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BOOK: Be With Me in Silicon Valley: The Juliette Trilogy (The Princesses of Silicon Valley - Book 3)
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Chapter 13 – A Matryoshka Doll


Turning my car heater on as high as it gets, it just starts getting warm by the time I get home. Parking in our garage, I pull off my riding boots and leave them in the garage. Entering the house I turn on the lights and start walking to the front door when the doorbell rings. As I open it up to tell Nate that was a quick parking job, he picks me up and throws me over his shoulder. I scream in surprise and delight as he stalks directly into my room. Dropping me on my bed, he’s directly above me, hands on either side of my head. He wipes the laugh off my face with a deep kiss. He breaks the kiss to ask, “We good?”

Smiling and nodding, I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, and pull him in so we can continue kissing. I then roll us, so I’m now on top. He unzips my fleece forcing me to release my arms from his neck so he can wrench it off my arms. The next layer is my sweatshirt. Releasing our kiss, he pulls it up and off. When he realizes I’m now wearing a running jacket, he pushes me up by my upper arms. “How many layers do you have? You’re like a Russian Matryoshka Doll” he says.

Laughing, I tell him, “It’s cold out there.” Sitting up as I straddle him, I peel my running jacket off, and then sweep my long-sleeved running shirt off. Looking down, I watch his eyes get darker with each layer that’s shed. Wiggling my butt, I give him a lap dance. His hands are grasping my thighs as his thumbs rub my inner thighs. With a sly smile, I coo, “Like my sexy lingerie?” Then I reach back to unlatch my sports bra. Undoing it, I continue to lap dance as I slowly pull down the straps, finally uncovering my breasts. His hands instantaneously reach up and grab them. Without releasing my breasts, he sits up smashing his mouth into me.

He brakes the kiss to breathlessly say, “too many clothes, we’re still wearing too many clothes.” He flips me onto my back, reaches down, unbuttons and unzips my riding pants. He pulls them down to my thighs, then jumps off the bed.

Grabbing the hem of my pants, I can’t help but laugh and grab onto the edge of my bed as he yanks them off. Reaching up, he grabs my underpants and yanks them off too, then pulls off my socks. The condo is cold, so I scurry under my covers wondering why I bothered washing my sheets since we’re only going to dirty them again. The two of us maintain eye contact as he quickly throws off his fleece and Henley, then kicks off his shoes and pulls down his jeans. He grabs his phone and wallet out of them and places them on my bedside table as he turns on the light. Looking at me, he says, “I want to see all of your nice skin.” Then he rolls off his boxers. Diving under the covers, he emerges on top of me, giving me a deep kiss. “Mmm,” he says,” I like all this skin to skin contact.”

Our tongues collide as he runs his hand along my curves from my thigh, up my hip, over my stomach to my breast. Releasing the kiss, he looks into my eyes and smiles. Kissing my chin to my ear, he licks my ear and whispers, “You have a great, little, curvy body.”

My ear, neck, and shoulder have their own mini orgasm from that statement. Ducking his head under the covers, he moves down my body. Holding my breast, he takes one in his mouth and gives it a big suck; it causes my core to convulse. Pulling my nipple up with his teeth, he sinks back down for another big suck. Moving further down, he pulls the comforter back, so he’s half exposed. Grabbing my right leg, he places it over his shoulder as he licks my stomach then puts his mouth on my clit and flicks just above it with his tongue. The action causes my thighs to vibrate. Slowly, he rotates his tongue around my clit going deeper. With his teeth, he pushes back the clit’s hood and gently flicks it with his tongue. I’ve never felt anything like this. Gasping, I arch my back and lift my chin, rolling my head as I fist my sheets and gasp, “Nate….”

Gently scraping his lower teeth and tongue against my inner folds, he applies enough soft pressure to cause a quickening down my legs. The third time he gently teases my clit, I can feel myself start to come apart.

Raining a row of kisses and licks up my body, he ignites my core. Stretching his arm out to reach the nightstand, he grabs his wallet and pulls out a condom.

Shakily, I say, “How many do you have in there?”

Giving me a cocky smile, he says, “I reloaded at home.” Then he tears the wrapper with his teeth.

As he reaches down, I can feel him putting it on. As soon as he’s done, he maneuvers himself over me. After staring into my eyes for a few beats, he looks at my lips, then smashes his mouth into mine while simultaneously shoving his penis into me. Rocking into me, I pull our mouths apart, so I can gasp loudly. My back arches and my breath goes deep, punctuated by low moans as he continues to rock deeper and deeper. Grabbing one of my legs, he lifts it to his shoulder and rocks even deeper into me. Rocking harder, I can feel my orgasm run up my core and explode into every crevice of my body. I gasp loudly grabbing his arms, as I scream his name really loudly. His cheek is next to my cheek. His cadence changes as he releases into me. This is accompanied by a series of low guttural moans that throb in my ear and vibrate on my neck. My internal muscles squeeze him as I involuntarily arch back; my arms are now stretched wide, as the orgasm runs its course. Nate looks down, with a satisfied smile as he watches me come undone. A gentle kiss on my cheek causes me to shiver. Then he kisses me on my clavicle, causing another shiver. Feeling him start to pull out, I reach up and hold his arm, “Not yet, I need another minute,” I gasp. He just stays still as I feel him deflate and slide out. Moving so he’s lying on his side facing me, he watches as I come down off my orgasm. When he hears me breathing normally, he drags his finger along my face causing a small shutter.

Looking into his eyes, I smile. My gaze runs down to his shoulders. There’s definition between his side, front, and back shoulder muscles, something I find mesmerizing, sexy.

Touching the planes of his shoulder muscle, I ask in my post-coital voice, “Do you lift?”

He gives me a half smile as he runs his finger from my chin, down my throat, to my clavicle. In a soft voice he says, “Yeah, I try to either start or end my day in the gym.”

My finger runs farther down to the tattoo that runs around his arm and up to his shoulder. “Any significance to this?” I ask as my fingers trace the intricate pattern.

“Yeah, I was a dumb shit college kid and thought a tattoo would be cool.” he says with a smile.

“You don’t like it anymore?” I ask, continuing to trace the pattern.

He drags his finger from my clavicle down to my breast. Lazily he draws concentric circles around my breast, each circle getting closer to my nipple.

“I don’t dislike it. It’s just if I didn’t have a tattoo, I wouldn’t get one.”

“I wonder how many people who get a tattoo in college would prefer that they didn’t have it ten years later?”

“Yeah, if they passed a law that you can’t get a tattoo until you’re twenty-five, half the tattoos wouldn’t exist.”

“For the record, I like it. You have great arms.” I add, tracing the planes of his arm and shoulder muscles. “I think it’s a nice tattoo.”

He starts lazily playing with my nipple, which causes my already sensitive sensory system to quicken.

“No tattoos, no piercings other than your ears?”

“Yeah, I’m just a conventional engineer.”

The next twist to my nipple causes me to close my eyes and lean my head back while I gasp and breathe deeply. When I open my eyes, I can see a knowing look on Nate’s face. He’s enjoying watching my reaction.

Bending down he gives me a softer, deep kiss. He rolls his tongue around mine causing my mouth to break apart into its own mini orgasm.

As he pulls away, I trace my finger down his face. “You’re an amazing lover. You just intuitively know where to touch me. Each time it’s better than the last.”

“I just can’t keep my hands off your curves.” He admits as he runs his hand over my thigh, butt, hip, and up to my waist.


Chapter 14 – Turn up the Heat


We softly pet each other; it’s an amazing way to come down from an orgasm. Already Nate’s spoiled me for any future guys, and I realize I don’t want a plan B. His rumbling stomach breaks the mood.

“You hungry?”

He chuckles, “Yeah, you figured that out?”

“I’d offer to make you something, but we don’t have much to eat here. We can head out to Castro and see if we can get a table somewhere?”

He sits up, “Give me a minute,” he says, as he heads into the bathroom.

Now I get to check out his nice, naked butt. The toilet flushes and the water runs, then he comes back in, sits down at the end of the bed. Turning to me, he asks, “Do you need to take a shower, or are you OK just throwing on some clothes?”

Thinking about it, “Can you give me five minutes? I’ve been with horses all day and…well, I’d just like a quick rinse.”

He runs his finger from my shoulder down my arm. “Sure, five minutes. But next time, I get to join you for the shower.”

Slithering out of bed, I stand in front of him naked and shivering, “We’ve got to remember to turn the heat up in this place, I’m way too cold.”

His eyes scan my body as he nods in agreement. Racing into the bathroom, I turn on the shower, put my hair up, give myself the quickest soap up and rinse off possible. Towel off, brush out my hair quickly, apply some cream to my legs, Curly Girl to my hair, brush my teeth, and finally apply a little eyeliner and mascara. Sprinting back to my room, I see Nate and his clothes are gone. Pulling out some of my nice lingerie, I yank on some socks, a pair of clean skinny jeans, and a soft, warm sweater. Grabbing my warm leather coat and boots, I sprint out to the living room. Nate’s sitting on the couch checking his phone.

Without looking up, he says, “I turned up the heat in this place, it should be warm when we get back.” Looking up, he appraises me. “When you said five minutes, I thought you were kidding.” Looking at the time, he says, “I think it was closer to fifteen minutes. But still, I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman who could get ready so fast.”

As I sit down to pull on my boots, I say, “Hey, I get lots of practice. My transition time from pool to work is short.”

Standing up, he walks over and pulls me up, and then into a kiss.

“If you continue with this we’ll never get any food.” I tell him.

“Something for me to look forward to,” he replies.

He helps me on with my coat as we leave the condo and head into the chilly night. As we dine at a Mediterranean restaurant, our conversation is comfortable. He tells me about the surgeries he watched today, while I fill him in on the completion of my latest project and my concerns about everyone knowing my dad helped me solve the problem.

Nate listens intently then offers, “My dad’s a doc; if I consulted my dad about a patient and came back with a better diagnosis, my bosses wouldn’t think less of me. Maybe you’re judging yourself too harshly.”

It’s food for thought.

After dinner, he tucks me in under his arm. As we walk back, he leans into my ear and says, “I’ve got great plans the rest of the night.”

My entire core lights back up with this promise.

Chapter 15 – Do we Have Time for Dinner?


On the way back to the condo he stops at his car, “I hope you don’t mind I packed a few things, just in case.”

Jokingly, I say, “Did you pack your footy pajamas?”

As he grabs a gym bag out of the back, he smiles, “No pajamas. With you, only skin.”

As we enter the condo, it feels warm.

He smiles, “Give me a minute, I need to use the head.”

Taking this time to hang up my coat and take off my boots, I go into the kitchen to see if Cassie’s been home, and to fill my bedside water bottle. Heading back towards my bedroom, I see that Nate’s no longer in the bathroom. Quickly brushing my teeth and washing up, I use makeup remover pads to take off my mascara. He doesn’t need to experience smeared makeup and bad breath two nights in a row. Entering my bedroom as I give myself a quick messy braid to avoid a crazy case of bed hair in the morning, I see Nate’s made himself comfortable. His gym bag is in the corner with a pile of clothes next to it, both lights are on, condoms are on the bedside table next to his wallet, and Nate is sitting up naked in my bed looking at his cell phone.

Smiling, I say, “Glad to see you made yourself at home.”

Giving me a cocky smile, he places his phone on the table and lifts the end of the comforter as he says, “I’ll show you how thorough I can be.”

Remembering our earlier texts, “That’s right, you have some thoroughly pleasing skills to show off.”

The warm air coming out of the vent gives me an idea. As Nate watches, I slowly undress for him. When I get down to my underwear I turn around, bend over, pick up my sweater, slowly folding it and putting it away so that he gets a good look at my backside wearing a thong. As I turn around, I can see by the look on his face that he’s enjoying the show. When I am completely naked, I strut over to the bed and start crawling in as he completely throws back the covers. Lowering my hand to his stomach, I gently trail my fingers to his crotch where I find he’s already hard. Smiling knowingly, I look into his hooded eyes, “I see you enjoyed watching me undress.”

Raising one hand to my breast and another to my face and neck, he licks my lower lip, then sticks his tongue in my mouth. Tasting his toothpaste in a deep kiss, he grabs my knee and drags me over him so I am sitting across his lap, my legs straddling his waist. Releasing the kiss, he says, “Let me try this. I’ll make sure you’re coming before I release.”

Kissing me again, he lowers one hand to my hip while his other hand controls his penis as he uses it to rub my clit and folds, feeling me inside with his fingers to make sure I’m wet. My hands are on his shoulders as he releases our kiss. We’re cheek to cheek looking down as he rolls on the condom. Lifting me with one hand on my butt and hip, he places me over him and starts rocking himself inside of me. We both watch as our bodies merge. Raising and lowering my hips with both hands, he submerges deeper with each stroke. Gently he uses his thumb and index finger to stoke my clit in a gentle circular motion. My breathing becomes more labored as the stimulation increases the waves of contractions racing across my core and down my legs. In his soft bedroom voice, he says, “Juliette, let go of my shoulders.” as he leans back on the pillow, grabs my right leg, lifts it over his body, and pivots me so I’m facing his feet. Gently rubbing his hand down my back, he says, “slowly lean down and grab my ankles.”

Following his instructions, with his hands on my hips he moves me up and down and circles my hips in a figure-eight pattern. Feeling the rhythm, I start taking over. The base of his penis is now stimulating my clit, while he perfectly hits my insides. Feeling my orgasm rise, I go a little faster and harder as I can’t help gasping. Never have I felt anything like this, instinctively, I know he’s perfectly hit my G-spot. I’ve read that hitting your G-spot and clit can result in an amazing orgasm. The actual experience is indescribably better than anything I ever imagined. Just as we break apart, Nate takes over guiding my body so he gets stimulated… with three guttural moans, I know he’s come too.

My body is shaking from my orgasm as he maintains his hold on my hips letting me come down in place. As he shrinks and leaves me, Nate gently lowers me back into his arms. Holding me close while my body continues to shake and my brain buzzes. Finally, I come down. He tucks me in under the covers as he heads into the bathroom. When he joins me again, he uses a warm washcloth to wipe the sticky residue of sex off me.

As he turns off the lights he says, “I turned the heater back down, it was warm enough for you to strip but it’s way too warm for me to sleep. I hope you don’t mind.” He then pulls me back into a warm spoon. Kissing my head, he says, “You’re amazing, but now I need to sleep.” Cuddling up, I brush my hand gently over the arm that’s grasping my chest, “Nate, I never knew sex was like this. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. Thank you.”

He responds by giving my breast a little massage. Hearing his breathing deepen, I can tell he’s asleep. Listening to his strong heart, I lay awake for a while feeling satiated and happy.

BOOK: Be With Me in Silicon Valley: The Juliette Trilogy (The Princesses of Silicon Valley - Book 3)
9.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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