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“This is your baby sir, aren’t you coming?”

Nathan lifted his head to address agent Bell but was cut off before he could begin by agent Grey.

“Let’s go Bell” Grey grabbed Bell by the shoulder and nudged him along. When agents Grey and Bell got to the hallway Bell turned to Grey. “He’s not coming?” Grey kept walking head straight preparing mentally for the task at hand. “No” Bell keeping pace with Grey pressed him on the subject. “But why? He tracked this guy, this is his catch.” Grey stopped, glanced at agent Bell then looked forward again. “Three years ago Turner compiled his first profile, Charles Vetter. It was a similar case, rape murder. I was with him then; Turner worked day and night on that case, it was a teenage girl who had been tortured before she died. Turner became obsessed with catching this guy, I think because the girl was so close to his sister’s age. Anyway when we finally got enough evidence we went to Vetter’s house, he opened the door and we showed our badges, before we could even ask him any questions the sick bastard said, “I guess you’re here for that dirty little whore.”             

Grey stopped then faced Bell “Agent Turner is under direct orders from the Assistant Director to stay behind when the arrest is made…” Grey met Bell’s inquisitive gaze. “You see the thing is that Mr. Vetter is still in a coma.”


                        *   *  *


Chapter 3: “Embellishments of the heart”

Monday November 22

Agents Turner and Grey waited outside Assistant Director Rice’s office. They had been summoned they knew, either to be congratulated on finding the murderer or to be scolded for rousing so many agents over the weekend for a hunch. Agent Grey was noticeably more concerned than his partner. He had gone with the team to bring in Mr. Millsap, and it had not gone as he had hoped. Mr. Millsap proclaimed he knew nothing that would bring the FBI to his doorstep and came along quietly. Agent Turner however was much calmer, he saw Mr. Millsap in the interrogation room through a two-way mirror, after looking at the man he knew. This was the monster…. A monster to little girls, a coward among men.

The phone on the secretary’s desk rang, she answered. “The Assistant Director will see you now.”

“Thank you.” Nathan replied he then opened the door for his partner. “After you.”

Grey sighed “Gee thanks.”

Nathan Turner was a well built man running a solid 6’2” 240 and Agent Grey wasn’t what you would call small, but the large bald headed Assistant Director cleared 6’5” easily and was well over 300lbs most of which was rock solid. When he spoke it was with a deep resonating baritone common to many African Americans of his stature.


He looked directly at Nathan “I suppose this was your idea.”

Nathan’s face was expressionless as he replied. “Yes sir.”

The Assistant Director looked down at the reports in his hands, the frames of his reading glasses looking too small for his size. “Your initial report says you found this man on a security camera buying cigarettes at a gas station. Is that correct?”

Nathan nodded respectfully. “Yes sir.”

Assistant Director Rice eyed the pair out the corner of his eyes. “And you thought that was enough evidence to rouse a team to bring this man into custody.”

Agent Grey tensed up while Nathan made a slight confident nod. “Yes sir.”

The Assistant Director sat back slightly. “And what brought you to that conclusion.”

Nathan met the big man’s stare. “I just put the pieces together.”

Assistant Director Rice removed his glasses and fully leaned back in his leather chair.

“The DNA is a match, Mr. Millsap is our guy.”

Grey breathed a sigh of relief while Nathan remained unchanged.

The Assistant Director looked at Grey. “Go down and break that son of a bitch’s heart and tell him we have a DNA match.”

Grey sat up. “Sir, I think he already knows we have his …”

The Assistant Director held his hand up to cut him off. “Not Millsap, his lawyer.” Grey nodded but didn’t move. “Yes sir.” The Assistant Director stared at Grey. “Now would be nice.”

Grey responded. “Uh, yes sir.”

Nathan moved to leave as well but was stopped. “Sit down Turner.” Nathan returned to his seat. After Grey left the Assistant Director spoke. “I’ve put my ass on the line for you before Turner, you break protocol, you arrange tactical recovery without any more than circumstantial evidence, your overzealous and your reports are usually late…that’s on the record as your Assistant Director.”

The Assistant Director leaned forward then spoke in a more mellow tone.

“On a personal level you know I have two daughters… if it were up to me I would let you bring every one of these bastards in personally, because I know that they would probably never make it to jail, …at least not without a stop by the hospital.”

The Assistant Director stood up and walked to the office door and motioned for Nathan to come. Once Nathan was near the Assistant Director leaned in close.

“I really don’t care how you get them, and I don’t want you to care either, let me worry about that. You just focus on getting them and know that as long as you’re keeping my daughters safe I will always back you.” The Assistant Directors admiration and respect for Nathan was mutually received. Nathan always appreciated his bosses understanding who he was. He simply nodded. “Yes sir.”


                     *  *  *        


Nathan liked Grey, he thought he was a decent man and a good agent, but he and agent Grey never developed the kind of personal relationship most partners develop after working together for so long. Nathan is and has always been a private person. Although he can sometimes be outgoing Nathan Turner just never clicked with many people. His ethics and views of the world were unique and there were really only two people Nathan saw eye to eye with, one was his younger brother Darion. While Darion didn’t follow in his younger brother’s footsteps career wise they were almost identical in ideological thinking as well as their feelings on most subjects, Darion looking up to his older brother probably played some part in their similarities. The other individual was Nathan’s best friend and had been for over 20 years, Anthony Jackson. In some ways Nathan and Anthony were complete opposites. Nathan is white, Anthony black. Nathan is tall and has a large build; Anthony is of medium height and build. Nathan prefers rock while Anthony prefers R&B. Of all their differences their outward personalities are the biggest. Nathan is very aggressive, headstrong and learned most of the lessons in life by making the mistakes first. Anthony on the other hand is calm, patient and avoided many of life’s mistakes by thinking ahead. While these two men are outwardly very different, internally they give new meaning to the phrase “like minds.” Religiously, politically and ideologically these friends are one and the same, they even agree on the complexity that is women. Nathan’s best friend is a U.S. Marshal who specializes in tracking down the criminals that run. After rewarding himself with the rest of the day off Agent Turner called his friend during the drive home.

Seeing Nathan’s name flashing on his cell phone Anthony answered. “What’s up bro?”

Used to the jovial greeting Nathan continued without notice. “Well I pulled one out of my ass again.”

Anthony responded. “Got him huh.”

“Yea and let me tell you if my hunch would have been wrong you’d probably be talking to the newest applicant for the police department instead of an Agent for the FBI.”

Anthony laughed slightly. “You always worry, but you haven’t been wrong yet.”

Nathan was shaking his head as he checked traffic. “Yeah, but this time I really pushed it.”

Anthony as pragmatic as ever assured his friend. “You got him right? That’s all that really matters.”Anthony continued “This is what? You’re seventh guy in four years! Do you know how many lives you’ve saved? No you might make a mistake someday but know that when you do they’re going to back you up.”

Nathan corrected “Eight, I got eight of them.”

Anthony nodded to himself. “And that’s why they’ll always back you.”

Nathan grinned “Well you know me I’ll push the envelope as far as I can.”             

Anthony agreed “You always do.”

Nathan knew what Anthony would say just as Anthony knew what he was supposed to say. Nathan moved forward in the conversation. “So who are you running down right now?”

Anthony answered “Same old, same old, I’m heading to Denver international right now they think they got an escapee on tape.”

Nathan asked “Same guy you were chasing last week?”

Anthony answered “Yeah but we’re getting closer, I can feel it…. So anyway how’s Kayla?”

During their conversations it always seemed to Nathan that the conversations were almost always about him, Anthony being the more quiet reserved type. Nathan smiled inadvertently as he thought of Kayla. “She’s good I took off early and made some plans for the night, I owe her for the last few weeks.”Anthony was happy his friend had found Kayla, he had only met her a few times but he saw immediately the chemistry between her and his friend. “What are you guys doing for Thanksgiving?” Nathan answered. “Going over to her family’s house.”

Anthony held his laugh. “Ah yes …the in laws.” Nathan hit the brakes quickly as a car cut in front of him. “Funny” Anthony continued. “Well you guys have been together for a while, your basically married, might as well buy the ring.” Nathan had heard this before. “Real funny.”

“Alright Nate, you’re gonna wait too long and someone’s going to take her from you.”

Nathan brought up an old inside joke. “Come on Ant, you know we’re both probably going to be two old men sitting on a porch talking about old women anyway.” Anthony continued once more. “I’m just looking out for you.” Nathan sighed “Yeah, Yeah, you, Darion, Lex, my mom, her mom. I get the picture.” Nathan turned onto his street. “Well I’m almost home, so let me get off this phone and get things ready for tonight.”

Anthony replied with a slang that was more of an inside joke than a way to speak.

“Alright, playboy, handle your business.” Nathan laughed “Well I should know how to, I learned from you.” Anthony shook his head, “No no, I’m still learning from you, the master.”

They both enjoyed a good laugh. Nathan sighed. “Two old wanna be playboys.”

Anthony agreed “You know it.”

Nathan closed the conversation. “I’ll talk to you later man, let me know when you catch your guy.”

“I will, tell Kayla hi for me.”

“I will. Later bro.”

Anthony ended the conversation with a Bye. With that Nathan thought of how bad he wanted Kayla to be his wife, but he was afraid. He was afraid that he might mess things up like he had done so many times before, or that he wouldn’t be there for her like a husband should do to his work. Nathan Turner wanted nothing more than to start a family with Kayla, but he had to be sure, she deserved that.


                       * *  *                                                      


The man on the right, that’s what he was called. He was the second in charge of the Illuminati; he worked his way up through the Skull and Bones while attending Yale, which eventually lead to him joining the Masons. He quickly made his way up the ladder to highest degree Mason and was eventually approached by the JASON group because of his Masonic standing, scientific interests and his pull in U.S. politics. He quickly moved through the ranks of the JASON group and was eventually “Illuminated.” The Prince took a liking to him and so it is now that he finds himself planning the governmental takeover of his country for a New World Order. He also happened to be the President of the United States of America.
“Have the emails sent out tomorrow, I’ll address the nation on Friday.”

The man the President was addressing was Roger Thompson, an Illuminati agent as well as the director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Most people have no idea what FEMA really is or what the law says they can do. Basically if a federal state of emergency is declared, then they can do whatever they want because at that point they have complete control over the government, the constitution is void.

Agent Thompson like any Illuminati was always trying to gain as much information as he could. “How will you persuade the populace to cooperate?” Thompson asked

The President smiled “It’s all been taken care of.”


                            * *  *                                        


As Kayla turned the corner she noticed Nathan’s car in the driveway and hoped he was home for the day and not just stopping by, he came home late the day before and only stayed long enough to shower and take a quick nap then he was gone. Nathan did say they had a suspect though, maybe him being home meant it was the guy; she hoped so for many reasons. Kayla pulled into the drive got out of her car and walked to the door, as she opened it she quickly realized why she loved this man so much. There was a trail of rose pedals leading from the door through the hall and to the bedroom. When she entered the bedroom Kayla noticed two trails of pedals, one leading to the bathroom and another leading out of the bathroom to the bed. On the bed Nathan had placed his favorite dress for Kayla to wear, a red and black dress that cut right above the knee with spaghetti straps that kept her looking classy in a dress others would look less than classy in. She followed the trail to the bathroom where the bathtub was filled with bubbles and rose pedals. She moved to the side of the tub and put her hand in surprised to find the water was still hot. Kayla stood up and steadied herself. Although she didn’t hear or sense him she knew Nathan was behind her, probably because he always snuck up behind her and wrapped his arms over her shoulders, around her chest kissing the back of her head. As she finished the thought she felt his soft embrace and a slight pressure on the back of her head. She closed her eyes relishing the moment. Then she spoke. “I hope you know I’m not cleaning up your mess.”

BOOK: Armageddon Rise Of The New World Order
12.63Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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