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We pulled up to a three story house set on top of a
garage. Jay didn’t drive into the garage but just parked on the driveway. “I
thought you were taking me home?”

He frowned at me as he pulled on the handbrake and the
car’s parking lights lit up the surrounding area. “I have, my home. I can’t really
cook for you at your house. The ingredients I need are here.”

“But…” I mumbled as I climbed out of the car after him.
“I need a shower.”

He stared at me for a moment then sighed and shook his
head as if exasperated with me and walked towards the house. “Yes, I have a
shower Beatrice.”

I didn’t reply as I followed him. The ground floor had a
garage to one side and a bricked area to the other with a door to one side but
instead of entering through that, we ascended some brick steps at the side of
the property up to the second level then through a door which led straight into
a large kitchen/diner.

Taking my hand firmly, Jay mumbled, “Kitchen.” He then
pulled me through one of the adjoining doors into a hallway. He flicked open
another door, “Lounge,” before leading me along, past the “Office,” and up some
stairs at the rear of the house. “My room,” he stated as he pointed to one
door. “And your room.” Following him in, the room opened up into a huge long space
that appeared to cover the whole length of the house. A large double bed sat
exactly in the centre of the room, the dressings cream to match the walls but
where the décor lacked colour, the furnishing were bright and bold, the
cushions lime green, the lamp a bright orange with the matching light. The
walls were adorned with simple frames of pure colour and the ornaments were
simple but dramatic.

Without giving me time to comment, Jay pulled me into the
bathroom to one side. “Take your time,” he said as he dropped my hand. “I have
the food to prep.” Then he left, closing the door behind him.

I stood silent as my eyes moved around the space, soaking
in the clean white walls and fittings but once again, it was broken by bright

Sighing and shrugging, I switched on the shower and
stripped off. Leaving my smelly clothes on the chair in the corner I stepped
under the hot spray of water and groaned appreciatively. My hair had started to
plait itself and I grimaced when I lifted my hand to the shower head to alter
the height and my armpits growled at me as if alive. I curled a lip at the
growth. “Bloody hell, Bea, how long have you been out of it?”

Then, quite shockingly, I saw some soap products sat on a
shelf with a razor and foam sat proudly to one side. “Jay Carter, I think I
just fell in love with you!”

It was the best shower of my life and if I was honest I
never wanted it to end but when my stomach growled and the smell of garlic,
herbs and frying meat filtered through, I turned the shower off and stepped
out. Grabbing a vivid blue towel I froze when I saw my clothes had gone,
replaced by a large fluffy robe. Although I was glad of the clean garment, I
cringed at the thought of Jay handling my two day old knickers. “Oh shit.”

However when I walked back into the kitchen, he turned to
look at me and smiled. “I don’t have clothes that will fit you. You’re tiny and
mine would bury you so I popped them on a wash cycle.”

I stared at him. “So,” my eyes dropped to the plated
potato salad with a variety of vegetables and the steak cooking on a griddle,
“not only do you cook, you also do the laundry.”

He smirked at me, “It would appear that I’m a rare
domesticated guy.”

I grinned as I perched on a tall stool at the bar and
took a raw carrot from one of the plates. “So tell me what you’re no good at?”

He pondered for a moment then turned the steak and looked
back at me. “Football… in fact most sports.”

I barked out a laugh, “Really?”

He grimaced and groaned. “I sound like a girl.”

I chuckled when he slid the meat from the pan and placed
a portion on each plate and carried them both to the table. Grabbing two
glasses as I sat down, he poured my own with wine and filled his own with
water. “Aren’t you joining me?” I asked as I took a grateful sip.

“No,” he smiled, shaking his head as he started to tuck
into the food, “You might be called back to the hospital. I won’t be able to
run you quickly if I’ve had a drink.”

I was sure my heart burst a little. “Oh,” I smiled
softly, “Thank you.”

“No problem,” he smiled. “So tell me, when you’re not
eating what I’m forcing you, what do you like to eat?”

“I’m easy,” I answered quickly. He smirked and I rolled
my eyes. “What I meant was that I like most of everything… ooh apart from

“Liver is good for you, it’s a superfood, full of
vitamins, minerals and fatty acids which help your brain. I’ll cook it for you
next time in a way you’ve never had it, I guarantee I’ll change your mind.”

“Wow,” I breathed.

He blushed faintly then smiled awkwardly, “Sorry, I’m a
food geek.”

“No,” I beamed at him, “I like that.”

He gazed at me for a moment, both of us quiet and
observing the other before Jay blinked and pointed his knife at my plate.

I nodded and cut into my beef, moaning approvingly when
it melted in my mouth. “This is really good. You, sir,” I pursed my lips and
nodded admiringly, “can cook.”

“Why thank you madam.”

“So tell me, what’s your favourite food?”

He chuckled. “You’ll laugh.”

“Don’t be silly.”

“Well,” he smiled, “there’s nothing better than a cheese
and tomato sandwich.”

I did laugh. “Honestly?” He nodded and laughed. “Then you
must let me cook for you some time, I’m sure I can manage your favourite.”

He watched me quietly as I ate and drank the wine, both
of us sat in a comfortable silence before I downed my cutlery and groaned.
“Good god, I’m stuffed. Thank you, that was lovely and much needed.”

“I enjoy cooking, it’s not a problem.”

“Can I ask you something?” He looked over at me
cautiously but nodded. “How did you get your scar?”

He visibly relaxed and I wondered what he thought I was
going to ask. “Car accident. I was one of those ‘textbook teenagers’ that
rebelled. Showed off with a couple of girls in the back of a stolen car and we
ended up over a cliff.”

“Oh God.”

“Taught me a lesson,” he shrugged. Then his eyes narrowed
and he tipped his head, “Does it bother you?”

“No, not at all, I’m just being nosy. If I’m honest, it
quite suits you. I can’t picture you without it.”

“And you?”


“Do you have any scars?” he probed as he sipped his water
and watched me carefully.

I knew what he was asking. He’d heard what Ollie had said
about Graham. I stiffened, pulling the robe tighter around me instinctively and
nodded vaguely. “You know I do, Jay.”

His expression didn’t alter as he studied me closely.
“Does it bother you?”

“I’m sorry?”

“There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever
nature. A scar means that the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed,
done with,” he recited and I stared at him. “Harry Crews, American novelist” he
divulged, “I just wondered if his quote was the truth. For me it is, yet you, I

“The skin heals quickly, the soul is a different matter,”
I said quietly, diverting my eyes to my wine as I gulped down another glass and
refilled it. “Beatrice Vine, British human resources administrator.”

I jolted when Jay pushed his chair back and stood
abruptly, snatching up my plate before stomping into the kitchen and making
himself busy cleaning. He was brooding, his mood suddenly dark and troubling. I
watched him for a while before I slowly pushed back my own chair, placed my
empty glass on the counter then went up to the room I had been designated and
climbed under the duvet.



I shot upright when a scream detonated around the house,
the sound ricocheting around my numb skull. It was dark and my eyes blinked
rapidly as I scrambled out of bed when another lit the air. “Fuck!”

I hopped down the hallway as I pulled on my shorts and
burst into Beatrice’s room. My eyes volleyed around the room, my focus zeroing
in on every dark corner but finally they settled on a thrashing and sweating
Bea, her body twisted under the sheet as she writhed and sobbed.

“Bea.” I rushed over to her, my fingers curling around
her upper arms as I tried to stop her fighting with her nightmare. “Bea, it’s

Her eyes snapped open and for a brief moment the terror
reflected in her eyes made my heart stop. I could see the echo of her tortured
sleep and I swallowed back the pain and anger as I pulled her across onto my
lap. “Hey, shush,” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around her protectively and
her body shook furiously, the tears from her dream flowing from her chin. “It’s
okay, just a dream.”

“Just a dream,” she hiccupped as she sank into my body
and allowed me to comfort her. “Just a dream. He’s not here.”

“He’s not here Bea, I promise.”

She nodded madly as she slipped her own arms around me
and held on as if her life depended on it. She quietened, her hiccups slowing
and her tears drying but she still grasped onto me tightly. The material of the
t-shirt I had left her out to sleep in was drenched and stuck to her clammy
skin but as she slipped her bare leg over mine when I settled back onto the
headboard and gently laid her head on my chest I had to grit my teeth and will my
cock to go back to sleep.

We lay silent for a while, the only sound Bea’s faint
weeps and my heavy breathing but the quiet was welcomed and easy as we both
slipped into our own minds.

“Do you want to talk about it?” I asked gently, not
wanting to scare her but if she needed to get it out I wanted her to know I was
there to listen.

She shook her head. “No.”

I nodded but it angered me slightly. I knew she never
spoke of what happened. I knew she kept it locked away inside her and it was
rotting away, poisoning her soul and grieving her spirit.

Suddenly she moved away and climbed off the bed. The
silhouette of her body in front of the window was mesmerising in the moonlight.
My heart rate shifted gear when her fingers gripped the hem of the t-shirt and
she pulled it over her head, her long blonde hair falling back down onto the
curve of her collarbone.

“Beatrice,” I warned on a breath, willing my eyes to stay
on her face.

“I want to forget,” she whispered, “Help me forget, Jay.”

Oh Christ. My good intentions were swiftly flying out of
the window when her body called for my gaze and I lost the fight not to look.
She was perfect, her tits juicy and plump, her stomach slightly rounded and her
hips wide. Her thighs were tight and smooth and her tiny legs were the perfect
shape. Her pussy had a trim strip of hair that glistened with her arousal and I
licked my lips hungrily.

I moved as if in a haze, my feet carrying me across the
carpet to her mechanically. She stood still, her eyes on mine in the dim light
as I lifted both hands to her face and cupped both of her damp cheeks. “Don’t
make me do this, Beatrice. Please. I can’t do this. I don’t want to hurt you.”

She cleared her throat, her nerves evident as her
expression turned to sadness. “Is it because I’m… no good?”

Jesus Christ! “No,” I urged quickly. “NO! Not at all.
You’re perfect, and I know how fucking wonderful you will feel with me but it’s
me who’s no good. I don’t make love Bea, I am not the gentle lover that you

“Then what are you?” she asked, “What do you want?”

I sighed and wiped at her tears with my thumb, then took
the drop to my lips and tasted her sadness. It trickled down my throat and I
swear I physically felt it seep into my soul. “What I want doesn’t matter. It’s
what you need that does matter, and you have to believe me, it’s not me.”

I closed my eyes and shuddered when her tiny hand pressed
over my rigid cock and her finger started to trace the outline through my
shorts. “I think it’s up to me what I want. And right now,” she whispered as
she dropped to her knees, “I want your cock in my mouth.”

“Fuck, fuck,” I hissed, “FUCK!”

She ran her nail over the waistband then trailed her
thumb over the head of my cock when it poked out of the top. “Bea, please,” I
choked out. My heart was struggling with the forceful push of my blood as lust
started to mist my mind and manipulate everything. Her touch was so soft that I
had to slip my fingers into her hair and pull to counteract the tenderness.
“Please, I can’t promise…”

“Then don’t,” she murmured before she poked out her
tongue and trickled it across my slit, her little moan making me throb when she
lapped at the pre-cum already waiting for her. “Don’t promise.” Then she yanked
down my shorts, embraced my balls in her palm and plunged her mouth all the way

“Jesus Christ!” I growled when she sucked hard. Her mouth
popped when she came back up. Her eyes lifted to mine and for a single second I
saw the same need and hunger reflected back at me as I looked at her with.

“You taste good.” She licked her lips and the growl that
rumbled up my throat made us both blink.

“I’m warning you now, sugar. I’m losing…” I spluttered
when she took me back into her mouth but her hands left my balls and she slid
one finger along the tight skin towards my arse. I shook my head and clenched
my teeth together when she sucked hard again and reamed my anus with her

Another snarl alerted me to the yearning deep inside. I
wrapped her hair around my fist tightly as I tried to hold the darkness back
and closed my eyes when she started a relentless rhythm on my cock with her
mouth. Her warmth was amazing, her tongue pressing hard under the shaft and
creating a feeling that was indescribable. “Bea,” I hissed when my orgasm
threatened to choke her. I couldn’t control it, the sin, and the evil inside
me. I was losing control of everything the more she sucked and the more the cum
swirled angrily in my balls.

“I can’t hold on…”

“Then don’t!” she growled. “Show me who you are!”

Everything snapped. The world moved away and the air ruptured
around me as I lifted her by her hair, threw her face down on the bed and
mounted her like a furious animal.

She cried out when I slammed inside her tight pussy but
her convulsing walls gave me all the encouragement I needed. She writhed and
thrashed beneath me when one of my hands found her throat and I yanked her back
onto my cock harder and harder. Her arse flushed as I cracked it harshly, her
scream telling me exactly what the little slut wanted.

“You like it?” I snarled at her as I thrust deeper and
deeper. “You want my cock you filthy little slut!”

Her head shook from side to side as my grip on her neck
tightened and brought tears to her eyes. She was loving it, my hard cock deep
in her wet cunt, my sin drowning her gentleness. I always knew she’d take it
like a whore.

“Please,” she begged, her lips turning blue with my hold
and my hard slam inside her. I became a machine, my drives harsh and my touch
brutal as the most overwhelming pleasure curled around me and powered my
ferocious fucks into a remorseless pounding that we both needed.

“That’s it, beg, beg for it.” I roared as I burst inside
her, my hot cum cramming her pussy so much it flowed back out and covered my
balls. My whole body convulsed as the bliss tore up my spine and detonated agony
into my head.

“Jay…” she sobbed. “No, please…” Her voice was choked and
tight, her weeping loud. “Please…”

The atmosphere fractured with the sound of her distress.
I blinked and stumbled back when I saw the blood running down the back of her
thigh, the deep gauges in her arse from my claw marks making the bile rush up
my throat.

“Oh God,” I rasped. “Oh fuck.”

She scrambled up the bed, one hand on her throat and the
other dragging the duvet up her body as her wide wet eyes looked at me in


“No!” she gasped for breath as she shook her head.
“Please, just go.”

“Bea, please,” I tried as I reached for her but the
terror in her eyes showed me everything. “I… I…” My mouth was so dry I couldn’t
form words. The devastation on Bea’s face voiced all her emotions without the
need to say and I covered my mouth with my hand, attempting to force the vomit
back down when I spotted the skin on her neck purpling. “Christ, I’m so sorry.”

She looked away, her red eyes focussing on the moon
through the window. “I asked you to show me who you are, don’t be sorry for
that,” she choked out with a deep sob. “But please, leave me. I need to be

“I didn’t…. I tried to stop but…”

“Jay!” she cried out, “Go, please.”

I winced at the misery in her gruff voice, the crush of
her windpipe making my gut heat with rage at myself. I knew I didn’t deserve
her, I’d tried to stop it. I had thought I would be able to hold back with her
but again, the deep evil within me ruined her. Yet, now, I’d ruined myself too
because I had hurt the one thing I swore I wouldn’t and more than that, I had
taken her trust and I’d fucked it. I’d taken her gentleness and slaughtered it
with my own hunger.

I turned and shut the door behind me. Then pulling on my
leathers and shoving some clothes into a backpack, I pulled my bike from the
garage and left.

BOOK: Forbidden Pleasures (NSC Industries Book 11)
12.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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