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I struggled to breathe, my heart hammering inside my chest. He collapsed on me, his heart beating just as hard. Black spots danced before me as I strained to steady my vision. It was futile; all the energy in my body had erupted out of me along with that last orgasm. I felt Dorian shift against me and then I didn’t feel anything other than exhaustion for a few seconds.



he semi-darkness and numbness receded when I felt Dorian pull away from me. Practically boneless, I could do nothing but whimper as he latched onto my calves and spread my legs once more. Remembering his promise made me try and close them, but he held them open and leaned down.

My brain rejected the possibility of another orgasm right then. I felt him spread my lower lips, his fingers teasing me.

“Dripping my cum. Perfect.”

My back bowed. Dorian covered my pussy with his lips, sucking softly on my clit. My legs all but convulsed around him. He slipped his hands under my knees, holding my legs up and apart. He sucked each of my lips in turn, his hum tickling the too sensitive nerves of my clit.

“Oh, Dorian.”

“So good. I missed this pussy so much, baby.”

“Wait. Dorian.
God, it’s too much!” Even as I begged for mercy, my hips were raising, thrashing against his face, asking for more. He groaned between licks, his tongue tracing my quivering slit.

“Shit, baby. I really can’t.” I pulled on his hair, trying to tug him away. The next second, I was pushing his face closer, desperate, so ready to come…God, so fucking close…This orgasm was going to hurt. I could feel it, and it made me want it that much more.

Dorian slid one finger into me, then two. He scissored them, spreading me, pressing against my G-spot… “
Yes. Yes, fuck yes!

“Squirt for me, baby. All over my tongue.” His tongue snaked around my clit, flicking it over and over, his fingers relentless inside me. His hungry mouth felt so good.
the way he sucked on me…

Fucking comi—
” I froze. Pleasure burned through me, leaving me a jerking mess against his fingers.

“Love feeling you come. God…come here, baby.”

I was still convulsing when he rose above me and fitted his cock inside me. The merciless brute used all his strength to pound into me, until I could do nothing but hold onto him as he roughly took me.

I was past the point of sounds and on the verge of losing my ability to breathe. There was no way I could come again, my body just wasn’t able to. That didn’t diminish the pleasure in the least. Each stab of his cock rocked us both.

Dorian heaved over me, grunting, groaning—a brutal, beautiful, male beast that was all

“Give me your cum,” I managed to gasp, bringing him closer.


I held onto him with all I had, watching his gorgeous face fall apart and feeling him erupt inside me. His satisfaction thrummed through me, leaking into me. His dick throbbed so hard, I felt a mini-orgasm pulse inside of me.

Dorian fell onto me, his eyes hooded. He held onto my stare, panting as he leaned into me and kissed me softly. The way his lips brushed across mine made my chest tighten. He lifted me off the table and right into his embrace. One of his big hands cradled the back of my head. He nuzzled my neck, inhaling me.

My heart thudded inside me. Emotions were spiraling out of control, choking the ever living fuck out of me. Still swallowing, I managed to whisper, “I missed you so much.”

Dorian hummed, hugging me tighter. “Same here.  I can’t believe that I just attacked you on the boardroom table.”

“Actually, I think I’m the one that attacked you first.”

He chuckled, stepping back.

“There wouldn’t happen to be any cameras in here…are they?”

Dorian gave me a disbelieving look. “Baby, as much as I needed you right then, do you really think I would’ve fucked you if there was a chance of us being watched? As if I’m going to let anyone else see you like that.”

I nodded, unable to look away as he grabbed his dick and slid it back into his pants. “I really want to suck it.” I slapped my hand over my mouth, unable to believe that I’d just blurted that out. What the fuck was wrong with me? I was near-comatose from the sex we’d had, yet my mouth was still hungry for more?

Dorian froze in the middle of slipping on his button-down. He was facing away from me, but I could still see that his jaw was ticking. Then, with a shake of his head, he buttoned up his shirt and rushed toward where his phone had landed. Once it was in his hand, he stalked back to me. That harsh, horny look was back on his face.

He fisted my hair and gave me a soft, possessive kiss. “Put these on.  I need to get you home
.” He helped me step into my panties and reached for my tank top while I shakily adjusted my bra. He gave me one more kiss then took a step back. “I hate this shit.  I am sick of having to hide and keep my hands off you.”

I gave him a reassuring smile and tried to keep my liquefied legs from collapsing on me as we walked out of the boardroom. Running my fingers through my hair was futile, I knew this, but I couldn’t stop myself from trying to fix the mess that it was.
              “Dorian,” I said. “There are definitely cameras out here and we just walked out of there together, alone, and…” I took a deep breath, knowing that this was most likely not the best time to bring this up. “I think Jocelyn suspects something.”

Because I’m a possessive brat when it comes to you and I
her to.


Dorian looked down at me. “Baby, I frankly don’t care anymore. We just need to be the ones to tell your dad, and we have to convince him to be alright with it. Other than that, I don’t give a damn what anyone has to say about us. I want to be with you, and that’s that.”

He held my hand the whole way back, only letting go when we turned the corner leading back toward his office. I walked a few steps behind him, my heart in my throat. I could feel the stupid, besotted look on my face, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the back of his head. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Jocelyn staring at us.

“Ms. Logan, I’m leaving for the day.”

“Yes, Mr. Sorenson.”

I could tell that Jocelyn was throwing me a part curious and wholly malicious look, one that I studiously ignored. If I looked at her, I was going to definitely give something away. I just knew it.

Dorian walked straight toward his desk once we were in his office, and he picked up the two bags I’d left on it. His eyebrows rose when he spied the size of my Victoria’s Secret bag and I felt my face heat up a bit. The smile on his face became mischievous.

I found myself returning it.

He stopped in front of me and handed me both bags. “Is all this for me?”

I scoffed. “What are you talking about? This is for me and

“Yeah, okay. We both know that—” He paused mid-sentence and reached into his pocket for his cell phone. A confused look came over his face right before he tensed. He tried to hide it, I could tell, but there was no way I could miss the change that came over him.

“What is it?”

Dorian responded to the text, his thumbs flying across the screen. “It’s nothing.” He slipped his phone in his pocket.

Confused, I followed him back out of the office. He didn’t say anything else until we were inside the elevator heading down. “You don’t have any plans for the rest of the day, right?” He reached up to play with a strand of my hair. The tension I’d seen in the office was gone, leaving behind that lazy, turned on look that drove me crazy every time I saw it.

“I do, in fact.” I tugged my hair out of his hand. “It’s called dragging you home and possibly violating you thoroughly.”

“Possibly? No. You’re very much obligated to now that you’ve got that image stuck in my head.”

“Am I now?” I responded with a smirk.

The elevator doors opened. A man stepped inside on his cell phone and immediately turned his back on us, continuing his conversation.  I felt Dorian’s fingertips run across my leg, right where my skirt ended. I tried to swat his hand away without being too obvious about it. He chuckled silently, his chest bouncing against my back as he wrapped his fingers around my thigh. He brought me closer, appearing not to care if we were seen.

What had happened? Not that we’d had an easy time keeping our hands off each other before. But now that he was back, it’s like he wasn’t even trying to hide what he felt for me. Most of me loved it. However, there was still that small, rational voice that warned me that my father and Dorian having a blow-out would ruin everything.

I had no doubt that Dorian might choose to let me go if it came down to that. He and my father were business partners, not just friends.

I couldn’t handle the thought of losing Dorian. I knew that he would probably walk away sometime in the future, when he got tired of what we had, but I wasn’t ready for that yet. Okay, I might never really be ready, and I was woman enough to admit that to myself. Still, four months with him wasn’t enough. Nowhere near it.

The man in front of us exited on the fourth floor, leaving Dorian and I alone in the elevator again. I turned to him. “Dorian, we’re going to get caught.”

He scowled at me when I tried to step back. His hand shot out and wrapped around my lower back, pulling me back in and slamming me against his chest. “I’m sick of keeping my hands off you. I told you.”

The intense and slightly savage look in his eyes made me gape at him. My body responded with a wave of heat, all of my blood rushing out of my heart and hot into my veins. “But what if my Dad…”

“We’ll figure shit out. My point is that I’m done with all the hiding.”

I was damned sure he would’ve attacked me right there had the elevator not arrived at the lower parking level. Dorian grasped my hand tightly in his, his eyes darting to me before focusing ahead.

We stopped in front his Viper SRT. He took my Victoria’s Secret bag and opened the trunk to put it in. I focused on the car as he did so, my brain replaying every fantasy I had that involved Dorian and his damned new car. The thing was as sexy as its owner,
all sleekness and red, carbon-fiber allure.

“Baby.” Dorian had closed the trunk and was now standing there, his eyes darting between me and the car. “Why do I have a feeling you have my car and sex on the brain?”

“Because I do.”

Shit.” He shook his head and went around to the driver side. “Get in the car. Now.”

The look on his face had me rushing to obey. I opened the passenger door and all but fell into the red and black interior. The inside of the car was even hotter than the outside, and by the time Dorian was inside, I was sitting there with my legs crossed and clenched.

“Fuck the cameras.” He leaned toward me, grabbing my nape and not giving me a choice. He slanted his mouth against mine and sucked the breath right out of me. I fisted his hair, soaking in the languid strokes of his tongue.

“Dorian.” The gentle wet suction of his
lips robbed me of rational thought. I inhaled, letting him tilt my head and penetrate me. His cologne was leaking into me, the scent amplified by the close quarters. “Dorian…people.”

“I don’t care.” He sat back with a growl, looking like he was about to climb over the side console and mount me.

And fuck me, because I was ready to spread my legs and let him have free reign.

“Oh, God. Dorian. Get us home.
.” It didn’t even occur to me that I’d just referred to his apartment as “home”. All I cared about was him putting the RPG’s the freaking car was gifted with to good use.

Dorian pulled back, his bottom lip trapped by his teeth. He exhaled in strong bursts, his nostrils flaring. He really looked like he was about to dive back in, when I heard his phone vibrating again.

The look on his face when he read the text froze me.

“Dorian…what is it?” I asked, concerned.

His fingers flew across the screen, his forehead tensing with each second that passed. Because he was facing me and holding up his phone, I couldn’t see what he was typing out. Then, his phone vibrated again and it didn’t stop this time. It was clear that this was a call coming through.

“Give me a sec.  I have to take this.” He exited the car with a look that promised murder. He closed the door with more force than necessary and when he accepted the call, I could see his shoulders tense beneath his shirt.

I was extremely curious, but there was no way that I could leave the car or open my window and listen in on his conversation. If he had wanted me to hear what was going on, he would have stayed in the car. This knowledge only made me more curious. I stole glances at him, trying not to be too obvious. Not that he would’ve noticed. He kept his back to the car the entire time, his free hand agitated as it swept through the air.

It hit me right then that he was arguing with someone. I couldn’t hear him, but although he wasn’t yelling, his body language said it all. I swallowed, heart speeding up with dread. Dorian hung up the call and stormed back into the car. Once inside, he flung his cell across the top of the dashboard angrily. I watched it skid in my direction, feeling like I was suffocating with all the tension that I could sense coming off him.
              “Dorian, please talk to me. What’s going on?”

BOOK: Allure Magnified
11.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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