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Uncomfortable with the fact that she told me I loved him, I wasn’t about to divulge that information. “She just said different things. I don’t remember really.” Unable to look him in the eyes.
Smirking, “Sure you don’t.”
“Okay sorry. So I do remember, it’s just not worth repeating.”
“If you don’t want to tell me, you just have to say so. No lies between us Carma.”
Instantly making me feel bad for my white lie. “Noted. Sorry. What were those things you killed in the woods?” Desperate to keep the conversation going, I loved the sound of his voice. It was comforting in a way I have never felt before with anyone.
“Demons. Low level. Only took me a couple seconds.”
Concerned now, “You make it sound so easy.”
“Sometimes it is. Sometimes it isn’t. Sleep now angel girl.”
“Will you be here all night? Until I wake?”
“I promise.” His attention swinging back to his screen.
“Goodnight.” Closing my eyes to my new harsh world filled with demons trying to kill me and breathtaking angels saving me.
The angel was back in my dreams again tonight. The same images replaying in my mind while I sleep. Never giving me any more information, never giving me any less. This time when I was being shook awake from it, I tried my hardest to stay connected to see more. Wanting so badly to know who this angel was. Trying to memorize every detail that I never paid any attention to before. Always blowing it off as an over active imagination. His wings were black with hints of white. They engulfed the entire nursery, the span was so huge. Long black hair, head bowed I was still unable to make out his features. Sadness, grief, hopelessness was the feelings I was getting from this dream.
“Carma, wake up. Wake up.” Sitting straight up startled, I was face to face with Blane.
“Blane, what happened?”
“You were crying in your sleep.” He said taking his hand and gently wiping away a tear.
“Oh wow. I’m so sorry.” Taking my hands to my face in embarrassment.
“No reason to be sorry. What were you dreaming about?”
My hands still over my face, I muffled out my response.
Taking my hands away and clasping them in his, “Say again.”
“The same dream with the angel.” His face turned angry for a split second before he went expressionless.
“I’m not sure I like this angel visiting you in your dreams.” He said, his voice low with fury.
Shaking my head, “It’s not like he’s visiting, it’s like a video player set on a loop. Same thing over and over, nothing more, nothing less.”
His expression changed to a thoughtful one, “What does this angel look like?”
“Well he’s tall and his wings are enormous. They completely take the whole span of the room, curving inward to fit. He’s got black hair and black wings with white weaving through them.
His eyes connecting on mine quickly.
“What? What’s wrong? Does that mean something to you?” He sat back and just stared at me. “Blane, please tell me.”
“Humans are not supposed to know so much about us.”

Looking at me like he was trying to decide to tell me. “Please.” I begged.
Sighing, “The earth bound angels are governed by an elite, powerful group of angels called The High Council. The Council makes the rules and enforces the rules for all of the angels on earth. They are powerful, they are old, and they demand respect.”
“So, what’s that have to do with my dream Blane?”
“Well the Council members all have a similar attributes that no other angel possesses until they meet all the criteria and are selected to be on the Council.”
“Okay, your killing me here Blane.”
His eye brow cocked up at me in speculation, “Black wings, with white streaming through them.”
Gasping, “What does this mean?”
“I don’t know Carma. No human has ever seen a member of the High Council. To do so, would mean that human’s mind would be wiped of the incident. Never to be remembered. If that has ever occurred, I am not aware of it.”
“Why am I dreaming of a member of the Council?”
“I do not know. It doesn’t make any sense. How long have you been having this dream?”
Shaking my head trying to remember, “Forever Blane. As long as I can remember.” Starting to shake in fear, “Do you know who he is?”
“I haven’t seen all the members of the Council. Even if you could give me a better description, there isn’t any guarantee I could ever figure it out. I’m sorry. I know that’s not what you want to hear.”
“Will they wipe my memory?”
Sitting down next to me on the bed, he put his arm around me, “They don’t know your having those dreams, or it would have been done long ago. As it is, if your continually having them I’m not sure it would even be possible. More than likely they couldn’t wipe them from your subconscious forever.”
Leaning into him for comfort, “What do you think it means?”
“I have no idea. Can you remember anything about the baby in the crib?”
“No. I barely catch a glimpse of the baby.”
“I don’t know what it means Carma. I’ll do my best to figure it out.”
Starting to get up and move back to the chair, “Can you just stay with me until I fall back asleep? If you don’t want to, I completely understand.” Rambling again.
“It’s okay angel girl. You don’t have to explain wanting me to stay with you.” Smiling at me, he scooted back onto the bed putting his arm around me and pulling me close to his chest.


Waking up in the morning, my neck was stiff like I hadn’t moved the rest of the night. Falling into a deep sleep, if I had any more dreams I couldn’t remember them. Moving my head, my cheek was hot, realizing my head was still resting on Blane’s chest.
“Good morning.”
“Blane. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep you the rest of the night.”
“I didn’t mind. It’s not a big deal.” Sliding away from me and into the chair. Slipping on his boots, lacing them one at a time.
“Why don’t you just go poof and have them magically appear on your feet?” Asking, rubbing my sleepy eyes.
Smiling, “Just because a person or angel, can do something doesn’t mean they always should or need to.”
“Do you ever give straight answers?” Clasping my hands in my lap, realizing I was without my robe all night, my cheeks flared red with embarrassment. Grabbing my robe, and knotting it tightly around me.
“Yes and no.”
“Funny Blane.”
“I have to get a hold of some of my contacts today. Maybe try and make heads or tails of your dream. Even better yet to find out who is after you.”
“What could they know?”
“I don’t know Carma. I’m grasping at straws here. Maybe one of them has had an assignment where something similar happened. Maybe not. I just have to be careful. We are not supposed to interact with other earth bound angels. So far we have been able to fly under their radar. The Council has gotten a little lazy in the past few decades on monitoring us.”
“How many do you keep in contact with?”
“I have a select few I deal with more than others. I’ve been around a long time Carma. I know many.”
“I don’t want you getting in trouble Blane. It’s already to much that you are constantly putting yourself in harms way to protect me now. Besides it’s just a dream. It may not mean anything.”
Finishing and putting his pant legs over his boots, he stopped and looked at me. “It means something, and you and me both know it’s not just a dream. It’s got to mean something. Having it night after night tells me it’s important, what that is…well it’s anyone’s guess.”
A bagel and a piece of fruit appeared on my lap with an orange juice on the nightstand.
“Eat. We will be leaving soon.” Walking over to a closet I admired his back muscles as they bulged with each step he took until he covered them up with a black t-shirt. Taking a bite of my bagel I almost whined in disappointment.
“Mind if I take a quick shower?”
“No, but hurry.” Opening up the other side of his closet, “Here are some clothes for you, so you can dress yourself.” It was difficult for him seeing her clothes next to his own. Never wanting to give so much of himself to someone.
Walking away and to his desk, sitting down in front of his lap top again. Smiling I walked over and hanging in front of me were a variety of dresses and shirts, below them sat heals, and boots and sneakers. Above my hanging clothes was mounds of jeans, blue, white, every color in the rainbow. I knew I looked like a little kid in a candy store. I beamed, not knowing where to start first.
Laughing, “You want to pick something out, we are in a hurry.”
Turning around, running over to him and hugging him tightly around the neck, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Turning and running back to the closet.
“If I knew I was going to get this sort of reaction, I would have done it a lot sooner.” He said writing something on a note pad.
“Quick question. What are my chances of getting blood all over me and ruining my outfit today? Or having to run for my life?”
Smirking, “Percentage wise you’re always towing the fifty-fifty line angel girl.”
Huffing and crossing my arms.
“Wear something that you’ll blend in with the general population.”
“Okay.” Picking my outfit and shoes out, I grabbed my piece of fruit and ran to the bathroom.
I wanted desperately to stay underneath the comfort of the hot shower head, washing away the turmoil from the previous day. Reluctantly stepping out, I stepped into a skin tight pair of white jeans, a loose pink, silky top and white heels. Turning around in the mirror, I felt pretty again. Combing my hair until silk smooth, I left it down. Wishing I had some make-up. I know I didn’t need it with my skin complexion, but it would have been nice.
Stepping out of the bathroom, I was happy to be able to see the outside world again. Or any other parts of the house. He still had his head buried into whatever task he was doing. “Okay, I’m ready.” Turning around, he stopped what he was doing and just stared.
“What?” Looking down at my jeans, wondering if I had already managed to stain them.
“You look beautiful Carma. However, you were supposed to blend in with the general population.” He said standing and walking over to the chair beside the bed, picking up a black leather jacket.
“This is me blending. What’s wrong with it?”
Giving me that wolfish grin, “Not only am I going to have to protect you from demons, I am now going to have to beat off every human male that comes along.” Out of nowhere another black leather jacket appeared. “Here. Put this on, you’ll need it.”
“Why?” Slipping it on, it fit snug and went to just below my belly button.
“We’re taking the bike today.” He said taking my hand, all the locks slid open without him even touching them.
“I hope you’re talking about a Huffy.”
Roaring with laughter, “It’s a little faster than a Huffy angel girl.”
Making our way out into the garage, sat what is described in my neck of the woods as a “crotch rocket.” Sighing with dread, “Why do we have to take this?”
“We can make a faster get away. We have to go into the city today.” Handing me a black helmet, he slid on and kicked up the stand, bringing it to life.

My stomach tied with knots. I don’t like the city. If we were to get separated, I fear the emotions of all those thousands of people would kill me. My abilities being cut off by Blane for so long, I fear to see how much more they have progressed.

Taking my hand in his and squeezing, “I won’t leave you. Not for a second.” Knowing what I was going to say before I said it.

“Okay.” Trusting this man more in a short time than I have anyone else in my life time. Putting on my helmet and sliding on the back, I wrapped my arms around him tightly. I have been on the back of a motorcycle only a handful of times. Remembering the most important things told to me. Gripping him tightly, we weren’t even out of the garage yet and I liked this part the best.

The garage door sprang open and we were making our way down the driveway and onto the street. Holding him tighter, I closed my eyes and put my head against his back. I never liked motorcycles all that much. That fear kept me off of them most of my life. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, but I trust Blane. I trust him with my life, my fears, my thoughts. I trust him. That fact terrified me. To trust is to get hurt. This man, this angel could break me to a million pieces in an instant.


Chapter Eight

The trip into the bustling city wasn’t as far as I anticipated. That, or we went really fast. I’m guessing it was the latter. Lifting my head up from his back and looking around, it looked like we were in a rough part of town. Abandoned buildings surrounded me in disrepair, there was fewer and fewer people walking the streets. Normally, I would have been uncomfortable but with Blane around, those fears are lessening. No longer as afraid of man, at the top of my list now are demons.

Pulling into what looked like an abandoned ware house the door closed behind us and the lights flicked on, still leaving us in mostly darkness. Shutting off the bike, Blane pulled off his helmet and turned to look at me.

Pulling off my helmet, he immediately started giving me instructions. It was hard to concentrate on anything he was saying, wearing a black leather jacket on a black motorcycle, he was hot. There really was no other word to describe him.

“Make sure you stick to me like glue. There will be other angels here and having all of us congregate in the same area means more chances of attacks. Then adding you to the mix, those odds just came around ten fold.”

My heart dropping into my stomach in nervousness, “Okay.” Taking my hand, he helped me slide off and then turned the bike around facing the door. It didn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why he did that, and it filled me with even more anxiety. He wanted a fast get away and I was hoping everyone made it out of this little meeting alive. Putting his kickstand down he grabbed my hand and started leading me to the back of the ware house. “Where are everyone else’s vehicles?”

“They teleported in. They are able to leave their assignments. Some angels having more than one. With you, well I can’t hardly do that can I?” Smiling at me, leading me down steep steps.

“Yeah, I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t be. It’s worth it, not having you in pain all the time.”

That was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to me, and he didn’t have a clue. That was just Blane. A confusing mixture of bad ass one second, caring the next. Confusion being an every day occurrence being around him.

Walking into another room, it was small, dank and dusty. Looking around one very large man sat slumped in the corner, looking bored. He had long black hair, tattoo’s around both of his arms and he didn’t look overly friendly. He was staring down at something in his hand. Another man stood in the center his arm crossed, brown cropped hair, business suit and just as tall as Blane. Swinging my eyes to the corner stood Gabriel, our eyes meeting.

“Hey sweetheart. Good to see you again.” Smiling at me like he didn’t have a care in the world. I had to admit he was starting to grow on me. His personality infectious it was hard to take him seriously. However, one thing all the men had in common was they all looked dangerous. The type of men you admired, but instinctively gave them a wide birth if you were to pass them on a sidewalk.

The guy in the corner stood, and stared at me and suddenly I felt like I was on display. He had sky blue eyes that were beautiful, although eerie at the same time.

“Who is she?” The man in the corner scoffed.

Blane, letting go of my hand and shoving me behind him. “She is my assignment.”

Smirking, “Really Blane? We are your kind, and you still don’t trust us.”

“Nothing personal Rylan. I don’t trust anyone.” He sneered back at him.

Smirking, “Still haven’t changed I see.”

Swinging his glance over to the man in the middle of the room and nodding, “Aiden. Been a long time.”

“Yes it has.” His demeanor unchanging.

Gabriel piped in defusing the tension, “Well since we have done all of our greetings, lets get to the matter at hand.”

“Speaking of that, what brings you here to our private little meeting Blane?” Aiden said, staring at me now.

“About every damn demon in the under world.” Blane retorted.

“Listening.” Aiden said unmoving.

“I’m here to find out if any of you have any information on who is running things below. She has a high level demon that is pulling strings and giving orders for attacks on her. I need to find out who it is.”

“Attacks? Kill or abduct?” Rylan interjected in.

“Both. Mostly abduct.” Blaine said, still shielding me from everyone.

“It would help if you would give us some information on her. Even if we did know something, we don’t know who the hell she is to give you any information.” Rylan said with the same grumpy attitude. I was starting to wonder if they were brothers once upon a time.

“Carma. She is an empath.” Blane said staring over at Rylan.

I was suddenly really thankful that he left my whole lie detector abilities out of the conversation. He obviously didn’t trust anyone else with that information either.

“She must be a really strong empath for the high level demons to be on your tail.” Aiden commented, now pacing the room.

“The strongest.”

Aiden stopped to look at him with a skeptical look. “Any thing else we need to know about?”

“If there was any more information I felt you needed to know at this time, I would tell you.” Blane said.

He was the king of deflection. I had to stifle back a smile.

Aiden shook his head, “Have you spoken to Alexander yet?”

“Lex? No. I want to keep him out of this.” Blane said.

“Why doesn’t that surprise me. Look, we’ll keep our ears to the ground. If we hear anything we’ll send Gabriel.” Aiden said, continuing his pacing back and fourth.

“Hey, why does the new angel have to be the messenger boy?” Gabriel interjected.

Everyone now staring at him, I smiled at his annoyance. Anytime someone could annoy Gabriel instead of the other way around, it was a plus in my book.

“We have all been there young pup.” Aiden said dismissing him. “We need to go, we have all been together in this location far to long. Until next time Blane.” Aiden said before disappearing.

Rylan stared at us, nodded and disappeared next.

Gabriel turned to us, “I guess that’s my cue. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me soon enough, Captain.” He said sarcastically.

Stepping out from behind Blane, “It was good to see you again Gabriel.”

“How good sweetheart?” Winking at me.

“Gabriel.” Blane said in a warning tone. Both looking around suddenly. Knowing what that meant, my hands started shaking with the sudden adrenaline pumping through my body.

Blane pulling knives out of holsters under neath his jacket, Gabriel removed two from his belt.

“Gabriel get out of here now.”

“I’m staying.”

“This isn’t your fight.” Blane said backing me up into the corner, staying in front of me as a shield.

“I’m not leaving.” Turning in circles now.

“I fight alone.” Blane growled out.

“Not today. Can you tell how many are coming?” Gabriel asked in a calm voice

“No. A lot.” Blane said, his body pressed firmly against mine.

“Are you thinking the same thing?”

“Yeah, lets get Carma out of here.”

I was guessing that was angel talk for lets run because the girl is only going to get in the way.

“I got your back. Once you hit your bike, you’re on your own.” Gabriel said as Blane grabbed my hand and we ran out the door and up the steps. Blane shielding my front, Gabriel shielding my back. Really wishing at that moment I had worn more sensible foot ware. It’s weird what random things go through your mind when your pretty sure you might die. My footwear, Blane’s tight grip on my hand, not having any family to mourn my death, Gabriel pushing behind me, and once again my thoughts back around to Blane. Now that I had someone in my life that knew everything about my abilities and not having to hide from him, I am about to die.

Reaching the top of the stairs two demons were waiting right around the corner, Blane took one down, throwing his knife straight into his throat. Reaching up on his shoulder he pulled out a huge knife that was about half the size of a sword and took the head of the other demon. Never letting go of my hand he started running again. Behind me I could hear Gabriel fighting. Looking back there was two demons that were attacking him. “Blane, Gabriel.” Looking back again.

“He’s fine. He can handle them. Lets go.”

Suddenly stopping and scooping me up, he threw me over his shoulder and our speed got twice, maybe three times as fast. Now the only thing I could see was the floor as my vision bounced back and fourth with each movement. Just as I felt ourselves slowing, something came around my hands and tugged me forward, releasing me from Blane’s shoulder, and his grip. Screaming, I was quickly on the ground with a demon’s arm around my neck and what looked like a long talon to my throat.

Holding my breath, the smell was pungent and was making my stomach turn. Sulfur mixed in with the musty scent of the ware house. His scaly skin rough against mine, I couldn’t see his face. Trying to remain as calm as possible as the situation was escalating out of control.

“Blane. Had I known I would see you today I would have killed you first.”

This demon didn’t have slurred speech like the others I had come into contact with. I don’t know why, but that scared me more. Worried that maybe he was an upper level demon. Looking up at Blane now, for a split second I could see the concern on his face before he went back to his expressionless look.

“Excuse me if I don’t remember you. All you assholes look the same to me.”

Cursing under my breath, did he really have to antagonize the demon?

“I wouldn’t test me angel. While your at it, tell the other angel that he better move out to where I can see him, or she dies.”

Blane nodded and Gabriel appeared next to him flanked by another four demons. Suddenly my body relaxed and I no longer worried about dying. Instead I worried about Blane and Gabriel getting hurt. Hoping beyond hope that male demons had the same body parts as all other males. Gripping my fist with my other hand, I brought back my elbow with all the force I could muster. My eyes never leaving Blanes as I did so. Suddenly I was released and falling over, but not before the demon’s talon nicked my throat, making me dizzy instantly. The last thing I saw before the world went dark was Blane and Gabriel fighting the demons.

“Carma. Carma. Wake up.” Blane shouted in my face. Lifting my lids they felt heavy. Feeling dizzy and confused I fought to keep my eyes open. My limbs felt like they had weights pulling them down and I couldn’t move my arms or legs.

“Sh, it’s okay. Just stay with me. Gabriel is getting us a car.” Blane said, holding me close to his body.

Trying to speak, nothing came out. Trying again, this time I was able to croak out the only thing on my mind. “Am I dying?”

“No. No. You’re not dying. Don’t ever do that again. You hear me?”

I could feel a tear streaming down my cheek and I wondered if he was still telling me the truth or if this time he was lying.

“Thank you Blane.” I croaked out before the world started going dark again.

“No Carma. Stay awake. You’re not dying. Don’t you dare say goodbye.” My body was being lifted up. I was still coherent but I could no longer open my eyes. Listening, I could hear Blane talking to Gabriel.

“Thanks Gabriel. I’ll meet you back at the house with my bike.”

My body was now in a sitting position and I heard and engine rumble to life.

“Is she going to die?”

“She’s going to be alright. The demon didn’t get enough poison in to kill her. She will be incapacitated for a while.”

“I’ve never seen a female human fight back Blane. Either she’s the bravest human I have ever seen or just insane. Either way, if she lives I’ll be more than happy to take her off of your hands.”

“You’re pushing me angel.”

I could hear Gabriel’s laughter slowly drifting away and my body being shook like we were moving. Stuck in this confusing state was torture. Unable to fall asleep, unable to come fully awake.

“Carma, I don’t know if you can hear me but you will be alright. I promise. Just wake up soon angel girl.”

If I could have smiled, I would have. His nickname for me was no longer annoying as it was endearing. I no longer minded it, and it felt like I was different to him when he called me that. No longer was he saying it in a sarcastic tone but rather one of concern. I couldn’t be sure, but it felt like only minutes ticked by before I heard the engine to the car shut off and I was being carried again.

“Thanks for getting my bike home Gabriel.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll be in touch.”

Listening to doors open and shut, I knew I was back in Blane’s bed when I could smell his scent on the sheets. The bed creaking with his weight, his arm went around me and I felt warmth beside me. Not feeling as panicked I knew he wouldn’t leave my side until I hopefully came out of whatever coma state I was in. Hours passed and my mind became less and less muddled. Once in a while Blane would try to reason with me to wake up and if I could, I would. Happily. I just couldn’t fight past the fog no matter how hard I tried. My mind was now becoming exhausted. Trying so hard not to fall asleep, concentrating on his arm around me. If I were to die right now, at least I wouldn’t be alone. Who better to have with you than an angel?

Slipping in out of sleep, I could hear Blane’s voice coming through again.

“Carma, you have to wake up. It’s been too long now. It’s three in the morning angel girl. You’ve been out for fifteen hours now. You have to wake up. If you can hear me, try to focus on my voice. Follow it. Try to open your eyes. You’re a fighter. Wake up.”

I could feel him gently shake me, and I was trying. I wanted to tell him I was trying but I was so tired.

“Okay, I didn’t want to do this but it’s the only thing I can think of to help you wake up. This is going to really hurt.” I heard Blane say with concern in his voice.

Feeling his hands on my forehead, I was all of a sudden blasted with emotions. It felt like a tidal wave had hit me at hurricane force. The emotions of fear, concern, and hopelessness blasted into my body and enveloping me in pain. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin, to get away from the emotions. Suddenly, I was out of the fog and the confusion now completely gone, my eyes snapped open and I sat straight up sucking in my breath. Looking at Blane in fear he dropped his hands from my head and the emotions went away just as fast. Unfortunately, I still couldn’t catch my breath and I was now wheezing. His arms went around my shoulders holding me tightly.

BOOK: Dimmest Of Night (Dimmest Of Night Series)
11.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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