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Deadly Decisions III
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Keisha – Part I

Keisha had been riding shotgun with Gutty for two days in her newly-purchased white GMC truck, headed to
a safe house in Miami where Big Pope Dog had instructed them to go. K
eisha made phone calls on the non-traceable device that Big Pope Dog had provided her and her loved ones to assure her family’s safety.

“Carter has family very dear to him in Miami, Keys, and the next best way to get close to a muthafucka like him is through his loved ones. We’ll be in Miami with a scope on his people while we send him in a totally different direction looking for you,”
Big Pope Dog had told Keisha. It was too hard to get close to Carter in Cali; his security was too tight.

Big Pope Dog and his squad were working around the clock relocating Keisha’s family to a safe house in the desert. They had a team of snipers overseeing them and armed drivers to transport them wherever they needed to go
. At first, Big Pope Dog suggested that Keisha stay with her family so that she wouldn’t have to part from her son, but knowing the hot head that Keisha was, Big Pope Dog didn’t want to chance leaving her behind to take matters into her own hands or risk her being sighted. Either would interfere with his plan to end Carter.

Keisha’s m
other, Shanna, complained about relocating from her luxury home
until her husband was found beaten and unconscious in his car as a warning one evening. Her brother Jasper still hadn’t spoken to Keisha and didn’t want anything to do
with her, but he decided to drop out of college for a semester to stay close to his mother and protect her. Their mother’s complicated living arrangements made Jasper hate Keisha even more.
Her mother volunteered to look after Cameron Jr. while she was away, but Keisha knew that taking on the responsibility of a baby while in hiding would only make things that much more complicated. So Cameron had been her only other option.

“Please don’t make me have to bury you! You’re my baby girl,”
Shanna had cried to Keisha.

“I’m fighting to make sure that doesn’t happen, Mama. I just want my family safe in the meantime. I love you,”
Keisha told her mother, hoping to ease her pain.

Grandma Ethel agreed to let Ryan move in with her to help her with Kessia after her step-grandfather suffered a massive stroke. Not only did Ryan want to get outside of her element in order to sustain her sobriety, but she wanted nothing more than to protect her niece. As far as Carter knew, Keisha’s grandmother still resided in Compton. She had never mentioned to him that her grandmother had relocated to Atlanta and she was certain that they were safe there, just as Poo Baby was safe in Texas and Niya was safe in Northern California. But Ryan was persistent about going to Atlanta.

“Get me to the ATL, Kesh. I wanna be there for my niece. Grandma too old to be fighting off bad guys, and even though you said that fool don’t know where Grandma at and that she has home security…just in case…it’s better to be safe
than s
orry, little sis,”
Ryan told Keisha before she went on the run.

Before long, Keisha began to see the move as a good idea and
she encouraged it. But Keisha warned Ryan, “I know you’re recovering, sis, but don’t slip up and bring that drug world around Kessia and G-Ma, please. I don’t wanna be getting into it with you anymore, especially when I need you the most.”

“Let that be the last of your worries, li’l sis. I’m done with that life - for good. Believe me, Kesh…it’s fucking over,”
Ryan assured her.

Before leaving for Atlanta, Ryan had been trained to use several large caliber pistols just in case of any mishaps. When Ryan touched down in Atlanta, Big Pope Dog had his connect provide Ryan with two
guns tha
t her grandmother was totally unaware of.

“Make sure you find a good hiding place where G-Ma won’t find the burners and where they are out of Kessia’s reach,”
Keisha told Ryan.

Grandma Ethel was happy with the help, but she was growing increasingly suspicious as to what was going on right under her nose.

“G-Ma, we wanted you to have extra help with Kessia since Joseph’s stroke until I get down there this fall,”
Keisha would tell her grandmother when her suspicions began to arise.

Carter was aiming to protect Keisha’s hood and immediate family. He didn’t know much about Niya and Poo Baby period, but just like with Keisha’s family, both of her girls had been shipped non-traceable phones to keep in contact with her. When Niya got wind of everything, she resumed her education
in grad school,
but she did take a self-defense class and she got her gun permit so she could purchase a gun as an extra security precaution.

“You better not get hurt on me, Kesh!”
Niya cried to Keisha.

Poo Baby was still in Texas, and although she had found a good-paying teaching job, she was beginning to have second thoughts about her relationship with
Jessica an
d she was thinking of relocating back to Cali. “Fuck it, I might just ride it out with you, dog. I hate that you’re going through all of this shit!” Poo Baby told Keisha. But Keisha refused to allow it.

“I need you to teach them kids, Poo. I’ma be a’ight, Piru,”
Keisha told her.

Poo Baby worried about Keisha more than Keisha worried about herself, and although it reminded Keisha of how much of a diehard friend she had in Poo Baby, she hated that Poo Baby’s thoughts were filled with so much worry over her. Keisha just wanted her to be happy.
Li’l Boo was in a rehabilitation center, slowly progressing. He was no longer in a coma, but doctors
that he’d never be able to walk again, and that crushed Keisha the most.
That was supposed to be me,
Keisha always told herself whenever she thought about Li’l Boo.

On the road, Keisha began to think that they were being followed. “Gutty, you sure we’re not being followed?” Keisha continued to peer over her shoulder suspiciously. “Piru, that Jaguar been on our bumper for the last few miles.” Paranoid, Keisha went for the pistol that she had been traveling with. She clutched it in between her seat and the door for quick and easy access.

“Be easy, Keys, we good. I got eyes in the back of my head, and nobody knows what vehicle we’re whipping. I got you. Get some rest for a change. Those bags under your eyes don’t do you any justice.”

Watching as the Jaguar exited the highway made Keisha relax and feel more at ease. Gutty’s comment about the bags under her eyes sent Keisha to observe herself in the visor mirror. She was very disappointed at the woman staring back at her.
Fuck, I look bad. Looks like I’ve been smoking dope with one of Ryan’s old buddies.
Keisha shook her head disappointedly. The dark rings around her eyes made her look like a raccoon, her pale face suggested that she needed proper exposure to sunlight, and the bones that were beginning to show in her neck made her realize that she hadn’t eaten in days.

Let’s get off the road and get a room, Gutty. I need some food, some weed, and a few bars,” Keisha said, referring to the medication Xanax.
“I need to lie down and get a good night’s rest!” Keisha exclaimed.

Gutty nodded agreeably,
exiting interstate 10 E.
in Louisiana. “I got you,
Lady G.” Gutty headed to the nearest hotel.

After programming the route to a Holiday Inn into the SUV’s navigation system, Gutty went inside with his alias I.D. and cash to check them in. Keisha stayed inside the truck with her finger on the trigger, keeping a close eye on her surroundings. Carter had made it clear that he wanted Keisha dead or alive and Keisha wasn’t going to be caught slipping. Back in Cali, both of her salons had gone up in flames and an unusual amount of drive-by’s and gunplay began to take place in her hood.

Everybody from her hood had grown tired of the chaos and only a handful of people had her back. After all the dope, guns, and money that Keisha had flourishing throughout her hood, making it one of the richest sets in Compton, Keisha was in awe at the lack of backing and support she was receiving.

Minutes later, Gutty strolled out of the hotel to get Keisha and he carried her luggage to the room. Inside, Keisha took a few Xa
nax and th
en rolled up a blunt.

“I’ma go grab us some grub, Lady G.” Gutty grabbed the ice bucket to get ice on the way back in for his
“Put the deadbolt lock on the door. I’ll knock on the door twice,” he said, establishing a code to assure his identity.

“Fo’ sho’, loved one,” Keisha replied, continuing to twist her blunt up.

Feeling the effects of the Xanax allowed Keisha to relax. After putting the deadbolt on the door, Keisha smoked half of the blunt and then climbed in the shower. In the middle of rinsing the hotel soap off her body, she heard a series of knocks on the door.

Gutty got back quick.
Keisha quickly climbed out of the shower, wrapped her body in the hotel-provided dry towels, and then started to the door. As Keisha reached for the door, she stopped, noticing a different knock pattern than Gutty told her he would do. Suspicious, Keisha didn’t say a word. Instead, she went for her pistol and concealed it in between her thighs.
It might be hotel personnel, but it’s better safe than sorry.
Keisha peeked out the peephole, and when she saw Gutty, she removed the latch and opened up.

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