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Darkling Lust

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Marteeka Karland

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Darkling Lust
Marteeka Karland

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Darkling Lust

Marteeka Karland

Darklings aren't the things that go bump in the night, but for one woman and one Darkling, keeping the dark things at bay is second only to their passion for each other.

A Darkling is a creature charged with protecting humanity from things that go bump in the night. His reward is one human woman to call his own.

Mary first learns about Darklings and all they do when she reads a book that clearly states, “Don't read this!” When she does, and the reality of what she's unleashed upon herself hits her, she snaps it shut. But it's too late. Her Darkling comes for her, and she has to learn to accept him before the very creatures he has protected humans from during his long time as a Darkling destroy her.

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Chapter One

Mary awoke with a shiver, cold beyond imagining. She needed to open her eyes but they were heavy, and her body was sluggish to respond to her commands. With great effort, she managed to shake her head and concentrate on the cold surrounding her. When she finally got her eyes opened, she wished she could close them again and forget the sight she saw.

Her head lolled backward so the view was disorienting. When she turned her head to the side, she saw she was, indeed, flying through the sky. Perhaps she was dreaming. The cold, cold breeze blew at her back and bit into her flesh. Clouds and moonlight were all that surrounded her. She snapped her head up and it was then she saw the real peril.


A creature of the night. One of the Darkling from the ancient realm held her securely to him as he raced through the sky. Had she not so naively researched them only two days before, she'd never have believed what was happening. The book had warned that once she'd embraced the knowledge it held, there would be nothing to protect her from the Darkling. She'd foolishly brushed aside the warning as dramatic and only there to further entice the reader, but once she'd opened and began to read, she knew.

She's slammed the book shut and fled home before dark. When nothing happened that night, she'd laughed at her overactive imagination.

She wasn't laughing now.

With a start she realized that not only was she being taken prisoner by a monster, but she was also naked. Cold mist from the cloud cover bit into her flesh like a million pinpricks, and she cried out in both pain and fear.

Only a few moments longer, my love. We'll be home soon

The words were whispered directly into her mind and as gentle as a caress, yet she shivered. This sounded exactly like what the book had warned about. She'd been claimed by a Darkling. The likelihood that she'd ever be able to return to her old life was remote. She could almost feel everything she'd ever known slipping away. What awaited her was uncertain, but if the writings had been correct, the Darkling would never allow her to leave.

True to his word, it wasn't long before he landed them gently in the courtyard of a gothic villa. He held her fast, though, not letting her pull away from him. His skin was a leathery dark green, and his features were harsh and angular. No one could say he was handsome, but he treated her gently enough. Muscles bulged beneath unearthly skin, and Mary marveled at the power of his body. His nails dug into her flesh, but not painfully so. He seemed to examine her just as she did him.

"You'll learn to love me in time, Mary. You'll also learn to speak to me when I'm not with you."

"Why me? What if I want to go home?"

"You can never go home. I've claimed you. I'll never let you go."

Mary didn't know what to say. She knew she should be frightened, but for some reason there was no fear. Instead, she found she was oddly curious. The Darkling was a magnificent creature. Leathery wings that matched his body color and texture rose magnificently from his back and shoulders. He stood before her proudly. Muscles flexed and bunched beneath his skin making her itch to reach out and touch him, but she wasn't altogether sure he'd allow her touch.

"Of course you can touch me, my love. I've claimed you and, as such, you have the same claim over me. I am yours to do with as you please."

"And you? Will you take liberties with my body I'm not willing to allow?"

He frowned at this, as though the question displeased him. Did he take for granted she'd welcome his touch? He wasn't human. By human standards, he was a monster.

"I will not take what isn't freely offered, but it disturbs me that you find my appearance so hideous as to think of me as a monster. I'm a Darkling. My purpose is to look over humanity and keep the real monsters away. My reward is one human who can accept what I am and allow me to find pleasure in her body and take her own pleasure in mine. By opening the book, you named yourself as such."

"I don't think you're hideous. I was just thinking that there are some who would think you're a monster.” Mary narrowed her eyes. Of all the things he'd done, the fact that he'd picked out a thought and taken it to mean she thought badly of him made her angry. “Perhaps you should consider that when reading my thoughts without my permission."

He blinked several times and took a step back before throwing his head back and laughing a great belly laugh. “You are really special, my Mary. Truly God, in his infinite wisdom, chose well when he chose you for me."

Mary couldn't help but smile. His gentle manner belied his frightening appearance, and she was struck for the first time by his smile. It lessened the harsh angles of his face somewhat and made him more approachable. For a while she simply looked him over. Powerful arms and a wide, defined chest and abs tapered down to a trim waist. The thick columns of his legs were spread wide and morphed into the hoofs of a horse. His tail curled around her leg almost unconsciously, as if he had to touch her, had to keep her close.

But that wasn't all she noticed. The cock dangling between his legs was as impressive as the rest of him. Long, thick, and veiny, it began to rise before her eyes. When she raised her eyes to his face, he lifted his chin proudly.

"You're a beautiful woman, my Mary. I make no apologies for my body's response to you. At this moment, I want nothing more than to take my reward."

"I don't want your apology. I only want your name."

His eyes shifted to one side and he looked decidedly uncomfortable. This was unexpected.

"It's only your name. Surely I haven't already asked too much of you. Should I have waited until... you know... after?” This was absurd. Given the size of the erection he sported with no apology, he couldn't possibly be uncomfortable about something so small as a name.

"No! No. You're perfectly within your right to ask. It's just, I'm not certain you realized what you did when you named me."

"Huh?” Mary was more confused than she thought she could possibly be in this situation. “I haven't named you. What are you talking about? Just tell me your name!"




Then it dawned on Mary and her mouth fell open. Then it was her turn to laugh. One random thought and the poor man had been named George.

"Oh, my! I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!"

"Just remember what you promised."

"Yes. I won't forget.” She giggled a little. “I'll love you and squeeze you and pet you..."

"... and fuck me..."

"And call you —"

Before she could finish, he pounced on her. He scooped her up and fused his mouth to hers.

His kisses were heady. Mary had been kissed before, certainly, but there was something different about this man and his hold on her. It was special, going beyond anything she'd ever experienced. He knew just how she liked it, just what turned her on, just what drove her wild.

His tongue danced inside her mouth, dueling with her tongue. She sucked at it and whimpered. If he'd done nothing else, Mary was certain he could give her pleasure beyond anything she'd ever imagined. Already her skin tingled and her pussy creamed.

His strong arms held her close and his wings wrapped around her, effectively closing out any prying eyes. It was as if he was acutely aware of her nakedness and had no desire to share her with anyone. For that, Mary was exceedingly grateful. The villa looked deserted, but being outside with no clothing was uncomfortable for her. Thankfully, he either understood or was as uneasy as she was.

At her first whimper, he pulled his mouth away from hers and moved down her neck. When she felt the little sting, Mary cried out and knew she'd been marked but couldn't find it in her to care. If he wanted to mark her as his, that was fine. It seemed appropriate somehow. Mary didn't know why she accepted him so easily, but she couldn't find a shred of modesty in her where his touch was concerned. She only wanted more. Lots more.

Finding her mouth again, he scooped her up into his arms and carried her inside. Normally, she'd want to look around and at least see where she was going, but the things he was doing with his mouth made coherent thought almost impossible.

He wound his way through the structure, upstairs, through doors, and finally to a room with a very big bed. The bed was all that mattered at the moment to Mary. He laid her gently in the middle before covering her body with his.

Mary gripped his shoulders and back, needing him closer, but he didn't stay long. The Darkling slid down her body, kissing her flesh as he went, to settle between her legs. His head was slick and hairless, but Mary managed to pull him to her sex anyway. When his tongue swiped through her pussy, she thought she'd died and gone to heaven.

The things he was doing to her were probably illegal in most states. It felt too good not to be a sin on some level. It seemed like he knew exactly what she liked as well as what she needed even if she didn't. The pleasure was unbelievable. He kept building it and building it until finally everything inside of her just let go. She didn't even try to muffle her scream of completion, and those sounds seemed to spur on her Darkling. He growled and slurped as he ate her cunt, gripping her legs to hold her still for his oral onslaught.

He kept her climax going and going, the spasms thrilling and wracking her body for several seconds. Never had Mary experienced anything to compare. Not with other lovers, not by herself. In a few minutes of playing with her body, this man had given her more pleasure than anything in her entire life. It was as humbling as it was thrilling.

It shouldn't surprise you, my love. I was made for you as you were made for me. All you have to do is accept me for what I am
. His voice whispered delicately through her mind.
I can do much, much more. All you have to do is give yourself to me

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