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BOOK: Be With Me in Silicon Valley: The Juliette Trilogy (The Princesses of Silicon Valley - Book 3)
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Chapter 16 – Cassie … Again


A noise wakes me. Lying in bed, I hear a familiar deep scream. Rolling over, I realize I’m in bed with Nate. As another scream reverberates through my room, I feel Nate’s hand reach over and touch me. In a quiet voice, he says, “That’s your roommate, right?”

Chuckling, I nod. “Oh, that’s her all right.”

“They came in about half an hour ago. I was hoping it was your roommate, and not some burglar. I really didn’t want to deal with some guy with my Johnson hanging out.”

“How long have they been at it?”

“I’m not sure what they were doing before, but the screaming just started.”

We lay next to each other listening to the very loud lovemaking going on next door.

“Is she usually like this?” he asks.

“She’s usually at his place. But yeah, I’ve learned to keep my earbuds ready. I really don’t need this much information.”

Cassie’s screams are now replaced with some very loud directions.

“She sure knows what she wants.” Nate says.

Snickering into his arm, I say, “It’s much funnier listening to her when I’m lying naked in bed next to a hot guy.”

With this comment, Nate pulls me closer as he runs his hand around my curves.

“Is all their loud lovemaking turning you on?” I question as my hand snakes down to his groin.

Chuckling softly, he says, “No, lying naked in bed with all this soft, warm skin is turning me on.”

He rubs his hand in soft circles over my butt as I run my hand along the ridges of his abs.

“It’s been going on for a while. What do you think he’s doing to her?”

Nate’s chuckle vibrates his chest, “I’m not sure, but I can make some rather wild guesses.”

“Like what?”

“Maybe he’s touching her hard here,” he says, ducking his head, and grabbing my breast with his mouth. He gives it a long, deep suck resulting in a deep moan from me as a feeling of sparkles run down and along both breasts.

Releasing my breast, he concludes, “Well, that didn’t cause a scream. Either I’m doing it wrong, or you’re not a screamer.”

“You are definitely not doing anything wrong.”

“That’s good to know,” he says as he licks my clavicle. “Mmm, you sure taste good.”

“Does being a doctor make you good in bed? You know, knowing where to touch?”

Nate chortles. “Do you think they teach you how to have sex in medical school?”

“Well, they teach you anatomy in medical school. It’s just one step more—figuring out how to use that knowledge on a partner, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s any correlation with medical school and giving your partner pleasure.”

“Maybe then you’re just naturally gifted.”

“I’ll take that as a sign you like what we’ve been up to this weekend.”

“Oh, I certainly like what we’ve been up to. You weren’t kidding when you said you were thorough.”

As I reach down to stroke Nate, I tell him, “A few weeks ago, Cassie and Luke woke me up with all her screaming. I remember thinking I want to have sex like that.” With a devilish look in my eye, I add, “I think I got my wish.” A series of Cassie’s screams cause me to shutter, “Though I’m glad I don’t make those kinds of noises.”

“Yeah, I think the screaming would get old fast.” Nate says.

As I lazily play with Nate I feel him grow, he kisses my head and gently runs his fingers in circles from my butt to my upper thighs. Each circle getting closer to my folds.

With a deep grumbling moan, he says, “Shit, I’m almost thirty, I didn’t think I had this much energy, but I just can’t resist you.”

With a big smile, I feel Nate twitch to full size. And I realize it’s not taking too much touching to ignite me, either.

Nate rolls me over on my back, whispers in my ear, “Just a quick one so we can get back to sleep. Hopefully, your roommate’s done soon.”

After we’ve had sex, we hear Cassie’s shower turn on as they move their activities to the bathroom. Nate cuddles me deeper, as he says, “Shit, are those two on MDMA?”

“Cassie told me she’s off of pills and not going back, and Luke’s a professional athlete. I don’t think either of them are doing drugs.”

“Well, given that description, they’re probably both on something.”

Sighing wearily, I say. “Let’s just hope their shower sex is less noisy than their bedroom sex.”

Chapter 17 – Good Clean Fun


Waking up, the cool-white morning light is streaming in through the window. Rolling over, I stare at Nate’s strong profile and the contours of his shoulders as he lies sleeping on his back. Nature’s calling, so I silently slip out. Darting across the hall naked, I’m relieved I didn’t run into Luke. As I brush my teeth, the door opens. Turning my head, I get a cock shot. It’s amazing how much less traumatic it is when you’ve spent the last two days naked with the guy the cock belongs to. Nate leans over and lightly kisses my shoulder as he rubs his hand down my hip and butt. Dropping his gym bag on the bathroom floor, he looks at me through the mirror. Pulling out his toothbrush, razor and shaving cream, he gets a cocky smile, as he says, “Can I interest you in a shower?”

Spitting out my toothpaste and rinsing my mouth, I raise my eyebrows and smile, as I look into his cool blue eyes, “Yeah, some nice clean fun.”

I’m not sure if I should leave and give him privacy, but he doesn’t seem to mind brushing his teeth in front of me. After his teeth are clean, he reaches over; cupping my head he pulls me tight for a deep minty kiss. His face is real bristly causing me to place my hands on either side of his mouth to save my face from whisker rash. Why do women like unshaven men, I wonder? It makes guys look rugged, but I sure have no interest in having their prickly whiskers near my sensitive skin.

Pulling back, Nate laughs, “a little too prickly for you?”

Kneeling on the toilet, I lean my elbows on the counter as I watch him shave. For some reason watching a guy shave is sexy. When he’s done, he doesn’t wash off his face but pulls me to him, our naked bodies rubbing against each other. Pulling away, he says, “How about you get that shower going; I’ll join you in a second.”

Smiling, I rub my cheek against his freshly shaved cheek, as I coo into Nate’s ear “Mmm, freshly shaved cheeks.”

Being a lover of a hot shower, I turn the water on and stand in the back of the bathtub, releasing my braid as I let the water warm up, giving Nate some privacy to do his business. By the time the water’s warmed up I’m standing under the shower head with my eyes closed, chin tipped up, letting the steamy water run over my body. The shower curtain rustles; I can feel the cool air enter, along with Nate.

Raising his hand to the water, he says, “You like the water a little hot there. You think I can turn it down a bit?”

“Only if you can figure out some other way to keep me warm.”

Lowering the water temperature, he pulls me in tight, massaging each butt cheek with his hands. “Oh, I can find plenty of ways to keep you warm.”

He then reaches to the shower shelf, grabs my shampoo and starts washing my hair. He lifts the strands high as I grab the soap, push away enough so I can wash his chest down to his rapidly expanding penis. Moving me under the flow, he washes the soap out of my hair. “Conditioner?” he asks.

“Yes, my hair needs lots of conditioner. You can’t use too much on it.”

He massages conditioner into every hair on my head, as I wash his magnificent shoulders and arms. As he moves me under the shower spray to remove the conditioner, I reach my arms around his torso and wash his wide, strong back and butt. Reaching for the soap, he lathers up his hands. Kissing me hard, my front plastered to his chest, my arms are now looped so my elbows are against his sides, my forearms are on his back with my hands on his shoulders. He lathers up my back, butt, and thighs, surprising me when he reaches in and washes my butt crack and folds. Releasing the kiss, he turns me around so my back is against his chest as he lathers up and slides his hands from my thighs up my stomach, over my breasts, and up to my shoulders. One hand is now massaging soap around my breasts, while the other slides down to my groin. Using his clever fingers, he spreads my folds and cleans all the crevices including sticking his fingers inside of me, as he licks and kisses my shoulder up to my ear. My body shakes, and I gasp from all the sensual stimuli.

Pulling myself together enough to talk, I say, “Isn’t it my turn to wash your hair?”

Chuckling in my ear, he says, “I’m not letting you idle your engine once I’ve gotten it this far.” Turning me around, he adds, “Lean your back against the wall.”

As I follow his request, he reaches out of the shower and comes back with a condom that he rolls up his erect penis in one grand motion. Placing one hand on the wall next to my face, he smashes his mouth into mine. Reaching down, he lifts my knee into the crook of his elbow. Then he bends his knees giving himself a better angle as he penetrates me. It’s kind of scary, since I have no way to balance myself and am completely dependent on Nate for stability. Releasing the kiss, he bends his head and lays his cheek against my cheek. I hear him grunt while he continues to rock hard into me while I hang precariously onto his shoulders. Waiting until I come, he releases. When he’s done, he slowly lets down my leg and just stands there with his forehead against the wall breathing heavily down my neck and onto my shoulder as he waits for me to come down. When I finally can talk again, I put my hand on his chest and ask, “Can I wash your hair now?”

Lifting up his head, he gives me a small smirk, “I think that’s too much stimulation for me now, next time.” After quickly washing himself, he reaches outside the shower and grabs one of my towels off the bar as he leaves the tub area. Following suit, I quickly wash the sex off me. As I turn off the water and leave the tub, he hands me the other towel. Wrapping his towel around his waist, he leans against the door and crosses his arms across his chest which makes him look big and fierce. Solemnly, he watches me towel off, apply my lotion, and then brush out my hair. At some point, I look at him and say, “Are you enjoying watching me get ready?”

Slowly nodding his head in a deep voice, he says, “Yes, I am.”

If I were someone who blushed, I think my cheeks would be fire engine red. Nate is different than what I’m used to. He’s a lover who is confident and experienced, along with being thoughtful and considerate. This is what runs through my mind as he watches me brush out my hair and add Curly Girl. Grabbing my towel from where I dropped it on the floor, I wrap it around myself. As I walk up to the door, he grabs me and pulls me tight, giving me a deep, hungry kiss. After rubbing his hands over my butt and back, he releases the kiss. With a gravelly voice he quietly says into my ear, “If we didn’t just have sex, I would have you back in bed for another round.”

After a quick sprint into my room, I ask, “What are we doing today?”

“I’m hungry, let’s grab some breakfast, then we can figure out what else to do.” Dressing quickly, I throw on my running pants and a running shirt, as he pulls on the jeans he wore yesterday and a clean Henley.

“I need something to drink. We have some juice in the kitchen.” I tell Nate as we head out to the kitchen. Pouring a glass of juice for each of us, we watch Luke enter the living room. Luke finds his sneakers and sits down on the couch to tie them up.

Nate says, “Good morning.”

This causes Luke to look up and give a cursory nod, then he does a double take when he sees Nate. Looking back at me, he smirks, shakes his head, and leaves. Luke was obviously expecting Zach, since Cassie and he interrupted us making out just over a week ago. I release the breath I was holding upon his exit.

Nate doesn’t seem fazed, he drinks his juice in one gulp, places the empty glass in the sink. “Friendly guy.” Smirking, he adds, “I take it he heard us in the shower.”

Relieved that Nate took the double take for overhearing our bathroom sex, I shake my head, “I think that’s the friendliest he’s ever been.”

“Go grab your jacket. I need to eat.”

Chapter 18 - Breakfast


As we eat we talk about what we can do today: hike, mountain bike, ice skate, head up to the city, or head down to Santa Cruz. We still haven’t made a decision by the time we’ve left.

As we walk back to my place, Nate asks, “What’s going on down there?” pointing to the traffic at the end of the street.

“Oh, it’s the local farmers market. Do you want to check it out?”

Nate nods. His hands are in his jacket pockets, so I loop my arm through his arm as we walk down the street. Leaning my head against his shoulder, I think this is what I imagined it would be like once I finished school and had a boyfriend. The farmers market is big; there has to be at least a hundred stalls. It’s located in a parking lot next to the Light Rail Station. There are a lot of people and a lot of things to look at.

“My parents come down here and buy salmon. It’s really fresh.” I tell Nate.

“Do you know how to prepare salmon?”

“I know how to poach it.”

“Then let’s buy some fresh salmon for dinner.”

We buy a few sandwich things, too. As we pass the Mountain View General Store—a funky store dedicated to everything Mountain View—I grab his arm and drag him inside. “Since you’re now a local, you need to dress like a local” as I pull out a hoody with a fun retro Mountain View design. Nate laughs, “You don’t have the same hoody? I wouldn’t like to look like one of those couples, you know the type that wear matching clothes.” I shake my head and laugh, “Please, I’m not that geeky”.

After purchasing a hoody we then head back to my place. As we’re putting our groceries away, Cassie makes an appearance. She struts into the kitchen in full charm mode. Wearing yoga pants and a yoga top with no bra, the outfit leaves nothing to the imagination and highlights her perfect body. She’s making sure Nate gets a good look as she struts around all sexy.

My jaw tightens. Is he going to take the bait?

She gives one of her sexy smiles to Nate, while raising an eyebrow and giving me a surprised look when she realizes this isn’t Zach. “I take it I didn’t imagine someone was having sex in your bathroom this morning?”

Nate extends his hand and coolly says, “I’m Nate.”

Cassie looks at his hand, then giving him a coy smile says, “I’m Cassie.” Then she turns her gaze on me. “I have sex-dar. I always know when someone’s having sex.”

Chuckling, Nate rolls me into him, his arms cross in front of my chest, “Well, then your sex-dar must have been on high alert this weekend.” He bends down and kisses my neck.

Cassie raises her eyebrows and gives me a sly smile. “I’m making a shake, want some?”

The thought of that shake makes me shudder. “I’ll pass on drinking liquid grass. Where’ve you been? I don’t think I’ve seen you since last weekend.”

Pulling out all her green stuff from the refrigerator, she says, “Mostly at Luke’s, I’ve been hanging with a couple of the girlfriends. I’m meeting them at noon for a little pre-game tailgating party.” She wiggles her butt. It’s obvious she’s acting ultra-sexy for Nate’s sake, which is pissing me off.

Nate releases me and we start heading out of the kitchen, when Cassie asks, “Hey, have you heard from Jack recently?”

Stopping, I cock my head as I think back, “It was after Thanksgiving, maybe Sunday or Monday. Why?”

Rolling her eyes, “No one’s heard from him since before Thanksgiving. Since you two are pen pals, I figured I’d ask.”

We head back to my room; Nate sits down on my bed and pulls me onto his lap so I’m straddling his hips. He kisses me, then asks, “Who’s Jack?”

“Cassie’s older brother. He’s in the army. Knowing him, he’s doing something ridiculously dangerous. We’ve been pen pals for years.”

“Did you date Jack?”

“Jack?” the thought makes me chuckle, “That would be like dating a brother. We didn’t even get along growing up. No, after he signed up I started sending him silly e-mails. He’s had a strained relationship with his parents, and Cassie isn’t much on writing, so I kind of keep him connected to home.”

He considers this information, kisses me again and says, “A hike would be nice. Where can we go?”

“Rancho’s the closest, it’s just the parking lot is a total zoo. There is a crazy protocol for getting a space. Be prepared to wait ten or fifteen minutes.”

“Rancho it is.”

As I crawl off his lap, I ask, “You run, right?”

He nods his head, “yes”.

“How about a trail run instead of a hike? If we get tired then we can turn it into a hike.”

“That works, but we’ll need to stop at my place so I can get the right gear.”

(Stopped at this point)

BOOK: Be With Me in Silicon Valley: The Juliette Trilogy (The Princesses of Silicon Valley - Book 3)
5.1Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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