lips was cocky, amazed. “All of that for me.” Eyebrow raised, he stood off the bed in one swift move.

I was frozen. Pretty much gawking as his dick came into view. It took an inordinate amount of self-control not to pounce on him as I usually do.  He climbed back on the bed, every ridge on him rippling with power.

I managed to keep my hands on the bed; I didn’t manage to stop my hips from undulating toward him once more.

Dorian slipped my dress and bra off, leaving me only in my stockings and thong. “That’s…that’s just…
.” He pounced on me, his teeth nipping one of my nipples.

I cried out from the painful but delicious prick, going mindless
with desire. I could feel every hot inch of his skin as he licked his way down my body. No longer above begging, that’s exactly what I did.

I can’t handle this kind of teasing tonight. I need you.” It was true. My emotions were too raw, most of the drunkenness had receded, and after all the fucked up shit that had happened tonight, I needed that connection with him badly.

“I don’t think of other women. I can’t. You’ve fucking possessed me.” He growled against my mound, licking his way down to my clit. He gave it one flick, which had me almost jumping off the bed.

Dorian pulled back, uncaring of my pleading moan. He took off my thong in one move. Holding my thighs open, he dragged my pussy straight to his mouth. He licked me in circles around my clit with the tip of his tongue. I was wild for him, my thighs quivering madly in his hold.

He licked at me like he always did, hungrily and wickedly. Soft laps had me keening. He teased me again, barely touching, and I sank my nails into my elbows, fighting to stay sane. I loved when he teased me as much as a masochist loves pain. My body rejected the torment, demanding an orgasm
my muscles tensing with the need to come.

Even so, I adored that feeling of hovering at the razor’s edge, the slow deterioration of my rational thought as he nicked my nerves, leaving them exposed and at his whim. Nothing outside the moist laps of his tongue mattered. He was
making out
with my pussy, there was no other way to describe it.

Hard licks.

Soft sucks.

His groan vibrated into my clit.

.” I felt the bite of my nails sinking into skin. My hips were frantic, moving as much as his hold would allow. He brought me to the point right before an orgasm then left me there, moving away from my clit. I whimpered when he thrust his tongue into me, the frustration eating at me.

My inner walls collapsed around his tongue, trying to suck it deeper. I was throbbing so hard I felt it in my midsection. Dorian tilted his head, teasing my inner walls. I went to close my eyes, the sight of him practically feasting on me too much.

He pulled back completely. “Look at me while I eat your cunt, Demitra. You will see who is doing this to you.”

As if I could forget. Opening my eyes, I lifted my head and found his stare. I was trembling so much my muscles were starting to lock up. “Dorian, I’m yours. Okay? Only yours. Now fuck me before I decide to hurt you for teasing me like this.”

He burst out laughing, the smile he gave me robbing my breath.

Dorian looked so…happy.

He was so beautiful, so freaking male. He was between my thighs and my juices were glistening on his lips.

I let go of my elbows and rose up on them.
Tell him. Woman-up and get it out.
I took a shaky breath. “I don’t want anyone but you. I couldn’t even if I tried, and I can’t even bring myself to try. Do you understand?”

That was a funny question considering I didn’t even fully understand what that meant. It was the honest to God truth, nothing less. There was definitely more to it than that, but I pushed those thoughts back

Becoming more vulnerable than I already was in front of him wasn’t
happening if I could help it. I couldn’t handle it, especially since he hadn’t said anything in response, yet.

He was studying me in that unnerving way of his. I came close to fidgeting, twitchy from the nerves and arousal. He kneeled closer to me, his body hypnotizing me as it rippled. Without even realizing it, I lay back on the pillows, letting him dominate me. He cupped my jaw, caressed my cheeks, and then played with my lips until they fell open.

“Beautiful girl.” He slipped his thumb into my mouth, watching me suck it in deep. His eyelids fluttered. I kept my eyes on his while I swirled my tongue around his thumb. He moaned under his breath, his eyelids fluttering again.

I saw what he wanted, saw his
need literally flow through every muscle, making him tense and growl. “I want it.” I punctuated my comment with a wet suck, purposely hallowing out my cheeks. “I want to suck your cock.”

He slipped his thumb out of my mouth and fisted my hair. His nostrils flared slightly even though the rest of his face was stoic. “Say it, again.
me for it.”

I watched him through hooded eyes, a moan breaking free. “Dorian, please, I need to suck your dick.”

“Fuck.” He moved back, kneeling on his knees. “Come here.”             

I turned so that I was also on my knees. His expression remained unreadable, but his eyes gave him away. He watched me crawl the short distance to him, his cock throbbing toward me, the tip swollen and glistening. I felt giddy every time I looked at him like that, my mouth watering for him.

              He grabbed the back of my head, guiding me the rest of the way. I rubbed my cheek along his dick. It pulsed, a drop of precum leaking onto my skin. I hummed, turning my head and giving the tip a flick with my tongue. He bit out and oath, his hips thrusting toward my face.

“It’s ridiculous how fast you make me want to come.” His voice had lowered to that throaty rasp that made me want to shiver. He had the epitome of what they call a “sex voice.” I loved nothing more than to hear it while I drove him insane.


The thought nearly had me giggling. Dorian’s brows drew together with suspicion at the smirk on my face. Knowing it would distract him, I swirled my tongue around the head then dipped into the slit.

His hand clamped down on the back of my head. “Oh, fuck. Suck it.” He grabbed his length with his other hand and fed it into my mouth, not even giving me a second to brace myself.

I felt every throbbing inch slip between my lips, the veins on his dick pulsing against my tongue.

“That’s it, baby. Deeper.” He flexed his hips, working more of his dick in. “You look so fucking sexy with my cock in your mouth.”

I looked up and held his stare. Dorian swallowed forcefully, his jaw jumping. I could see the strain in him, the deep urge to fuck that he was holding back. He reached for my ass and palmed it.

“No one’s ever made me feel the way you do.” His cock gave two hard throbs, more precum spurting onto my tongue. He gave me a rueful smile that made me clench tight. “You give the best head.
, baby.” Head falling back, he started a shallow rhythm that had his abs and pecs tensing. “No one’s ever sucked my dick like you do, girl. You make me feel so damn good.”

Now that’s what a girl loves to hear. I tilted my head, hallowing my cheeks around his beautiful cock. The sight of him rotating his hips while he fucked my mouth had me throbbing helplessly. The emptiness I felt was overwhelming me.

I cupped his tight balls in my hand, moaning at the feel of them, so heavy and full. Dorian cried out and jerked. I kept going, loving the taste of him, and inhaling his sex-laden scent.

Pulling back, I nuzzled his groin, dick, and balls. I purred as I licked every vein on his shaft. “I love your cock, Dorian.” He grabbed my face with both hands, demanding entrance back into my mouth.

“Me,” he rasped when I let the tip caress my lips before opening them. “Only me, Demi. The thought of another man’s cock in your mouth is enough to make me kill.” He pushed in deep, hitting the back of my throat. “You have no idea…
. None. There’s nothing I wouldn’t destroy, no one’s life I wouldn’t wreck. I won’t let anyone have you.”

His words were frightening…exhilarating. I should have been shocked at the honesty in his tone, but it made me damn near frenzied. I wanted to swallow every bit of his cum; I wanted it overflowing out of my pussy, coating me. I wanted to wear him on the outside the same way I wore him on the inside, regardless of what may come tomorrow. There was no room for fear, only possession. In that moment, he was as much mine as I was his, and I reveled in it.

“God damn, what the fuck are you trying to do to me?”

His pained groan matched the agony on his face. I stopped with the head of his cock nestled at the back of my throat, breathing deeply and letting it throb there. Dorian shook his neck from side-to-side, a loud
echoing into the room.

Emotions warred on his face, contradicting urges battling through his limbs. Lust finally won out. I moved to suck him, stopping when his dick was halfway out and licking in circles. I had every intention of continuing until he arched into me and spilled his cum.

Dorian pulled out.


He manhandled me, his hands rough. He flipped me onto my knees, dragging me down to the edge of the bed until my pussy was aligned with his groin. I felt the still moist, hot head bump against my lower lips, sliding.

Gasping his name, I pressed back with my hips, searching for his dick. A sharp slap to my ass made me freeze…then had me rotating my hips back for more.

“Be still.”

Another slap, this one harder, drove his point home. I was so wet it amazed me. I could feel my throbbing flesh gush and felt the wetness sticking to my skin. Dorian leaned down and licked up my inner thigh. He stopped right before my cunt, which only served to make my situation worse.

              “I’ve begged and I’ve demanded. What the hell do you want from me?” I asked in a hoarse voice, trying to turn my head enough to see him.

Dorian chuckled and nipped my ass with a soft bite. “I want you so desperate for me you can’t think.”

“There. I’m so there, Dorian.” To prove it, I rotated my hips again. Dorian nuzzled me, his nose bumping against my clit. “Oh, God. Yes, Dorian.

He moved back and thrust into me in one move, his cock pushing all the way inside me. Pleasure rammed into me with the force of a train hitting a brick wall. The intensity sparked at the bottom of my spine then shot outward, most of it slamming into the back of my head. My upper body fell to the bed, air rushing out of my lungs as I cried out.

“Fuck.” Dorian grabbed onto my hips, his hold biting into the skin. He held me to him, my ass cheeks pressed to his groin, keeping me still as his dick throbbed inside me.

He was so deep that it kind of hurt; I was so wet I felt it leaking down his dick.

A guttural, steady growl vibrated through his chest. It was obvious he was forcing himself to say still.

I was desperate for him to move.  I knew it was going to hurt and I couldn’t last another second without it. It was obvious that he was about to lose it and  pound into me with all the fury of his possession.

Refusing to turn my head, I took in as much of him as I could, growing wetter at the sight of him behind me.

I heard Dorian sniff the air right before his cock throbbed so hard that I felt it like a thrust.

“Dorian,” I moaned in frustration.

He clamped one hand around on my ass, totally engulfing one cheek. “Not yet.” He groaned and arched into me. “Let me feel this. You’re throbbing so hard. The way you’re milking it…dying for my cum, aren’t you?”

A pathetic little moan was my only response. I could smell myself mixing with him all around the room, the combined scent making me even more aroused.



He bounced against my walls, stretching me.

“Oh my God. Dorian, I can’t…”

“Breath, Demi. Hold it. You’re not coming until I say so.”

BOOK: Allure Magnified
13.97Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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