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Dorian tugged on my dress, pulling me flush against him. He pressed his cock into my ass and gave me one rough grind. Message received. It was an animal that held me immobile. I’d made something snap within him, although I couldn’t point what, yet.

That would all change with one threatening whisper.

“So, you want to feel for another man the way you feel about me?”

It wasn’t a question of me wanting to, so much as me being able to. Which I wasn’t, and I would have liked to inform the brute behind me, but he didn’t give me a chance. He let go of my dress and dove his hand into my hair, pulling tight.

I tensed. He tugged on it like it wasn’t attached to my fucking scalp. His name left me on a growl.

“You actually think I’d let that happen? That I’d let someone else take you?” He had me arched at this point, my ass squished by his hips and cock. I felt every small movement he made, his cock throbbing hard through his jeans.

              “Dorian, that’s not what I—”

He stroked his dick into my ass, tonguing and biting my jaw in a way that said, “
.” I moaned, his breath sliding across my skin and distorting my thoughts.

I needed sex with him. I needed it right then. So fucking badly…

“Who were you with?”

His question smacked me hard, turning my lust on its head and infuriating me anew. “I wasn’t with another fucking guy.” I struggled against him, which only served to make him pull my hair harder.

Dorian used all his weight to pretty much smash me into the wall. I couldn’t even tell if it hurt or not. Adrenaline and alcohol mixed with a whole lot of pissed-off. It all coursed through me and I feared what I would do to him once I turned around.

“I’m not cheating on you, Demi.”

Six words and they had enough power to twist something inside me. I got my hair out of his hand and turned around. I started shoving him back next, common sense saying it’s final bye-bye. “Then why are you acting so secretive? You’re hurting my feelings and acting like an ass over what

Dorian stepped back, his stare locked on me. He opened his mouth to speak, but I was already stumbling backward out of the kitchen.

Somewhere in the back of my drunken mind, it hit me that we were having our first real argument. Even though we weren’t really together.

“How the hell would I know if you’re with someone or not? You won’t tell me anything about what’s going on with you.” I bumped into the side table in the hall, knocking my clutch and phone off it. I didn’t stop to pick up either. I was determined to get away from him although I knew I couldn’t get him out of the apartment. Not in the state I was in.

Turning left, I stepped into the small hallway leading to my bathroom and room. I knew he was going to follow me even before I heard his rapid steps. “Dorian, please.” I held my hand up, tripping slightly and bumping in to the wall behind me. The world spun as I tried to catch my breath.

“You’re not feeling good, baby.” He cupped my neck and brought me chest to chest with him. Too close. Now I was stuck between feeling sick and an arousal so severe I almost jumped him.


“You’re turning pale. Come.”

He moved me off the wall, hugging me to him. On the first step the world spun. I held onto him, realizing that Ang hadn’t been the only one that
had gotten shit-faced. I would have been grateful she wasn’t the one here to witness it, but I’d ended up stuck with Dorian.

As much as I usually want him around, no one wants the hot guy they fuck to see them throwing up. Which is where I was heading, and Dorian knew it. He led me into the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the bathtub. I didn’t even think of fighting him when he pulled me sideways onto his lap, within reach of the toilet.

“I don’t get it,” I bemoaned like the fool I was. “Ang had more than me, got drunker faster. I got her home. Why the hell is it so bad now?” The last word left my mouth just as I felt the first heave about to hit.

Dorian held
up my hair with one hand and rubbed my back with the other. “Is that who you were with?”

He asked the question in such a low tone that my heart tightened. I got out one nod before nearly diving for the toilet, my stomach starting to empty itself. Dorian stayed with me the whole time, helping me. All the anger I felt melted away, leaving me with one ugly truth.

I was so angry at Dorian for being jealous because I’d been jealous at the idea of him and another woman. I did fear him having someone else and that fear made me feel like he didn’t have a right to be possessive.

Even though him being possessive also turned me on beyond rational belief.

              “I’m a fucking mess.”

“No, you’re not. Even throwing up you’re the sexiest thing I’ve seen. Just look at that ass. You’re bent over and that dress is intent on killing me.”

I laughed despite myself, still leaning over the toilet. “Dorian, don’t be ridiculous.”              “I’m being serious. Is it so wrong that I think you’re that hot?”

There went the rest of my anger. Just

Dorian was determined to help me clean up, but I was clear headed enough to refuse his help. Throwing up most of the alcohol had sobered me up. I was determined to wash up and brush my teeth on my own.

As soon as I was done, I took a good look at my reflection. My contacts were starting to burn and my eyes were turning red. Either from that, or the alcohol. Who knows?

I took off my contacts, careful not to smudge my makeup anymore than it already was. Dorian was waiting for me in his room. I could almost sense his impatience from outside. Thinking about the argument we’d just had, I was nervous about what was going to happen once I left the bathroom.

With a shake of my head, I turned away from the sink and opened the door.


e was waiting for me in my room when I finished, sitting against my headboard. He’d taken off his shoes and looked quite comfortable on my bed. I shook my head, but did walk closer when he beckoned.

He sat up and leaned toward me. I gasped, feeling his hand dive under my dress. He cupped me between my legs from behind. He dragged me toward him and I willingly went. Suddenly I was on my knees, leaning over him, spreading wider for his hand.

Dorian’s gaze went heavy again. “Are you feeling okay?” The concern and lust I saw on his face made me bit my lip.

“Yeah. Definitely better.”
On the inebriation issue, at least.

Those were the words he apparently needed from me because he bit his own lip. He moved my thong to the side and traced my slit with his fingers. I moaned at the feeling, at the sight of him hissing air in between his teeth.

“So wet for me. Already.”

“Been for a while,” I admitted, wondering how it managed to surprise him. That’s how he
found my pussy. He got near it, she got wet.  That was common knowledge.

“Even while sick.” He raised an eyebrow and gave me a rueful smirk.

We really needed to talk. We needed to air out what was going on before we went any further. I knew all this, but his lips looked too good.

He grazed my clit with his knuckle.

.” Another moan left me. I leaned in to take his lips in a kiss. As soon as I was close enough, he beat me to it, his tongue sliding into my mouth. I cupped his jaw, my tongue just as eager as his. My hips were writhing toward his hand. He purposely kept his touch light, even as we mouth-raped the breath out of each other.

“You’ve been bad tonight, Demi. Making me worry, getting drunk

He gave me a playful look and cupped my ass with his free hand, squeezing viciously. He brought me closer. I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth, thrusting and trying to get one of his fingers inside me. His hand was possessive, cupping me and teasing my pussy at his leisure.

“You really think another man will ever own your body as I do?”

The underlying threat beneath those softly spoken words made me gush. Dorian smiled at me and squeezed my ass again.

“I own this pussy, baby. Everything. I own

“I only said that to you get you mad, Dorian.”
Kind of.
My thighs quivered and my voice broke when he slid one finger inside me. He didn’t slide it in all the way. No, he stopped midway, right up to his knuckle, and barely thrust it in and out.

“It worked. All I can see now is another man trying to have you this way. You have no idea what I’d do, Demi.

I inhaled roughly. “Baby, no.”
He plunged his finger into me, his knuckles hitting my clit from the force.

He kissed the corner of my lips, flicking his tongue there. I opened my mouth, turning my head to lick at his tongue. He pulled back before I could do so, shaking his head. “My way, Demi. Mine.”

The realization of what this was –
a claiming
– had me spreading my legs wider, tugging on my hair, riding his hand as my orgasm built.

He let me, his eyes devouring me. “Fuck. The way you move.” He palmed my ass, then let go to cup my chin. “This is mine, Demi. It has to be only mine.”

I closed my eyes, my heartbeat booming in my ears. “Dorian…you’re the only one I’m with.”
The only one I
, damn it.
He curled his finger and pressed it into my G-spot, making my lids fly open. I inhaled sharply, not at all surprised that my thighs were shaking. “There. Right there.

He flipped me over, towering above me. I cried out shamelessly when he took his hand away from my pussy. His fingers curled into the fabric of my top. My dress and my demi-cup were pulled down so he could circle both nipples with his wet fingers.

My clit throbbed for attention. Dorian leaned down and sucked each nipple roughly into his mouth. He left them aching afterward, swollen and distended toward him. He watched me, lips pursing as he blew across one nipple.

I tensed violently, hips churning, my teeth sinking into my lip…

“I love every inch of your body,”

I’d heard that compliment from him before, but it still made me smile. I reached for him, smoothing my hands over his shoulders. “I feel the same way about yours.”

He lowered my hands onto the bed, leaving them lying above my head and making it clear that he wanted them to stay there. I itched to grab him, any part of him. The look in his eyes stopped me. It was as if he was searching for something in my stare.

“There’s only you, Dorian,” I whispered, arching my breasts up to him.

I somehow sensed how unsure he was and I wondered why. I’d hinted at
to want another guy, but he’d clearly been worried about this before that. As annoyed as his suspicion of me made me, the alcohol-rage was gone and I felt myself softening toward him big time. I could relate to his possessiveness. It’s the same way I felt about him.

The mere thought of another woman touching him sent dark fury through me. The type that was unhinged.

Those dark blue eyes of his grew darker, his pupil further expanding. “You’re mine.”

I ran wetter between my legs. “Yes.” My thighs fell fully open.

Dorian bit his lip. He nodded, his gaze traveling down my body. He cupped one thigh, playing with the lace of my stocking. “I fucking love when you wear these.”

“I put them on for you.”
I was so tempted to thrust up to him and take the pleasure I needed. But this had to be his way. For now, at least.

“Is that so?” He pushed my skirt up to my waist, bearing me.  “And this?” he asked, grazing my thong.

I grit my teeth and reminded myself to keep my hands where they were. “All of it. I was planning on waiting for you in nothing but that.”

His eyes met mine, almost black beneath his thick lashes. He didn’t let go of my stare as he leaned back on his knees and began undoing his shirt.

I moved to pounce.

He stopped and shook his head, his expression hard. “You’re going to give me this. You’re going to let me do whatever I want to you. You’re mine, Demitra. You need to be reminded of that.”

BOOK: Allure Magnified
3.32Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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