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n the basement of a three-storey town house in central London a man lay tethered face down on a circular bed, moaning softly as Chloe, sitting across the backs of his thighs, eased a large dildo into his back passage and then switched it on so that it vibrated vigorously.

Immediately his moans turned to cries of pain, cries which she ignored as she rocked back and forth in order to arouse herself. Finally, when her breathing grew rapid and her nipples hardened, she switched off the vibrator and then deftly released the man so that he could turn on to his back.

‘You enjoyed that, Rob,’ she said softly, looking down at his massive erection. ‘Now you have to pleasure me, and don’t come until I give you permission, or I shall have to really punish you.’

Rob swallowed nervously as she lowered herself on to him, and when she tightened her vaginal muscles around him she could tell that he was close to orgasm. ‘Not yet,’ she reminded him, feeling the first slivers of excitement darting through her. Carefully she released and contracted herself around his throbbing cock until he was crying out, begging her to let him come, but she was concentrating on her own pleasure.

Eventually, far too soon for her liking, her body was flooded with waves of ecstasy and her hips jerked as she threw her head back in delight. Beneath her, Rob lay motionless, frantically trying to control himself, and when she was still he breathed a sigh of relief.

‘That was so good,’ she murmured. ‘Just one more for me, and then you can come too.’

Rob’s eyes widened. ‘I won’t last,’ he groaned.

Picking up a leather tawse from the bedside table, Chloe flicked it over his chest and belly until his skin turned red. ‘I think you will,’ she murmured, feeling him grow even harder inside her.

Swiftly she twisted herself round, so that she had her back to him, and then she watched herself in the full-length mirror at the end of the bed as she rode him relentlessly. She lifted herself up then lowered herself down, tightening her internal muscles around him and then releasing him, and her excitement was increased by his sobs of frustration as he struggled to subdue his own frantic need for satisfaction.

Finally she couldn’t hold back her own orgasm any longer, and this time her body contracted sharply as the climax swept through her, making her groan with delight. When the very last tremors had died away, she swivelled round again, and looked down at Rob.

‘You did very well,’ she whispered, untying his hands. ‘Now you can come.’

Immediately he reached up for her breasts, grasped them in his hands and roughly caressed them before grabbing her hips and lifting her up and down in short, rapid movements until, seconds later, his own pleasure finally spilled and he gave a loud shout of satisfaction.

About an hour later, as he was leaving, Rob looked
thoughtfully at Chloe. ‘I often wonder if you can be as happy as I am,’ he remarked.

‘I’m happier than I ever believed possible,’ she replied with a smile. ‘I like my job, although advising charities on the best ways to raise money seems rather an ironic way for me to earn my living but they headhunted me. It seems that all publicity really is good publicity! Also, I love the life I have here. I was so lucky when Taylor offered to rent me this house, and for a ridiculously low amount too.’

Rob laughed. ‘No doubt Taylor gains from the arrangement too.’

‘Oh yes,’ agreed Chloe with a smile. ‘I think it suits both of us, and we see each other a lot.’

‘No regrets then, about leaving Carlos?’

‘None at all,’ she said firmly as she showed him out. ‘He seems a lifetime away.’

After she’d closed the door on Rob, she poured herself a vodka and tonic and thought about what he’d said. The truth of the matter was that she did miss Carlos. Through the various contacts she’d made during her time with him, she had a full and very active sex life but no one, not even Taylor, understood her deepest, darkest needs as well as Carlos.

Sometimes, in the small hours of the morning when she returned from a dinner out with Taylor, or a visit to the theatre with Rob, she would long to feel Carlos’s hands hard on her breasts, and his teeth grazing her nipples, but despite this she was happy. She loved her freedom and the way she was now in control of her life. Brief moments of regret like that were, she supposed, a small price to pay in return.

When the doorbell rang she nearly didn’t bother to answer it, but then, knowing that Taylor sometimes called in late, she changed her mind. ‘I’m a bit tired,’ she said, slipping off the safety chain.

‘Why’s that?’ asked a familiar voice, and she found herself face to face with Carlos.

‘What?’ she asked stupidly.

‘I wondered why you were tired. Don’t bother to answer. I’m sure I can guess the answer. Are you going to ask me in?’

Her mouth had gone dry. ‘Yes, sorry, of course. If I’d known you were coming I’d have—’

‘I didn’t know myself.’ He looked directly at her for a moment, but then averted his eyes awkwardly. ‘I’ve tried to put you out of my mind, Chloe, but it hasn’t worked,’ he admitted reluctantly. ‘I found out from Mehrdad where you were living, and as I was passing I decided to take a chance that you might be in.’

‘Well, you were right,’ she said brightly, hoping that he couldn’t see how her hands were shaking. ‘How’s Livia?’

‘She’s gone back to Brazil. She missed the sunshine.’

‘Do you miss her?’

‘Not particularly.’

‘Was there anything special that you wanted to see me about?’ asked Chloe.

‘Yes,’ he said quietly. ‘I wanted to punish you for leaving me.’

Her heart began to race. ‘I’m not sure that I …’

‘Mehrdad said that you’ve got an interesting basement here. He described it very vividly to me. Perhaps we should talk further in there,’ he suggested.

Chloe hesitated. She knew very well what would happen if she allowed him to go in there with her, and that if she let him back into her life there would be no turning back, but as her body began to throb and desire filled every atom of her being, she knew with absolute certainty that this was how she wanted it to be.

Slowly, trembling with excitement, she led him down
into the room that had been designed solely to gratify her desire for the perverse pleasures of the flesh that this man had taught her to enjoy. As he stood motionless, watching her intently, her stomach tightened with the familiar mixture of excitement and fear, and then he moved.

Catching hold of her shoulders, he tore off her clothes and pushed her roughly on to the bed, reaching for the handcuffs that were attached to the iron bedstead and imprisoning her wrists within seconds.

His hands were rough but clever, and soon she was moaning deliriously, caught up in the incredible excitement of having him tease and torment her frantic body once more. As he started to cover her tender nipples with the once-familiar cream that made her flesh throb and ache, intensifying all the sensations almost beyond endurance, she knew that the tables had now been completely turned.

Even as she heard herself crying out with the red-hot pain of exquisite sexual torment, her body more alive than it had been since she left him, she reminded herself that Carlos had been forced to come to her. What he was doing to her now was what she needed, what she enjoyed, and this time it was all on her terms.

Carlos really had liberated her, and at the same time he’d unwittingly enslaved himself. When he turned her on to her stomach and thrust himself hard inside the tender flesh of her rectum, sighing with pleasure as he did so, she realised that he knew it too.

The wheel had finally turned full circle, she thought, as her body rushed headlong into yet another orgasm. It was certainly not what he’d intended the discipline to accomplish, but from her point of view it was the perfect conclusion.

BOOK: Discipline
5.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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