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Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us

BOOK: Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us

Haven for the Lustfully Damned 2

Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us

After botching up her last assignment, Triala Barns worries her

career as a Voyeur Scout has ended. When she’s given a chance

at redemption by being assigned to a mission to infiltrate the

underground world in search of the mysterious Rogue werewolves

who’ve been killing humans, she couldn't be happier. Until she

finds out her partners are humans and that she’ll be taking orders

from the arrogant, sexy duo.

Sam Wethers and Jake Reynolds thought they’d created the

perfect cover for their werewolf partner, Triala. By pretending

she’s their girlfriend, they could keep an eye on her. But her

stubbornness and loathing of humans becomes an obstacle they

didn’t anticipate. Add to that their sexual attraction and deep

feelings growing for her after they see her vulnerable side she

tries to keep hidden, and they realize they’ve put their mission

and lives in jeopardy.

Now two Rogue werewolves have identified them and are out to

silence them before they can find out the real reason behind the


Ménage a Trois/Quatre, Paranormal,


46,653 words



Haven for the Lustfully Damned 2

Jessica Frost


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IMPRIN T: Ménage Everlasting


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Haven for the Lustfully Damned 2


Copyright © 2011


Will she speak or torment me for all eternity?
That recurrent

question haunted Thorak as he observed Sinor quietly pacing beside

the oblong table in his private quarters. He followed the elderly

female Voyeur’s progress with dismay and impatience.

“Why did you request this private meeting?” he asked, breaking

the silence echoing around him.

“Because what I wanted to discuss was for our ears only,” Sinor

replied after a few seconds. Her stern expression spoke volumes of

her stress.

“I see. Then I assume it’s about my decision.” He swerved his

plush leather chair as it creaked under his weight.

“Precisely.” Her single word and piercing gaze sliced through


He huffed. “It’s my decision, Sinor, and you of all werewolves

should know I do not need the Council’s permission.”

“Yes, Thorak, you are the Council’s top Elder and do not need

their approval, but as I am the second Elder in authority under you, I

have a right to know your reason.”


Jessica Frost

She had a point. Thorak gulped, fearing his reply to her question.

He hoped he didn’t need to explain his reasoning, but now that the

match had been struck, he had no choice but to light the kindle and

see the fire spread.

“I had a vision,” he blurted.

Confusion clouded her eyes. “O f the human males Jake Reynolds

and Sam Wethers you summoned here, or of Triala?”

“Not of them.” He waited for her next question. He planned only

to leak the minimum of information.

Her eyes widened in hope, and her voice lifted in tone. “O f the

Rogue werewolves who have been killing the humans?”

He sighed. “Not of them. No, they are still hidden from our

visions. But I feel what I envisioned is related in some way, though I

don’t know for sure.”

She walked closer to him and took his arm, staring deep into his

eyes as if hoping to see the vision as well. “Tell me what you saw,


“It’s too difficult to explain. It was a vision of a powerful being.

I’m not sure what it was exactly.”

“But the look in your eyes tells me that you have an inclination of

what it might be.” She squinted.

“I may, but I can be wrong.” There was no bypassing her

shrewdness, it seemed. “I think it may be of a creature we’ve only

heard legends about.”

“Stop playing with words, Thorak. Spill it.” Her patience and fear

had obviously broken through and she forgot with whom she spoke,

her superior and the eldest of all the Voyeur werewolves.

He couldn’t blame her for the outburst. His coyness would be seen

as ambivalent to anyone. Thinking it through, perhaps it was a good

thing he confessed everything to her. Having the weight of it on his

shoulders alone for the past month had taken its toll on him.

Gazing deep into her eyes, he released his innermost fearful

thought. “A Yenaldlooshi.”

Enemies and Lovers Amongst Us


Her mouth fell open, and she stared blankly in silence. After a few

minutes, she said, “You saw a skin walker?”

He nodded.

“Then it is responsible for this new formation of Rogue

werewolves on the attack?”

He shook his head. “I don’t know. I don’t think so, though. But

my gut tells me they are related.”

“Is it already here?” She frowned, visibly gulping. She obviously

feared the legendary creature as much as Thorak did.

“No, the vision I had is far into the future. My guess is it’ll come

in six months or maybe even a year.”

She walked over to the chair in the corner of the room and

slumped into it with apparent shock. “If you’re right, then what we

and the humans are experiencing with this new group of Rogues is

just the tip of the iceberg. Once the Yenaldlooshi falls into the

equation, things will get worse, much worse.”

He took a deep breath, glancing down at his folded hands before

returning his gaze to her. “I’m afraid so.”

Revelation sparkled in Sinor’s eyes as she said, “So that explains

why you have called upon the Indian. Have you told him or his

partner of your vision?”

He bolted up in his chair. “No! It’ll spark utter panic. No, I won’t

say anything until I know for sure. Not to them or the Council. Nor

should you!”

“You don’t have to worry about my telling the Council. I’m no

fool. I know the panic that could cause.” She rubbed her chin with her

bony hand and asked, “Then what have you told the Indian?”

“O nly that we need help infiltrating the underground world to

search for the Rogue werewolves and their secret hideout.”

“You’re sure we’ll find answers in the underground world?”

“It’s the logical next step since every other lead has gotten us

nowhere. And the boy and his partner have contacts in the black

market who can help us.” He tapped his nails on his desk.


Jessica Frost

Sinor gazed at him, asking, “That explains why the humans will

be coming, but why did you choose Triala to help them? After her

failed past mission and her forward hatred for humans, shouldn’t you

have chosen a different Voyeur Scout?”

“Yes, I thought of that, but she is the Voyeur Scout with the

strongest clairvoyant power.”

“And the most stubbornness.” Sinor snorted. “You know she’ll

give the human males problems.”

“I know, but I also know her allegiance to the Voyeurs is strong,

and she will bite back her hatred and pride to work with the humans if

I ask it of her.”

Sinor lifted her brow. “That is true, but her short temper

sometimes makes her forget her focus.”

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