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Copyright © 2014 Tijan Meyer


All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without written permission of the author, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages for review purposes only. This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to any person, living or dead, or any events or occurrences, is purely coincidental. The characters and story lines are created by the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously.


To all my readers! This was written as a thank-you to you! This is meant to be ‘just for fun’! Who knows, I might continue with this someday.


“Okay.” Samantha got out of the car and shut the door. “What are we doing here?” She turned to survey the house; it was huge, but large homes didn’t impress her as much anymore. After living with Mason and Logan in their dad’s home, which was more of a mausoleum than a house, another mansion wasn’t a shock to the system. However, what had her confused were the two guards at the front door. They were giants. Big. Tall. Muscular. Both had their hands resting in front of them, but with their jackets pulled tight around them, there was no hiding what was clipped on their sides.

They had guns.

When she realized that, her hand reached for the door once again, but Mason halted her. “It’ll be okay.”

“Guns, Mason.”

He came around to her side of the car and grabbed her hand. “I know, but this is supposed to be like a convention thing. I’ve heard about those guys. They’re just guards for that other storyline, Carter Reed, who seems like an okay guy.”

Logan laughed, coming to Sam’s other side. “He’s the killer right? For the mob?” He gave Mason a thumbs-up sign and smirked. “Yep. Any guy who has killed is an okay guy by me. Let’s eat.” Slapping Samantha on the shoulder, he started forward.

“He’s insane.”

Mason grinned down at her. “What? I thought he was awesome and no one could forget about it?”

Giving a slight laugh, Sam started forward, her hand clasped with Mason’s as they headed for the mansion. Logan was already at the door, and they watched him lift his hand up as if waiting for a high five from the guard. The security guards didn’t react. They remained as stoic as statues, but Logan wasn’t waiting for a response. As he moved past them, his hand came back down, smacking one guard on the ass.

The guard jerked forward, more from surprise than the force of that smack. Blinking rapidly, he started to turn towards where Logan went, but must’ve rethought it because he went back to his statuesque pose, facing forward and hands at the ready.

When Samantha and Mason started up the stairs, they saw the guard on the left was fighting back a grin while the guard whose ass had gotten smacked was watching them with narrowed eyes. Mason held his hand up, saying, “I’m not my brother. He’s a different type of player.”

Sam stepped inside and pulled Mason the rest of the way. Both guards didn’t respond. After they closed the door, she said, “Explain it to me again. What is this again?”

There was a large living room right next to them, but it was empty. All the voices were coming from further down the hallway, and since there were no doors, they started forward, figuring Logan had already gone ahead.

Mason said, “It’s a planning meeting of sorts.”

“For what?”

“To meet the new people coming into the franchise.”

“We’re in a franchise?”

Mason paused and frowned down at Sam. “Yeah, that’s why we do all those interviews. Didn’t you know that?”

She shrugged, biting down on her lip and letting out a sigh at the same time. “I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. I just know I run a lot. I used to cry a bunch, and I’m always feeling this pressure on my chest. Then it’s you guys. I spend a lot of time with you and Logan.”

The corner of Mason’s mouth curved up, and he flicked a hand to her lips, touching her gently. “I thought you were working on this. No more of that.”

She stopped biting down on her lip, but gave him a wry expression. “It’s a habit. It’s hard to break.” Glancing around, she added, “Just like wondering where we are. Franchise, huh?”

“That’s what I’m told. I guess we’re a big part of it too.”

“Who else is in the franchise?”

“We met some of them last year. Remember?”

She frowned. “I don’t. Remind me.”

“Oh.” Mason told her, “It was Nate who knew Hunt. Their parents are in the same business.”

*flashback begins*

Logan moved around a group of girls to join us, and as he did, he glanced back and skimmed them up and down. With a slow smile on his face, he asked us, “Why are we here again? I mean…” His gaze lingered on one girl in particular. Instead of flushing like some might’ve, she held his gaze back and flipped her golden blonde hair over her shoulder. He added under his breath, “Besides the obvious.”

I elbowed him in the side. “Isn’t this where Kris wants to go?”

He shrugged, turning back to us and forgetting the girls behind him. “No clue. She changes universities every other month. If we’re still together when she graduates, I’m sure she’ll try for Cain U.”

Mason was leading the way through the crowd, but his name was called out and he turned. Lifting an arm, he waved back, then reached for my hand. Interlacing our fingers, he said to Logan, “Nate met these guys. He said they’re cool and we’re here to support Nate.”

“Yeah, but this is Grant West University. Aren’t you rivals?”

He tugged me forward. Logan followed, going around a second group of girls. Like before, they stared right back at him. He grinned, shook his head, and murmured under his breath, “I’m not a cheater, but damn, these girls got balls here.” He said to Mason, “Why are we supporting Nate? Isn’t this against his frat’s rules or something? He’s here for some competition, right?”

Nate came up to us at that moment and draped his arms around Logan’s shoulder and my own. He jostled Logan’s hair, grinning. “Yes, my fraternity is here. No, this isn’t a competition. We’re socializing with our brother house here and these guys are cool.” He looked around. “Besides, this isn’t that house. This is the basketball house. Some big athletes are here.” He nodded to Mason. “You know Hunt, right?”

“Jesse Hunt?” Logan asked.

Mason nodded. He turned so his back was to everyone else, and the four of us formed our own group. No one else could overhear. He said, “Yeah, his dad works with your mom, right?”

“Yep. He’s a royal pain in the ass, but Hunt is cool. Some of his pals are here. Sam,” he said to me, “I think you’d like Alex. That’s Jesse’s girlfriend. She’s real nice.”

“Wait. What?” I’d been along just for some Mason time. “I’m supposed to socialize?”

Logan snorted. “She’s freaking ‘cause her security blanket isn’t with us.”

“Shut it.” I shot him a warning look. “I’m getting sick of the fighting between you two.”

Mason frowned. “You’re talking about Jax?”

Logan nodded. “She and Sam are two peas in a pod. They don’t go anywhere without the other.”

I frowned. “Stop acting like a whiny bitch, Logan. Heather thinks you’re jealous because you’re not my girlfriend.”

He laughed. “Change the gender and I’d be all…” He trailed off. His eyebrows bunched together and he realized what he’d been about to say. Shooting a quick grin to Mason, he said, “Check that. I’ll stick to the stepbrother role.”

Mason rolled his eyes. “You two bicker like you’re married. I’m getting sick of it.”

I shut my mouth. I wasn’t going to comment on that and Logan did the same, looking around the house again. “Where’s the booze, Nate? This is my night away from the missus. I want to make love to a bottle of rum, get naked, and start practicing for my college days next year.”

Mason grinned. Feeling his tension subside a fraction, I squeezed his hand. He looked to me and the grin softened. Tugging me closer to him, he wrapped our linked hands so his arm was around me and pressed a kiss to my forehead. A flutter started in my stomach. It’d been there since he picked us up. I didn’t see him every night and every morning, so I could tell his training was giving him an even harder body than what he had before. I think I fell in love with him every time I saw him and he always seemed to render me speechless. For a slight second, I felt like a freshman with a crush again. He did that to me, and I never wanted that to stop. He was mine. I had no intention of letting him go.

Logan groaned. “Crap. Now I’m horny. Why’d I tell Kris not to come?”

Mason pulled away and gave his brother a dark look. “Why did you? Unless you’re hoping to cuddle with Nate?”

“Ha ha. You’re funny.” There was a teasing note to Logan’s voice, but it was laced with resentment.

I stiffened, seeing the quick look he sent my way. Logan was angry at me and he had reason to be. Since Tate’s confession, I had pulled away from him. Every time he tried to ask what was wrong, I evaded the question or Heather stepped in. I wanted the tension, the awkwardness, the feelings of hurt and anger, all of it to go away. I wanted all of the nerves to go away too. Feeling Mason’s arm rest on my shoulders, I curved into him and let myself relax. Everything was harder without him, and tonight, I could have fun. I could let loose. I could forget the problems that no one else knew about.

“There’s Jesse.” Nate stepped back and gestured to the side of the house.

A group of guys came around it. The one in the lead was trim with black hair. He had broad shoulders, a lean waist, and a smirk on his face that warned people to stay away. There were others with him, but he was the one drawing all the attention. As they headed for the front door, people had stopped talking and were watching them pass by. Two girls started forward, but the leader looked away and his buddies blocked the girls. They stepped in front of them with easy grins on their faces.

Nate lifted his head up in a nod. “Hunt. Over here.”

The leader glanced over, and a warm look appeared in his eyes, transforming his whole face. He had been brooding and dark, but at the softening in his eyes and when he grinned, he was beautiful. He looked like he could’ve been a movie star.

“Monson, how’s it going?” He held his hand out and Nate met it, the two formed a fist-bump and patted each other on the back before they pulled away.

Nate nodded to Mason. “This is my best friend. Mason, this is Jesse Hunt.”

Jesse started to hold his hand out, but Nate moved forward a step. The arm was lowered since he was blocked. Mason nodded instead and said, “Nice to meet you. Nate’s told me about the days you two spent together on a movie set.”

Jesse laughed. The corner of his lip curved up in a knowing smirk. “Yeah.” He watched Nate who moved back to Mason’s side. “I wasn’t happy with my dad. Nate kept me distracted. We drank our share of tequila that summer and got to know a lot of the local girls. My best friend, Ethan, came out too.”

“Oh right, I forgot about Ethan. How is he?”

The lighthearted look in Jesse’s eyes faded. He opened his mouth, ready to speak, but a girl called out his name, interrupting him. She had long, dark hair and dark eyes. She was slender and a few inches shorter than me. Weaving through the crowd, there were two more girls behind her. One wore a fierce-looking scowl and she had black hair, pulled into a ponytail, while the other was her exact opposite. She was one of the girls from before, who held Logan’s stare right back. As they got closer, I could tell the girl was beautiful. Her hair seemed even lighter than it had before, and her eyes were on full alert.

“Alex,” Jesse said back. He lifted an arm and the first girl moved into his side. It was like she had been made to fit there perfectly. When they kissed, the other two girls moved back a step. The scowling one looked away, her eyes scanning the crowd while the blonde one narrowed her eyes, pausing on Logan. She said, “You.”

Logan smirked. “You.”

One of the guys with Jesse moved around so he was in the front, a dark glare in his eyes. “Hannah, just take the shirt off. You could walk around in your bra.”

She rolled her eyes. Some girls might’ve crossed their arms over their chest, but this one didn’t. Her shirt was ripped all over so it barely looked like a shirt, just a giant fish-net hose that covered her black bra. She rolled her shoulders back, lifted her chin, and wiggled her breasts at him. “Stop being a whiny baby, Jamie. Just because you can’t have these, doesn’t mean I don’t want someone else to have them.”

He scowled. “Why can’t you be more like your sister?”

“Oh.” She laughed. “You mean one of your exes? I consider myself smart. How’d the last one work out for you? I do love seeing your gonorrhea medication in the bathroom. Maybe tonight I’ll flush it down the toilet.”

He swung his head to their leader. “Why do you let her talk to me like that?”

Hunt lifted his lips from his girlfriend’s and stiffened. His lips moved, forming a frown, but Logan stepped forward, wearing a smirk. “I don’t know you, but even I can tell you’re an ass. If you were in my crowd, I’d expect you’d get your ass kicked every night.”

The crowd around us grew silent. Mason moved forward, tucking me behind him.

Nate straightened to his fullest height, throwing an easy grin to Mason and Logan, who were now standing side by side. I moved to the left so I wasn’t hidden and saw the two groups squared off against each other. The guy Logan insulted had a clenched jaw and his face was growing red. He cast a look at his friend, then snarled, “Hunt?”

The guy shook his head. “What do you want me to do? You were talking out of your ass to Hannah.”

The girl with him frowned. “Go away, Jamie. You’re lucky Jesse still lets you stay at the house.”

Jamie’s mouth dropped open. He jerked a thumb in Logan’s direction. “You’re taking these guys’ side over mine? I thought we were family.”

Jesse scowled and the look gave him a lethal air. Everyone took notice. As I glanced around, I could tell whatever he was about to say next was gospel. It wouldn’t be questioned. He said, “You were being an ass to a girl. This guy called you out. You’re in the wrong.”

BOOK: Crossover: Franchise Mtg.
4.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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