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Copyright © 2013 by
Melanie  Walker
All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof
may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
without the express written permission of the publisher
except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

Printed in the United States of America

First Printing, 2012





The creative drive it took to write Bliss would never have been possible if it wasn’t for you, my husband. For all the “bath time” nights, “Daddy
Spagettios again?” Nights and all the tears it took to get me here. For every time I asked the question; “What if Preacher said....what if Princess was... and of course for choosing Cash’s name. I would never have done this if you didn’t think I could. I don’t know if I can ever make those long nights, empty one sided conversations and my constant need to make you listen to yet another song, idea and title will ever be worth it. But my heart is always there, always listening and forever with you...even if I am ‘stuck in a book’.


The second is to my best friend and the sister of my heart Mandey Kuyper. For finding a way to always be there, even though I was 900 miles away. For expensive out of plan calls you took when I was in a panic. And for being the first person to buy Bliss the minute it was available. I love you and am so blessed to have a friend like you in my life. I know that no acknowledgment could ever describe how blessed I am for your friendship; however, I hope this one did some justice.


Thank you to my family for the support and listening to my poems, to my short stories and now novels. To Chelsea Murphy and
Jordan Muhlestein for their work on the cover! Thank you for trusting me guys! To the Romney family, Vince in particular even though I know you will never,
read this book. If it wasn’t for the time you took to repair the files I destroyed, and for the lecture on backing up- this book, as all my others, would not be possible.


I hope that my readers will follow me on this journey and be patient as I continually edit and re-edit and re-edit! It will never be perfect enough in my eyes but you all seem to love it anyway!



To the only daddy I ever
had, my step-father Mickey Hettich. Your belief in me knew no bounds and you pushed me to believe in myself. So, for every newspaper article you clipped for contest info, for every poem you saved and ALL the words of encouragement, Thank you Pop! Even if this book will never be on your reading list! The greatest gift I received was when my mom made you our Pop!





Note to the reader


I am an independent author and I lack the eye for detail that an editor would have. I hope that Bliss is well liked and that what errors I have missed are overlooked because the story is powerful. Please review Bliss and rate the book. I want the world reading my books but it’s the fans who rate them that matter! Please
Please Please review!








I peered in the mirror one last time, making certain that my plan for the night went off smooth, without the slightest glitch. The outfit I chose would be the factor in this scenario.  With a smile I let out a sigh... if there was one thing I knew it was what looked right.
Raised as a spoiled brat no matter how hard I tried to fight what had been instilled in me since birth. I am what I am; London Chase, a beauty to say the least.


I grabbed my keys and wallet before taking my glass of Merlot into my hand and heading out for the night,
night that would change my life. My mood shifted and deflated like a child’s party balloon the moment I stepped from my room, "my chamber" as I called it. I saw the dim light coming from his den and I felt my stomach knot. For twenty six years I had been a captive in this mansion, run like a castle, and I in my dungeon.


I swallowed hard and reached for a stick of Dentyne gum before hitting the stairs. My new Lou Bouton boots came high on my calves and I could feel the denim of my skinny Sevens rubbing my skin from where I had tucked them into the boots. I reached the end of the stairs and started tucking the jeans back in when I heard his voice, hard as steal. "London, I need to see you.”


With a groan I stood upright and said nothing back as I walked towards the door to retrieve my jacket, knowing my plan for freedom hindered solely on this final confrontation. I swallowed in deep gulps the rest of the Merlot and hoped it would calm my nerves. I could only guess what this would be about.


“London.” I heard him again, only now his voice a demand. If Walter Chase asked you twice then the convo was going to be real uptight.


“What?” I said. Walking into the den, making the single word a statement. My Father sat behind his desk, regal looking, that salt and pepper hair and deep blue eyes glaring at me as if he knew, as if he could see the plan I had so carefully crafted. He looked like maybe once, a long time ago he may have been handsome. Now all I could see was how much he despised me.


Feeling's mutual Pop.


“Speak to me in a tone of respect.” He demanded. His voice like an iron fist. He demands that I respect him, assuming he owned that right, but I refused to be controlled any longer.


“Riiiight…” I said drawing the word out and turning to leave, not interested in anything he had to say.


“I haven’t spoken with you yet, so I suggest you turn around and take a seat.” I didn't get the chance to argue, when I turned to make a break for it, Morris his Driver, but more like a guard, came to the doorway and stood blocking my getaway.


“Jesus.” I said. My voice full of annoyance. “What the hell do you want ?” I knew I was angering him, and I knew the outcome of this fight would end in a screaming match. But I needed him angry.


Walter Chase was a pharmaceutical mogul, worth more money than god and he had the power to make any person bend to his will. There was only one way to get free of his grasp and it was disappointing him in such a way, he would cut you off entirely.


Here is to hoping.


“I see you're set out to 'paint the town,' as always.” He looked my outfit up and down and scowled at me. “Bar hopping?” He snarled and lifted a knowing brow at my bored response to his insult. “How appropriate.”


“What Daddy?” I asked my eyes playing innocent but he knew I was livid. “Don’t like the new outfit. You should, you bought it.”


“Oh I always look forward to discussing the various ways you spend


“I would welcome the opportunity to make and spend my own?” I asked foolishly, hoping he would relent.


He gave a snort of contempt and completely sidelined my request. “You know that the only option way that will happen is if you continue to donate your blood to my cause, however that’s not the issue tonight.”



Now that did shock me and to be honest a small part of me was now intrigued.
Almost every time I brought up our ‘deal’, the one where I donate my blood for testing for his newest drug. By donating my blood I in turn gain my freedom. Had the drugs he manufactured not been to help improve the lives of women who had been made victims, I’d have walked years ago. “What then, I don’t have all night.” Then I laughed. “Well actually I do have all night, I just choose to not spend it with you.” I smiled at the end of my insult hoping my point was made.


“I have a meeting in the morning, a European client willing to invest in a drug that will change the world. I would ask that just once you try not to humiliate me in your quest to ruin your life.”


“Oh daddy, that’s nice.” I said and rolled my eyes. I took this moment upon myself as my cue to leave. But instead, he didn’t miss a beat standing up from behind the desk his chair slammed against the wall as came at me full speed. Suddenly he gripped me by my hair, pulling my head back and slapping me across my face leaving a sting and burn within seconds. “Fuck you.” I said and laughed, refusing to let him see that the slap hurt. I knew he would hit again and if I let him he would bloody me. It was an old game. One
always won. But I had a plan tonight and I needed my face in-tact.


“Trust me London, you do not want me angry tonight. Mind yourself, Morris will be watching you and he has orders to bring you home if he even thinks you may step out of line.”


Babysat by my Dad’s henchman? Perfect. Hope Morris would enjoy the sight he was gonna get tonight.


I said nothing as I stepped through Morris and out of the den showing obvious annoyance. Knowing he was behind me, I opened the door and walked to my car.




I walked into Club Vegas going directly to the VIP area that my friends had no doubt reserved and were waiting for me to arrive before they started the party. God forbid they buy a cocktail of their own.  Chelsea and Cassie sat at the table talking up two very sexy male specimens that only Texas could provide. I couldn’t help but think that maybe the night just got a trillion times better by placing my quest right in front of me.


"Ladies?" I stated as I took a seat across the table next to Brittany my "bff" for all intents and purposes. Brittany, also from a wealthy family that was close with my father. We had been forced to grow up together. When it came to Brittany I didn’t need to watch my budget, just my back.


“London meet Cacius." She flipped her auburn hair over her shoulder and flashed the guy a smile worth a million bucks before looking back at me. "Cacius meet London."


I couldn’t help but feel a pull unlike any other when I looked at him. Dressed in a sexy package made for rough sex and dirty talk. Perfect! His features were dark, his eyes a dark indigo, shadowed by thick black lashes. He was not the sort of man I found myself speechless and hot after. His hair was as black as a ravens wing and stood a few inches off his head in a Mohawk with scrolling tattoos on both sides of his shaved scalp were as jet black as his hair. But this guy was exquisite and I felt compelled to touch him. I fought the urge to climb into his arms when he put his hand out to shake my hand. "Nice to meet you London." His voice was deep and scratchy, a vibration that tickled down my spine and stopping at my clit, forcing a throb unlike any other I had felt before.


"Cacius is here with Mac.” She pointed to the other beauty, and oddly enough this guy was more the sort of male specimen I had set out after. Long blond hair with waves of thin curl and his eyes blue, but pale, not like the freaky Emo friend that continued to make me breathless.


Brittany god bless her, leaned across the table and placed her elbows close, her breasts plunging together. I could feel her annoyance though I found it impossible to look at her. My eyes were transfixed on the man before me. As if he read my thoughts his gaze tore away from mine and his eyes flashed briefly at Brittany's cleavage. The smile he gave was slight and seemed to say he knew he had her,
he wanted her. Brittany would spread herself open in the back seat of his car if he even implied he wanted her. I on the other hand, I was slightly willing myself but a fear licked deep inside telling me that this guy would do more than end my celibacy. He would be exactly the sort of man my father would disown me over, but the way he looked at me made me question if he would leave me wanting more. Just then he smiled again when his gaze came back to mine.

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