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My attention goes to the brunette, who doesn’t bother to hide her laughter at the way my brother and her girl are going at it. She’s got on designer sunglasses and her nails are perfectly done. She’s high maintenance and probably a bitch. She’s everything I should stay away from, but I keep remembering her words to me at the gas station when I asked her name.
Today, I’m not even sure
. In that moment she looked so haunted…so sad. She reminded me of Melly and it hurt. It hurt like a motherfucker. I drag my attention away from the babe’s lips and listen to the blonde yell when Dragon picks her up.

“Wait! What on earth are you doing?”

“Mama, those things on your feet are cute as hell, but they aren’t going to protect you from snakes.”

It’s an enjoyable exchange until I hear other laughter,
deeper laughter
. The brunette’s voice is deeper and huskier. It reminds me of an old country song and an aged glass of bourbon. Something that burns going down, but settles in your gut and warms you. I watch as she climbs on Freak’s back and he hauls her to the porch of the rental.

I don’t get jealous.
I have never been jealous a day in my life. Yet, in that moment, when I see Freak’s tattooed fingers wrap around the brunette’s tanned, silky-smooth, legs,
I feel it
. I feel it deep and I want to deck my brother for touching her. I shake my head because that is stupid. I don’t know the bitch and she sure didn’t warm up to me like she seems to have with Freak.
I need to forget her
. Maybe Dragon will strike out with the blonde and I can bury myself in her.
…I need someone with fire. I stomp back to my bike, mad at the little brunette with the fucking sexy legs. I have a feeling her fire might burn me for a long damn time.


Back at the
club, I’m on edge. I had a shower and grabbed some chow, but I have this restless energy. The memories of Mel are threatening to come out to play and I can’t handle that shit. I enter the main room looking for two things, a bottle and pussy. Maybe I can get drunk and fuck myself into oblivion.

The Twinkies are out playing, but none of them grab a hold of my cock like the brunette did.
Junior just lays there
. I see Dragon at the bar and decide to join him instead. I know what’s on his mind, so I decide to add a little fuel to the fire. I’m a bastard most days, what can I say?

“She’s a hot little piece,” I say as a prospect puts a glass down in front of me and I grab Dragon’s bottle and pour myself a drink.

He doesn’t respond, unless you count grunting at me.

“You gonna push it?”

“Fuck if I know.” Dragon answers, and it’s almost enough to make me stop. He’s apparently more than mildly interested in the blonde. I should back away and let it go, because honestly my interest is not there. Then I look around the club and realize it’s not there for the free pussy either.
. I need fire—something to keep the memories at bay. I don’t know why the memories are so bad lately, but I need them to

“Let me know if you don’t,” I tell him, only half meaning it. He gives me a look that would make a lesser man quake. “Hey, she’s damned fine.”

“She’s got trouble written all over her,” Dragon replies.

“Yeah, but what a trip. Some things are worth the trouble man,” I answer, but it’s an image of the brunette that flashes in my mind.

We talk for a few more minutes when I notice Tash walking towards us. She’s trouble. She has her sights set on Dragon and becoming his main bitch. I don’t see it happening. I hope like fuck it doesn’t happen. She’s weak and I don’t trust her. She could spell nothing but trouble for my brother.

“Hey Dragon, you looking for some company?”

“Nah, Tash, why don’t you see to my brother here. I got things on my mind, girl,” Dragon replies.

I cock my eyebrow up and laugh before I can stop myself. I know Dragon’s game. If he thinks a cold piece of snatch like Tash will derail me, he’s a stupid mother-fucker. Tash walks over to me and slams her lips down on mine. Her tongue pushes in my mouth like a cobra getting ready to devour a baby rabbit. Her breath is thick with smoke and alcohol and it feels
Still, I take her kiss and move my hand under the barely there mini dress she’s wearing. The skin on her naked ass feels leathery in places. She keeps her ass in the tanning bed too much. The club keeps one for the girls to use, but if this is what it does, Dragon should take that shit out.

I stand up and slap my brother on his shoulder.

“She starts work next week at the club man, let me know before then or she’s free game.”

Dragon growls again. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to get my shot at the blonde. It’s just as well, I’m not positive I want it anyway. I motion at one of the new girls, who isn’t quite a Twinkie yet. She’s more of a hanger-on. She doesn’t really appeal to me, except for two things. One, she’s a brunette with long hair that waves and curls on the edges. Two, she has big, doe eyes. It’s no coincidence that I’m picking her because she reminds me of the girl from the gas station, but I don’t really care. There’s also the added bonus that by using her and Tash, I might be able to get through the night without memories of Mel.

She slides up beside me and I ignore Tash’s grunt of disapproval. Bitch is fronting. She fucking loves to eat pussy and I’d much rather she do that shit instead of kissing me again.

“Want some company, Bro?” Freak asks, as we round the corner to the hall which leads to the private rooms. He and I tag team sometimes, so it’s cool, but his ass is sticking his dick in Tash, I don’t want to go there tonight—
most nights really

We make it into my room and I immediately grab the brunette by the hair and pull her to me. Tash takes the hint and goes to Freak and begins undressing him.

“Bambi…” I mumble, giving her a nickname, as she pulls my shirt up over my chest. I help her take it the rest of the way off and she looks up at me with a grin.

“I like that,” she answers and her voice is
, so I decide to give her something to do with that mouth of hers instead.

“I feel like making sure these girls ride the train tonight brother, what about you?”

“Fuck yeah,” Freak answers, already naked.

He goes to the opposite end of the bed as me and yanks out a box of condoms from my night stand drawer. He tosses them over to me, but I don’t bother with them, I won’t need them right now.

“Get up on the bed, Tash and lay that ass down and get ready,” I order. My voice has the hard edge it always gets during sex. I like control.
I like to fuck and I like it a lot

Tash strips, lies on the bed, opens her legs and bends them at the knee, watching Freak. She knows the drill. Fuck, she should. There’s not a brother here that hasn’t had her this way. She’s good at it. It’s one of the reasons we’ve let her stay even if she is annoying as fuck. Freak grabs her legs and pulls her so her ass is closer to the edge of the bed. Bambi is watching with interest. Why do I get the feeling this little club girl might be new to multiple partners?
Oh, this could be fun

I pull her to me, so her back is against my stomach and she watches as Freak slides his dick into Tash. Freak is not small, not by any means and the latex is tight. I look to the side of Bambi’s face and smile as she watches my boy start fucking Tash. I yank Bambi’s shirt over her head and throw it to the ground, enjoying the way her bare skin feels against mine. She’s soft and warm…so warm, but I’m about to make her hot. I lean down and whisper in her ear.

“You like watching how eager Tash is for Freak’s dick?” I ask the useless question. I already know, because her nipples are so fucking hard they could cut glass. My fingers move down to her center. She’s trimmed, but her muff is covered by dark curls and I like the way my fingers disappear as they sink into her. I don’t bother testing, I thrust two fingers in and immediately Bambi gasps in pleasure. My fingers push in and out in a rhythm perfectly matched with Freak’s thrusts.

“Tash is a greedy little whore. I wonder Bambi? Are you too?” I ask, twisting one of her nipples hard, as I continue finger-fucking her. Bambi doesn’t talk, but her breathing is erratic and loud. “I know something about Tash, I don’t think you do yet, Bambi…”

“What’s that?” She gasps, clenching and riding my fingers.

“She loves to eat pussy. Now get up on the bed and straddle her face and let her eat your juicy little cunt,” I order, slapping her hard on the ass. She starts to turn towards Freak and at last minute I direct her so she’s facing me. I pull her up so I can watch as Tash’s tongue flicks into the lips of her pussy. It’s fucking hot watching Bambi getting tongue fucked. Tash grabs her by the hips and pulls her down on her face. “That’s it baby, ride her face, make yourself come.” I encourage, as Bambi starts grinding hard and wild against Tash’s face.
Fuck, I doubt the bitch can breathe underneath her
. I look up when I hear Freak groaning, and we grin at each other. Fuck yeah we’re both going to have fun with little Bambi. I push Bambi’s shoulders until she gets on all fours and her mouth is even with my cock. I grab the hair on her head in my hand and grin down at her. “Open wide baby, because I’m going to fuck that pretty face, hard.”

She does as told and her groan falls against my aching cock as I stretch her mouth. Her big brown eyes look at me and I watch as her lips slowly slide down my dick. I find myself wishing her lips were dark red…


It’s messed up that’s for sure. Still, when I jerk out of Bambi’s mouth and shoot my load all over her face, it is in that moment I make myself a promise. One day, I am going to have that brunette in my bed. Just the thought of it, makes me hard again.

It’s going to be a long night.

Chapter 3


e’ve barely settled
in London and I can already see the writing on the wall. Nicole is totally hung up on the biker called Dragon. I’m worried about her. He seems nice enough, but I see the darkness, the
about him, that he beats down around my girl. He gets a coldness in his eyes sometimes that remind me too much of Michael. The problem is that Nic is
into him, in a way that I think if she doesn’t have him—it will hurt her. So I’ve encouraged her to go for it, but inside I’m screaming no.

It’s water under the bridge now however, because Dragon has made it in with my girl and they’re going at it like rabbits. Bright side, she is happy. Hell, she seems ecstatic and even though inside I’m screaming don’t do this—a part of me is glad for her. I wonder if I let loose and get laid, if I would be giddy.
Is that what it takes to be normal?
Would that stop the nightmares and the visions that drag me into hell every night? If I had someone strong around, would he be able to keep the ghost of Michael away? Would someone strong be able to protect me from Michael if he found me? A picture of Dragon’s friend, Crusher, comes to mind, the semi-cowboy from the gas station. I instantly shut that forbidden thought down.
I am being weak for even thinking that.
Dani should be able to stand on her own two feet. I can’t afford to be weak like Melinda. I’m not her anymore.
I can’t be her

Dragon is taking Nic upstairs for another round, when the doorbell rings. I go to the door trying to ignore the way my heart picks up speed and fear swamps me. I look carefully out the window and though I’m freaking ecstatic my past isn’t catching up with me, the fact that it’s Crusher at the door, does not fill me with joy. He hangs around the club where I work, but I’ve been doing my best to avoid him.
He’s danger
. He makes me want things that I
shouldn’t want
. The way he watches me sometimes…it excites me and
terrifies me.

“Stud,” I say, leaning on the front door and looking at Crusher through the screen. His eyes rake over me and warms me. No, they
me. Still, I do my best to appear unaffected.

“You gonna let me in, darlin’?”

“Haven’t decided.”

“You’re looking damn good tonight and as much as I’d love to just stand here and enjoy the view, I need to talk to my boy,” he says and I begin to notice he’s more tense than normal.

I stand back so he can come in, trying to ignore the way being next to him sends electricity through my body. I’ve never been attracted to a man before—
not like this
. I had boyfriends before Michael came along, but nothing serious and after Michael…well…I’m surprised I even want to look at a man.
That’s why Crusher is dangerous

“That right there,” Crusher says, and I look up at him in confusion.


“When you get that look in your eyes, I want to pull you in my arms and kiss you until it leaves.”

“You’ve barely seen me. You might save that line for a woman who will buy it. It’s a good one,” I respond, turning my back on him.
It is a good line
. Too good, because I wish he could do that. I instinctively know that Crusher would do more damage than any man before or after him, if he hurt me. When you have my scars, that’s saying something. It’s just not worth the risk.

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