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I was male exclusive when I fucked but it took a lot of work to
take me over the edge. I had a feeling this man could do it without touching
me. He was trouble and it didn’t help that he knew how insanely sexy he was.
I’m sure he just blinked those luscious dark eyes and most women drooled as an
orgasm rocked their world. I hoped the saliva in my mouth stayed where it was
and I could get through this without making a complete fool of myself.

When my eyes finally stopped on his heated gaze, he quirked his
mouth slightly and I noticed the dimples that only made him more arresting. I
bet he hated those dimples. I managed to control my breathing. I wasn’t the
best dominatrix in the state for nothing. My cool gaze met his; one master to

“Mr. Collins, you’ve taken me by surprise. I thought I was clear
in my refusal of your offer.”

“I was told you only fucked men.” His chocolate eyes pierced mine
as he held back a grin but purposely let his dimples flash in a well-practiced
expression that had to drive women mad with lust.

My shoulders stiffened. “I don't discuss my sexual preferences with

This time he smiled full out and my knees melted. Years of hiding
my own inadequacies kept me standing in the face of Michelangelo’s David. I was
really in trouble.

“I don't particularly care about your sexual preferences but I
paid a lot of money to find out what makes you tick and I wasn’t expecting
surprises. I can't say I'm thrilled to fly halfway across the country to handle
what should have been a cut and dry deal you couldn’t refuse. I’m not fond of
the word ‘no’ so here I am at this less than stellar establishment. Seeing it
in person is far worse than the pictures my team provided. I’m at a complete
loss about your reasons for refusing to work for me.”

This was his Dom voice and it was enough to snap me out of my love
sick fantasies of taking his hard cock in my mouth and making him moan. Anger
helped me gain control of my erratic heartbeat. There was nothing I could do
about the fire from blazing in my eyes. My complexion turning from pale to red
was the bane of light skin, freckles, and red hair which hung in a single roped
braid down my back. I had a Dom voice too.

“You've wasted your time for nothing and there was no need for you
to slum in my neck of the woods. My answer was final, is final. No!”

“Your boss feels differently.”

“My boss can't afford to lose me.” Johnny Ford knew I was his
bread and butter and I drew beginners and BDSM legends to his slimy assed club.

At five foot six and 140 pounds, I wasn't small and it took years
to turn my extra pounds into muscle. Those muscles could wield a whip to
perfection. I had come to terms with my large framed body. Damn, Damian Collins
made me wish I was 5'2" and built like Angela. Argh, the man was a god or
the devil as his name suggested. He needed to leave.

“Your boss has been well compensated for your time and he’s placed
you at my disposal for the next 30 days.”

No fucking way. Hot fury rushed up inside me, steam should have
poured from my ears and eyes. “I am not for sale Mr. Collins, to you or by my
ex-boss. Emphases on ex.”

I stormed across the room and using the key I hid on top of the
cabinet, I opened my locker and retrieved my large personal bag. It held my
street clothes along with sub toys but there was no way I was changing. If a
cop stopped me on my way home he would get an eye full and maybe I would get
out of a ticket. I didn’t see myself driving slowly and obeying the speed limit
and I would pay the damn ticket if it came to that.

Refusing to look at Mr. Dick On A Stick, I made sure I had
everything. I wouldn’t be back and the sick feeling in my stomach only pissed
me off more. I refused to let it sway me and only had one goal before I left. I
would walk out this room and kick Johnny in the balls like I should have done
many years before. I was never coming back.

I turned to the door but my cream dream fantasy blocked my path,
his back resting against the scared wood.

“I’m taking you to dinner to discuss my proposal.”

The arrogant ass. My eyes traveled to the corner camera. It might
be my private room but for safety reasons the cameras were essential. The
problem was Johnny knew how I would react and I could only guess at the amount
of money it took for him to give me up for a month. Damn him, he wouldn't be
sending a bouncer to get me out of my current predicament.

I had no choice and even with years of self-defense I had little
chance of removing my problem physically. His broad shoulders brushed both
sides of the door frame. God I loved a large chest and a man who made me feel

Controlling my inner slut, I snapped out of lust and into disgust.
My only chance of escape would happen after I was out of this office.

I met Mr. Dreamsicle’s eyes. “Well, the answer is no but I
wouldn’t want to refuse a free dinner.” I couldn’t hide all my irritation but
my voice dropped down a sexy notch. I was a good actress.

grin flashed again and stepping back, he opened the door letting me precede


Chapter One


Next Time…Holly



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BOOK: Domination in Pink
4.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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