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Chloe wanted to laugh. She’d never felt so light, so relaxed. ‘If that’s your idea of discipline, you must have misunderstood the meaning of the word!’

‘You’ll understand in time, I promise you.’

Reluctantly, Chloe started to come to her senses. ‘What about Livia?’ she murmured.

‘Leave Livia to me. She’s not your problem. Now sleep. Remember, this is only the beginning.’

She had no idea what he meant, but she was so tired she didn’t really care. It was enough to know that they would have other times together.

For the next three weeks, Carlos visited Chloe in her room every other night. As she learned to relax more, the pleasure that he gave her intensified, and soon she found that on the nights when she was alone her body was longing for the sensations he aroused in her.

She started to think about sex all the time, even when she was at work. She’d drift off into daydreams, remembering the way his mouth and fingers had touched her writhing body, and she often failed to hear what people were saying to her.

‘Have you fallen in love, Chloe?’ asked Lizzie one day, when she’d had to repeat herself twice.

‘Hardly. I don’t know anyone in London!’

‘Well, you’re behaving like a girl who’s in love. I thought perhaps this Senhor Rocca had introduced you to some young friend of his.’

‘I hardly see him,’ said Chloe, ashamed of the lie but more ashamed of the truth. ‘He and Livia lead busy social lives.’

‘As long as they include our events in their social lives, that’s fine by me. You certainly must have made an impression on him. Not only did he offer you somewhere to stay, he’s also upped his monthly donation in the past week. Make sure you stay on the right side of him, Chloe!’

‘I’ll try.’

‘What’s he like?’ asked Lizzie curiously.

‘In what way?’

‘How old is he? And is he handsome in the way most Latin men are – all dark and brooding with wonderful liquid eyes?’

‘He’s an ordinary person, not the hero from the pages of some romantic novel!’ replied Chloe, forcing herself to laugh.

‘I know, but he’s rich and influential, which normally makes any man attractive!’

‘I don’t know if you’d think him handsome or not,’ muttered Chloe, wanting to change the subject because all she could think about was the way his blue eyes would watch her intently as she climaxed, as though he was assessing her in some way.

‘It’s a pity you’re so naïve about men. Still, perhaps that’s what he likes about you. Men of the world admire innocence and purity, probably because they don’t see much of it.’

Chloe wondered if that was true, and was the reason why Carlos seemed so fascinated by her. She hoped not, because if it was, then he was doing his best to change her. She was no longer the innocent she’d been when he’d met her, in which case he might soon tire of her. The prospect of losing their nights of passion was terrible, and for the rest of the day she worried that Lizzie was right.

That night he was due to visit her again, and as she lay waiting for him she could feel her body trembling slightly with excited anticipation. At midnight, the time he usually came, she heard her door opening and switched on her bedside lamp.

‘You look worried,’ he remarked, taking off his clothes and pulling the covers off her before lying down at her side.

‘I’m not worried.’

He stroked her face and hair. ‘Are you sure?’

She didn’t want him to know how much her body craved the pleasure he brought it, or how much she was afraid of losing him, so she kept quiet about her chat with Lizzie. ‘Quite sure,’ she said firmly.

‘That’s good. I like to know I’ve got your full attention.’ With that he began to stroke each of her breasts in turn, lightly at first and then more firmly, until they were swollen and the nipples hard.

As Chloe gave a sigh of pleasure, he began to kiss her belly and then moved his head lower and started sucking on the delicate flesh of her inner thighs. Closing her eyes, she felt the tension start building behind her clitoris, and when his tongue moved lazily along the channel between her inner sex lips, she felt the first tingles of an impending orgasm.

This was her favourite moment, the few seconds when she was balanced between tension and release, and her breath caught in her throat. Then, with shocking abruptness, his tongue was removed and she was left teetering on the brink of her climax.

‘Why did you stop?’ she cried, opening her eyes and seeing him gazing down at her.

‘Because tonight is when you start to learn about the discipline.’

There was a dull throbbing between her thighs, and she felt her hips jerk upwards as her body started to search for satisfaction. ‘I don’t know what you mean.’

He smiled at her. ‘I know. That’s what makes tonight so exciting.’

Chloe felt completely bewildered. Everything had been going so well. Her body was tight with tension, and she was damp between her thighs. Carlos had tutored her to enjoy satisfaction, but now he was cruelly withholding her pleasure.

As she tried to make sense of it, he got up and opened her bedroom door. Turning her head, she saw Livia come in, and immediately she sat up. ‘No! I don’t want her here. What’s happening, Carlos?’

‘Sshh!’ he murmured, touching the side of her face with his right hand. ‘You’re someone who understands the meaning of discipline, who needed it to make sense of your life. Now I’m going to bring discipline into your pleasure. It will make the rewards all the greater, but you have to do as you’re told.’

Chloe felt a mixture of fear and anger. ‘What if I won’t do as I’m told?’

‘Then I’m afraid I’ll have to punish you,’ said Carlos regretfully.

Livia glanced at Chloe. ‘She doesn’t want to do it. Let her go,’ she said contemptuously. ‘I told you she wasn’t our kind of person, Carlos. Go on, Chloe. Get away now, while you still can. No one’s forcing you to stay.’

‘Good,’ said Chloe, and she started to get out of bed, but then she saw a glint of triumph in Livia’s eyes and hesitated. Her skin was still tingling with excitement, her body throbbing with the passion Carlos had aroused in her. If she left now, she would probably never know such pleasure again. In any case, she was secretly intrigued by what she’d heard, and the fact that Livia so clearly wanted her to go was another incentive for her to stay.

‘On second thoughts, I think I would like to learn more about your kind of discipline,’ she said slowly, looking directly at Carlos as she spoke.

His lips parted a little, and he nodded his approval. ‘That’s good. However, if you choose to stay, then there can be no turning back. You’re putting yourself into my hands, and I may not offer you the chance to leave again until I’ve taught you all that I want you to know.’

A frisson of fear ran through her, but she didn’t hesitate. ‘I understand,’ she said quietly.

‘Excellent. Now, lie back on the bed. Livia’s tongue is just as skilled as mine. She’ll take over where I left off, but I
don’t want you to climax with her. I want you to wait for me. Is that clear?’

‘Quite clear,’ said Chole, lying on the bed again. She couldn’t really believe that she was doing this, that she was going to have another woman’s tongue touching her so intimately, but she wanted to please Carlos, wanted to prove to him that she was capable of doing anything he demanded of her.

While Livia stripped off her negligee and put her head between Chloe’s thighs, Carlos settled himself on the edge of the bed, right beside Chloe, and looked at her tense, aroused body with interest.

‘You’ll find it difficult not to come, I imagine,’ he said casually.

She didn’t think that he was right. It was having
tongue on her that aroused her, knowing he was touching and caressing her. Livia’s attentions wouldn’t be the same.

‘Remember, come and you’ll be disciplined,’ he reminded her, and then she saw him glance at Livia. ‘Right, you can begin.’

As Livia’s slim fingers opened Chloe up, she felt her body stiffen in resistance. It seemed wrong, but then as the other woman’s tongue moved around the entrance to her aching vagina, she groaned with pleasure.

Livia was an expert, and when she began to flick her tongue from side to side over the swollen nub of the clitoris itself, Chloe felt her orgasm building fast. The first tingles grew rapidly into a hot, aching need and her belly was tight.

‘Be careful,’ murmured Carlos, and she struggled to subdue her wanton body, to stop the insidious waves of liquid heat from engulfing her.

‘You like that, don’t you?’ murmured Livia, and then for a moment she removed her tongue and Chloe gasped with
relief. It was short-lived, because next Livia drew the tip of her tongue over the entrance to Chloe’s urethra, making her jerk with shock as the sensations intensified. As her clitoris began to withdraw beneath its protective hood, Livia carefully held it back and waited for a few seconds before drawing the small collection of nerve-endings into her mouth and sucking lightly on it.

‘Discipline yourself,’ said Carlos sharply, as Chloe’s body began to writhe helplessly on the bed, but she couldn’t. It was hopeless, and she knew it. As Livia continued to lick and suck at the centre of her sexuality, the warm glow spread and her tense muscles abruptly spasmed as she spiralled into a wrenching orgasm.

Watching Chloe’s slight body heaving helplessly, and hearing the despair behind her cries of ecstasy, Carlos felt himself harden with excitement. She’d been so certain that she would be able to obey him, so confident that Livia wouldn’t bring her to orgasm, that watching her fail was twice as sweet as he’d expected.

‘Your self-control leaves a lot to be desired,’ he remarked dispassionately. ‘Livia, fetch the stool over here. I shall carry out her punishment myself.’

Chloe stared up at him, her dark eyes fearful now that the final moments of pleasure were over. ‘I tried,’ she protested. ‘It’s your fault. You’ve taught my body to respond like that.’

‘And now I intend to teach it how to be more disciplined. Don’t make a fuss, Chloe. You chose to stay, and you knew what would happen if you failed.’

Her head drooped, and she didn’t protest any more, even when he caught hold of her hands and pulled her off the bed.

‘Keep your hands out in front of you,’ he instructed her,
and watched her almond-shaped grey eyes widen in fear as he fastened her wrists together with a pair of padded handcuffs. She was clearly shocked, and when he pushed her facedown across the stool she began to struggle.

Livia, who was sliding a small pillow beneath Chloe’s hips, laughed softly. ‘What did you expect, a written warning?’

Chloe continued to struggle, but Carlos held her firmly in place until Livia was able to fasten a broad leather strap round the young girl’s body, buckling it beneath the stool. The strap was tight, biting into Chloe’s creamy flesh, and she whimpered.

‘Keep quiet, or you’ll be gagged as well,’ said Carlos, and his words silenced her immediately. She’d become very still, probably, he thought, because any movement only made the strap round her waist dig into her delicate skin. He watched her for a moment.

Her head was down, her long, wavy dark hair tumbling round the sides of her face. Her manacled hands were brushing the carpet and there was a fine sheen of perspiration covering her shoulders and the nape of her neck. Carlos could smell her fear, and it acted like an aphrodisiac on him.

Livia moved quietly between Chloe’s legs, kneeling down on the floor as she parted the other girl’s thighs. Silently, without taking his eyes off the fastened girl, Carlos picked up a thin whip from the top of his dressing table and then returned to stand over the trembling, helpless Chloe.

Chloe couldn’t believe what was happening to her. It was like a nightmare. She could never remember being so frightened, and yet the terrible thing was that she was aroused. She was damp between her thighs, and her nipples were tingling. It made no sense to her.

She was aware of Carlos moving round the room, and
could feel Livia’s hands between her legs, but she didn’t know what was going to happen next. All she could do was wait.

She heard the sound of the whip before she felt it. There was a sharp cracking noise, swiftly followed by a hot burning sensation across the top of her buttocks. Chloe had never been hit before, and she gave a cry of astonishment mingled with pain. No one said anything to her, and when she tried to turn her head to see what was happening, Carlos roughly forced her face down again.

The second blow was just underneath the first, and delivered with greater force. This time the initial burst of pain made her whole body jump, and immediately the wide strap bit into her flesh, adding to her discomfort. She couldn’t stop herself from whimpering, and when a third blow caught the top of the backs of her thighs she felt tears welling up in her eyes.

‘Relax,’ murmured Carlos, running a hand down the length of her spine as her body spasmed with shock. ‘Soon the pleasure will come.’

This time the whip fell higher up, the tip catching the side of her left breast, and she screamed as the burning pain coursed through her upper body. Then, just as she felt sure that she couldn’t bear it any longer, the burning feeling changed and became a kind of perverse pleasure.

Every time her body jerked with the pain of the whip, the strap round her middle pressed her down more tightly against the cushion beneath her, which stimulated her even more. When she felt Livia’s knowing fingers sliding up and down the moist channel between her labia, Chloe moaned with pleasure.

The sweet ache that she’d grown to love was building rapidly, low in her belly, and she could feel her nipples hardening. Her muscles tightened, and coloured lights
started to flash behind her closed eyelids as Livia lightly brushed against the side of her clitoris.

Now all the pain, discomfort and humiliation was forgotten as her climax approached. Her head went back, and it was then that Carlos spoke.

‘Not yet, Chloe. This was to punish you for failing to delay your orgasm. Don’t make me have to punish you twice in one night for the same offence.’

Chloe could hear herself gasping as Livia continued to stimulate her, and the climax drew inexorably nearer. She didn’t want to come, didn’t want to be punished again, but her body had a mind of its own. Desperately she attempted to shut out the delicate movements of Livia’s fingers, and she slowed her frantic breathing to try and relax the tight muscles that were bunched ready for the delicious moment of release.

BOOK: Discipline
3.91Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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