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Chapter 23 – Happy Hour


Deciding to go directly from fencing to Stein’s Beer Garden, I meet up with the princesses for another farewell to Kelly. Stein’s is surprisingly empty, but then again this is a Monday night, and I’m usually here for Friday happy hour. They’ve already had a couple of pitchers by the time I join them. Sean, Kevin, and Amanda are also there, along with Rocket, and a few other cycling friends.

Kelly greets me. “Snow, grab a glass. It’s about time you showed up. Where’ve you been? We didn’t see you all weekend.”

Not wanting to talk about Nate in front of Zach’s friends I answer, “They’re giving me grief at work for not working nights and weekends.” I say, laying out my latest lament.

Kevin elbows me, “Engineering in the valley, it’s not a lifestyle; it’s a life.”

“Yeah, but all the magazines write about all the young rich Silicon Valley engineers and their wild lifestyle.” I plead.

This elicits a round of laughter.

“You must be reading some back east rag where the reporter flew in from NY or DC and was wined and dined by some Los Altos Hills or Atherton VC.”

“Yeah, the 1% of the 1%.”

“Hell, they probably didn’t even make it down to Santa Clara County. They just covered the pseudo-tech—you know all the cool media companies up in San Francisco.”

“Yeah, I’m sure anyone who writes about the real Silicon Valley has to spice it up.” I say.

Kevin laughs, “Our reality is much more boring than any story could ever convey.”

“Enough work talk, lets drink.” Kelly cheers.

Staying for about an hour, I can feel my one beer go to my head while the need for sleep rolls over me. As I hug Kelly goodbye, I remind her, “Don’t be a stranger, have fun, but come back here.”

Feeling sad as I walk to my car, I reflect that on some level, Kelly is my favorite princess. Her lack of insecurities and fearless approach, along with her pure enjoyment and delight in life, is energizing to be around. But I think what I will miss most is her perceptiveness; for such a wild woman she really has her head screwed on tight.

As I pull into the garage, I see Cassie’s car. As I enter the condo I hear,
Keeping up with Kardashians
blaring from the TV. Realizing that I’m annoyed at Cassie for flirting with Nate, I decide I’m not in the mood to chat. After giving a cursory “hi,” I head to my bedroom.

“Hey, Juliette,” I hear her call after me.

Leaning my back on my doorframe, I respond, “yeah?”

Cassie moves to the hallway, “You’re pissed at me?”

Rolling my eyes, “I’m not pissed at you.”

Squinting her eyes, “Yes you are.” Giving me the look down, “Are you mad because I’m hanging out with the other girlfriends?”

“What? Why would I be mad at you for hanging out with the other football player’s girlfriends?”

“We haven’t done anything together since I started hanging with them.”

“Then we should plan on doing something together.”

“By the way, yesterday’s guy really likes you.”

Where is she going with this? “What?”

“Bathroom sex guy from yesterday.”

“You mean, Nate?”

“Is that bathroom sex guy’s name? Well, anyway, I can tell.” Giving me a hard look, “Guys who are on the make flirt back. This guy moved you between us, like a shield. You think I’m dumb, but I’m good with body language. Like I know you’re pissed at me.”

“If you don’t want me getting pissed at you, then don’t flirt with the guy I’m with.”

Cassie raises her eyebrows. “If a guy has one tail and starts chasing after another tail, then I guess he didn’t really care that much about the first tail.”

“What, so you think your job is to be my guy’s litmus test?”

“Don’t act all prissy with me. You’re not little Miss Polly perfect either. Just last week you were mad at me for interrupting your make out session with swimmer guy, now you’re mad that I spoke to bathroom sex guy.”

“Bathroom sex guy… Nate, is more than just a weekend fling. I’d appreciate it if you don’t play any of your sex games with him.”

“I don’t know why you’re in such a pissy mood. I was just being myself, friendly.”

“Cassie, you dressed all skimpy and were flirting with the guy I’m with. That’s not cool. We’ve been friends for a long time, but one thing that will ruin our friendship forever, is you hitting on my guy. Hands off, clear?”

Cassie just shrugs her shoulders and goes back to the living room to watch TV. As I walk into my room, I see my twisted bed sheets. As I snuggle under the covers, I can smell Nate and all the sex we had. Falling asleep, I realize it was only three nights but I already miss his presence in my bed.

Chapter 24 – Someone’s Saying Things


I’ll come by after work tonight.

I’m looking forward to lots of coming.

Smiling as I send my text, I realize my hoo-ha is no longer feeling sore. I hope Nate introduces me to a few more of his moves.

The day goes well until Roger calls me into his office. He points to his chair. Resting his forearms on his desk, he leans in and says, “I don’t want to get into a he said she said, but I thought you should know. Someone told me that you were condescending and difficult to work with.”

In complete shock, “What? Who said that? What were the circumstances?”

Roger just stares, then says, “I don’t want to get into it. I just thought you should know what someone else is saying about you.”

“Anyone can say anything about me, and I’m not told who they are or what the circumstances were?”

“Juliette, you’re getting too emotional over this. It was a comment that I thought you should know about. “He turns and goes back to work, signaling that the conversation is over.

Walking out the door, I’m stunned. Who’s saying bad things about me? Looking around our group, I wonder if it’s Ian because I blow off his rude Cassie comments, or is it the sports guys, Chris and Avery, because I laughed when they asked me about Luke.

Feeling bummed, I sit down at my desk and continue developing the prototype Mark designated for me to work on. Feeling distracted, I review all the conversations I’ve had in the last few months. Looking up, I see Jim and Rajive talking. Did one of them say something about me because they’re upset that Mark and I found the solution to the big bug?

At Zumba, I tell Isabelle that I don’t know if I’ll be able to continue taking classes with her anymore since there’s pressure for me to work late. I’ll miss getting together with her. After pleading with her to take my fencing class, she finally relents.

At home Cassie’s watching TV. This is a surprise; two nights in a row. I plop down on the couch.

She looks over. “You’re in a pissy mood. You’re not still mad at me for being friendly with your guy?”

“No, I’m bummed about work. Someone is saying mean things about me behind my back, and they don’t think that fifty-five hours a week is enough; they want me to come in over the weekend. I don’t mind working hard during the week; it’s just I wanted to have fun over the weekend. I only get two weeks vacation a year. I need time to unwind.” I whine.

Cassie just blinks. Except for being eye candy at some parties, she hasn’t worked since we’ve been living together. Supposedly, she is taking classes, but I have yet to see a textbook or any sign that she’s actually enrolled in school.

Shaking my head, and sighing, I say. “As long as you don’t flirt with Nate we’re good. I just need a good night’s sleep.”

After tossing on my comfy pajamas, I crawl into bed.

Chapter 25 – Nate Stops By


The ring of our doorbell. It wakes me. What time is it? Who's here? Cassie’s now talking to some guy. It must be Luke, I think as I snuggle in to fall asleep. Then my door opens. A moment of fear grips me, until I hear Nate’s voice, “Juliette? Are you sleeping?”

Shit, how could I have forgotten that Nate was coming over tonight? “Nate, I’m just warming the bed for you.” I say as I hope my voice doesn’t sound too drowsy.

“Give me a minute and I’ll join you.” He says as I hear him head into the bathroom.

Throwing off my PJ’s, I snuggle back in bed not feeling particularly amorous. Coming back into my room, I hear Nate drop his bag on the floor, undress, and then lay his things on the bedside dresser. The night air sends a chill over me as he pulls back the covers and gets into the bed.

Reaching over he pulls me to him so we’re spooning. Nate snuggles in, immediately making lazy circles up my thigh. “Hey, you OK?” he says in his gentle bedroom voice.

“Work’s bumming me out, I was just feeling tired. I’m glad you’re here now.” I say as I nuzzle into him. “You shaved?” I ask as he brushes his freshly shaved cheek against mine.

“The price I’m willing to pay to be close.”

He moves my top thigh over his, opening me up as his fingers gently make a swirling pattern on my stomach. He kisses my neck, licks my shoulder, then says, “I missed sleeping with you last night.”

Smiling, I nod and say, “Me too.”

He lowers his hand, gently raking his fingers through my pubic hair. My core tightens in response. He then gently tickles my exposed upper thighs. “Your roommate wasn’t expecting me, though she was friendly and surprisingly not flirty.”

“Good, I told her if she flirted with you again, she would end our friendship.” His fingers move farther south as he lightly grazes my outer folds.

“How’s the new job?” I ask.

The vibrations of him chuckling tickle my back as he says, “What’s that word we never could come up with? The one where two actions are diametrically opposed?” His finger gently circles my clitoris, then slides down and into me, causing me to gasp and moan.

“OK, no work talk, just sex talk.” I say between gasps.

He continues gently stimulating me, not enough to come, just enough to make me crazy and want more.

“I’m getting all the attention; this position isn’t satisfying for you.” I finally say.

He licks my shoulder again and backs me up, so I can feel how erect he is, “Oh, this is very satisfying for me.” he says as his other hand massages my breast.

Gently, with his skillful fingers, he peels back my clitoral hood, and even more gently, strokes my exposed clit. “I enjoy feeling you come.” he quietly says into my ear as I softly moan and gasp from the stimulation.

“Cassie’s in the other room. We need to be quiet; I don’t really want her to hear us.” I say between gasps.

“She sure doesn’t have that issue.”

“Yeah, but as you’ve pointed out, I’m not like Cassie.” I whisper as he kisses my ear and sucks on my ear lobe, causing shivers to run down my neck. Leaning back, he reaches for a condom.

“Arch your back for me,” he says as I feel him roll on the condom and bend down to maneuver into a better angle. Coming in from the back, he finds me. Once inside, he moves his hand back around to continue stimulating my clit.

I’m holding my breath to control my moans as I come.

Into my ear Nate says, “Breathe, come on, babe, breathe.”

Taking a deep breath as my body shakes from my orgasm; he maneuvers me on to my stomach using his forearms to hold his weight. Using his legs, he maneuvers my legs in between his. His knees are now on the outside of my thighs as I lay flat on my stomach. With this leverage, he starts pounding into me, moaning as he comes. Then, he’s still, just holding me as we both come down and regain our breath. Finally, he rolls to his side, pulling me back into a spoon. We lay there entwined coming down from our orgasmic high.

Cassie’s voice disrupts our solitude, “I know you’re having sex in there.” She shouts as she passes our room on the way to her own.

We both chuckle as we lay with Nate’s arms enwrapped around me, I feel warm and comforted. Nate’s body is still shaking from laughter. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been together for such a short time. I never felt this comfortable with Chris or Stephan; then again, they never were into making sure I came first. And they definitely weren’t into cuddling. These thoughts, as opposed to upsetting work thoughts, lull me to sleep.

Chapter 26 – Skipping Swimming


Waking up to my alarm, I can feel the heat from Nate, who is now an arm’s length away. Pulling me to him before I have a chance to escape, he kisses my ear, down my neck, then licks the same path back up.

I giggle from the sensation. “Nate, I’ve got to get up and go swimming.”

“Stay in bed with me, I can find plenty of other ways for you to get a workout this morning.”

“But it’s a slippery slope, you miss one workout then you start thinking it’s OK to miss another workout. The next thing you know, you haven’t worked out in months.”

Chuckling, he says, “I get it; you’ve got an obsessive need to train.” He moves his kisses down my throat. Gathering my breasts in both hands, he smashes them together and burrows his nose in between.

“You’re not letting me up,” I moan.

He licks my breasts, then lifts his head. “Monday we did it your way, and I regretted it all day. Today we start off our day my way.” he says, and then sucks the top of my breast, into his mouth causing me to arch my back and moan.

Coming up for a breath, he says, “This is your choice: bed sex or shower sex? You don’t have a third choice.”

Laughing at my choices, I respond, “We should probably do shower sex, that way we’ll kill two birds with one stone.”

“You are the practical one.” he says as he kisses and licks my stomach.

I squirm from his prickly beard.

He says, “Give me a couple minutes so I can take care of business and shave.”

As he licks my nipples, I say, “I thought you were going to the bathroom?”

Holding a breast in each hand, he confesses, “These are my heroin. You have no idea what they do to me.”

Running my fingers through his soft, brown, curly hair, I suggest, “We can always just take care of business in bed.”

Shaking his head, he says, “Give me a minute.” He scoops up a few condoms.

At the door, he turns back to me, “Do we need to dress or do you think we can make a run for it naked without Cassie seeing us?”

“Cassie’s never up early; we can definitely make a run for it.”

Lying in bed, I feel guilty for missing swimming, but not that guilty. After I hear the toilet flush, I give Nate another minute as I straighten up the bed sheets.

Nate’s finishing up shaving as I enter. Giving each other eye contact in the mirror, I grab my toothpaste and share the sink with him. Standing behind me, he rakes his hands over my curves as he looks at my naked reflection in the mirror. I think to myself, guys are so visual. Nate likes the lights on when we have sex, and he sure goes out of his way to look at me naked. Once I’m done, he turns me around then crashes his mouth into mine as he lifts me so I’m sitting on the sink. Wrapping my legs around his hips, I can feel him already hard. We finally break our kiss as he says, “Let’s finish this in the shower.”

As he moves towards the tub, I find myself mesmerized by the way his muscles flex as I watch him bend to turn on the water. Releasing my sleep braid, I jump off the counter, then take his hand as he helps me over the tub and pulls me close for another deep kiss. The water feels tingly as it splatters over my skin. Nate grabs the soap, lathering it up in his hands and applying a layer of suds, making sure my skin is clean and stimulated. Pulling the soap from his hand, I reciprocate. We kiss again, deeply, as our tongues dance and our slippery bodies rub against each other. As we release our kiss, Nate runs his thumb gently down my cheek. Turning me around, we’re now both facing the faucet. Running his hands over my breast, he instructs softly into my ear, “Juliette, bend over and hold onto the tub spout.”

My stomach flutters as I grab the spout with both hands. The water feels good as it pours down my lower back while Nate gently massages my hips and butt.

“Bend your knees for me, babe.” he says. Holding onto my hips, I can feel him coming in from behind. Using one hand to help me keep my balance, he uses the other hand to stimulate my clit. Thrusting into me, I’m forced to lift one hand up to keep my head from hitting the wall. His thrusts get stronger and deeper, shattering me from the inside out. At some point, he releases my clit. Then he uses that hand to hold onto my chest. As I release the faucet, he pulls me back so that my back conforms to his chest. While he continues thrusting in an up and down motion, my hands grasp for something that will steady me as my legs twist around his calves. An orgasm shivers through my system as my insides grasp him. Hearing his moans, I know he’s done. He stills and just holds onto me, both of his arms are now strapped across my body. The warm water runs down our heads and torsos. Carefully he lets me down, bending, so his forehead is now on my shoulder.

“It just gets better,” he breathes into my back as I stand in the shower leaning with my hands on the tiled wall nodding, and whispering “yes”.

Dragging his condom off, he pulls the shower curtain aside, and throws it into the toilet. “You’re on the pill, right?”

Still recovering from my orgasm, my head is laying against my arms as I wonder if I’ll ever move from this spot.

“I saw the dispenser,” he continues.

I nod.

He rubs his hand down my back. “If we both get a blood test to show we’re clean, can we forgo the condoms?”

“I take it your planning on being around for a while?” I say half in jest.

His body stills, “What have I done that would make think I’m half way out the door.”

Closing my eyes and breathing deeply, I say, “Nothing, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page.”

“I’m not making any promises, but I’m not leaving. I want you. I thought I’ve made that clear.” He says in his quiet, serious voice.

Turning around slowly, I look into his eyes, “You have been clear. I just needed to ask. I needed to hear your answer.”

Pulling me close, he kisses me deeply, “You know, an IUD has a much lower pregnancy rate than the pill. You should consider changing.” Now this is something to get used to, a guy who talks about contraceptive choices with me, as I think I actually gasp.

While still standing in the shower paralyzed from my orgasm, Nate turns off the water and wraps a towel around my shoulders. Pulling the towel tight around my goose bumped skin Nate rubs my back and in his warm bedroom voice says, “This has been a great booty call, but I want you to know I want more than a booty call with you. I really enjoyed last weekend.”

Leaning my forehead into his chest, I’m smiling but I’m unable to find words for how I feel. I really like Nate. I, too, want more than a booty call. Maybe fate gave me the right choice.

“Come on, let’s get dressed.” he says, as he kisses the top of my head.

By the time I finish my bathroom routine, Nate is dressed and sitting on my bed checking his phone. As he watches me dress, I ask, “What’s Monday and Wednesday?”

“What?” he says in confusion.

“You said you were free on Tuesday and Thursday, I was just curious what happens on Monday and Wednesday?”

“Hockey, over at the Shark Center. I’m too late to play on a team this season, but they have an open practice from nine to ten thirty. It just feels good to be on the ice.”

“I guess you can also use it to recruit new patients.”

Chuckling at that comment, he says, “This medical practice is busy. They have a big pediatric practice. There’s a lot of pressure on kids to compete here, lots of injuries from young bodies working past their competency. I’m more interested in the adults, and this area is swarming with weekend warriors. I’m assisting on a hip replacement for a forty-five year old ultra-marathon runner today.”

Looking at him in surprise, I say, “You really do that?”

He chuckles. “What did you think I do?”

Realizing I never really thought about what Nate does at work, I answer, “Feel up women’s legs, shine flashlights in their eyes.”

This gets a big smile. “That worked out well for me.”

Sitting down next to him as I pull on my boots, he says, “Oh, before I forget, my boss is having a holiday dinner party at his house this Saturday night for the other docs. It’s not optional.”

He works late on Friday, now all we have is Sunday, and I need to show my face at work too.

“Will you be my date? I know it’s a lot to ask, you barely met a couple of the docs at the hockey game last Sunday, but I’d really appreciate it if you’d join me.”

Relived that I’m part of his plans, I immediately respond, “Sure.” Then I think about it. “Do you know what the women are going to be wearing?”

With a complete dumfounded look, he shrugs his shoulders. “I’ll ask.”

“If I’m going to your party then you’ll need to go to my party. It’s a week from Saturday at the Tech Museum. Guy dress code is…” looking him up and down in his dress slacks and pressed shirt, I say, “what you’re wearing now.”

“Thursday?” he says, as he elbows me, “Am I invited for another booty call?”

Standing up and grabbing my warm coat from my closet, I scrunch up my nose and give him a sexy smile. “Mmm, let me think about it.” Walking over to him, I stand between his legs, placing my hands on his shoulders and look down. “You’re not going to let me swim again, right?”

Smiling, he pulls on one of my wet locks of hair. “But I’ll give you fun bed sex, instead of fun shower sex.”

“I have a feeling you’re going to be very detrimental to the regularity of my swimming workouts.”

Rubbing the back of my thigh with his hand, he smirks as he says, “Yeah, that’s my objective. I heard through the grapevine that you have an obsessive need to work out. My goal is to take you down, one sport at a time.”

“You must be in cahoots with work then. Mark, the senior guy I’m partnered with, told me that ‘it was noticed’ that I don’t work nights and weekends. He said I need to be showing more face time. I’ll work late or on the weekend, if I can’t get my work done during the eleven-hour day I currently work. But, just showing up on the weekend so they can see my face? That really annoys me.”

“Babe, you’re not going to get any sympathy from me. I work every other Saturday. My hours are noon to eight, but that’s just the hours they schedule patients and surgery. It doesn’t include paperwork, meetings, and following up with patients. On top of that, everything always runs late. If I want to stay on top of things, I’m working a twelve-hour day.

“I guess this is when reality over fantasy takes over.”

“Just in your work life, not in your personal life. We can keep the fantasy going in the bedroom for as long as you want.” Nate says as he stands up and gives me another one of his wonderful deep kisses that get my juices flowing.

As he walks me to the garage, he asks, “fencing tonight?”

“Yes, fencing and a late dinner with my parents. I usually have dinner with them on Sunday but—” Leaning against my door he kisses me again not letting me finish my sentence.

BOOK: Be With Me in Silicon Valley: The Juliette Trilogy (The Princesses of Silicon Valley - Book 3)
4.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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