Armageddon Rise Of The New World Order

BOOK: Armageddon Rise Of The New World Order
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All characters in this book are fictitious any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental.


First Printing 2015


ISBN-13 978-1518657221

ISBN-10 1518657222


Written by Anthony J Santora

Published by Anthony J Santora

Edited by Anthony J Santora and Shannon Santora

Cover concept by Anthony J Santora

Cover art by Shannon Santora


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I would like to thank.


My father for teaching me about honor

My mother for teaching me about courage

I miss you both every day.


My stepfather for being the best grandfather I could have ever hoped for my son to have, thank you.


My mother and father in law, you have always been there with unwavering support making the tough times much less tough, thank you so much.


My friends and family for your constant encouragement and love, your unending belief in me helped push me when I wasn’t sure if I believed in myself.


My beautiful wife for her love and patience, without you this book may have never happened. Every day I am blessed to have you as my wife. You will forever be Eternally Cupcake











And to you, I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed bringing it to you.





Thank You.                                   







This is a work of fiction
while there is evidence to support the existence of the societies mentioned in this book their inner workings, members, and political influence is speculation based off of my own research. As for the ultimate goals of these organizations I can draw only one conclusion that the vast majority of members have no knowledge of the real truth that only the highest of their order are privy to. All characters in this book are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead is purely coincidental.








                    Think For Yourself







Rise Of The

         New World Order




                        By Anthony J Santora






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        Armageddon Rise Of The New World Order






Journal #1

The year is 2038 and many things are different than a few decades ago, some laws have changed or been abolished while others have taken their place. Electric and hybrid vehicles make up a much larger percent of the modern worlds automobiles. Race riots, mass shootings and the growth of anti government groups have brought new gun laws. Technology is advancing rapidly; DNA sequencing lets some parents choose the looks and characteristics of their children while weeding out more traditionally undesirable traits. Our military is using mechanized suits to enhance our soldier’s strength and stamina. Stem cell research has given us the ability to regenerate organs. The world is changing rapidly and most think for the better but many things are not better. Shifting climates all over the globe hint of global change, the rich still run a world that is quickly becoming overpopulated and war still reigns in many parts of the globe. All in all things are about the same. All generations think that theirs is the most important, that their days are the end of days. Man has contemplated the end since the beginning and no matter what generation it has been all have been wrong because we, humanity are still here. All we can do is live our lives the best we can and hope that when our time is at an end that we can look back and see substance in our existence.

I like all others thought of the beginning and wondered about the end. I like those before me lived my life and thought that my generation was the one that something great and horrible was going to happen, I like those before me thought that something would occur in my lifetime that would change the world forever. But unlike those before me I was right. I am Nathan Turner and this is my story, the story of the end of days.
















Part 1

Chapter 1: “The wool over my eyes”

Friday, November 18

Agent Nathan Turner was at home in front of his computer enveloped in his current case. Almost nothing could pull Nathan away from his work of chasing monsters…. almost nothing.  “Nathan, NATHAN!”

Nathan focused on his work barely acknowledged his longtime girlfriend.

“Yes sweetie.”

Kayla absolutely respected Nathans drive but she needed her time as well “Don’t pull that sweetie stuff on me.”

Nathan continued looking thru files. “Sorry Baby, I’m working.”

Kayla pouted a bit. “You’re always working”

“Babe, I gotta find this guy, he really hurt these girls. This is the third girl in as many months, and I know it’s the same guy.”

She slipped off her robe revealing her Victoria’s secret lingerie, a two piece. White thong and bra, both laced with synthetic feathers, both see-through just like Nathan liked. She inched from the doorway silently moving her caramel colored legs towards the back of Nathan’s chair. She then wrapped her arms around his muscular shoulders and leaned over his side as he turned to regard her.

“Baby I reall…..”

Nathan stopped as he turned, quite accidentally, to stare at Kayla’s chest and then to slowly focus up to her eyes. Those beautiful brown eyes accented by high cheekbones and long wavy brown hair highlighted with dark blonde streaks from the sun…Nathan knew he shouldn’t have turned around. “Baby I, uh…I really need to….” She interrupted him.

“It’s Friday night, my night, and you’ve been nonstop on this case. You’ll catch this one just like all the others, but tonight I want my Papi”

She knew she had him and so did he. Raised in D.C. Kayla spoke perfect English with just a hint of the Latino accent she picked up from her parents. Kayla knew all it took was for her to thicken that accent just a little and Nathan was putty in her hands. Nathan turned in his chair enough to take in the whole picture. As the light from the computer reflected off Kayla’s skin Nathan moved his eyes moved from toe to head, lingering in some places. Once he met her eyes he nodded.

“Yes sweetie.”



                                 * * *                                                                                


Saturday November 19

Kayla turned over to put her arm around Nathan but he was gone. On the nightstand was a note.


              Got an idea, went for a run, shouldn’t be long.




Kayla groaned. “Ummm, Papi.”                                                                                                                                                                                                              


                         *  * *



All investigators have their way of clearing their mind of everything but the case. Focus and inward thinking were two powerful tools to an investigator. Whenever Nathan wanted to achieve this state of inner peace he ran, not because he liked running but because he hated it. Nathan was never a natural runner, throughout his life whenever he was called to run he would shift his focus to keep from thinking of the pain that came with running. As he did now.


I hate running…..Hot for November…..Ankles hurt…..No DNA match…..Need water…..Up hill…..No prior…..Breathing…..Saliva,…. Semen…..Gonna rain…..Pick up the pace…..Saliva from the cigarettes…..Had no DNA match…..Brand was …..Virginia Slims.


Nathan breathed heavy as he slowed towards the steps at his house, and then froze in deep contemplation. “What man smokes Virginia Slims?”

As Nathan climbed the steps to his home his intuitive investigative instincts took hold and two things stuck in his mind. “I hate running” and “A white male probably in his mid to late thirties smoking Virginia Slims.” As he came in the door Nathan noticed a note on the coffee table.




“Got an idea, went shopping, could be a while”



Nathan smiled as he whispered softly aloud. “Love you baby.”

Kayla knew how much Nathan hates running she also knew that Nathan always ran when he was on to something. He needed to work things out. Nathan picked up the phone, after a couple of minutes the long groan of Nathans partner Daniel Grey answered on the other end.

“ummm yhello”

Nathan answered. “Grey”

Grey trying to recover from the sad law enforcement cliché of the previous night slowly responded “Yea”

Nathan looked at his watch. “Are you sleeping?”

Grey groggily responded. “Yes, goodnight Turner”

Nathan took a deep breath. “Its 9 am get up.”

Grey snapped back. “Yea, and don’t forget Saturday”

Nathan ignored the underlying attitude. “Get up I’ve got an idea”

Grey continued to try an aggravate Nathan as payback for waking him. “I’d have an idea if I had that spicy little tamale in my bed.”

Nathan ignored Grays comment. “She’s gone out and you need to get up.”

Grey held a chuckle. “Probably looking for someone who will give her the attention she deserves.”

Nathan tried not to let the guilt over the truth about not giving Kayla enough attention get to him “I’ll meet you at the office.”

Grey looked at his phone as he appeared to have been disconnected.


                      *  * *  


Further south another Turner was having his own women troubles.                                             

“Mr. Turner your outlandish theories will not be tolerated in this class.”

“Ms. Johansson it is a fact that the freemasons have had their hands in everything from government to religion since the dark ages.”

Ms. Johansson’s body clenched as her aggravation grew “Mr. Turner”

BOOK: Armageddon Rise Of The New World Order
4.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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