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“Pinch your nipples at the same time, Hellcat. Pinch them and pull them at the same time.”

I thought she would question me, or even refuse to do it, but she surprises the hell out of me by doing as I tell her to. I move my fingers back and forth now, petting her pussy because she minded me so well. I use the tip of my finger to push against her hole, sliding inside of her just a bit, before pulling back out. I do this repeatedly, slowly—never rushing. She keeps thrusting up, but I don’t falter, only allowing my finger to enter the tiniest fraction.


“What is it you want, Hellcat? You want me to finger fuck your pussy, sweetheart?” I growl. She’s stopped playing with her breasts. Now her hands have grabbed the rails on the headboard and she holding onto them while her body keeps twisting up to try and find what it needs, what I’m not allowing it to have. I should reprimand her, but seeing her so lost in pleasure with no more than what I’m doing, stops me.

Instead, I decide to reward her. I thrust one finger in completely and then another while using my thumb to press down on that hard little button that keeps calling my name. I pick up the speed of my thrusts now, using my fingers to completely own her hot cunt. Mine. I’m the first to give her this and I’m going to be the motherfucking last.

“Yes…Fuck! Zander… please.”

When the word please leaves her lips, I smile. Her head is thrown back and she has no idea what I’m about to give her. I pull the damn towel off and throw it on the ground. My cock is dying to slide inside her, and it will, but not yet. Not until I have her completely at my mercy. With that one thought in my mind, I keep thrusting my fingers in and out, but now I add my tongue on the hard nub of her clit, flicking it playfully a few turns before I suck it completely in my mouth. Her juice slides against my fingers, her soaked pussy overfilled. I release her clit with a pop and then slide my tongue down the channel of her pussy, moaning at the sweet, creamy taste of her. I barely have time to savor it before she calls out my name and comes hard against my fingers. I growl, because that was too soon. I sit up and her whine of protest doesn’t go unheard, but I’m already way ahead of her. I grab her hips and pull her up so her pussy is at my face and then I dive in. My tongue replaces my fingers, but I also use my lips, my teeth, and hell anything else I can, to torture and drink her down. She twists and turns, trying to get away, when my tongue slides back and forth along her clit, lashing it before sliding back inside. I nibble and suck on every tasty inch I can find as she begins to flood me with more of her sweet cum. Her second orgasm is more intense, her body is shaking, her cry is louder and her body is thrusting against my face. I let her ride it out on my tongue slowly licking her until she calms. I ease her body back down once her cries of pleasure die down into whimpers.

While she’s recovering, I reach over into the nightstand drawer and grab one of the condoms I stored in there a few days ago. Not to sound cocky, but I knew this was going to happen, I just had no idea when. I slide the rubber over my aching cock, damn thing is so ready to blow I’m surprised the latex fits. I position myself and look down at her.

“Dani sweetheart, look at me.” She moans, her body literally shaking with the small bursts of pleasure from her second release. “Dani, now.”

She looks up at me. Our eyes meet. This is it. Fuck, this is finally it.

Chapter 13


’m in a
haze traveling somewhere far away and I feel completely weightless. It’s his voice that calls me back. Zander. I search him out and fight my way to him. The look on his face is intense, white hot and full of need…for me…. he wants…me…

“Dani, now,” he says and for the first time since I invented her, I feel like Dani. Our eyes lock.

“Don’t take your eyes off of me, sweetheart. I want to see your face every second I’m inside of you. You hear me?”

My heart kicks up in fear. It’s been so good to this point…can I trust him to take it further? Will it be okay? I bite my lip and nod, giving him my yes. I don’t want this to end, in fact, I want it again and again. He’s like a drug and I damn sure want to be addicted. He takes his cock and rubs it back and forth against my opening. The slick sound of us together is loud even over my uneven breathing. I never realized that being with someone would feel like this. Instinctively, I know it’s because I’m with Zander and that’s why it feels this way. There’s something about him that called to me from day one. That thought should scare me. Maybe it’s post orgasmic stupidity, but I’m not scared. I think I’m even starting to trust Zander.

That’s my last thought before he thrusts into me. Oh hell. He’s…big… but I’m so wet he goes in easily, it’s just he makes me feel…stretched. That feeling only intensifies when he pushes my legs back so they bend and lay against my stomach. Unfortunately, that’s also the time when memories try to weigh in. Michael’s face becomes superimposed on Zander’s, and instantly my body snaps out of its’ sex-induced haze. Zander is leaning over the top of me and I feel exposed. The panic starts.

“Hellcat. Stop. Look at me. Who am I?”

“Zander…” I say, trying to hold onto his voice.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Now wrap your legs around me and hold on and I’ll take you on a quick ride.”

I try to breathe through it, letting his voice push the panic back. I don’t want Michael to ruin this. I can’t let that happen, he’s already taken too much from me. I wrap my legs around him, and he takes his hands and pulls them higher up, so the heels of my feet are digging into the cheeks of his ass. He sinks deeper inside of me and his face is next to mine. Our lips are just a breath away from each other. His eyes are closed and he doesn’t move. I’m afraid I’ve done something wrong. I start to ask him when he slowly opens them.

“You feel so fucking good, Hellcat. Mark this down sweetheart, you can use my dick any fucking time you want.”

His words make me smile. Which seems an odd thing. Smiling…while having sex…with a man I like…

“So you’re giving me permission to use you for sex?”


“You might be crazy, Zander,” I tell him, but his name comes out broken, because he finally starts moving and I can feel him slide out and then slowly slide back in.

“Shut up, Hellcat and kiss me. Tell me how you like your taste on my lips.”

His words excite me. I’m feeling something I don’t think I’ve felt since before I lost my mom…happiness. Then his lips are on mine, I taste myself and it mingles with his own unique flavor and it makes me hungry for more.

“Thrust up to meet me, Hellcat and grind that juicy little body into me. Do it,” he growls in my ear when we break apart to breathe. I follow his directions, while he kisses down the side of my neck, using his teeth to lightly graze and nibble the same path. Our speed picks up and I feel my release rising. It’s bigger, more intense than the other two and I have a moment of fear. It’s too late to turn back though. My release slams into me with the force of a tidal wave. My nails dig into Zander’s back and I know I’m leaving marks, I just can’t help it. I hear him groan out with his own orgasm. If this is what sex is, it’s no wonder Nicole is so crazy over Dragon.

“Damn Hellcat,” he whispers into my neck, then he slowly pulls out of me and lays on his side.

I watch as he disposes of the condom and I would have thought I’d feel weird, but I don’t. I think I’m mindless and boneless. He throws it in the waste basket by the bed and comes back to me. He angles it so my head is on his chest and he’s holding me close. He pulls the sheet over us, which I’m glad for. I had actually forgotten I was lying here naked.

I search for words to say to him and my brain comes up empty. My eyes start to go heavy and I want to fight it, but I can’t seem to beat it back.

“Zander…” I whisper knowing I’m going to be asleep soon.

I feel a brush of his lips at my temple and then he whispers the sweetest words I’ve ever known.

“Rest, sweetheart. I’ll be here keeping you safe. Let it go and rest.”


That word echoes as sleep claims me and the damnedest thing happens.

I believe him.

Chapter 14


’m in deep
shit. As I watch Dani look over her shoulder at me leaving the shower, that’s all I can think. It’s been three weeks. Three weeks since I’ve sunk inside of her. Three weeks since I’ve had a taste of her and I still want her every fucking minute of every fucking day. She’s changed. We laugh. We play, and even more than those two. We enjoy being around each other. She cracks me the hell up and she’s like a giant kid sometimes and I love every fucking minute of it. This morning I have to head out to the club, Dragon wants me and Bull with him when he questions Irish again. I dread it. I fucking dread it more than anything I’ve ever faced. Still, I know it needs to be done. We need to know everything we can about why Irish betrayed us and who he was working with. That doesn’t mean getting the information is fun. Dani and I talked about it last night. She knows I’m dreading today and though she may not agree with what I or the club is doing at least she seems to accept it more. Her way of showing her support is surprising me in the shower and begging me to fuck her. Color me happy. She’s got me sewn up, and she doesn’t even know it. She still has it in her head we’re just using each other for sex. Fuck buddies. The woman is clueless. She’s not getting away from me—not now. As she gives me that sweet smile over her shoulder and steps out of the shower I realize I’m going to have to move this up a little. I can’t have her thinking she is free to find another man’s cock. Oh-hell-no. I’d kill the mother fucker. I can’t ask for all of it at once. She’d run and run fast. Still, I need her to give me something more… It’s stupid. I should be patient. I’m not and never have been and with Dani I’m finding those words even truer.

I turn the shower off and grab a towel. I dry quickly, throwing the towel on the floor and follow her into the bedroom. When I get there, she’s searching in the dresser for clothes. I come up behind her, pulling her towel off and throwing it on the ground. Skin against skin…better Dani’s skin against mine. Heaven.

She tenses up at first, but then relaxes back into my arms. She gives off a happy sigh when my hands cup her breasts and I start kissing on her neck. My dick, which had just fucked her into oblivion, is already stirring in interest. Yeah, I’m in deep shit.

“I told you I don’t like it when you sneak up on me, Cowboy.”

“Seeing you bent over like that, I lost my mind,” I respond my fingers plucking at her nipples smiling at the way they harden and stand at attention with just my first touch.

“Zander, there’s no way you can be horny again so soon. You just wore me out in the shower,” she says her voice taking on that husky, needy tone that makes my cock ache.

I take hold of my cock, rubbing it against her ass and letting it slide in the cleft of her ass, the head teasing her opening. Someday. She pushes back against my cock and my balls tighten. Someday soon.

“I wore you out, sweetheart?” I ask, making sure I continue worrying one of her nipples while playing with her ass too.


She gasps as I push just a little harder against her ass. Shit why didn’t I put some lube in that drawer when I stocked it with condoms. I’ll make sure I take care of that today.

“Well if you’re so tired… you could suck on my cock.

Her body tenses and she pulls away. “We should get going. You have to be at the club and I need to check in at work and see when they’re putting me back on rotation.”

“Whoa, Hellcat, I think I liked where we were headed before better. We got time.”

“I got stuff I need to get done,” she says, not looking at me and getting dressed. Damn I guess playtime is over.

“Okay sweetheart, fine. We’ll pick this up later.” I cave, slapping her ass just as she pulls up these pale pink panties that don’t do a damn thing to make my cock deflate. “Why don’t you meet me at the club later tonight? Freak is claiming Nikki as his old lady. There’s a big party planned. We’ll eat and visit a bit, before coming back here.”

She finishes buttoning up her jeans, turns and looks at me and I can tell by the look on her face, I’m not going to like what she says next.

“I don’t want to come by the club, I told you. I don’t belong there.”

Yeah, I was right, I don’t like it.

“You sure as hell do,” I argue, ready to have it out, because it’s time we clear this shit up.

She’s running a brush through her hair and her eyes seek out mine through the mirror.

“Zander, the men there hate me and I just don’t belong with…”

“The fuck you don’t. You’re my woman and the men will get over it, they just don’t know you.”

“Your woman?”

“We’ve been fucking like bunnies and I’ve been in your bed every night for a month. I don’t see how that could have escaped your notice, Hellcat.” I grumble, getting pissed off now. I grab my jeans and pull them on. If I’m going to fight, I’ll be damned if I’m doing it with my dick swinging in the cold.

“We made a deal…”

“What does that mean?” I have to ask, because honestly I am at a complete loss. The damn woman has given me whiplash here.

“That means when we made this bargain, we agreed it wasn’t serious.
It is just sex

“I think it’s pretty clear we’ve gone beyond that Hellcat, and I’m doing my best to take us to the…”

“I don’t especially like where you were leading,” Dani says and starts putting on that damn red lipstick.

My cock pushes against the zipper of my jeans, at the thought of her sucking me and leaving a ring of lipstick behind. Jesus. I shake my head to clear it. I lean down and kiss the top of her head and breathe her in. My hand caresses her skin and I stare at her in the mirror.

“Sweetheart, I know you have issues about the club, I’m not pushing you on them. I just want you to think about meeting me. I want to show you off,” I whisper, trying another tact.

Her hand comes up and grazes my five o’clock shadow and she quietly sighs.

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