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Blood Match

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Blood Match

By Jessica Miles

©2013 Jessica Miles

Copyright Notice

This book is sold subject to conditions that it can not by way of trade be lent, resold, hired out or otherwise circulated without the author’s prior consent, in any form or cover, other than which it is published.

This novel is a work of fiction.  The names and characters are the product of the author’s imagination and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Imagine if the world around us is not as we imagine it to be.

That there are dark ancient souls mingling amongst us, occupying places high and low in our society.

These secretive immortals feed upon us and our modern world to gain their advantage.

Honour, respect and love…  
Do they exist for such beings…?

Chapter 1

“Let me go Adam, that actually hurts!” Serena gasped pushing at his hard chest with both her palms.

Her brother was literally squeezing the life out of her body and it felt like he was about to break her ribs!

“Sorry sweet! I’m just so pleased for you!” He said releasing her from his enthusiastic iron bear hug. “It’s a dream of a first job, isn’t it? I’m kind of jealous actually… I wish I had that salary!”

Adam was a personal trainer at a local health club and although he loved the work, being the die-hard fitness fanatic that he was, the pay was not so great. He did a lot of private training on the side to supplement his income.

“Serena, what do you say to a little bit of a party tomorrow…?  You, me, Jo, Em and the guys… we could go out in town and celebrate.  You haven’t been out clubbing with me on a Saturday for an age.  Go on…!” Adam insisted enthusiastically.

“Much as I’d love to Adam, I really can’t -  I promised I’d go to Janet’s for Sunday lunch – I don’t want to get all hung over and have to drive all that way  – it would be hell and most probably illegal!” Serena said firmly, looking at him over the top of her glasses.

“Go to Jan’s next week then.  Look, I’ll call her for you and make up a good excuse – then you won’t have to feel bad about it.” Adam offered, flopping down heavily on the sofa.

“But I have put her off twice already Ad. First I had to take Cassie to the airport last minute, because her Gran was ill and then my car was out of action for a week…I can’t do it again, she’ll be really upset with me! ….I have to admit though, driving a 250 mile round trip the day before my new job starts is rather a daunting prospect … but I’m still going… She’s a good friend and I am making the effort. We’ll just have to have our night out next weekend instead.”

“Oh come on….! Make it tomorrow…Look, I’m excited for you Serena! I don’t want to wait a whole week. It won’t be the same…” He said pouting a little in a male fashion. “Let me call her. I can charm the pretty pants off her. Jan has always liked me. Actually, I happen to know she quite fancies me.” He said completely seriously.

“She most certainly does not! She is a respectable newly married woman. She only has eyes for Don.” Serena objected indignantly.

“Nah – she does, in fact all your friends do Serry, I could have the pick of any of them, if I wanted – they all lust after me like crazy! I’ve seen them looking…” Adam carried on.

do not!” she said laughing out loud at his ego trip “They know
what you’re like.”

Actually he was probably right there. She had noticed her friends eyeing him up a lot whenever they came over… it worried her at times.

“Especially your Janet…” he smirked, winding her up some more with his own unique brand of humour. “C’mon girl, give me her number, I’ll say you’ve just gone down with a really bad dose of the flu and can’t come till you’re feeling better, okay?”

“No Ad, the answer is no! It’s next week, so shut up about it will you?”

Adam could be so very, very naughty. Serena loved her brother dearly but he was such a player with women and so arrogant he went off the scale at times. At 24 and looking like a modern day Adonis with his wavy blond hair, perfect features and perfect body, he really did have the pick of the girls. How many women he had hit on successfully she couldn’t say, but it was rather a lot. A new girl appeared in their flat almost every week and that was just the ones she knew about. He was the undisputed king of one night stands in Cambridge. Serena thought to herself that if he didn’t slow down a little, he just might run out of prospects before long!

She wondered if he really liked himself deep down inside; if he felt good about his life? She knew she wouldn’t enjoy his lifestyle. She felt filthy and grimy just imagining it. Thankfully none of her friends had fallen victim to his louche charm but she knew they probably would if he made a move. It was only out of respect for her that he hadn’t. The thought of Adam using her friends for his brief amusement made her feel a little ill.

She looked down at his well built and luscious form lazing across the sofa. He was the absolute antithesis of Serena… How could a brother and sister, born from the same parents, be such polar opposites in nature?

She pushed his feet out of the way and sat down on the sofa next to him musing about things, ignoring his huffing and mild stroppiness over not getting his own way about their evening out.  He finally got up and wandered off to the kitchen returning with a bottle of water and turning on the television to watch a Top Gear special.

She was so excited about her first job. It really was a dream come true! She was so, so lucky. She still couldn’t quite believe it herself!

On Monday she would become the Social Media Consultant at B-TECHA, a small privately owned design and visual technology company on a twelve month generously paid contract.  She felt a swelling of pride at the thought of starting to work there. Her first class honours degree in Business Management and her social media work experience within the university were now bearing the first fruits of success for her.  It had been such a lot of hard work and she had been so dedicated to getting a first. Actually, obsessed is probably closer to the truth. The last five years of her life had provided a punishing workload, mostly self-induced she had to admit. She always had to do a little bit more than was necessary, just to satisfy herself.  From quite a young age she was determined to prove herself. She didn’t want to be noted for superficial things. She knew she had a good brain and wanted to use it.

This job was the start of her reward for all the effort she had put in.

She took her smeary glasses off, cleaned them and popped them back on her small nose, then picked up her iPad from the side table to post a status update on Facebook and a quick Tweet about her job news. She decided to send an email to her parents too. They were going to be so pleased for her. As she typed up her messages she curled up comfortably in the corner of the sofa, checking her various accounts and emails for anything new. Nothing much was going on today…. Very dull… Except for her news of course!

Her phone suddenly bleeped with a message and she picked it up.

“Adam, you’ll never believe this…” she said to him in surprise… “Janet’s only in bed with the flu, she says she has it bad… she’s cancelled!”

She smiled in relief. Poor old Jan! But she really had done her a favour. Visiting her next weekend would suit her far better.

Tomorrow’s party was now definitely on.

Chapter 2

Serena woke up on Saturday morning just after nine. She was due to see her old school friend Abbye in town today.  She had a few hours to spare so she put on her trainers and running gear. She clipped her iPod on her top, grabbed a bottle of water and set off for a run.

Running was her escape. She had always enjoyed it. She loved the high it gave her all day and the energy it provided. She was quite fit… nowhere near as fit as Adam of course, but fitter than all her friends were anyway.  As she ran with her music playing she was in another world. Her blood sang as it rushed through her veins and she tingled with the cool air rushing past her hot skin. The dance music she liked was a heady partner for running…it drove her on and on.

She arrived back just under an hour later and washed herself quickly under the shower. She dressed in her pale ancient jeans and even more ancient sweatshirt. She needed to move on from these tatty sloppy old student clothes soon, she told herself sternly. It was a shame they were so damn comfortable!  Adam was at work, on his very early shift today, so she hung around on her own in the flat drinking a cup of coffee and listening to the radio until eleven thirty when she finally set off to meet up.

They had a quick early lunch and Serena excitedly told Abbye some more details about her new job. She seemed rather quiet and unenthusiastic at hearing about it and that disappointed Serena. Still she knew Abbye had a tendency to be somewhat moody at times. After lunch they had a good mooch around the shops.  Neither of them had much money but it was fun to window shop. Serena loved the shoe shops and spent some time examining and trying on a ‘must have’ pair in Office.

“Just think Serry…You’ll be able to buy those soon, won’t you?” said Abbye “Not that you’ll have much chance to wear them…’cos being such a swot you never go anywhere except the library and oh… the library!” she pointed out wryly.

“Ah the library… yeah that is my second home… I admit that… I love all those old books and I can actually read for enjoyment now can’t I?” Her mind wandered momentarily to the latest book she had at home. Although she liked e-readers… she loved the feel of a real book in her hands… “You know, I’m absolutely ‘done’ with all that studying stuff. Actually Abbye, I’m feeling rather burnt out after all that work. I might have overdone it. I’ve ground to a complete studying halt! To think at one time I actually considered a Masters this year or next… I’m so, so glad I decided not to when it came to enrol date because I’m going to have some real fun from now on, like other young people do!” She grinned happily at Abbye.

“Oh yeah….? You and fun?  I’ll believe it when I see it.” Abbye smirked. “Your idea of a hot night out is a quick OJ at happy hour and a Chinese meal to go!”

“Well you’re not much better!” Serena reminded her “What do you do for fun – not a lot as far as I can see!” Abbye opened her mouth to object but Serena cut her off.

“Anyway, how about this for starters… Adam’s taking me out clubbing tonight. With his gang.” she said, feeling quite excited at the prospect. “That’ll be a hot night of fun for sure!”

“Oh really…! How I’d love to come along and see you have all that ‘hot fun’ Serry, it’s such a shame I’m babysitting for my aunt tonight.” Abbye said with a touch of sarcasm.

Serena wondered if Abbye was actually rather envious about her new job as her tone of conversation wasn’t very nice today. Abbye worked in a large care home as a supervisor. She knew it could be quite unpleasant and very stressful at times, dealing with the old folk’s problems, plus it wasn’t well paid and she was often short of money. She didn’t want to show off too much in front of her. In fact the real reason Abbye didn’t go out much was that she didn’t have the money… she had to support herself totally. She had no wealthy parents behind her like Serena did, paying for her degree and supplying a lovely flat to live in, sending her lots of presents, buying her a car…

Abbye found things quite tough. She had divorced parents who were struggling too.

“Come on Abbye, please don’t be like that.” Serena said rather hurt by her friend’s ‘off’ behaviour but at the same time feeling the need to be conciliatory. “Look, it would have been lovely for you to come out too; you know you’re welcome. But as you can’t, how about I buy you a hot mocha chocca chino, with vanilla syrup and extra whipped cream… as a consolation drink – You know you want one…!”

Abbye’s face finally broke into a reluctant smile. She was a complete coffee shop addict! Serena smiled back and gave her a little squeeze. It was quite endearing…

Chapter 3

Later that day Serena started getting ready for her big night of celebration. Normally this would take her fifteen minutes at the most, including her shower, but tonight she wanted to make much more of an effort. She wanted to make herself look really different somehow. How this was going to pan out, she wasn’t quite sure.

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