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Allure Magnified

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Allure Magnified



Copyright © 2012 by N. Isabelle Blanco.


Edited By: Tamea Smith


Cover Art By: N. Isabelle Blanco


Photo credit: Deposit Photos/
@andreasgradin (Andreas Gradin)


It’s been four months since Demitra Davis ended up entangled in the most complicated— albeit gratifying—situation she’d ever thought to find herself in. A situation she isn’t keen to get herself out of. Her now ex-boss, Dorian Sorrenson, is too delicious for her to want to pull herself away from. Yes, he’s the son of her father’s dead best friend. Yes, he was her boss for a few months of her life. Yes, he’s also almost eleven years older, but there was no way Demitra could stop herself from being attracted to him. And that was all before that one night in which Dorian carried her away from the arms of another man and branded her as his.


Dorian has just returned from a month long business trip, and thoughts of telling her father are the farthest from Demitra’s mind. No, she’s missed her man and has to get her hands on him. Their passion continues to escalate as well as the feelings they both have for each other. What neither of them planned on was the spite of Dorian’s ex-lover and how far she’d be willing to go to stir up problems for the two of them. Demitra is worried that their burgeoning relationship won’t be able to hold up under the stress. What she doesn’t count on is Dorian’s feelings for her and how far he is willing to go in order to keep her as his.




turned over onto my side, fighting the embarrassing urge that demanded that I hump my hand. Or my bed. Possibly both. Groaning, I kicked off my covers, knowing that the AC was on full blast and there was nothing I could do about the heat. I’d taken a cold shower before going to bed but it hadn’t done anything to help.

Fucking myself silly hadn’t done anything, either, so I knew there was no point of going down that avenue again. My fingers just weren’t enough to do anything.
I should’ve gone with Liv and Ang to that damned sex shop.

Missing Dorian had become a stress test that was out of control. My body had become addicted to the painful, euphoric high of his touch. Without him around, my brain chemistry was loopy, attacking me for not being able to provide it its new favorite drug.

There was nothing I could do about it. Hell, Dorian hadn’t
to leave. Our goodbye before his business trip had been frantic, passionate... overwhelming and desperate. I’ll never forget the look on his face that night, the way he ground his teeth together as if leaving me was the most painful thing that he’d ever done.

The memory of that look sent another lustful pulse of need radiating through my core, one that had me groaning in frustration and rolling my eyes in irritation. I was about to kick the covers completely off and give up on sleep altogether when I heard my phone vibrate on my nightstand. The light it gave off illuminated my dark room.

My heart jumped into my throat, making my mouth fall open on a sharp gasp of surprise. Everything in my body went into overdrive. It was pathetic and awe-inspiring all at once. I knew without looking at the caller ID that it was Dorian calling. I sat up with that thought, reaching over to snatch my phone off the nightstand.

My fingers shook; I was so clumsy that I almost rejected the incoming call. “He—Hello?”

His sharp inhalation brought me close to biting through my lip. “I can’t sleep, Demi.” The rough way he said my name left nothing to the imagination.

I opened my mouth to reply...a plaintive sound is what leaked out instead.

“I miss you. Too much. More than I fucking should,” he admitted.

Funny, I could’ve said the same thing.

“It’s been too damned long. How did I think I could do this?”

Good question. I’d been asking myself the same thing for nearly two weeks.

“Damn it, Demi. Say something. I need to at least hear your voice.” 

“I need you.” I could do nothing other than gasp out that one miserable truth. My breaths were panting and my nipples grazed my tank top with each one.

              “God. I need you, too. So much.  I can’t think straight anymore.”

“Dorian,” I moaned. Jesus, even I could hear the agony sliding across every syllable of his name. I shifted, my thighs pressing together harshly. It did nothing to ease the empty pounding tearing through me.

“I’m so hard for you, it hurts to even breathe, girl. Are you wet for me, baby?”

“You know I fucking am.” Frustration was riding me hard, feeding an anger that showed itself in my tone. My thighs shifted again, pointlessly rubbing together, seeking the friction that I desperately craved. It just didn’t do any good. Only my hand had offered me any type of relief up until  then, and even that was no longer enough to satisfy me.

“Baby.” Dorian’s exhalation had me groaning and biting my cheek. “Demi, touch yourself. I need to hear you.”

I whimpered and turned onto my side. “I can’t.” My face was pressed into my pillow, my hips all but humping the air. The arousal had turned in on me. What I felt was not only painful but borderline unnatural.

How could I want anyone this much?

Dorian still hadn’t replied and if he hadn’t been breathing harshly, I would’ve thought that the call had dropped.

“Get on the computer.”

“What?” I asked

“Get on Skype, Demi.

He’d barely finished his demand and I was already scrambling out of bed. I nearly dropped my phone as I ran the short distance to my desk and ripped my laptop off its surface. Tremors attacked my body at the mere thought of seeing him...

I wouldn’t get to touch  him but just thinking about seeing his dick had my skin burning hot. Oh God, his beautiful cock that I was dying to touch...


“Logging in now,” I said, fingers flying across the keyboard.

“Get naked. I want you spread for me as soon as I see you.”

Skype was still logging on when I quickly jumped off the bed and did as I was told. Never in my life had I ever heeded an order so rapidly and there was no question as to why I was doing so now.

I’d memorized every golden inch of his body, had licked and nibbled on all of his sexy ridges. How I would stop myself from licking the screen once I saw him, I had no idea.

“Naked, yet?”

I flung my thong across the room, my tone raspy as I answered him. “Now I am.”


I crawled onto my bed and leaned against the headboard, the laptop positioned between my thighs. “Sopping,” I replied.

The Skype call came through immediately after. I could hear Dorian’s harsh breaths while I leaned toward the laptop and accepted the call.

“Yeah, baby. Let me see you.”

His voice had my heart thrashing in my chest. I leaned back just as he popped up on the webcam.             

“Holy fuck.”             

Dorian was in the same position that I was, that sinful, bitable body leaned back against the headboard and on display for me. His eyes were turbulent, borderline ferocious as they stared at me. I knew where they were focused without looking; I could feel heat ghosting across my wet lower lips.

My eyes fell, tracing his abs and going lower. My back arched, and I gasped, the sight of his cock nearly flinging me off the bed. His abs rippled as I watched. The muscles in his wrist flexed and released when he squeezed his dick. My phone fell to the bed, forgotten.

His followed suit.

Not that either was needed. Jagged breaths could be heard leaking in through the speakers on both sides.

“God damn baby girl.” Dorian’s teeth bared, his brow tensing hard when he squeezed the tip of his dick. “I could come just looking at you.”

My hands tore into my covers, nails almost turning into claws as need attacked hard and relentless. One more wave and I was going to lose it…come from just seeing him, hearing him, possibly die with want from not having his cock inside me. My aching nipples were thrust into the air, my body begging in the most basic way possible.

“Fuck, Demi. Look at you. You need my cock, baby. Spread your legs more for me. Let me see that juicy little cunt.”

My head fell back, eyes squeezing tightly closed. Even though I was falling face-first into the misery of insanity, my legs complied with his request.

“Touch yourself. Now. Rub your clit like I would if I was there.”

“Dorian,” I all but sobbed. “I can’t. Too close already—”

“That’s exactly what I need. I want you wild for me. God knows I’m crazy for you. Touch yourself, baby. Come with me. I’m fucking close, Demi.” Each word was punctuated with a sexy, breathless growl.

My eyes snapped open and my hand shot between my legs. The sight of Dorian’s fist slamming up and down his dick shattered me. The way his eyes
as they bounced off every inch of me sent another surge of arousal through my veins. My fingers slipped through my folds, across my impossibly swollen clit.

“Jesus. Look how wet you are. Fuck. I need to lick you. Drink it all in.
, feel you come all over my face.”

That did it. My legs strained to sustain themselves in their open position. My thighs shook so hard it was a miracle that I didn’t knock over my laptop. I was incapable of speech at that point. My heart was beating so hard that I was actually afraid of having an orgasm. Not that it stopped me from needing one.

Through heavy lids, I took in the sight Dorian made. He was thrusting up into his tight fist and my pussy clenched with jealousy. He bit his lip, that hungry gaze frozen on where my fingers were. I bit my lip as well, and felt myself slip into that point where only one thing mattered and all forms of civility were gone.

“You have the most beautiful cock, Dorian.”

He jerked, his hips freezing and his massive body shaking. “Fuck, Demi. What—”

“God, I want you in my mouth.” I leaned back against the headboard, my neck straining, eyes frozen on the drop of precum that had leaked out of his tip. “I want to suck you dry. Oh God, baby, I miss having you in my mouth.” I was torturing both of us, yet I couldn’t stop.

Dorian growled dangerously, his entire body twitching. “Baby,” he breathed, looking at me from under his lids.

I leaned back a little more, just enough to show him more of my body. “I miss you Dorian. I miss you coming inside me. All over my tongue.”

“Oh holy shit.” The sounds he was making turned guttural. Dorian lost control, his hips pounding up into his fist. “Gonna make me...
. Baby, please, come with me. Come all over—

I was already there with him, my thoughts breaking into delicious, painful pieces of sensation. Cum arched out of his dick and onto his clenched abs. I sobbed, my orgasm unraveling my common sense. I felt each wave rip through me. Felt my walls spasm,

BOOK: Allure Magnified
11.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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