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“That may be true, but you’re not sticking that—” she stabbed at the string of beads with her forefinger, “—in there.” She motioned toward the general vicinity of her backside. “No one has ever done that.”

“Maybe you’ll like it.”

She felt him move away, a fingertip tracing the slope of her shoulders, down the center of her back to her ass. He parted her ass cheeks, and she sucked in a breath on a sigh.

Something soft teased her hole. Warm, slick, it slowly pressed, and with arms trembling, eyelids falling over her eyes, she relaxed, letting whatever it was inside.

It wasn’t painful. In fact, it was surprisingly erotic having something pushed oh-so-slowly into her ass. Her pussy pulsed, and she sighed again. This was good. Better than good.

“More?” His voice hummed in her head, then vibrated down through her body, landing between her legs.

“Yes. More.” She fought to keep her upper body lifted off the floor, but her arms shook.

“Lean forward, love. I want you to be comfortable. Here, put this on the floor under you.” He handed her a pillow that had been knocked off the bed.


Body Chemistry

She did as he bid, feeling something soft brush against her boobs.

A firm hand pressed between her shoulder blades, forcing her chest down onto the pillow. Her ass was unmistakably up in the air…and exposed.

More pressure on her hole. Slight burning, and resistance. Then a tiny bit more fullness as the second bead slipped inside.

Her pussy muscles clenched, sending another wave of pleasure through her body.


A finger teased her clit from underneath, and her legs started trembling. Her mind became lost in a fog of feelings as new and exciting sensations pulsed out from her ass.


Breathless now, climbing ever closer to another orgasm, hot from head to toe and reveling in the new experience he’d practically wrestled her into, she merely nodded her head.

“You’re as much a scientist as I am, aren’t you?” He pushed a third, then a fourth bead inside, and she bit back a shout of pleasure.

“We’ll experiment together. Think of the discoveries we’ll make.” Then he rimmed her pussy with his cock and plunged it inside.

There was no thinking. Only feeling. Her pussy was full. Her ass was full. And nerves in every part of her body jangled. His hands gripped her hips, his fingertips digging into her flesh as he drew back and buried his cock deep inside again. Colors exploded in her head as the sound of his breath, fast and hard, melded with the sound of hers. Her body barreled toward climax with every stroke, as he drove into her again and again. Her pussy, her ass, they clenched and unclenched. Her legs trembled, her insides twisted into tight knots.

“Oh, yes, baby. That’s it.”

And she exploded, crying out as the beads slipped one after another…pop, pop, pop…out of her ass. Every muscle in her body convulsed as the orgasm of her life shook her to the core. And then she heard his grunt as he found his own release. He pumped into her as she twitched and tingled.

And then they both dropped on the floor. Spent. Sated. Speechless.

He rolled off of her, and with eyes closed, she lay beside him, too weak to move.

“That was—” she fought for words to describe what she had felt, “—unbelievable.”

“It sure was.” He sighed. “But you know the most important rule of the scientific method, don’t you?”

“What rule is that?”

“Results cannot be trusted until they are repeated.”

“Oh.” Her pussy tingled, and she smiled. “I knew there was a reason why I liked chemistry.”


Tawny Taylor

Chapter Five

Lukas stretched aching muscles that hadn’t seen action like last night’s in ages. He didn’t know how he’d ended up spending the last twelve hours, the best twelve hours of his life, making love to Allie Larson. Had John bribed her, or not? He knew one thing—now that he’d had her, he wouldn’t let her go.

He reached across the bed, anxious to feel the silk of her hair, to smell the sweet scent of her skin. But when his hand reached the other side of the bed, while not finding Allie, he jumped up and flattened the rumpled covers.

She was gone! Damn it!

He grabbed his robe off the closet door and went out into the living room, the kitchen. He even checked the bathroom. He was alone.

The phone rang and he jumped, diving at it before the fourth ring. “Hello?”

“Hey, buddy? How was your night?” John’s voice sounded from the phone.

Lukas slumped into a chair. “You oughtta know.”

“I have a notion. Listen. Are you sitting? I have something to tell you.”

“Let me guess. You paid all those women to flock around me, and Allie, too.”

“Naw. I didn’t pay anyone anything. That was all you, you lucky dawg. For once your clumsiness paid off.”

“I don’t follow.”

“After you left, everything went back to normal, and I began to wonder, so I retraced your steps back to the lab, and to the little accident you had…”

“What does that have to do with anything?”

“It was Candy. You know what it resembles, right?”

“Yeah. A pheromone…for a moth. So?”

“Well, it attracts more than moths. I tried it, and damn if that stuff ain’t powerful!”

“No kidding?” He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Allie hadn’t been there by her own will after all. It had been chemistry, but not the kind he’d hoped for. Damn!

“Well, thanks for the head’s up.”

“I saved the paper towels you used to sop it all up, wrapped them in a plastic bag.

If you need some more—”

“No thanks. If I can’t attract a woman on my own, well then, I don’t need one.”

“Okay. But you don’t know what you’re missin’.” A woman giggled in the background, and then the sound of John muffling the phone scratched over the line.


Body Chemistry

After a moment, John returned, sounding breathless. “Gotta go, you fuckin’ genius, you. Talk to you Monday.”

Click. Buzz.

Yeah. Fucking genius.
Lukas stood and lumbered to the bathroom, showered and dressed. Periodically, he laughed sardonically. How could he be so stupid? Thinking Allie Larson, the woman he’d dreamed of for months, the woman whom every man at Case would pay a limb or two to fuck, would want to be with him?


In the living room, he sat and put on his shoes. With nothing better to do, he might as well go into work, run another batch of the diet compound, and destroy his research on Candy. That stuff was plain too powerful. If it landed in the wrong person’s hands, who knew what they might do with it.

But as he reached for the front doorknob, it twisted, turned by someone on the outside.

He stepped backward, his heart rate suddenly twice what it had been.

The door opened slowly, one inch, two inches, three…

Allie slipped inside, halting as soon as she saw him. Her eyes opened wide. “Oh!

Hi! You were sleeping.” She lifted a brown paper bag. “I was hungry, so I walked up to the coffee shop.”

He soaked in her brilliant smile, the warmth feeling like the sun on a cold day. Then he noticed she was wearing his shirt. “Take that off!” He reached for a sleeve and tugged.

Obviously caught off guard and confused, she jumped backward. “What? What’s wrong?” She looked down at one arm then at the other.

“I spilled something on that last night.” He ripped it off her and took her by the shoulders leading her toward the shower. “You need to wash up. Right now.”

“Oh, okay.” She set the paper bag on the table as they passed it and went into the bathroom, closing herself inside.

Lukas leaned against the wall outside, listening to the running water, knowing her attraction to him was running down the drain. If only it could be real! Ironically, his wish for a drug that would make him irresistible to women had come true, and it had turned out to be a full-blown disaster. Now he knew how it felt to touch Allie, to feel her soft body under his, to hear her speak his name on a moan. It would be torture to resist reaching out to stroke her silky hair, to take her hand in his, to see that brilliant smile directed toward another man.

When she emerged, wrapped in a towel, her wet hair streaming down her back and tiny beads of water clinging to her shoulders, it took every ounce of his strength to keep his hands off of her. But with the last traces of Candy gone, he held absolutely no hope that she’d welcome his touch.


Tawny Taylor

“How was your shower?” He stepped back, giving her space to walk toward the bedroom.

“It was fine, thanks.”

“I guess I’ll just go wait for you to dress, then. Out in the living room.” He turned and started down the hallway.

“Wouldn’t you rather come in here?”

He froze in place, one foot midair. “What?”

“Come on back here. I could use some help drying off.”

“No!” Couldn’t be.

“No?” She opened the bedroom door and, standing completely nude, lifted one hand to play with her wet hair. The towel lay discarded at her feet. A rivulet of water meandered down the center of her chest, between her breasts and over her stomach.

Her pink nipples stood erect, just begging to be pinched. “Why not?”

“Because…because you need another shower,” he stammered, taking her by the shoulders and steering her back to the bathroom again. This time he personally ensured she made it into the shower, used hot water and lots of soap.

It killed him watching her hands work over her skin, her shoulders, her breasts, her stomach…between her legs.

He practically drowned in his own drool.

No matter how long she washed, though, her playful smile didn’t change. She teased him, taunting him by touching herself, her gaze locked to his. “What’s wrong?

Am I doing it wrong? Do you want to help?” She reached out, gripped his shirt collar in her hand and yanked. In he stumbled, clothing, shoes, and all.

That had to be it! There had to be more clinging to him. With some not-so-gentle help from Allie, he ripped his clothes off and scrubbed.

And she lathered her hands and fisted his cock.

His knees grew weak. His heart stopped. The world tipped sideways.

He wanted to know how. He wanted to know why. Yet, at the same time, he didn’t care. She was in the shower, stroking his cock until his veins were nearly jumping out of his skin, and she wanted to be there with him.

And did he ever want to be with her!

He scooped her up. Giggling, kissing his chest and shoulders, she reached her arms up, looping them around his neck. And when he dropped her onto the bed, she looked at him with such wanting, such hunger, his cock pulsed with need.

The corners of her lips lifted and she parted her legs. “I know you want me.”

No doubt about that!

“Come, fuck me like you did last night. Take me.” She slid a hand down her stomach to her pussy and parted her folds for him. “Do you see what you do to me?”


Body Chemistry

“How could I not. But…now?” They’d both washed, the compound should be gone. How could this be?

“Yes, now! Be the man you were last night, the one who knew what he wanted and took it.”

The words set his blood boiling. His cock aching to be inside her, he gripped her ankles and pulled her to the edge of the bed. Then, parting her legs wide, he poised his cock, ready to plunge inside. “Are you sure?”

“Oh, yes! Take me.”

His heart pounded in his ears, his eyes blurred. He could have her. He wanted her.

But his heart wouldn’t let him. Not when it wasn’t real. “No.” He stepped back and miserably watched her scramble to sit, confusion written over her face.

“Why? What is it? Did I do something wrong?”

“No, believe me, you did
right.” He sat beside her and wrapped her in his discarded robe. He rested his hand on her knee and stared down. How would he explain? “This isn’t your fault. It’s hard to explain.”

“Do you have a girlfriend?” Her voice sounded small. Delicate.

Damn, he’d hurt her!

“No, that’s not it.” He dropped his face into his hands and rubbed. “It’s Candy.”


“Not who. What. Candy is the compound I told you about yesterday. The byproduct of the diet formula’s manufacturing process. It’s a lot like a pheromone, and I spilled some on myself yesterday, and women suddenly found me attractive, and I was such an idiot to think you were attracted to me…shit!” He slapped his thighs and glanced away. He couldn’t look at her, didn’t want to see her face, the pity, the anger, whatever he might see there. “I’ve wanted you to notice me for so long, wanted to believe you wanted to be with me.”

She wrapped her hand around his. “But I do.”

“It’s still here, Candy. We haven’t gotten it all. Maybe it’s in the bed. On the sheets.”

“I’m sorry, but…”

He heard her swallow, and he braced himself for a big, hearty guffaw at his expense.

“…you’re full of shit.”

What was she trying to say? He turned.

She thumped her chest with her hand. “These feelings don’t come from a bottle, from some chemical mishap. I care about you. I want to make you happy. I want to enjoy night after night with you, just like last night. And…I felt that way long before the party last night.”

“You have?” His heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t mean it…could she?


Tawny Taylor

“You bet I have! Couldn’t you tell? Didn’t you see it? How I’ve stared at you, watched you. All that damn chemical did was get things started, like a catalyst. You did the rest. You’re the master chemist, and believe me, you know how to create some heavy-duty explosions. There’s no way in hell I’m letting you go now. I’m hooked.” She slid the robe off then stood in front of him. “This chemistry is the good kind. One hundred percent natural.” She rested one hand on each of his shoulders, and with no warning shoved him backward on the bed, spread her legs, straddling his hips, and teased the head of his cock with her sweet pussy juices. Then she dropped, impaling herself with his rod.

BOOK: Ellora's Cavemen: Tales from the Temple IV
9.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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