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Authors: Sue Lyndon

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Breaking His Rules

BOOK: Breaking His Rules
7.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

Breaking His Rules

Sue Lyndon

Chapter 1


Oh my God. This isn’t happening.

Amanda’s wrists ached from the abrasive handcuffs that held her captive. Despite the warm July air, the sidewalk was cool beneath her bottom, and she shivered in her thin exercise clothing. The sun had just set, and darkness played against the dim, decorative street lights, causing shadows to dance all around her. She stared in disbelief at the two cop cars parked in front of the jewelry store. Blue and red lights flashed and rotated, illuminating the night with the reminder of her error. Mr. Mizenov would fire her. She wouldn’t be able to find a new job in time to make rent, and she’d be forced to move back in with her parents in Redneckville, USA. Again. Her mother would say something like, “Well, how do you expect to find a real job and pay bills on time when you dropped out of college?” Yep, Amanda’s life in Germantown was at an end.

Pity. She loved this place.

A shadow blocked out the flashing lights, stirring Amanda from her sorrowful thoughts. She focused on a pair of black boots. Oh no. Mr. Mizenov. She inhaled slowly and chanced a glance up. His gaze was black, but he wasn’t looking at her.

“Why the hell is she in handcuffs?”

Amanda’s face flushed as her boss and the two police officers began to talk about her. Mr. Mizenov identified her as an employee of his jewelry store and once again demanded her handcuffs be removed. He lifted her up off the sidewalk and held her steady as a cop removed the blasted cuffs. Amanda opened her mouth, ready to tell Mr. Mizenov she didn’t need any help standing, but the angry gleam in his eyes stilled her speech.

“Stay right here,” he ordered.

She waited while he deactivated the silent alarm that had triggered the arrival of the police. She rubbed her wrists and gazed down the otherwise quiet street. All the nearby shops closed by seven each evening. Amanda had gotten off work at five, but on her way home from the gym around eight, she’d realized she’d left her e-reader sitting in the break room at work. She was already passing by the jewelry store on her way home, so she decided to stop and pick up the e-reader, partly because she was in the middle of a good book and partly because she didn’t want anyone spying the titles of her spicy reading material. Or the covers. Good God, not the covers. The device wasn’t password protected – an oversight she planned to remedy ASAP.

One of the cops smiled and handed over her purse. “I’m sorry about the confusion here, ma’am. We had to make sure you weren’t trying to break into the store. Next time make sure you have your employee ID with you. Your boss doesn’t look too happy at the moment.”

“No, he doesn’t,” Amanda agreed, watching with her heart in her throat as Mr. Mizenov finished locking up the store. He stalked toward her and grabbed her by the elbow, guiding her away from the cops.

This was it. He was going to fire her. Hello, Redneckville, USA. Amanda peered up into her boss’s handsome face, waiting with bated breath to hear her fate. Mr. Mizenov was a strict man who ran a tight business. She’d seen him dismiss employees for far less.

“I’m really sorry, Mr. Mizenov. I must have entered the security code incorrectly.”

“What were you doing here after closing, Amanda?” His Russian accent sounded thicker than usual. The rumble of his voice, the pressure of his hand grasping her elbow, and the intensity of his gaze made her go weak in the knees. Her pussy pulsed and her heart raced. Of all the times for her to fully realize her attraction to Mr. Mizenov, it had to be the moment he fired her.

“I…I forgot something in the break room. I was passing by after leaving the gym, and I thought I’d get it. As soon as I knew the alarm had been tripped, I waited outside for the cops to arrive, but they didn’t believe me when I told them I worked here. Thank you for coming.”

“They shouldn’t have put handcuffs on you. Bastards. Let me see your wrists.”

. Mr. Mizenov seemed angrier with the cops than with her. Maybe he wouldn’t fire her after all. Hesitantly, she gave him her hands. His jaw tightened while he inspected her wrists. He cursed under his breath, and her whole body tingled as he massaged the red marks. Amanda had never been handcuffed in her life, but she suspected the officer had put them on too tight.

“I want you to go home. We’ll discuss this in the morning.” He walked her across the street to her car with a hand pressed to her lower back, setting all the nerve endings in her body on high alert. She tingled and felt flushed from her head to her toes. “Oh, and Amanda?”

She pulled her keys from her purse and unlocked her vehicle. “Yes, Mr. Mizenov?”

“Get here an hour early.”

* * *

Ivan watched Amanda drive off and turned to finish up with the cops. Of course his business would be fined for the false alarm. He didn’t care about the money, but he was fuming over the way they’d treated Amanda. Arriving to find her sitting on the sidewalk, handcuffed and looking frightened had affected him immensely. It had called up his protective side, made him ache to gather her in his arms and hold her all night. The pretty blonde had worked for him for six months, and he’d spent the last six months resisting the urge to ask her out. He knew dating an employee wasn’t a good idea. Viktor, his brother and business partner, had dated a few girls who worked at the jewelry shop over the years before he returned to Russia. It had made for an awkward working environment when the love affairs ended. Ivan wanted to run a smooth business, and keeping a personal distance from his employees was rule number one.

He returned home and immediately poured himself a glass of Saperavi, his favorite strong red wine. Dealing with cops always put him on edge. Most of the cops in America were okay, but having grown up in a small town in Russia where corrupt, violent cops expected bribes, he still tended to distrust anyone in law enforcement. He hadn’t been back to Russia in ten years, but the uneasy feeling he got when he saw a police officer never left.

He sat down in the living room and pulled out the e-reader he’d found in the break room. He knew it belonged to Amanda and was the reason she’d stopped by the store. If he was a better man, he would’ve returned it to her immediately, but curiosity had gotten the best of him. Amanda spent her entire lunch break each day engrossed in this thing, and he wanted to know what was so interesting that she couldn’t wait until tomorrow. He suspected she read trashy books, the ridiculous romances women tended to devour. And even though he’d sworn to never ask Amanda out, he wanted to know what made her tick. What excited her.

The list of book titles on her e-reader didn’t disappoint. His eyes widened as he skimmed the pages of reading material. The book covers were downright provocative, and many of the titles had the words spanking, discipline, BDSM, medical fetish, and punishment in them. He opened the most recent title,
Spanked and Dominated by the Boss
, and began to skim the story. The gorgeous, single secretary kept mixing up her boss’s schedule, failed to deliver his lunch on time, and committed various other offences, all of which earned her a spanking bent over her boss’s desk. At the very end of the book, he seduced her and tied her to his bed.

Ivan perused the medical fetish titles next and took note that the rectal temperature passages were highlighted. How interesting. Of all the kinks Amanda could’ve had, he would’ve never guessed this one. He also would’ve never guessed the idea of taking Amanda’s temperature in this intimate manner would make all the blood in his body rush straight to his cock.

He growled and turned the e-reader off. His curiosity was satisfied, but now he had a whole new problem. He wanted Amanda more than ever. He wanted her beneath him, squirming and whimpering and pleading to be taken hard. He wanted to tease her and keep her on the edge of an orgasm until she went mad, begging him to grant her a release.

Christ, he wanted to break his number one rule.

Ivan’s cock swelled harder and pressed against his jeans. He cursed and downed the rest of his drink. He got ready for bed and set his alarm for an hour earlier than usual. He’d told Amanda to report to work early so she could practice de-arming the security system. Of course, she didn’t know why he’d ordered her to work early. She likely believed she was in trouble. The naughty girl. She obviously hadn’t been paying attention when he’d demonstrated how to deactivate the alarm. Not only that, but any employee who stopped by afterhours was required to phone Ivan first. She hadn’t followed the rules.

If she was a character in one of her books, she would be spanked soundly for her error. He grinned at the thought, and his cock twitched painfully at the image of Amanda bent over his desk with her bottom bared for punishment.

No. He couldn’t. This was real life. She’d have him arrested and sue him for all he was worth. He’d lose his business and everything he’d worked for. Oh but he wanted to. He wanted to paddle her good for nearly giving him a heart attack. When the alarm company had called, followed by the police a few minutes later, he’d assumed his store was being robbed.

He decided to give her a good scolding at the very least. She was lucky he wasn’t so cold hearted as to fire her. She had an excellent sales record, was dependable and easy to work with, and she had a great rapport with customers. Only an idiot would fire a girl like Amanda.

He fisted his engorged shaft and closed his eyes, groaning as ecstasy swept through his center, his balls tightening as his desire built. He couldn’t wait to scold Amanda.


Chapter 2



Anxiety curled in Amanda’s stomach. She still worried Mr. Mizenov would fire her. Perhaps he’d needed to sleep on the decision. She smoothed her hands over her skirt and crossed the street to the jewelry store. In her desperate need to impress her boss, she’d chosen her cutest summer outfit – a low cut peach colored blouse with a matching polka dot skirt that flared outward. A pair of beige three inch heels – the tallest she could walk in without tripping and falling flat on her face – completed her look.

Her heart skipped a beat as she pressed the buzzer at the door. The store didn’t open for another hour and a half. Her mind fuzzed over at the realization that she would be alone with Mr. Mizenov for so long. Well, at least she would if he didn’t let her go.

The boss of her slightly inappropriate wet dreams approached the door with his master key in hand. He opened the door and held it while she slowly entered the store, her heart in her throat. Disapproval was etched on his face, and she wished to see his displeasure gone. She’d screwed up. She knew that. What would it take to earn his forgiveness?

If only it were as simple as taking a spanking, like so many of the characters in the books she enjoyed.
Simple, yet complicated
, she thought. Receiving a spanking from Mr. Mizenov would complicate her work life even more. It was already difficult enough to concentrate in his presence. She squeezed her legs together and waited for him to speak first, feeling small and vulnerable as he glared down at her. Oh, he looked exquisite today. He was wearing her favorite suit, the dark gray one tailored to fit his large physique perfectly. His broad shoulders reminded her of a mountain.

He crossed his arms over his chest and stepped closer, glaring down at her with an air of electrifying authority that stole her breath away. “Amanda Bennington, you’ve been a very, very naughty girl.”

Her head shot up. Had he really just called her a naughty girl? Correction – a very, very naughty girl?

Yes. He had
. And his words seemed to have a direct link to her pussy. Warmth shot straight to her inner core, and her clit pulsed with need. He was scolding her. Mr. Mizenov was actually scolding her! She tried to contain her excitement, but it was no use. She exhaled the breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding and squirmed in place.

“I – I know. I’m very sorry,” she finally said. No man had ever talked to her this way before. She was in trouble with her boss and she loved it. Even though he wouldn’t take it as far as the heroes in those spicy books she preferred, she’d hold onto the memory of Mr. Mizenov scolding her for her masturbatory fantasies forever.

He nodded at the paneling near the inside of the door that concealed the security system. “Go practice typing in the code and turning the alarm off. Keep at it until I tell you to stop. Consider it part of your punishment, young lady.”

Punishment? Young lady?
Could her panties possibly become any wetter? “Yes, sir, of course,” she said, turning to do as he’d ordered. She typed in the code over and over again, all the while feeling Mr. Mizenov’s strong presence behind her as he hovered over her shoulder. His hot breath grazed her neck a few times, causing her to shiver with delight. Her hands shook slightly.

“Very good,” he said, removing her hand from the panel and turning her around. He towered over her, so tall and huge all around that she felt like a little mouse who’d crossed a lion’s path. “I see you remember the code today. What was the problem last night?”

BOOK: Breaking His Rules
7.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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