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To Melissa, a lifetime of thanks for listening to me waffle for weeks and never once breaking out the ball gag.
Also, for talking me down off the ledge a million and one times-
I'll try not to make it a million and two.

Chapter 1

There is no such thing as a guide to being gay. The fact that you don't know this worries me.
Skye McCord's best friend's voice rang in his head as he sat and stared at the hotel roomdoor, glancing at his watch every so often. Lindy meant well, but what did a girl know about being gay? About as much as Skye did. But
was about to change.
Ifhis male escort ever showed up, that is.
He pushed his glasses up on the bridge of his nose, annoyed to find that he was sweating a little and they kept slipping down. It was foolish to be nervous. He was paying this man for his time, he was in charge, he didn't have to impress anyone. He just kept telling himselfthat. Maybe the nerves would listeneventually.
Finally, an entire ten minutes past the agreed-upon nine o'clock, there was a knock onthe door and Skye's pulse went from zero to sixty. He was beginning to wonder ifLindymight have beenright after all.
Too late now, the guy was here and Skye couldn't just ignore him. So he put on his best "You do not intimidate me"face and went to openthe door. Halfway there, he wondered if he ought to have chosen a different outfit. It wasn't as if he'd ever met a sex worker before. Was there a dress code, for goodness' sake? Finally, he shook his head, shoving aside all the mundane nonsense thoughts and took a deep breath before openingthe door.
Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
The man standing in front of him wasn't at all what he'd expected. Instead of some kind of muscle-bound Greek god, he got lean, rugged and whipcord strong. Instead of chiseled features and hard lips, he got warm hazel eyes and a sexy smirk that made his stomach flip. And instead of cookie-cutter, porn-star material, he got real-world good looks and a dangerous level of sex appeal.
Skye was suddenly very, very glad he hadn't gotten what he'd expected because
was so muchbetter.
"I'mLiam. I'mhere for our date."
Skye blinked, then shook his head, stepping back and gesturing. "Come in. And please, don't call it that. I prefer honesty, not code words."
Liam smiled--and Lord, that was a pretty smile, all flashing white teeth--and stepped inside, one brow lifting as Skye shut the door behind them. "Okay. What should I callit then?"
Skye shoved his hands into the pockets of his hoodie, shrugging. "Business?"
The other man chuckled. "Business. Cool." He shrugged out of the leather coat he wore, draping it over one of the stools at the breakfast nook. Amused hazel-green eyes met Skye's. "Well, if we're going to talk business, it'd be good to know your name. I'm Liam, and youare..."
Skye cringed, sticking out his hand. "Sorry. Skye." Liamtook his hand and maybe it was a cliché, but there really was a sizzle, like he'd shocked himself in his stocking feet or something.
He pulled his hand away and rubbed it against his thigh. "Did you want somethingto drink?"
Liamshook his head, glancing around as he moved farther into the suite. "No, thanks. Hazard of the job, you know."He met Skye's gaze and smiled. "So, Skye, what canI do for you?"
The way he said it was shockingly suggestive. How did he manage that when he hadn't even changed his tone much? Just a slight lowering of his voice, a faint narrowingofhis eyes. The scientific part ofSkye's brain was fascinated by the subtle ability. Oh, he was very good. Skye felt muchmore confident now.
"You can teach me how to do that." That secondnature sexy thing. It couldn't be purely natural talent. It had to be at least partially learned. And if it was something that could be learned, then Skye could master it. He'd mastered everything else he'd ever set his mind to and beinggaywas no different.
Liam's brows knit and the seductive façade dimmed. "Do what?"
Skye waved one hand in his general direction. "Well, not
specifically--the smolder thing, I mean
-but that ingeneral."
Liam looked confused. "You want me to...teach youhow to smolder?"
Skye smiled, running a hand through his hair and then immediately regretting it because now he was sure it was sticking up all over like it tended to do, when he'd spent a good ten minutes trying to get it to lay flat earlier. "Sorry, I'm not being clear. Here, come sit down. I'm going to have a drink. Are you sure you don't want anything? There're bottles of all kinds in the mini-fridge, unopened if that's the concern." How unpleasant that Liam had to concern himself with such things.
The other man sat down on the couch, glancing up. "Maybe a beer, if there's any in there. I have a feeling I'mgoingto need it."
Skye nodded and went to grab a beer and an energy drink for himself. Handing the beer to Liam, Skye sat beside him, though not too close. His appeal was potent and would distract Skye fromthe plan he'd worked out well in advance. "I have a personal question, ifyoudon't mind."
Liam took a drink of his beer, still frowning. "Depends. What?"
"Are you gay?" He rushed on, before Liam could answer. "It's very important that you are and not just-what's it called? Gay for pay? I fully respect the need to make a living and doing what one has to do, but for my purposes, I require a gayman, unequivocallygay."
Liamsnorted, giving himan incredulous but amused look. The amused part gave Skye hope that Liam wasn't going to just leave because clearly his new client was insane. "Yes, I'mgay. Unequivocally."
Skye let out a sighofrelief. "Oh, good."
"Okay, now you're going to tell me what's going on because I'mgetting the feeling I'mnot here for the usual fuck and suck, and while I don't have a problem with kink scenes, you really should've notified the agency in advance ifyouwanted somethingspecialor...unusual."
Skye shifted, nerves rising. The only other person he'd told his plan to--Lindy--had thought he was out of his mind, so he was a little anxious repeating it to a virtual stranger. He reminded himself, though, that Liam was being paid very handsomely just to sit there and listen to him, so there was no reason to be nervous. He wasn't lookingto impress the man, just hire him.
"I recently graduated with my master's in engineering with a minor in applied mathematics. That's irrelevant. I'm sorry. The point is I've recently come

out."Liam's brows lifted. "Ofcollege?"

Skye blinked, then shook his head. "No, no. Out of the closet. Are youpayingattention?"
Liam pressed his lips together, and Skye got the impression he was trying not to laugh. "Sorry. I am. Payingattentioncompletely."
Skye narrowed his eyes, then decided he was telling the truth. "Good. All right, you can see my dilemma then."
Liamdid laughthen, lips twitching. "I can't saythat I do, no. What dilemma is that exactly?"
Skye sighed. Was there something wrong with the man? He didn't appear stupid. "I just spent seven years acquiring the skills and knowledge to be a...well, a
rocket scientist,
basically. I've hardly had time to date or focus on my sexuality. Now that I've graduated and have time before my new position begins next month, I'd like to put the time to use, which is where you come

in."Finally, it seemed a light bulb went off in Liam's

head and he straightened a bit. Well, good, it was about time. Skye was beginningto wonder.
"Youwant to lose your virginity."
Never had the word face-palm been so appropriate.
"That is the least of what I want to hire you for, Liam, believe me. Sex I can get, I'msure. What I can't get is a guarantee of someone who knows what he's doinginthe bed and out.
is where youcome in."It appeared he would have to spell this out in very small words. "I don't believe in going into any situation unprepared. That includes being a gay man, dating, and yes, sex."
Liam smiled and leaned back against the couch. "Got it. I think. Youwant a tutor. Right?"
Skye nodded, then lifted one shoulder in a shrug. "Of sorts, yes. That's the most accurate way of putting it, I suppose." He finished off his energy drink and set the can aside. "I realize it's an unusual request, but I've heard enoughhorror stories ofdatingand first times and all the times after that and I'd really rather skip that

part.""And just get right to the brass tacks, huh?" Liam's


lips kept twitching, and Skye was beginning to think he was beingmocked.

"If you find this ridiculous or joke-worthy, then we're done here."
Liam frowned, leaning forward a bit. "Not at all. Unusual, sure, but I've been asked to do stranger things. Being a 'tour guide to being a gay man' sounds kind of interesting, actually." He tilted his head. "What are youthinking? Dates? Sex? More thanthat?"
Skye swallowed. They were negotiating now. This is where his plan would make or break. "I'mhere for a month. Considering the amount of time I anticipate this requiring, I'd want to negotiate some sort of...bulk

rate?"Liam snorted. "A discount? Now, do I look like a


discount sort ofman, professor?"

Skye's gaze wandered over the other man and his temperature rose a dozen degrees, it seemed. "No."He swallowed. "But I'm sure you'll agree that, say, three sessions with me every week for an entire month is steady money and, more important I think, safe work. You wouldn't even take a drink fromme a few minutes ago because it's a hazard in your line of work. I'm not made of money, I'm afraid. I received a very nice signing bonus with my new employer, but there is a bottomto that well."

Liam gave him a long, considering look. Several moments passed, during which Skye metaphorically held his breath. "Be specific. My rate starts at five hundred anhour. What are youoffering?"

It was very surreal, sitting there discussing how much he was willing to pay a man to sleep with him. And...other things.

"Three times a week, three hours each, one thousand eachsession."
Liam gave him a sultry grin. "Three hours each session? Optimistic, I see." He chuckled, then pursed his lips and finally nodded. "All right. That's not unreasonable. And I admit, I'm curious." He smiled again--and, God, he had an amazing smile--and held out his hand. "Deal."
Skye reached out and took the offered hand. That odd little spark shot through him again and he shivered inwardly. Outwardly, he did his best to seem unaffected. "Deal."
Silence reigned for a handful of minutes, before finally, Skye gave him an impatient, exasperated look. "Well?"
Liamsnorted. "Well? Oh, is it up to me to come up with a lesson plan?" He grinned and leaned forward, reaching out to snag Skye's hand again. "Lesson number one, then. You're too far away for any of this kind oflearningto happen."
He tugged, and Skye tensed.
Oh dear.
Theory was one thing; now it was time to put that theory into action. It was always the scariest moment. But he took a deep breath and shifted closer. When he would have pulled his hand away, Liam held onto it. The power in that move made Skye's stomachflip.
"Lessonnumber two."Liamsmiled, looking amused again as he leaned forward. Skye leaned back almost instinctively. "Have youever beenkissed?"
Skye made a scoffing sound. "That's ridiculous. Of course I have." He'd kissed his mother plenty of times, and Lindy was forever giving him smacking kisses on the cheek and there'd beenone girlinhighsch-
"I mean a kiss not from a relative or a friend. Preferablynot froma girl, either. A realkiss, Skye."
Oh. Skye's eyes narrowed and he finally shrugged once. "Not exactly. I was busywith..."
"School, yeah. I know. Well, you're not busy right now, and I'mnot busy, so how about that's next on the lessonplan? A proper kiss for Skye."
A proper kiss.
Skye had to admit he was very much looking forward to this part. Kissing had always looked like a lot offun.
Their lips brushed, and Liam slid his other hand around to rest on Skye's back, holding him in place. Skye trembled, but didn't jerk away like his instincts said to. It was very intimate, the way Liam's mouth rubbed against his own, the way his hand splayed on Skye's back to keep himfrompullingaway.
"Relax," Liam whispered against his mouth, then pulled Skye a little closer.
His whole world tilted a bit when Liam deepened the kiss, kissing him more firmly, with purpose. It was delicious and intriguing, and Skye found himself, as usual, taking notes and measures and memorizing everything about the kiss, Liam's lips, and anything else he found relevant. He hoped the other man didn't mind being scrutinized because putting things under a microscope was kind of the way Skye worked and how he learned best.
He hadn't been prepared for the riot of feelings and sensations and, yes, emotions, though. He was having trouble quantifyingthe whole process inthe moment.
Then Liam's mouth opened and his tongue--rough and damp and sort of slick--stroked over Skye's lips and, well...he forgot what the word quantifying even meant. It felt decadent, the slide and rasp of the other man's tongue against his mouth, the way Liam sort of sucked Skye's lip against his tongue and nipped.
Oh, wow.
A few seconds later, the kiss half-broke, and Liam smiled against his mouth. "Open, Skye. Let me in."
Ohh. Oh jeez.
He felt stupid, having been sitting there just enjoying the rub and stroke ofthe other man's tongue. He nodded, lips parting. It wasn't his fault. Liam was making it very difficult to concentrate. His free hand was fisted in his lap, the string of his hoodie wrapped around it, but Liam took that hand, too, and brought bothup around his neck, thenlet go. Skye took the hint and leaned a little closer, hands now clutching the other man's broad shoulders.
Goodness, he was very muscular under his shirt, more so than Skye had imagined. Immediately, his mind was flooded with images of Liam shirtless and the knowledge that it
happen was intoxicating. Yet another result he hadn't been fully prepared for was the speed at which the roller coaster he'd set in motion was now barrelingdownthe tracks.
Thank goodness he'd hired a professional conductor or this might well be the most terrifying experience ofhis life.
His attention shifted as Liamdipped his tongue into his mouth, and the first touchagainst Skye's owntongue sent a shockwave through him. He couldn't help it when he gasped and pulled back, panting. Liam gave him a concerned look.
"Are youallright?"
Skye nodded, rubbing his palms against his jeans again. "Yes. I'm fine. I's very overwhelming. I didn't expect that."
* * * *

BOOK: Equation for Love
10.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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