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For His


Alora Matisse




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Copyright © 2012

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Warning: This work contains scenes of graphic sexual nature and it i
s written for adults only(18+).
All characters depicted in this story are over 18 years of age

Note: This series has been previously published in the “Filthy Smut” anthology series.

Table of Contents

(For His Desire Book 1)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

(For His Desire Book 2)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

(For His Desire Book 3)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5


(For His Desire Book 1)

Chapter 1

Elena applied her lipstick carefully, making an extra effort and wearing a brighter shade of red than usual.  She wanted to keep her expectations realistic; chances were that her lipstick would remain undisturbed by the end of the night, but Elena still held out hope.  The thought of being kissed forcefully enough to smudge her lipstick excited her.


She knew very little about her blind date, other than his name was Michael and he was a businessman.  She was not even sure what the nature of his business but she was sure that she would learn all about him.  Elena knew a certain amount of skepticism was healthy, but she wasn’t going to let that ruin her evening.   


Elena decided at the last moment to wear her red hair down loose.  Every day for work she pinned it up and she liked the way it fell past her shoulders.  Overall, she felt that she presented a pleasing package in her short, black dress.  One last look in the mirror and she felt ready to go.


The restaurant was very upscale, one with which Elena was familiar with although she had never eaten there.  When she arrived, she easily found Michael, who was already seated.  She noticed he was handsome -- quite handsome, in fact.  His suit was expensive and he was obviously comfortable both in the suit and in his surroundings.


He greeted the staff by name and seemed to know the menu completely.  He asked Elena if she minded if he ordered dinner for both of them and she did not mind.  She was curious to see what Michael came up with.


Dinner was delicious, as was their conversation which consisted of brief talks about work.  She learned that he was an entrepreneur, constantly busy with work though she sensed that there was a fun side to him as well.  His smile was easy and his charm was contagious.  Elena was transfixed with him and she had a sense that other women in the restaurant were looking at Michael as well.


When the last bite of dinner was finished, Elena couldn’t help but feel a sense of disappointment.  It had been some time since she had truly enjoyed herself on a date and Michael was very easy to talk to.  She couldn’t help but wonder about his lips as he spoke, wondered how they would feel pressed against her own.  Before the night was over, she had to taste him.


Elena didn’t want the date to end and it appeared he was of the same mind. 


“Would you like to go back to my place?” he asked.


Elena was impressed with his directness; they could flirt and dance around the issue for hours if they wanted, but they had an intense curiosity about one another and a heat between them both wanted to explore.


It was on the tip of her tongue to say something flirty and coy: “What makes you think I am that kind of girl?” perhaps, but it was unnecessary. He wasn’t playing games and neither would she.


“Yes, I would,” she finally answered, prepared to follow him to his home, curious about this man and about his life.


“I’ll drive,” he offered, not waiting for her to object.  He helped her into his Lexus and buckled her into the passenger seat.  She noticed that his hand lingered at her hip and she felt a surge of arousal at his touch. His manner was confident, as was his driving.


“Are you always this in control?” Elena asked.  She couldn’t stop watching him, as he fascinated her.


“Yes.  Always.” His attention was on the road ahead and she watched him as he drove.  She relaxed into the comfortable seat and enjoyed their drive.  She had to admit that she was curious about this confidence he exuded and the control to which he had alluded. 


His house was located just outside the city limits and she saw it long before they pulled into his private drive.


Elena hadn’t quite been sure what to expect, but the obscenely lavish house spread out before her was beyond what she had imagined.  “It’s beautiful,” she said, feeling even as she said it that ‘beautiful’ was much too weak a word to describe the opulence that surrounded them.


“It’s home,” he said, shrugging his shoulders.  Of course he could be blasé about it; he lived there.  To Elena, though, it was quite impressive.  He invited her to look around as he offered to get some wine.  Elena wandered from the foyer into a library, perusing the shelves and finding an interesting mixture of vintage books and expensive curios. 


He returned with two wine glasses and a bottle itself.  He showed it to her as though to get her approval.  “Looks good,” she told him.  It was wet and would taste of grapes; that’s all she knew of wine and all she needed to know. 


“You have one of everything,” she remarked, looking around and smiling.   


“Not everything,” he said.  “I like to collect things from my travels.”


“You travel often?” she asked.


“For work, generally,” he replied.  “It does keep me busy.  Tonight was a good break from work.”


Elena smiled at him as though to remind him that the evening was not over.  Indeed it was a good break for her, too.  She was distracted, not by the house itself – though it was very distracting and she could have spent hours wandering through the various rooms admiring his décor – but by his hands.  She watched as he uncorked the bottle, her gaze transfixed by each action he performed.  She realized how much she wanted those hands on her body.


Michael looked up then, as though reading her mind, and she blushed as their eyes met. He handed her the glass of wine and she tasted, her unsophisticated palate unable to discern the variety of wine.


“It’s good,” she murmured.


“I’m glad you like it.”  He was standing close enough to her that she would swear that she could feel his body heat.  He leaned in and kissed her, parting her lips and tasting her.  She returned his kiss eagerly, her arms wrapping around him.  She pressed her body against him, tasting him and letting him taste her.  It was better than she had hoped.


Reluctantly he pulled back, breaking the kiss.  He had other plans that did not involve making out in the library all evening.  Elena was obviously disappointed that he pulled away.  She was breathing hard, wanting more. 


“Tease,” she said.


“It’s only a tease if I don’t intend to follow through.”  His hand cupped her breast, his fingertip brushing her nipple as he kissed her again.  Heat shot through her body directly to her pussy.  He led her toward his bedroom, still kissing her.  He carried the bottle of wine with him, though Elena wasn’t certain that they were going to have a chance to drink it.  Consuming the wine wasn’t even in her thoughts, as there were other things she wished to consume.


With each touch, each kiss, Elena felt her pussy growing wetter; she felt a concentrated heat directly between her legs.  Michael had that effect on her and it thrilled her.  She could feel his cock growing hard within his pants and she was pleased to discover that she was having on him. 


The room was enormous, but the focal point was definitely the bed.  It was a large bed with an elaborate wooden frame and wooden, carved headboard.  Elena barely had a chance to admire it before she and Michael were kissing again, moving on to the bed.  Elena melted into him, melted into the bed as he continued touching her.  His touches were gentle, but quickly became more urgent.  


Michael fondled the bottom of Elena’s dress, slowly pulling it up her body.  His hands caressed every inch of her as he removed her dress and Elena shivered.  With deft movements, he removed her bra and panties, tossing the matching black lacy undergarments onto his floor.


“Lie down,” he said, his voice firm as his lips brushed her earlobe.


Elena lay back on the large bed, aware that he was looking at her and admiring her body.  She felt on display for him, felt lewd lying back with her legs spread.  She closed them, but he placed his hands to her thighs, pushing her legs apart.


“Don’t hide yourself from me,” he said and something about the words excited her.  “Beautiful,” he said as his lips pressed to her neck and Elena rose up to greet him, hungrily.  “You should never hide this, any of this.”  He kissed Elena more voraciously and she wanted him to devour her.


She wrapped her arms around him, trying to pull him down to her.  Instead, he broke free of her hold.  It had started very subtly, this power play between them but Elena felt her heart race more each time he assumed control.  She tried to read the expression on his face, but Michael held his emotions carefully in check.


“Hands down,” he told her, curious as to how she would respond.  His voice was still low and his tone was not unkind, but something about it made Elena want to submit.


Her hands curled into fists as she clutched the sheets, keeping her hands down.  His words and tone aroused her and made her more curious about him, made her want to know him as she was getting to know her.  Keeping her hands off of him was frustrating and difficult but she felt her arousal and wetness spread.  She knew he could see how wet she had become and the thought brought a blush to her cheeks.


Michael removed his tie and rubbed its silkiness against Elena’s nipples, teasing them into hard points.  The silk against her skin felt amazing and she gasped.  Her first instinct was to reach for him, but she tried to keep her hands where he wanted them.  He bent down and kissed her, his lips touching every place that his silky tie had touched.


“Put your hands up over your head,” Michael said and Elena moaned with excitement.  Her heart was beating wildly as she placed her hands up over her head.  Michael encircled her right wrist with the silky tie, binding her wrist to the heavy headboard.  His movements were confident and effortless and Elena had to test the binding.  She discovered it held firm.


Michael retrieved a second tie and she offered her wrist.  He bound the left wrist to the headboard as well, rendering Elena helpless before him.  Any thoughts of fright or apprehension were completely overwhelmed by her enthusiasm.  The ties held her, but she knew that Michael’s orders would hold her as well.

BOOK: For His Desire (Full Trilogy)
7.36Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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