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I’m more grateful than I can say for the love and support and generosity of Roberta Franzheim and Josephine Franzheim.
Thanks enduringly to my sister Liz Sharp, Tony Sharp, Annie Nichols, Matt deGarmo, Cynthia Hartshorn, my mother Barbara Nichols. This book would not have been written without the love and support of my brother, David Nichols.
Hopefully you all know.
And my beautiful son, Gus, for every minute.
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Early in his career, the Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen learned the great advantage of Eskimo clothing in such conditions, and this was a factor in his success in reaching, and surviving, the South Pole ahead of the doomed, wool- and canvas-clad English party led by Robert Falcon Scott.
I crossed the Atlantic myself at nine. Only five days on a Cunard liner, but the impressions made by both the ship and the sea were indelible, certainly a germinative factor in my later interest in the sea. Nine-year-old Thomas would have been at sea for four to six weeks.
Joseph Conrad,
The Nigger of the Narcissus.
This depiction of an island of dope fiends has been hotly contested on Nantucket, with claims that St. John de Crèvecoeur was a fabulist writing fiction, or that his sources were corrupt: “A lie. Without a shadow of foundation,” wrote one island elder. Yet Nantucket historian and resident Nathaniel Philbrick, writing about Crèvecoeur in
The New England Quarterly
, notes: “The tendency of Nantucketers to close ranks against off-island . . . criticism is legendary. . . . And, more to the point, during recent sewer work in downtown Nantucket, many small glass opium bottles, part of the debris buried after the Great Fire of 1846, were unearthed. Although these remains are from a different era, they make one suspect that Crèvecoeur may not have been so misguided after all. Instead, he may well have probed more deeply into the island’s secret self than most local residents considered acceptable.” Opium was a readily available tonic in a town with efficient shipping connections to Europe, and its use was widespread in New Bedford a century later (see chapter 18).
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Anthropologist Ernest S. Burch, Jr., uses the term “nations,” the translation he prefers to “tribes,” for the Iñupiaq word
(regional groups).
Willie in 1859; Mary in 1861; and Flora, who was born in the Japan Sea in 1867 and died in 1869.
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