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Drama Queers!

BOOK: Drama Queers!
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Praise for Frank Anthony Polito and
Band Fags!

“For those of us who came of age in the ’80s, reading Frank Anthony Polito’s novel is like being teleported back to high school. Filled with pop culture references that will have you saying, ‘I remember that!,’ this is a love letter to a time when happiness was a pair of Calvin Klein jeans, and every heartbreak could be fixed by listening to your Bonnie Tyler or REO Speedwagon albums. Most important, though, it is a portrait of a friendship between two boys struggling to find themselves without losing each other.”

—Michael Thomas Ford, author of
Last Summer


“Sweet and funny.”

—Publishers Weekly


“With the Motor City running on empty in Reagan’s America, Frank Anthony Polito’s characters dance their mystery dance of teenage longing as if Motown never left for California. Sexy, funny, and wiser than it wants to be,
Band Fags!
pulses with a ragged beauty and bounces to its beat. I give it a 98.6.”

—Thorn Kief Hillsbery, author of
What We Do Is Secret


“This heartfelt valentine to coming of age in the 80s shows that the right jeans, a decent production of
and discovering a true friend do offer some consolation.”

The Advocate


“More than just a novel,
Band Fags!
is a virtual time machine that transports you smack dab into the cheesy heart of the ’80s. It’s like a queer
Wonder Years
as it follows Brad and Jack’s memorable journey through high school hell. Screamingly funny, surprisingly charming and, ultimately, truly moving, it’s a fresh take on the importance of friendship during the worst/ best years of your life.”

—Brian Sloan,
A Really Nice Prom Mess
Tale of Two Summers


“Polito’s refreshingly personable characters leap from the page with a flavorful magnetism that will leave you craving for a sequel, or better yet, a TV or film adaptation.”

Dayton City Paper


“The dialogue sparkles throughout the book. And his characters and situations are all quite authentic.”

Between the Lines


“Polito has perfectly channeled the voice of a closeted teen.”

Bay Windows


“A consistently hilarious story of the best-friendship we all seem to have had, set in a time we can never seem to forget—the totally awesome ’80s—
Band Fags!
never misses a beat in its affectionate, moment-by-moment chronicling of the complicated journey we take from cradle to closet to what lies beyond.”

—Matthew Rettenmund, author of
Boy Culture


“Sexy and funny and filled with charm and sensitivity. The dialogue is perfect, the characters are loveable and the story cannot be beat for a light read that will make you forget the heat of summer and remind you of the warmth of first love.”

Eureka Pride


“Explores the difficulties of growing up gay in the 1980s, all told with a sense of humor and affection for its characters.
Band Fags!
shines with its clever dialogue and witty comments.”



“Polito does a good job of recreating the insecurities and rivalries that characterize relationships between high school students.”

Bay Area Reporter


“Band Fags!
is like the gay teen flick John Hughes never got around to making. Let’s face it, there’s a Band Fag in all of us and Frank Anthony Polito has his on speed dial. This book is a sweet, funny, deeply felt valentine to the wonder/horror of coming of age in the 1980s. You might just pee your parachute pants.”

—Dennis Hensley, author of
Misadventures in the (213)


“If the words
Dallas, Dynasty
The Go-Go’s
resonate with you, get this book.”

In Los Angeles


“These Band Fags march to their own quirky beat in a timeless tale delightfully syncopated against an ’80s soundtrack. This surprisingly tender story of best friends locked in a tug-of-war of self-discovering is booby-trapped with Polito’s pitch-perfect wisecracks and hilarious observations.”

—Steven Sorrentino, author of


“A fun and quick read.”

Out Smart


“This former 1980s band fag declares
Band Fags!
totally wicked awesome. With pitch perfect dialog, and high stepping charm, Polito hilariously shows how not all hearts beat to the rhythm of the same drum major.”

—Josh Kilmer-Purcell, author of
I Am Not Myself These Days


“Hilarious…snappy dialogue drives the story, much more so than in most novels.”

Echelon Magazine


“Frank Anthony Polito’s
Band Fags!
plays like an ’80s after school special; it feels like dropping right back into the oh-so-important questions of who sits where in the lunchroom, who ‘likes’ who, and which friends might be ‘fags.’ Polito absolutely captures the voice of a not-ready-to-be-gay-teenager in the ’80s, and spins characters who face real problems, ridiculous concerns, and the meaning of friendship over the years.”

—Alex MacLennan,
The Zookeeper


Band Fags!
is one of those rare books you may want to read not once, but like, totally a bijillion times.”

H/X Magazine


“Hugely enjoyable.”

Dallas Voice


“Polito makes you think, breaks your heart with the pain of having to ‘hide’ who you are and tosses in a whole lot of fun while showing ‘us’ how it is for gay teens.”

Armchair Reviews



Edge (Boston)

Books by Frank Anthony Polito





Published by Kensington Publishing Corporation

Frank Anthony Polito



To Craig Bentley
my favorite Drama Queer


Once again I must thank my editor, John Scognamiglio, for insisting I
become a One Hit Wonder and allowing me to expand upon this story. As always, to everyone at Kensington—from the Bull Pen to the Mail Room—for making me feel welcome and like part of the crew.

To my family back in Michigan, I love you all.

Thank you to Steven, Nanci, and Donna at Barnes & Noble for hosting my first book signing ever, and to Rich for taping it. To Keith and Martin at Common Language in Ann Arbor, and to Phil, Paul, and the members of the Great Lakes Pride Band who entertained us. Gary at Five15 in Royal Oak, Suede and the staff at Pronto!, and all the Hillbilly High alumni and other Detroit-area friends who turned up on June 12, 2008. To Jeffrey and Ryan, my personal PR posse, and Bonnie, my slave—I mean,
. Also Chip and Ron of Spin Cycle for throwing my “1984” book launch bash…Jon-Erik Hexum, we will never forget you!

Others I must include: Kenneth in the (212), Matthew and Lee at Meefers, Marle at WBAI, Larry, Keith, Cynthia, Diana, James, and Kara at Sirius OutQ, the fabulous Sweetie, aka Daniel, for sharing Detroit Drag secrets, Leo at Live Out Loud, Amy and all the HPHS GSA members, and James at B & N, Royal Oak.

The writing of this book would not have been possible without the generous input of the following friends: Don at Between the Lines, my fellow ex-Detroiters, Mark of Fraser, and Mary Beth of good old Hazeltucky, and my brother, Shawn, director of Thespian Troupe #4443.

Last, but certainly not least, I thank my Best Friend since 7th grade, Grat Dalton, for loaning me his life and allowing me to embellish it.

This one truly is
—at least 98%.

BOOK: Drama Queers!
3.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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