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Authors: Melanie Walker

Bliss (The Custos) (6 page)

              "Why do they call you Preacher?"


              He looked at me, a look of sadness maybe? I wasn’t sure but there was longing there. I expected him to say something about my thoughts but he stayed silent. "Well it is what I am, now and while I was still alive. I became a member of the Unbeatin' Hearts club in 1923."


              There was only one question I had and I waited to see if he would answer me without asking but like before he was silent. "Why don’t you read my mind?"


              His smile was kind and he sat at the foot of the bed before answering me. "Privacy is yours and yours alone. I don’t read minds but I do hear your thoughts and they are private." He looked over the room as if it was hard to look at me as he spoke. "I don’t have the right to know your secrets London, and I’m sorry about the fact that I do but I swear they will burn to dust when I do."


              I felt the tears that finally came, after everything I was finally crying but not for a reason I thought would break me. "Thank you Preacher. Thank you for saying sorry even though you can’t control it."


              He looked at me and I could tell he heard my thoughts from before so I asked. "Are you?"


              He sighed and looked at me. "Going to kill you?"


              When I nodded yes he spoke again. "No London, we have no intention
killing you. I know what Cash said and he is capable of it, but I think he would struggle with you." Knowing I wondered why at that he continued. "I just think he feels for you in this ....situation."


              "Are you going to help him find out why my Father wants me dead?" Speaking those words was like drinking acid, it burned and hurt but duh its acid what did I expect? My Father never cared for me so what did I expect? My thoughts must have caught Preacher because a look of shock on his face was priceless.


              "Trust me Preacher, he does not care for me in the slightest, all of this." I motioned around the room of unknown. "All of this screams 'I hate you London.'"


              "Trust me when I say we all have our misgivings and though your Father deserves his death, I believe that all Fathers even in Heaven make mistakes, yet those mistakes are forged by concern."


              This pissed me off because this man, er Vampire didn’t have a clue and it was no secret that I didn’t believe a word he said. I did have questions though. "You believe he loves me but that he deserves to die?"


              Preacher nodded and spoke. "Rightfully so Cookie, what he did deserves death and the fiery caverns of hell are waiting for him, but it doesn’t mean he hates you. Whatever his reasons I promise you it is not hate he feels."


              "You honestly believe he loves me? What about this scenario screams 'I love my daughter'?"


              "I never said he loved you. I believe you mean nothing good nor bad to him and so you are expendable."


              Those words hurt. I never knew him but I was told by society to love him and I know that deep down, granted real deep I did love him. To hear he didn’t love me.... "Then I would rather he hate me, at least then I knew he felt....something."


              "I don’t blame you, the man sounds horrific."


              I couldn’t help but laugh. I liked Preacher. He was nice and he knew what to say to make me feel safe unlike my dreamy captor who was nowhere to be seen.


              Preacher stood and walked to the door. "Feel free to walk around, your safe here. If you leave I promise he
find you and things could get ...ugly. Do as he says and it will all go smooth. At the end of the day you are not a prisoner here and we are on your side. Let us do our job ok?"


              I nodded because I believed him. I know this Cash guy saved me from those monsters at the mall and the least I could do was make his job easier and show my gratitude.


              "That’s the spirit Cookie." Preacher said opening the door.


              "Hey Preacher." I asked sitting up in the bed. "Why Cookie?"


              "Because as you stated Cash smells like rain and I smell like weed as I should, you Cookie smell like cookie's."


              I laughed and stood looking at the oversized shirt I was wearing and flannel boxers.


              Not. My. Style. Vampire.


              "Hey Cookie, I like you too." Preacher said before shutting the door behind him.


              I looked around the room. It was dark, dark wooden floors and dark drapes over the windows. I wondered if it was light outside but the clock on the nightstand confirmed it was almost dark out. Six PM.


              I needed a mirror, but fearing what I would look like I decided I would rather shower first. I saw the bags from my shopping trip in the corner and jumped in joy, squealing in delight that I was saved. I had makeup and hairspray and some really cute outfits all for my new move that was now on the back burner.


              "Don’t care." I told myself smiling in utter glee. A woman needed very few things to be content, and each woman was different. Me all I needed were my MAC cosmetics, Sevens Jeans and Lou Boutin's. Sure I loved my Prada and Dolce but I would survive this nightmare better when I felt like myself. The whole giant rangy Hanes T and flannel boxers were not cutting it here.


              I gathered the items I needed and looked at the set of doors on the opposite side of the room hoping it lead to an adjoining bathroom. My luck improving more when I found a large claw foot tub and a basket next to its base, filled with a plethora of smelly girlie soaps and towels of the softest fabrics. "Preacher you have elaborate taste." There was a card atop the items and I skimmed the note but stopped when I reached the end needing to start from the beginning.






              Here are a few items I am certain a woman needs to perfect their crazy art of beauty. Please meet us in the kitchen when you are ready for the evening.







"Hmmm." I said not sure what to make of this care basket. Last time I seen him he was giving me some kind of palm up shut down that worked. As apologies went this was pretty good, I mean really how did one say 'Sorry I scared the piss out of you, but it was for the best.'


              Well if there was anything I knew it was the art of beauty. I painstakingly made myself into a vision. I was not vein, but I was confident and if Cacius thought he saved some sweet innocent flower he had a hell of an awakening waiting for him by the time I was done.




              This was torture and I didn’t have a clue what was going on with me. The simple stroke of her cheek damn near put me in the throes of passion had Preacher not been there I would have captured her lips. I had no problems getting laid, as a creature of the undead I was able to get any woman in bed, even if they were not interested in men I had the capability to make them want me and it was beyond my control. Infatuation was strong, for humans. I was a man, a Vampire and it was common for my kind to take a mate, a lover and mark them. The idea itself gave me the hives.


              I’m a creature of the night, not a love struck fool. The way she made me feel was a long forgotten emotion. It was like my teenage years as a human walking around with a permanent hard on and willing to fuck any woman who would let me. London did the same thing only now four hundred years later I was terrified and not interested.


              I could hear her mind, my room adjoined to hers by the bathroom. The very same one she lay naked in the bath.


              Right. Next. Door.


              I couldn’t deny how badly I wanted to be in there watching her, her letting me watch her. She would let me but only because I over powered her free will and I had too much pride to go where I wasn’t welcome. She may want my body but she hated me.


              Before I could mope any longer my breath hitched and I jacked upright in bed, my cock hard already it now was a thundering pulse in my jeans. London was starting to touch herself. But that wasn’t what had me aching to be inside her. She was touching herself and she would get off, but it would be to thoughts of me.








I could see it, see her fingers slim and polished in a deep dark red almost black and the contrast of those soft fingers against the bright pink lips of her pussy made me gasp and reach for the button on my jeans. A creature of impulse I did as my body demanded.


              After freeing my cock and a few seconds feeling like a sick bastard I rested my head on my arm while my free hand slid down my chest. She wanted me between her legs licking and kissing her clit, tugging and sucking while my fingers were deep in her pussy finding her G spot and making her scream. My name coursed through her mind and I could hear her describe me, my dark blue eyes and short black hair. She wanted her hands in it pulling my face closer to her cunt, my hair the rains to her pleasure.


              Jesus I wanted to go to her, tell her I was happy to oblige but just as Preacher had said to her earlier I had no right to know her secrets. But there was no avoiding it now; I was lost in her mind in her passion and her want for me. The hounds of hell couldn’t pull me from her mind right now. I stroked my cock, hard and fast feeling the pre cum as I pumped harder. Jesus I wanted her pussy, I bet she was tight, like a fucking wet fist. Thoughts like that were dangerous when I wanted to come this bad.


              If that damn fax had come through five minutes later that night, I would have been inside of her and too far gone to stop for a fax. Thoughts like that are dangerous, but so was that fucking fax. Now courtesy of her father’s fucked up hit on her head I would never know what it felt like to hold my cock inside of her, feel her come around me.


              She started a fast tap and flick motion on her clit and in her mind she fantasized that it was my tongue assaulting her. The idea sent her over the edge and she dunked under the water to stop from crying out. But I could hear it, she was crying out my name silently.


              I came and came hard, hot jets shooting across my stomach and my hand as I finished myself. I bit a pillow to keep quiet but I could hear the water in the tub splashing as the waves of her orgasm’s cascaded through her body making her tremble along with the water.


              I felt like a voyeur, she knew I could pick up on her thoughts but she didn’t know it was a five mile radius. Jesus I’m a dirty bastard. Myself loathing came to an abrupt halt when more of her thoughts flooded in.
'Now you know what it's like to have someone invade your privacy Cash. I know you were with me there. Hope you enjoyed it, because it’s the last you get from me.'


              Like that it was like she slammed a door in my face. I couldn’t pick up on anything from her. It was over, the infatuation was done and it was about time. The blood I had given her after the attack had worked fast. I hope like hell she was closed to Preacher or his ears were really burning.


              I was a man who liked a good challenge and I knew when I was beat. I stood and walked to the door of the bathroom and knocked. Not waiting for an answer I spoke through the door jam. "Princess, that was beautiful but next time say my name out loud. You'll come twice."


              And left the room.








              That bastard
. That was all I had really. Sure I knew he could hear my thoughts and I knew it was dangerous doing what I did, yet part of me wished like hell that it had been real and I knew that...well time I would say his name.

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