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Elena made a point not to linger in the foyer, as memories of the last time she had been there flooded her mind.  She felt a distinct tingling wondering if she would have similar memories in all the rooms in Michael’s house.  She noticed that she was lagging behind the woman and she quickened her pace.


Elena followed her into the library and the woman closed the door behind her. 


Strange, but she had never thought of Michael as “Mr. Anderson” before, though she did know that was his last name.  Of course she had not realized that he had servants either, but now she knew he had at least one housekeeper.  It made sense, of course. After all, it was a large house and she knew that Michael was quite busy with work.  She had been learning how important his job was to him, even though she still had just a vague notion of what his business did.


Being in the library ordinarily would have thrilled Elena, as his private collection of books was astonishing.  Tonight, though, her mind was elsewhere – to wherever in the house Michael was.  She knew he had to be close and she couldn’t help her innate curiosity.  She felt drawn to him, as though she had to see him even though she knew it was irrational.  After all, he would be with her as soon as he finished whatever business he was conducting.


Elena opened the heavy library door and peered out, not seeing anyone in the hallway so she squeezed through the doorway and began walking as quietly as possible down the hall, searching for signs of Michael and whatever might be happening within his house.  She walked slowly, not wanting her heels to make too much noise on the floor.  She decided not to take off her shoes, as she might have a hard time explaining why she was wandering around Michael’s house carrying her high heels with her.


Elena listened in the stillness of the house and in the quiet she heard voices coming from a room near the end of the hallway.  She eased her way toward Michael’s home office – or what she thought was his office.  She had been paying attention to Michael’s tour, but he had such a disarming way of distracting her.  She blushed again just thinking of him and then distinctly heard his voice.  Just the sound of it made her listen intently, even though he wasn’t talking to her.


“This recent software package has the most up-to-date military applications you’ll find.”  Michael said.  As always, Elena noticed how confident he sounded.


“Including all of the defense strategies we discussed?”


Elena did not hear Michael’s reply and she didn’t dare get any closer to the door.  She heard random voices, some of which sounded familiar though she couldn’t quite place them.  Michael’s voice stood out to her most of all, though; it was a voice that she heard in her dreams.  She could only imagine the discussions that had been taking place in Michael’s office, but it all sounded very serious.  Military defense?  No wonder he didn’t talk about his work, though she was quite interested to learn more about it.


Unfortunately, Elena heard the meeting breaking up and she hurried down the hallway back to the library.  She closed the door behind her and as her heart was pounding, she searched the shelves and grabbing a book at random.  She seated herself in a plush, oversized chair and opened the book just in time to hear the door open.


“Hello, Elena,” Michael said and just the sound of his voice was enough to send shivers through her.  His voice always sounded so calm and yet there was an undertone of something else there as well.  Did he know she had been listening?  How could he possibly know.


“Hi, Michael,” she said, a bit breathless.  “I just thought I would do a little light reading while I waited.”  She tried to sound nonchalant, but was certain she was failing miserably.


“What are you reading?”  Michael held out his hand and Elena handed him the book.  “
Tropic of Cancer
.  Henry Miller.  No wonder you’re out of breath.”  He smiled and Elena blushed again.  He had that influence on her.


“Well, at least it wasn’t
The Kama Sutra
or something,” she said, smiling back at him.


“That’s on the shelf across the room,” Michael said, pointing and Elena couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.  She decided that it didn’t really matter – and he was likely not.


“You really know all of the books in here?” Elena asked.


“Of course,” he responded.  “I keep close track of everything in my life.”  Elena couldn’t help but notice how he was looking at her.  She felt a flush of arousal through her; he was able to get to her so easily.


Elena was thinking how exciting it would be to have sex right there in the library among all those books, feeling all of that knowledge and the history contained within the pages all around them as they tore into one another.  Elena loved that duality of Michael, the way in which he was the owner of a state-of-the-art software company and yet he had so many vintage books, beautiful first editions in his library.


“I brought you in here for a reason,” Michael said, interrupting Elena’s daydream.  Was he somehow reading her mind?  “Not for the reason you might be thinking, Elena.”  Again, his voice did not betray whether he was serious or kidding.  “We need to make decisions before we go any further.”


“Decisions?” Elena asked.  “What kind of decisions?”


“Sit down, Elena,” Michael said, pointing at a chair and Elena was aware everything had suddenly turned serious.  She worried perhaps something had gone wrong; it seemed unlikely they would have to have a discussion if everything was going well.  Elena was suddenly nervous and hoped that nothing was amiss.


Elena took a seat as he indicated and he sat in the chair next to her.  He was carrying a briefcase which he now set upon his lap and opened, withdrawing a pile of paperwork.


“If we’re to continue,” Michael said, “we need to come to an agreement.  I’m going to outline what I need.  You may do the same.  Please feel free to ask questions.”


“Okay,” Elena agreed, feeling a bit nervous.  She had never had such a frank discussion about expectations within a relationship.


“I am a man who likes to be in control,” Michael said.  “I’m sure that has already been obvious to you.  It extends to my personal relationships as well.  I have to have that measure of control in order to be satisfied.”


“Understood,” Elena said.  Even though Michael had not made an overtly sexual statement, she still felt a rush of arousal from his words.  Her desire to touch him became strong and she physically sat on her hands to prevent herself from reaching out to him.  If he noticed, he did not say, though she doubted it escaped his attention.  Nothing seemed to escape his attention.


“We’ll start with the matter of dress.  So far you’ve done well dressing to please me.  From now on, though, I’ll be choosing all of your non-work clothing.  Also, I very much enjoy specific, feminine lingerie.  I have made a list of the colors and styles for you.  You have the choice of going to the stories yourself to pick out the clothes or Mrs. Patterson will take your sizes and fetch you the clothing.”


“Mrs. Patterson?” Elena asked, though that was just one of the many questions floating about in her brain about their exchange.


“My housekeeper,” Michael said.  “She answered the door earlier.”


“Oh, yes,” Elena said.  Why had that been her first question?  He wanted to dress her?


Elena was intrigued by the idea but she also knew Michael wasn’t finished.  He did have a list of items to discuss with her and she wasn’t sure what she wanted or needed from their relationship.


“I don’t expect an answer today,” Michael said.  “You can think about it and decide.”


“Okay,” Elena agreed.  “What else is on your list?”


“Aside from dressing you, I would like control over your personal grooming.  Your hair is beautiful and I like the color.  I would like you to keep it as it is for now.  As for your pussy, though, you will keep it shaven.  Aesthetically I enjoy it that way, but I also prefer the smoothness for when I decide to lick your cunt.”


Elena was certain that her face was bright red now.  He was talking with the same even tone as he had been discussing business matters, but Elena felt herself growing soaked.


He could have stopped there and she would have agreed, but Michael was not finished.  “In return for giving up control to me, I will be very generous with you.  As long as we are in a relationship, I will not be with anyone else and I expect the same of you.  I like lavish dinners and taking trips and I will give you the world, Elena.  But rest assured that I can be challenging and demanding.  Do you understand what I am asking of you?”


Elena nodded.  “Yes, I believe so.”


“And what are your thoughts?” Michael asked.  “I’ll always want to know what’s on your mind, Elena.  I don’t want to feel like you’re holding anything back from me.  If you give me what I need, I’ll make sure you’ll never want for anything.”


Elena bit her lip, not exactly sure what to say.  Even though she identified with what he was laying out for her, she was still embarrassed to admit that she wanted it.  “I’m curious,” she said finally.  Something about being with Michael always left her less than articulate and she had a sense it had a lot to do with the moisture in her cunt.

“I’m curious about your hands,” Michael replied.  “Are they numb?”


Elena pulled them out from beneath her, noting that they were cold and numb, but she left them to rest on her lap.  “A little,” she admitted, smiling at him.  “I just needed to.  Sometimes I have trouble with impulse control.”  She felt herself redden as though she were admitting something that might make Michael turn around and run away.


“I understand,” he said.  “Better than you might think.  I can help you with that.”


“What makes you think I need help?” Elena responded.  “I’m responsible for myself.”


“I know,” Michael said.  “But you can turn some of that responsibility over to me.  The sexual thrill is great – phenomenal, even – but the real rush for me is in the control.”


“For me, too,” Elena said.  “I like being told what to do.  Especially, you know, sexually.”  That admission was harder still, making Elena embarrassed by the words and her own desire to turn and run was strong, yet she knew that she couldn’t.  Michael seemed to understand something about her that she was only learning about herself and she didn’t want it to stop.


Michael wasn’t running though; he was offering those things that she thought about late at night as she lay in bed.  Would giving up control mean giving up a part of herself?  Would the trade-off be worth it?


“I know.  Do you think that you could do these things?  Could you dress in the clothes I choose?  Keep your pubic hair shaved?  Present yourself to me when and how I instruct you?”


Elena’s throat was dry and her heart racing.  He was being so calm, as though this was a business transaction, but she was feeling anything but calm.  She admired his calm façade, but she couldn’t help but want to explore what was going on beneath that.


“I want to,” Elena said.  She nodded, knowing that as scared as she was, she was more scared of not having the experience.


“Give me the control and I’ll take care of you in return,” Michael said.  “I need you to stay open and honest with me.”


“I will,” Elena said, feeling the strong desire to throw herself on top of Michael and kiss him.  At least her hands were no longer numb.


Michael stood up and Elena followed suit.  “Ready?” he asked.


“Yes, I am,” Elena said, not certain at all.  Most of all, she was afraid of doing something that might disappoint Michael.


“Good.  Get undressed.”

Chapter 3


“Here?” Elena asked.


Michael didn’t respond and Elena realized that she was already nervous about trusting him.  But she wanted to trust him and she wanted to learn more about Michael and about his world.


She slid her dress over her head, aware as she did that Michael was watching her.  Being watching thrilled her and she felt special knowing that Michael had planned something specifically for her.


“All of it,” Michael instructed and Elena unhooked her bra and removed it.  She slid down her panties, standing naked before Michael and feeling vulnerable.  Michael walked toward the door and opened it and Elena froze, scared suddenly at the thought of walking through Michael’s house naked.  Images of Mrs. Patterson stumbling upon them made her tense.

BOOK: For His Desire (Full Trilogy)
8.83Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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