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“I don’t think you should be dancing.”

“I don’t actually care what you think. Anyways, I’m heading out. I’ll talk to you later, Zander.”

“Why does it matter if you dance better?” He asks, and this time the tone of his voice changes. I don’t know what it is, but it makes me feel like he really wants to know and apparently tonight I’m in the mood to just tell everything—almost.

“Because, my body is all I have to depend on. If I’m good at dancing and make sure I stay in shape, then I’ll be able to take care of myself wherever I have to go.”

He frowns, like he doesn’t like my answers, but then why would he? He doesn’t know who I am.

“Is that why you starve yourself all the time and drink that damn tea shit that stinks to high heaven?”

I shrug, “It’s called a cleanse. It keeps my metabolism up, and I don’t starve.”

“Hellcat, you have so many twists and turns you make me dizzy.”

“Don’t worry about it Stud, not like it matters. I’ll talk to you later,” I say feeling defeated now. I got up the courage to take the plunge and it didn’t happen. Now, I just feel stupid, and I need to get away from him.

“I accept your terms,” he says just as I begin to push through him to leave the room.

My hands freeze on his chest and I look up at him.

“My terms?”

“Yeah. You don’t want the past brought up. You want to use my dick, I say absolutely. I just have one question. You answer it, and we’ll get this party started.”

I take a step away from him, wondering exactly what he’s got on his mind now.

“What’s the question? I already told you, I’m not discussing my past.”

“I get it, but what I have to ask you is very important on how we proceed here.”

His answer confuses me, but I’m curious and I still….want… him.

“Okay shoot, but I’m not promising to answer.”

I thought that would make him smile, it doesn’t. He looks totally serious and asks the one question, that I kind of hoped he would never ask.

“You said you have never had a man between your legs you didn’t ha….”

“I told you I’m not talking about this,” I interrupt him.

He puts his hands up before I continue and moves so that he is completely blocking the door. Blocking any hope of escape.

“I’m not asking for details, sweetheart. I’m asking you to tell me one thing and one thing only.”

I have this horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. I feel exposed—like I’ve given too much away. I can’t take it back now, it’s too late. I let my guard down and all I can hope is that it doesn’t come back around and bite me in the ass.

“Go ahead and ask me then.”

“Have you ever had an orgasm?”

I don’t want to answer.
I don’t
. I also can’t forget how sweet he’s been this week. How he’s taken care of me, how he’s been watching out for me, protecting me and most of all…
how he makes me feel

“I don’t see how this…”

“It makes every fucking difference in the world. So I’m going to ask you one more time Hellcat, and you’re going to answer.”

“Has a man ever made you come?”

I drop my gaze and stare down at my feet. My toenail polish is chipped. I should fix that before I go out…

“Hellcat, eyes. Give me those eyes. Has a man ever made you come?”

“I…no. There are you happy now?
. If using a man for sex is this difficult, I have no idea why women don’t just remain virgins.”

He gives me a kind of cocky half smile and the little lines at the corner of his eyes crinkle. I get that damn feeling in my stomach that he’s been giving me all week.
Damn it

“I’ll show you why in a minute. Now, I have one more question.”

“Oh no. No way Stud, you said one question and that’s what I agreed to.
One question

“That question, necessitated the next.”

“Necessitated? Jesus Zander,”

“Have you ever made yourself orgasm, Hellcat?”

My heart stops. There’s a question I wasn’t expecting. If I tell him the truth will he see how truly pathetic I am? Shit.

“No, and that’s all you’re getting. Do not bother asking me why, Zander or so help me I will take that lamp you’re standing beside and bang it over the side of your head.”

He doesn’t say anything in return. Instead he walks to the bed, turns the covers down and turns back around to look at me.

“Get up here on the bed, Hellcat,” he orders and his voice has that rough, gravely tone he used when he said my name in the shower… when he… God, he got himself off and mine was the name he had on his lips. That has to mean something right?
Shit. What am I doing?

Chapter 12


ome here, Hellcat.”

“Zander, I don’t…”

“Dani? I’m not repeating myself again.
Come here
.” I order her. It’s probably the completely wrong way to handle her—hell, to handle this entire situation. Yet, it’s who I am and I can’t change, even for her.
She’s the one.
I feel it in my bones. I need her to accept me, because I’m going nowhere. I’m here for the long haul with this woman.

I watch as those big beautiful eyes fill with panic. I’m going to kill the son of a bitch who did this to her and when I do, I’m going to do it painfully and slowly. There’s a moment when I think she’s going to run screaming out of the room. Then, I see resolve flash in her eyes.

“I’d like to point out, you did in fact just repeat yourself,” she says in that sassy little tone she gets, even though fear is making her voice shake, I smile. She walks to me, looking anywhere but my face.

“You make me weak, what can I say?” I tell her and I’m not just talking about right now.

She looks down at our feet, still not looking up at me. I want this, I want her, but she’s going to have to give me certain signs.


That gets her attention. She looks up at me like I’ve lost my mind. Hell, the last week of touching her, having her so close and doing nothing but sleep, I probably have.

“What?” She questions.


“Zander, this is not…”

“Damn, I had you pegged wrong, Hellcat,” I tell her, hating that I have to do it this way. Sometimes you gotta do, what you gotta do.

“What does that mean?”

“I thought you had fire, Hellcat. I gotta say I’m more than a little disappointed.”

She looks at me and then, just like I knew she would, her eyes shoot fire at me. She whips my shirt over her head and throws it at me. It takes all I have not to grin. God she’s beautiful. I let the shirt fall to the ground and wait.

When I don’t give her the reaction she’s wanting, she unbuttons her pants and pushes them down her hips before kicking them at me. With her leg hurt, they barely lift off the ground. I can tell that annoys her by the way she lets out an angry snort. Her breath blows her bangs up and she’s so damn cute in that moment. Then, I take her in. She has on this sea green and black lace bra with matching panties, and is so fucking sexy my dick is as hard as steel. At the same time, the childish look on her face makes me want to turn her over and tan her ass.

“Are you happy now?” She huffs. Damn, it’s like she’s daring me to slap that ass.

“Depends on if you have the guts to finish what we’ve started, Hellcat. It just depends,” I answer, doing my best to sound bored.

She gets on the bed. She’s got her hand draped over her breasts, trying to keep me from seeing anything, which considering she goes out half-naked most of the time, is confusing as hell and just another reason she keeps me on my toes. Dani is such a contradiction. On the surface you would think she was this badass, and then when you look closer… she’s so innocent and scared to show me her body. I’m going to do everything I can to make this good for her—to make this all about her. I’m going to have blue balls after this shit, but I need her to know that she is special. That I’m not what she thinks—not by a fucking long shot. I climb on the bed beside her and start by wrapping my arm around her and pulling her to me so her head rests on my shoulder and I can breathe in the scent of strawberries on her hair. It soothes me. It gives me a sense of belonging. I’ve never had that in life—not even with Melly.

“Zander, I know I’ve not had good experiences with this, but I don’t think this is how you have sex.”

“Hush, Hellcat. We’ll get there.”

“You’re a very confusing man,” She mumbles.

I kiss the top of her head and let my fingers stroke her side, gently and slowly each pass up and down I get closer to the rim of her panties. I can feel the small jerks in her body with each pass and the way her body tenses up. She likes what I’m doing, but the fear is still there. It hurts me, for her. No woman should have this fear about sex. Is this why she hasn’t had an orgasm? What kind of assholes has she been inviting into her bed that they haven’t made sure she was with them for the whole ride?

An image of that fucker Beast comes to mind and I beat it down. I’m going to kick that man’s ass. It’s just a matter of time. This is his loss, if he couldn’t appreciate Dani when he had his chance, he’s even more stupid than he looks. I lean down to whisper in her ear at the same time my hand pushes down into her underwear. Her body goes tight, but she doesn’t stop me.

“Rest easy, Hellcat. I’m just going to make you feel good right now. This is all about you. I’ll do nothing you don’t want, sweetheart.”


I slide my fingers over the top of her pussy. She’s waxed clean, not a surprise considering she dances in little more than a G-string, but I still wonder what she would look like with a small patch of hair there…I want to see it someday. I put my finger on the slippery little hood on her clit and use another finger to brush it… and then pinch lightly. I slowly move my fingers up and down the valley of her pussy, teasing and caressing all around her clit but never touching it—concentrating mainly just on the hood. Her hips begin moving back and forth in a little broken circle and she lets out a whimper to let me know she likes what I’m doing. I decide to reward her and pinch the hood harder this time and add a little more pressure to my strokes.

“I’m going to own this pussy, Hellcat. You’re already getting so wet for me and I haven’t even started yet. Do you like this, baby? Do you like it when I touch you like this?” I ask her while I pinch the covering over her clit hard, harder than I had.

“Zander… I…I need…”

I let my index finger move along the inside of the lips of her pussy, getting as close to that throbbing little clit as I can get, but still not giving her the relief she really needs.

“What sweetheart? What do you need?” I ask grazing her clit finally, but just for a second and then I go back to repeating the pattern all over again.

“I…oh God, do that again.”

“What’s that? What did I do? Was it this?” I ask, my lips close to her ear, I lick the inner shell and then suck the lobe into my mouth and bite down.

I push down on her clit, applying pressure hard, until I hear her gasp and her hip thrusts up to meet me. I slide my finger unto her clit over and over before pushing in again. Each time her clit pulses, harder. I can feel the jerking hammer of it with each caress. Liquid heat meets my fingers as I continue my onslaught on her pussy always ending on a pinch sometimes light, sometimes harder before petting her again and repeating.

“Zander, that feels… what are you doing? That feels…”

Her need has amped up, her hips are moving and she’s tightening up against my hand trying to ride my fingers. I can’t let that continue, I need to make this last longer. I shift so I can see what I’m doing. I stop all movement and she cries out in frustration and looks down at me.

“Take off your bra, Hellcat. Take it off and let me see you tease your nipples.”


I take my hands and rip her underwear on one side and push it out of my way. I watch her as the sound of ripping fabric fills the room and mingles with our ragged breathing.

“Do it,” I order. Her tongue comes out to dance on her lips as her eyes watch me closely. There’s fear and worse…shame in those eyes. I take one hand and pull the lips of her pussy back and then slap against it with my other hand. “I said do it, don’t make me repeat myself again, Hellcat.”

Shock registers on her face and her body becomes inflexible, but then sensation must have hit her because she tries to capture my hand between her legs to ride it. I imprison one leg in my hold, not letting her. Finally, she gives up and her fingers dance over the hard nipples that are poking through her bra. Cute. She’s cute. I give her that. I spank her wet pussy again.

“Without the bra, sweetheart. You know what I want. Give it to me and I’ll make sure you’re rewarded.”

She sits up enough to undo the clasp on the back of her bra and then slides it off her body. Her arm goes around immediately to try and hide her tits from me. It’s annoying but I’ll bring her out of that. I’m going to fuck those babies and soon.

“Lick your fingers, Hellcat.”

She looks at me like I’m insane. I sigh and pull away like I’m going to stop giving her pleasure. There’s not a chance in hell at this point, but she doesn’t know that.

She quickly sucks on her fingers and she doesn’t mean it that way—I can tell, but it’s sexier than hell. Fuck, just watching her, has me throbbing. She moves her fingers down to her nipples and begins rubbing them. Her eyes lock on mine and the need in them humbles me. I’ll be the first to make her orgasm. I’ll be the first to bring her this pleasure. I’m going to own her entire body, but I’m starting with her pussy. It will be mine and from this moment on, not one damned mother fucker is getting anywhere near it.

I’ve somehow managed to keep the towel around me, not wanting to scare her, but I know it’s about to go too far and very soon I’m going to be in that pussy. I hope I have her so far gone by then that she doesn’t get freaked out. I don’t know what’s happened to her, but I know it’s enough that I need to treat her like a frightened virgin. Trouble is, I haven’t actually fucked a virgin, so I’m using pure gut instinct here.

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