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Mlyn Hurn

her. As soon as she realized what I was thinking, she was straightforward and told me she had no interest in moving. It was all for the best. Guess that proved that neither of us was all that serious, since there appeared to be no broken hearts.” He stood suddenly. “I’ll leave you to get back to your painting then, Ms. Michaels.”

Aeryn scrambled to her feet, not liking how nervous and awkward he was making her feel. Obviously, close exposure to this man would be dangerous to her health. She watched as he started down her front steps, but was taken aback when he turned and offered her his hand.

“It was nice meeting you, Ms. Michaels.”

Aeryn stared at his hand for a moment, and then slowly extended her own. Heat zoomed up her arm, setting her nerves tingling and ablaze. Aeryn’s eyes shot immediately to his face, but all she could see was the small smile curving his lower lip and her own mirrored reflection. She tried to pull free, but Devlin held her hand for a second longer. He lightly touched the brim of his hat, and then turned and walked to his squad car.

Aeryn told herself to go inside, right then. But she didn’t move. Instead, she leaned against the porch balustrade and watched as Devlin paused to remove his hat before getting in the car. At the last second, he looked back towards her house and saw she was still standing there, watching him. Aeryn didn’t see him change expression and continued to watch as he got into his squad car and drove away down the tree-lined street.

Suddenly, a noise overhead caught Aeryn’s attention. She jumped off the bed as she realized it was a helicopter and she probably only had a second to react. She ran to the window and opened and closed the drawn drapes three times. She could hear Craig yelling in the living room for everyone to “shut up”. She turned from the window and walked into the living room, hoping against hope that her signal had been seen.


Past Running

Chapter Two

Sheriff Devlin McDonald listened as the different roadblocks were reporting in over the police band. They were receiving assistance from the surrounding counties, and according to the maps, the area was shut down. If the escaped convicts made a move, one of the roadblocks should catch them. He’d driven out to the roadblock that closed off the road to the cliff house, the “cabin” Aeryn had taken him to earlier in the summer.

He had been quite impressed with her “cabin” as she insisted on calling it, but having seen it, he could understand why everyone else called it cliff house. It clung to the mountains, having been almost hewn from the rock itself. It wasn’t eye-catching from the road, but from the ocean, it was impressive. Aeryn had inherited it from her grandfather when he had died about six years ago.

Sitting in his squad car, Devlin remembered Aeryn telling him about the house as they had driven there for a weekend getaway. Her great-grandfather had built the house, and he literally had his workers hew the base of the house out of the promontory rock. That’s why it had lasted as long as it had against the strong and often savage winds that came in from the ocean. Aeryn had taken him out on the deck and stood with the wind blowing her hair back off her face. Standing there, she could have been ageless, looking off in the distance as if waiting for her mariner lover to return.

Devlin had stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. He knew she didn’t long for her ex-husband to return. But he needed her warmth to reassure himself for a moment. And as his hands encircled her waist, Aeryn had leaned against him, resting her hands over his.

“It’s wild and untamed out here, Devlin,” she whispered to him. “When I’m here, I feel like I’m invincible. And then all I have to do and look down and see how ruthlessly the waves crash against the rocks to know how vulnerable the human body truly is.”

Devlin couldn’t hold his feelings for her inside any longer. She often spilled over with words of love for him, but he had always held back. But now, being in such an elemental place, with the sun starting to set, the thunderous waves crashing below, and feeling the wildness just below Aeryn’s surface, he could no longer shield his heart from her.

“I love you, Aeryn.”

Devlin had felt her stiffen against him. She didn’t answer him right away, echoing his words of love. He was physically aroused, just holding her warm, sexy body so close, but suddenly he needed to have the assurance of her love in words. He felt her rub her hands back and forth over his hands and forearms. He was surprised when she did answer him.


Mlyn Hurn

“You don’t have to say the words just because I do, Dev. I love you, and meeting you is the best thing to ever happen to me.”

Devlin spun her so fast Aeryn gasped. “I’m telling you that I love you because I do!

Damn it!”

Aeryn laughed and caressed the side of his face. “What girl could resist such tender words of love?”

The radio crackled, bringing Devlin back to the present. It was the helicopter reporting in again. Devlin picked up the microphone and spoke to his pilot.


“Hey, Dev, I can’t be sure, but I would swear I saw a light flash three times from a window at Aeryn’s cliff house. Isn’t the cliff house always closed by this time of the season?”

Devlin straightened in his seat. “Fly back in here, Rich, and don’t go back over the place. Let me call the other units and we’ll coordinate from here.” One thing was crystal clear—it was Aeryn who had signaled.

Shortly after they’d been seeing one another, Aeryn convinced him to teach her some self-defense moves. After a sweaty session on the mat in the workout room at his place, Aeryn flipped him the last time. She’d playfully started undressing him. Without resisting, he let her tie his hands overhead. As she kissed her way down his body, she questioned what a hostage should do. After several distracted comments on what a captive should not do, he explained about purposeful actions.

“Three?” Aeryn had repeated. “So an observer is assured it wasn’t an accident.”

Before he could reply, Aeryn took his cock inside her mouth. From that point on, everything she did was in threes.

Oh, yeah, no doubt about it! Devlin took a couple of deep breaths to clear his head before starting to coordinate the capture and rescue effort.

* * * * *

Aeryn moved about the cabin, trying to act calm. She caught the glimpses the others would shoot her way or Craig’s. She prayed silently the signal she had learned from Devlin had been seen. She prepared food to eat, but stood in the kitchen while the others ate. She caught Craig staring at her from time to time, but refused to meet his eyes. They were divorced, and what she did was her business now and hers alone. She let her thoughts drift as the sounds of cutlery against china filled the room.

Aeryn had seen the sheriff off and on over the next couple of months, but didn’t speak to him. One warm spring evening there was a dance that she couldn’t get out of 140

Past Running

serving on one of the committees. Her cousin Sara talked her into buying a new dress.

She arrived early to help set up. When the dance was in full swing, Aeryn was feeling like she had worked a whole day.

Grabbing a glass of lemonade, she escaped through a side door of the large high school gymnasium. Tables and chairs were set up to enjoy the warm night, and Aeryn found one. It was small, with just two chairs, and secluded by a tree nearby. Sitting down, she slipped her shoes off. One long drink and she leaned her head back. Staring at the stars she let her eyelids drift closed. Her long hair, fighting confinement, drifted in loose tendrils and Aeryn felt like she could fall asleep, right here and now.

“Don’t tell me your dance card isn’t full?”

Aeryn opened her eyes and saw Sheriff McDonald standing in front of her. She shifted but didn’t straighten her position. “I’m not really in a dancing mood.”

Devlin looked at the beautiful woman sprawled in the chair in front of him. He’d fought his attraction to her since their first meeting. He’d managed to avoid her most of the time because any relationship with this woman would be bad news. Rumors about Craig Morelli and his jealousy circulated the area. The man was bound to get out of jail some time, and he would come here first. Gossip was that Morelli was against the divorce. Avoiding Aeryn Michaels was prudent. The last thing he needed in his career would be an angry ex-con show up looking for his ex-wife, and discover the new sheriff banging her!

Devlin pulled the chair next to her out and sat down. The lure of Aeryn Michaels tonight was irresistible. Her black, shiny hair was piled into a careless knot on top her head, strands caressing her bare shoulders. Her dress instantly caught his attention, and that of other males as well. It was a typical summer dress, the kind guys liked in bright sunlight. The skirt was full, ending above her knees. The waist was nipped in tight, and the bodice was low-cut and displayed her breasts magnificently.

Aeryn looked at the man seated beside her. She couldn’t fail to notice and appreciate the sheriff’s rugged good looks tonight, especially out here, in the soft and romantic moonlight. Fighting the need to know him better every time she saw him, there was no denying the attraction to him. No, Aeryn admitted, she wanted him.

Lustful thoughts of him attacked her. She had tossed in bed, wondering what his hands felt like as they caressed her skin.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen you out of uniform before, Sheriff.”

Devlin nodded, but thought that he’d like her to see him without his clothes, period, and in her bed. “I let the deputies have run of the county tonight.”

Aeryn laughed, and sat upright in the chair, unaware of how the slightest move pressed her breasts above the bodice. “Are we safe?” she asked him jokingly.

“I hope so, because I’m dying for a full night’s sleep.”

“Somebody disturbing your sleep of late?”

Devlin smiled slowly, and let his eyes rove over her. “Duty is the only thing disturbing my nights. I welcome other distractions, now and then.”


Mlyn Hurn

“I doubt you lack for opportunities.”

Devlin could hear the slow music being played in the gym. He stood and held his hand out for Aeryn to take. “Just as I doubt you lack for dancing partners.”

Aeryn knew better but still took his hand. Devlin pulled her upright and into his arms. The ground was rough, so their dancing was merely a shifting of feet while their bodies brushed against one another intimately. Aeryn rested her head against his upper chest and shoulder a moment later, and enjoyed the sweet sensations being this close to his body was causing. Devlin’s hand lightly caressed her waist, moving upwards.

He surprised her by pulling pins from hair. His fingers combed through the silky mass of curls and a soft sigh escaped her lips.

Devlin heard the soft sound and tugged on her hair gently, tilting her face upwards.

He met and held her eyes for a moment before he covered her full, pouting lips with his mouth. The kiss was light and sensual as Devlin explored her lips slowly. When Aeryn parted her lips, he didn’t pause. His tongue moved inside and discovered the passion concealed within.

Aeryn’s feet stopped moving and she slid her arms up to encircle his shoulders and neck. She gave him no resistance and eagerly savored his lips and tongue. Dimly aware of Devlin moving them behind the nearby oak tree, she was totally conscious of his hand covering her breast the next moment, to squeeze her eagerly. Her shoulder strap slid down, and it was easy for Devlin to tug the material down.

Devlin eased back to watch as the round boob popped out. He could see in the pale moonlight that the nipple was already hard. He covered it with his hand, but really wanted to cover it with his mouth. He massaged her firm flesh as he whispered softly,

“You have great tits, honey.”

Devlin’s other hand moved down and soon he bared both breasts to the night air.

Exposure ended when his hands covered them fervently, squeezing and massaging, plumping them even firmer. He could feel her nipples poking his palms. He pressed forward and let her feel his hard cock. Over the faint sound of the music, he heard Aeryn’s soft moans of passion.

Devlin didn’t think, he only reacted. He pulled Aeryn with him, shielding her nude chest. Glad he had parked away from the crowd, he opened the back door of his car.

The backseat welcomed them as he yanked Aeryn’s panties off with one hand and freed his cock with the other. Pausing just long enough to sheathe his flesh, he was between her widespread thighs a second later, Aeryn lifting her legs to encircle his thighs as he thrust forward, into her body.

Aeryn groaned as he filled her with his hard cock. He watched her intently, moving in and out of her tight cunt. His eyes moved down and watched the bouncing of her boobs. Hornier, hotter and out of control, he shortened and quickened his thrusts.

Aeryn moved her hips to match his thrusts.

Devlin’s reaction was instantaneous. “Oh, God! Honey! Yeah—” Devlin lowered his head to suck her nipple, pulling the nub deeply into his mouth.


Past Running

Aeryn felt the tug on her nipple echo deep inside her, nearly soul deep. Almost instantly, her body lost control, and her climax overtook her. She could feel her hips jerking as her muscles started their spasm of orgasmic release. Her legs tightened around Devlin’s hips, pulling him closer.

Devlin felt the contractions of her cunt around his cock, and he lost self-control as well. He shouted and his hips gave sharp, short jerks forward. He lowered himself to lie on Aeryn’s body, still feeling the softer contractions of her muscles. He didn’t want to leave her sweet warmth yet. He rose up on his forearms and looked down at Aeryn.

Her hair was a pool of black behind her head, and her breasts were white mounds topped with luscious long pink nipples.

Devlin rotated his hips and watched the jiggling response of her breasts. He couldn’t resist the lure and lowered his mouth once more, suckling, tugging and pulling her right nipple deeply into his mouth. His tongue bedeviled the taut nub. As Devlin continued to suck, Aeryn groaned and her hips moved of their own accord.

BOOK: Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV
12.01Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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