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Domination in Pink

BOOK: Domination in Pink
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Domination in Pink


Holly S. Roberts


A Club El Diablo Book





Published by H.S. Roberts

[email protected]


in Pink

Diablo: Book IV



Edition: October 2012




rights reserved including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof
in any form.


is a work of fiction. ALL characters are derived from the author’s imagination.


Chapter One


El Diablo was crowded and one problem after another took Damian away from his
wife. Lydia was expecting their first baby and he would rather be doing
something kinky, watching television, or even playing a game of chess rather than
settling disputes over which sub belonged to whom.

he wasn’t around, Lydia had a way of getting into trouble or at least doing
things he expressly forbidden. He laughed at the thought. “Forbid,” was
considered the “F” word as far as she was concerned. He learned that the hard
way and now, with her advanced pregnancy, he tried a little harder using gentle

was getting late but he needed to pick up a few things from his office before
making his way to the penthouse and the seriously chubby hot body of his wife.

opened the office door and then stopped dead. How she managed to tie herself up
to be displayed for him was almost impossible to figure out but then he
realized she would only let one other man touch her and that man was her ex-sub

been bad, Master.” Her wicked smile told him how bad she wanted to be.

she has, has she?” He gave her a leering grin.

her largely rounded tummy, there was no way she could lean over the desk for a
nice spanking but she was tied to his office chair with her legs secured wide
apart using a spreader bar. Tape held her hands to the chair arms and a pink
ribbon surrounded her stomach with a large pink bow slightly to the side of her

bulge of her stomach kept his eyes from her smooth pussy but she would be able
to slide forward and give him better access if he commanded. He knew her pussy was
smooth because since her fifth month he was the one that shaved it.

herself was a Domme but after strict negotiation, bets with the odds stacked in
his favor, and lust; lots of lust, they reached a compromise. She stood beside
him equally as a Domme in the club but he dominated in their bedroom.

didn’t matter that she loved him and wanted him to Master her in bed; she
continued to try and top him every chance she got. It was in her blood and god was
she sexy when she did it. She was sexy now; with her chubby cheeks and swollen
fingers and ankles. Her additional weight only gave him more to nuzzle.

this child he planned to talk her into another baby quickly. She would want to
lose her baby weight but he wanted her plush and smushy.

Daddy afraid Mommy will make him cry when he comes?”

voice brought him out of his extra-curricular thoughts. “Make me cry huh?” He
lifted his eyebrows.

mind was a million miles away while your fat wife is displayed in all her
glory. I think I’d like to make you cry.” Her voice was now petulant.

laughed and walked closer, leaning over the chair, and putting his lips by her
ear. “You know the word ‘fat’ gets you punished more.”

been very bad Master.”

you have. You promised me you would rest and not come down to the club.” He
licked the side of her neck and let his tongue travel up to her ear. His teeth
gently bit her earlobe as he listened to her sexy sigh which she knew aroused
him. He gave a chuckle, “You think I’m that easy. I have a hard punishment
planned for my naughty little wife.”

didn’t give her a chance to respond. Turning the chair, he wheeled her to the
corner of his office and pushed her as far into the corner as she could comfortably

voice held disgruntlement. “What are you doing?”

my disobedient sub, first I’m giving you the rules…you will not speak or I will
place a ball gag in your mouth, you will not have an orgasm until I give you
permission, and you will scream loudly throughout your punishment.”

“I think Master has lost his fucking marbles.”

didn’t reply. Her dirty mouth caused him endless trouble and it would be silent
for a while. When it was time for her to scream he would take the gag out. She
wasn’t making a sound and he knew she realized she was screwed. She hated being
gagged but for some reason she just couldn’t control her lush, delectable,
potty mouth and he usually had to control it for her.

was proud of her though because she knew begging did nothing. He took the gag
out of his desk drawer. He had several in their private suite but he kept one
handy in the office. It was just for her and no matter how many times she hid
them he just continued to buy more.

hot breath landed on the side of her neck. “If you kiss me first I’ll take the
gag out sooner.”

getting soft Master but put those lips to mine and I’ll fuck your mouth.”

was in a mood tonight and his cock went rock hard. Spinning the chair, his lips
claimed hers and their tongues played and sucked while their teeth nipped at
each other. There was no one in the world that could kiss like her.

he pulled away and his hand went to her tummy, rubbing gently. “Is there
anything you and Abigail aren’t ready for?”

her out of this, Mommy needs to come.”

lifted the small red ball to her mouth and then secured the tie behind her
head. “I think you look damn sexy like this; unable to speak, bitch, or tell me
what you want.”

eyes went from sensual to snappy just like he knew they would.

been resisting what I have planned as punishment but it’s been my fantasy for a
while. Tonight, you will please me greatly. Now, with your mouth controlled I’m
going to let you use your fingers. One finger lifted means it’s getting to be
too much and two means stop.” His fingers trailed over her delightfully chubby
knuckles, and lifted one off the arm rest and then lifted two. “Do you

middle finger came up and he turned away fighting his laughter.


Chapter Two


walked to the cabinet on the far side of the room and took out the items he
needed; three candles in three different colors, a lighter, and a medium sized
knife in its sheath. When he approached his desk her blue eyes darkened and her
breathing accelerated.

been bad and Daddy knows the perfect punishment. I’ve missed clamping your
nipples because they’ve been so sensitive but I think this will give us both
what we want.”

small bit of saliva ran down from the corner of her mouth and he wiped it with
his finger and then licked his tongue over the wetness. “You always taste so
good no matter where the moisture comes from.”

eyes closed and when they opened the dark blue irises expanded.

lit the candles one at a time and then turned to his captive. “I want your ass
a little more forward in the chair but I don’t want our baby uncomfortable. Do
you understand?” His Dom voice came through loud and clear.

nodded her head up and down.

girl.” He knelt between her legs and grasped her hips in his hands. “Lift just
a bit.” He pulled her bottom out so she was propped slightly back in the chair.

stood and unbuttoned the sleeves of his black shirt and then removed it while
she watched. He opened his desk drawer and removed a rubber band. Walking
behind the chair, he gathered her thick red hair. It was hard for him to
believe but her hair was actually fuller during her pregnancy. He placed the
band around the heavy strands and let it hang down her back in a single ponytail.
He then pulled the chair closer to his desk so the candles were in easy reach.
Moving to the side, he took hold of the bottom lever on the chair, lowering the
back to a one-hundred and twenty degree angle. Her eyes followed every move he

pain there is always pleasure.” His voice dropped lower as he went back to his
knees in front of her.

hand came out and he used his fingers to part her labia. Just the one digit
traveled from her clit to her tight sheath and entered the waiting moistness.
He was unable to help himself and brought the silky juice to his mouth.

you are both sweet and spicy at the same time. There is no taste on earth quite
like you.”

finger went back to work on her pussy and he spread the wetness up to her clit
rubbing and teasing until her hips came off the chair. He bent forward and
kissed her stomach then untied the bow to unwrap his gift. Bringing his hands
up, he cupped the underside of her breasts. His tongue went to one nipple and
licked softly before moving to the other. His thumbs circled the moisture he
left behind.

our baby arrives, she will be sharing her morning feeding with Daddy. I could
come right now thinking about how your milk will taste.”

breathing became more erratic and he released her breasts and let one of his
hands travel down past her stomach and in between her thighs again. He used one
finger to slowly ease into her pussy watching the sweet torment on her face as her
eyes closed. His other hand reached for a candle. Leaning forward he wet the
tip of her breast with his mouth and then spilled the first drip of red wax
directly on her nipple.

It came out behind the gag.

watched her hands closely but they only clenched the chair arms tighter. His
finger continued its work on her pussy but his thumb now rubbed over her clit.
He blew gently on the wax as it cooled and then he repeated the process on her
other nipple.

wax ran down the nipple and past the areola. He blew softly until it was dry.
Lydia’s eyes were looking down and watching the same erotic play he was. Next
he used blue while he kept up the steady glide of his heavily lubricated
finger. He refused to pick up his pace even when her hips came off the chair to
meet his hand.

the baby is born and you are healed, I will strap your hips down and not let
them move for a few hours while I play.”

looked into her eyes then looked at her breast. The blue wax started at her
nipple but then took a different path than the red. Where the two met the color
went purple. He used a little more and allowed the wax to slide over the soft
pillow of her breast leaving a sensual trail. She was a work of art. He never
stopped the movement of his finger and thumb on her pussy.

he removed his hand from between her legs and walked behind her. She let out a
groan until she could feel his hands untying the gag. He used his palm to wipe
her face and then he kissed her lips before resuming his position between her

you have anything to say my dear?”

hurry please.”

tsk. You are always so impatient.”

need to come. I’ve craved it all day but you stayed away and left me on my own.
I want your cock buried deep in my ass, sliding in and out slowly while your
hands squeeze my breasts.”

inhaled sharply and even knowing she was teasing him so he would move faster he
couldn’t help the image her words conjured in his mind. He stood and removed
his pants. They were suddenly too tight and he no longer wanted his cock
confined. He held himself in his hand and slowly let his fingers travel from
the head down to his balls.

BOOK: Domination in Pink
4.05Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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