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Chloe wanted to come as well. Her body was so tight that she felt she’d explode if she didn’t, but despite everything that he was doing to her, she remained balanced on the edge of her climax.

‘Hurry,’ he urged her, his hips starting to move.

‘I can’t come!’ she cried. ‘It’s so near, but …’

Before she could finish explaining, Carlos had gripped her clitoris between his finger and thumb and began to squeeze it, gently at first but then with increasing pressure. The first fleeting seconds of rising pleasure quickly vanished, and Chloe started to squirm as they were replaced by a soft ache that swiftly mounted to an almost unbearably intense pain.

‘No!’ she shouted, as the pain spread through her belly and thighs, but still he continued to squeeze remorselessly on the tiny little bunch of nerve endings. He was still massaging her left breast, and thrusting gently inside her rectum, but all she was aware of was the red-hot pain lancing through the very centre of her being.

Tears began to fill her eyes, but just at the moment that she started to sob, the sensation changed. The dark, painful heat became pleasurable, something that her body needed, craved for, and although she did cry, it was with delight.

Carlos seemed to have reduced her to nothing more than a bunch of frantic nerve endings, all clamouring for satisfaction. Her body was rigid with sexual tension, every muscle tight and aching, every sinew stretched to breaking point as she hovered for a moment, poised at the point of no return.

It didn’t seem possible, but as her overstimulated body prepared for the moment of release, Carlos forced himself even deeper inside her, and she screamed with ecstasy as an incredible mixture of pain and pleasure flooded through her. Immediately she began to spasm in helpless
convulsions, while Carlos moved rhythmically in and out of her.

As she wept and sobbed in a frenzy of emotion, twisting and turning uncontrollably, she felt his whole body tense. Gripping her breast even harder, he groaned with pleasure. Without thinking, Chloe tightened her sphincter muscles around his pulsating cock. She heard him gasp, and then he began to drive in and out of her even more fiercely, his arms almost crushing her body as he pulled her back against him, groaning loudly.

Finally his hips jerked rapidly, and as he came, Carlos bit on the lobe of Chloe’s ear in an animal-like frenzy of passion. When he relaxed, Chloe slumped back against him. She was aware that while this dark, pain-filled pleasure had been something entirely new for her, Carlos had been highly aroused by her reactions. This knowledge made her realise that even when she seemed totally under his control, she had power over him as well.

Lying in a tangled heap in the middle of the bed with Chloe, Carlos was surprised at how much he’d enjoyed their love-making. She’d accepted everything that he’d done almost without question, and he’d found her responses highly erotic. His resulting climax had been unusually intense, making him anxious to push her yet further in order to gain even more pleasure from her inherent sensuality.

Her eyes were closed, and he studied her with interest. She still looked extremely young and innocent, not very different to how she’d looked when he’d first seen her as a novice nun in Brazil. She was different, of course, but so far he didn’t feel that he’d touched her soul, and he wanted to. He wanted to take her into the world where he lived, and corrupt her totally. He needed to see her struggle still more against the discipline he insisted on, and watch the
confusion in her eyes as her body betrayed her. Before he met her, he’d been feeling jaded, but now he was refreshed, and there was still so much for her to learn.

‘Wake up,’ he said sharply, determined that she should never know how close she sometimes came to touching him emotionally as well as physically.

Chloe’s eyes flew open with gratifying speed. ‘Did I fall asleep?’ she asked anxiously.

‘For a few seconds. I want to talk to you about a couple of things. First, the charity dinner. Did you get the extra tickets we need?’

It was hard for her to focus on such mundane matters. ‘Yes, but it was difficult. They were all sold. Luckily—’

‘I don’t need the details. You definitely have all the tickets?’

Chloe nodded. ‘Good. You enjoyed tonight, didn’t you?’

Chloe hesitated. ‘Some of it,’ she admitted at last.

‘All of it,’ he said with a laugh. ‘It took you a little time, but that was to be expected. No, I think this kind of pleasuring suits you. Perhaps you should wear an anal plug on the night of the charity dinner. It will keep you aroused, so that you’re ready to climax whenever I want you to.’

He saw her eyes widen as she took in the implications of what he was saying. ‘I can’t have orgasms at the dinner,’ she protested. ‘We’ll be at the top table, and besides—’

‘You’ll do whatever I want you to do on the night. This isn’t only a social occasion, Chloe. It’s another part of the discipline. That’s why I wanted you at my table, and why I need Mehrdad and Mike there. You respond quickly to them. It should be an interesting evening.’

‘If you say so,’ she murmured, lowering her head so that he couldn’t see the expression in her eyes. He nodded to himself. She would do whatever he ordered her to do, he was sure of it.

‘Your next test comes before that, though,’ he continued. ‘When I made you masturbate yourself tonight, it was to prepare you for the weekend.’

Chloe looked up sharply, and her expression was wary. ‘What do you mean?’

‘You, Livia and I are going to Mehrdad and Fiona’s garden party. He always holds a summer party for charity. This year he’s decided to give the proceeds to yours. Isn’t that good news?’

‘I suppose so,’ she conceded.

‘He raises a lot of money, around twenty thousand pounds usually.’

‘That much?’

‘Yes, that much, which will make it all worth your while, I’m sure.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean that you will be the main attraction. People will come and watch you pleasuring yourself in the marquee. Later, after you’ve had a rest, and providing you’ve performed satisfactorily, some of the more privileged guests will have their own chance to pleasure you. No doubt Mehrdad will lay down some ground rules, and work out how to decide the winner, but it should be interesting, don’t you think?’

Chloe pulled herself upright, drawing away from him as she tried to clarify her thoughts, and he was amused by her need to physically distance herself from him in order to think coherently. It was a very satisfactory measure of the power that he now had over her mind.

‘I’m not going to do that,’ she said firmly, looking him directly in the eye as she spoke. ‘By tying it in with the charity you’re trying to make me feel guilty if I refuse, but I can’t do it just for money.’

‘It isn’t money for you,’ he said patiently. ‘I could
understand your reluctance if it were, but it’s for a good cause.’

‘I think the fundraising committee would probably rather not have it,’ she retorted.

‘I don’t suppose for one moment that they would care how it was raised. In any case, it’s irrelevant. The money can go to another charity if that would make you happier. I wish you to go to the garden party and be the afternoon’s entertainment. Learning to lose your inhibitions in front of strangers is part of the discipline. All Mehrdad’s friends are like-minded. No one will be shocked.’

‘I can’t do it. I’m sorry, Carlos, but it’s impossible.’

Reaching out, he stroked the side of her face in a gentle caress. ‘You can do anything you choose, you know that.’

She looked close to tears again. ‘I can’t do this, I really can’t. I’m sorry, but you’re asking too much of me.’

‘I’m not asking you,’ said Carlos slowly, ‘I’m ordering you.’

Chloe shook her head. ‘It doesn’t make any difference how you say it, I’m not going to do it, Carlos, and that’s the end of it.’

He allowed himself to give a small sigh of apparent disappointment. ‘In that case, Livia will take your place. Luckily, she understands the way the discipline works. Even now, after all this time with me, she would never dream of refusing such an instruction. I thought that you were a quick learner, but it seems I was wrong.’

‘Perhaps later on, when I’m more relaxed with people I don’t know,’ murmured Chloe.

‘There will be no “later on”,’ snapped Carlos.

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean that the experiment is over. You had better start looking for somewhere else to live. It’s time for us to part company.’

‘But I don’t want to leave!’ wailed Chloe. Carlos felt a thrill of satisfaction run through him, which he was careful to conceal.

‘You have no choice. It’s a pity, because I think that your body has enjoyed much that we’ve done, but there it is. Perhaps you will meet someone else who can satisfy these new needs that I’ve aroused in you. I hope that’s the case.’

Chloe’s eyes were bright with anger now. ‘No you don’t. You hope that I spend the rest of my life searching for someone who can give me the same kind of feelings that you do.’

‘It seems you have a very poor opinion of my character!’

‘Don’t laugh at me,’ she continued furiously. ‘You know perfectly well that I have to stay with you, that I need to go on with the discipline. How could I leave now? Especially after tonight.’

‘That’s your problem, not mine.’

For a moment, Carlos still wasn’t certain that he’d judged the moment right, that she was going to give in, but then, as her shoulders slumped, he relaxed. He’d been right. She was addicted to his ways, desperate to learn more, and for this reason, if no other, she’d agree.

‘If I do it,’ she said slowly, ‘no one will know, will they?’

‘Of course people will know. There will be a lot of guests and—’

‘I meant no one except Mehrdad’s friends.’

‘Of course not. He isn’t planning on TV coverage. I doubt if your contribution could be broadcast even if he were!’

‘I just don’t want people at work to know,’ she explained. ‘How could I face them again if they knew the kind of things that you make me do?’

‘I don’t make you do anything, Chloe,’ he reminded her. ‘You choose to do these things, because they give you pleasure. As for people at work finding out, how could they?’

‘They don’t all give me pleasure,’ she muttered.

Carlos quickly tweaked her left nipple, which was still red from where he’d been pinching it earlier. It immediately grew hard, and he laughed. ‘In the end, it all gives you pleasure. There’s no point in denying it. Why be ashamed?’

‘I can’t help it. I feel as though it’s wrong. Normal people don’t do the things that you do to me.’

‘How do you know? And what is a normal person anyway? Answer me that, Chloe. Can I tell Mehrdad that you’re willing to entertain his guests as I promised?’

Chloe nodded.

‘I want to hear you say it,’ insisted Carlos.

‘Yes,’ she whispered, and the fact that she was clearly ashamed re-aroused Carlos, who felt himself start to harden again.

‘You’d better get dressed and go down to dinner,’ he said abruptly. ‘I’m eating out with Mehrdad tonight. I’ll give him the good news then. Now please return to your own room.’

He saw how confused she was by his sudden change of mood, but that didn’t matter. It would keep her on edge, and in any case it was far better that she was confused than realise quite how powerfully she was beginning to affect him.



y Thursday, all that Chloe could think about was Mehrdad’s garden party. As each day passed, it drew inexorably nearer, and her dreams were filled with frightening yet arousing sexual images that made her wake up sweating with fear, although the details were infuriatingly elusive.

‘You’re late,’ said Lizzie the moment Chloe walked into the office.

‘Sorry, I overslept.’

Lizzie glanced at her. ‘You still look tired.’

‘I’m not sleeping well at the moment.’

‘I hope you can lay your hands on all the lists I gave you to type up for the dinner; the names of people coming, the seating plan, menu, arrangements for flowers and so on.’

‘Of course I can.’

‘Good, then you can keep me company when the hotel’s restaurant manager arrives this morning. I’ve lost track of all that information, too many other things to do, I’m afraid. You don’t mind sitting in on the meeting with me, do you?’

Chloe was pleased that she’d have something to distract her from the prospect of Saturday. ‘I’d like that,’ she said with perfect honesty.

‘In that case, would you collect him from the front office and take him through into the small back room? I’ll be with you in about five minutes. Offer him coffee or something while you’re waiting.’

Out in the front office, a tall young man in his early thirties was standing waiting. He had short dark-brown hair, a pale complexion and very dark eyes. When Chloe walked towards him he smiled at her, and she noticed that his mouth was full and sensual. He looked more like a classical actor than a restaurant manager, and for a brief moment she pictured him naked, lying next to her in the middle of Carlos’s bed.

BOOK: Discipline
8.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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