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Arrival of the Prophecy

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Arrival of the Prophecy

Robin Renee Ray


Arrival of the Prophecy is a work of fiction. Characters, names,
place, incidents, organizations are a product of the author’s imagination or
used fictitiously.


Arrival of the Prophecy

Robin Renee Ray

Copyright Robin Renee Ray 2012

Published by Hellfire Publishing


All rights reserved. No part of this document or the related files
may be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means (electronic,
photocopying, or otherwise) without the prior written permission of the


Digital ISBN: 978-1-937179-35-9


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Edited by: Jen Hart

dedicate this book to my nephew ‘DJ Ray’ for always treating me like I was his
full blood Auntie and my daughter like she was a blood cousin, no matter what.
from day one, over 25 years ago, you have been such an inspiration to me! I
love and thank you for always making us feel like we were part of your family.
Many Blessing to you and your wonderful little ones. Auntie loves you all so
very much!”

was one of those types of
individuals that
to blend in. She had no
need or desire to stand out and was content to disappear into the background of
any given social situation. On the night our story begins, she was getting
ready to go out to a club for the first time in over a year. She had promised
the girls from the ladies clothing store where she worked that she would meet
them to do a little celebrating. She was turning twenty four years old, but
wasn’t really one to do things like bar hop, or drink until ungodly hours of
the night like some of the other girls bragged about around the store. But, it
was her birthday and she was looking forward to actually doing something other
than her normal weekend routine.

She usually went straight home from work to her two cats, Doc and
Holiday, and on weekends watched horror movies while eating popcorn with a
feline on each side of her. This Friday, she was going to go out and enjoy
herself. The last time she tried to have an evening out was when her step
mother, Bonny, called her over for her stepsister, Tiffany’s college graduation
party. Once there she was reminded of the fact that she too could have made it
through more than the first semester, if only she had listened like her perfect
little replacement. She was annoyed by her stepmother to the point that she
walked out of the party early, just like she had at every gathering held that
had to do with her family, ever since her father married for the second time.

After Sky’s mother passed away five years prior from breast cancer,
her father Henry Delaney, met and married what Sky liked to think of as a ‘gold
digging wench’ that came along with a semi-smaller version of herself. Sky
already had her own apartment when her father married the almighty
Bonny, and had little to say about what her father did
with his life. But, it didn’t stop the wicked stepmother from trying to
interfere with her life at every possible opportunity. She was absolutely
determined that this was going to be one night that she put all thoughts of
family and the lack of friends on the back burner and just have a good time. Little
did she
that this one dark evening would bring
on more than just disappointment from her
. It
would lead her on the path of a destiny that would turn out to be anything but
one of simple normality.


Sky was pulling off the third shirt that she had tried on when the
phone rang. She fumbled half-in and half-out of the garment as she tried to
grab the phone on its fourth ring. “Yes, hello,” Sky answered with the cloth
between her and the phone.

“Sky, is that you?” Came a shrill reply followed by laughter on the
other end of the phone.

“Could you hold on please?” She responded, ripping the shirt off and
throwing it across the bed. “This is, Sky.”

“Hey, Sky, it’s Mallory. We heard about this new club down on
Lincoln Avenue, on the other side of the tracks, it’s called
The Blue Howler,
you can’t miss it.”

“I heard that anything on
the other side of the tracks was bad news,” Sky replied, flipping through the
things hanging in her closet.

“Oh please, are you going to believe everything you hear? Becky and
I will be there around ten. You need to wear something dark. The place is
rocker, not diva,” Mallory said, then simply hung up.

“Wow, thanks for the ‘see
there Sky’,
or hell I would’ve been happy with, ‘later’,” she spoke out loud, walking over
and hanging up the receiver, then she reached down and ran her hand over her
cat Holidays black back.

She walked back to the closet, contemplating on not going out at
all, after the way Mallory had acted on the phone, not to mention the abrupt
change of locations to meet each other. The south side was well known by
everyone that lived in the city as the place you didn’t want to be during the
day, much less after the sun had gone down. Sky pulled out her black leather
jacket and the only pair of black shoes she owned, and set them on the chair
next to the bed. She didn’t have a black shirt, so she chose a dark red,
sparkly tank top and a pair of dark blue jeans that flared at the bottom.

She got dressed then looked in the mirror that was on her dresser,
deciding to add her black belt and hot pink watch to complete her outfit. Her
hair was as dark brown as her eyes, and hung down to the middle of her back. She
turned to see if her hair, as well as the pants, looked okay from the backside,
pursing her lips tight in dislike at the sight of her lower half. Sky always
thought that she could lose a few pounds, in many areas of her body, and even
tried to cover her chest with jackets because she thought her breasts were too
large for her size. Sky stood five three and weighed one hundred and fifteen
pounds. She was a perfect thirty four C cup, with a twenty six inch waist, and
thirty six inch hips. She had ivory white skin that was flawless, behind her
glasses were large almond shaped eyes with high arched brows, and below them
was a small delicate nose and pouting, red tinted lips. Yet she had no
self confidence
and preferred to dress down and remain in
the background.

Sky was beautiful as she stood looking at herself, only she didn’t
see it. She started to put her glasses on,
decided to wear her contacts, as well as leaving her hair down, giggling, as
she thought how the girls would never recognize her. She knew they had occasionally
seen her wear makeup, but knew for a fact that they had never seen her without
her glasses for longer than a few minutes. She grabbed her coat after calling a
cab and headed down the stairs of her apartment complex. Sky
Mallory’s cell phone number several times, trying to
reach her on the way to the club, but she never answered. As the cab driver
pulled the car over in front of a two story, paint peeling, warehouse looking
building, he asked Sky twice, if she was sure the
was the place that she wanted to be dropped off,

The wind blew lightly as Sky stood under the street light that was
on the corner next to the night club that she was supposed to be going into. It
was close to ten o’clock and she hoped that Mallory and Becky would show up
soon, and weren’t already inside waiting on her. She tried Mallory’s number
again and finally got an answer.

“Hello,” Mallory said laughing, with club noise blaring in the

“Mallory, where are you?”

“Is that you, Sky?” She asked, laughing even harder. “Where are

“I’m standing outside
The Blue
, where you told me to meet you,” she explained, becoming angry as
well as fear filled.

“Well, I tried to leave you a
message that we changed our minds about going down there, but your phone was
busy...sorry,” Mallory sarcastically replied.

“I hope you and your friends had a good laugh.” Sky hung up the

Fearing someone would see her, she walked out of the light of the
street lamp, her eyes full of tears and her heart beating far faster than it
should have been and did her best to hide from the view of anyone that might be
passing. She tried to call the cab company but her phone was starting to die. The
only other options that she had
to go into the
club or walk. Two things she did not want to do.

Sky leaned up against the building that looked like it should have
been condemned years ago. Music she was unfamiliar with pounded from within. She
closed her eyes and took a moment to try to compose
It seemed like every time she turned around, someone was being cruel to her for
absolutely no reason at all and it was starting to take its toll. She couldn’t
bring herself to go inside and call because the tears threatened to fall at the
mere thought of opening her mouth.

“Can I help you with something?” a man’s voice softly asked.

Sky let out a scream that would have made any
think she was being attacked. She opened her eyes to see a tall man holding out
his hands and backing up. Her heart rested at the base of her throat, while she
tried to breathe enough to control the shaking that her body was doing
uncontrollably. She swallowed and lowered her head, taking in several deep
breaths to keep from passing out. Her body started sliding down the wall, as
the world spun circles around her head. She ended up squatting down, putting
her head on her knees and waiting for the dizziness to pass.

“Are you okay? I won’t hurt you,” he claimed, stepping back up and
leaning down.

“I think so. I didn’t mean to scream like I did, you just scared
me,” she stammered, looking up and now seeing the face of the voice she was

“My name is Anthony, do you think you can stand up?” he asked,
holding out his hand.

“Thank you,” she nodded, taking the offer. “I’m, Sky.”

“What brings you to the south side, Sky?” he asked, still gripping
her elbow and looking down at her.

“It seems I was someone’s way of getting a good laugh tonight,” she
replied, gently pulling away from his hand. “And now I can’t even call a cab.” She
lifted her cell phone.

“I think anyone would be foolish to try and make a joke out of
someone so beautiful,” he said taking her hand in his and raising it to his
lips. He lightly kissed the back of her hand, never taking his eyes off of hers.
“Can I buy you a drink?”

Anthony was tall, dark and handsome. His short black hair went
amazingly with his eyes that were so blue they were even striking by the low illumination
of the street light. Sky’s eyes lingered on his high cheek bones and very
masculine jaw line,
stopped on his mouth which
had the fullest lips that she had ever seen on a man. His roman nose went
perfectly with the rest of his features, and those features graced the crown of
a frame that stood six foot five, towering over her like a gentle giant. The
long black trench coat he wore swayed around the tops of his shiny black boots,
so she could only speculate in her own mind as to what his body might be like. She
was doing just that when he asked her the same question a second time.

“Could you say that one more time, I think I’m still a bit dizzy,”
she said lowering her eyes toward the ground, hoping it was dark enough to hide
the rose
that had appeared on her cheeks. Then
she heard the shuffle of several feet moving their way.

BOOK: Arrival of the Prophecy
3.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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