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Audrey Claire - Libby Grace 02 - How to Blackmail a Ghost (18 page)

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His smooth-shaven face was so close to mine. I wanted to reach up and touch it but didn’t dare. I wondered if he had to shave as a vampire or was he already perfect in every way. These facts were more I’d like to learn about him.

“Would you go with me?” I asked.

“I do not get along with witches.”

I frowned. “So you won’t try, just to be with me?”


I climbed off his lap and stood before him. “Honestly, one minute I think I know what you’re thinking, and the next I don’t.”

“I am sorry.”

“You are not.” I sounded like a petulant child and pulled myself together. My level of maturity, however, did not allow me to sit on his lap again. I took my seat opposite him.


“What?” I snapped and thought better of it. “Yes?”

“As I stated, I’m not sure of this plan of yours working, but I will watch over your son and your friend to keep them safe while you are gone.”

My heart swelled, and I jumped up to throw myself into his arms. “Thank you,” I whispered. “Thank you so much.”

I hugged him as long as the energy allowed, and then I said good night. While I looked toward the future, I wondered what it held for me and the people I loved. The one fact I was assured of was that ghosts and vampires are not compatible, and knowing it made me very sad indeed.



The End

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